After all the lame attempts at mindwashing viewer audiences, here comes fake news puppet Don Lemon yapping away to people purposely twisting the Bible to make it about race. Good grief the left is so desperate to finish the brainwashing and get people to be fearful instead of full of faith that they are now pushing lies faster than the devil about the Holy Word of God.

It appears that since their lockdowns drew people closer to the Lord instead of into a full blown civil unrest, the evil ones are now sending their pawns out to attack the morals and values found in the Bible. They hate the fact that all the evil they’ve thrown at God fearing people has resulted in making them stronger instead of turning them into fearful, mindless peeps.

The sour Lemon is trying his best to paint the picture of God as one on the side to fight for lawlessness. Lemon has boldly twisted the scriptures into a pretzel to fit his lifestyle and to justify it. He stated on air his opinion that JESUS WAS IMPERFECT! The writing is now on the wall and he is about to have a huge surprise. Wait and see, God is not mocked and heard every word.

No one cares what Don Lemon is doing with his personal life. No one is saying anything about Lemon or his personal life that I have seen, or heard, except his own tribe of Democrats. Which leaves the obvious and that is their puppet masters are paying them to push this new agenda where Christians are racist based on their beliefs. Or some odd thing that resembles that. This will lead to banning the word of God. Re-educating Christians/Conservatives like they said they wanted to do. That’s how this stuff works.

Hold the line and don’t fall into their traps! Hold firm on God’s Word and stand strong!




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  2. j g says:

    …But it’s so much easier to egocentricly attack the ideas and perspectives you don’t understand, than to do the needed hard work to learn and live God’s truths and to be a humble soul in human form in this physical world.

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    Lies and deceit are all around us. These are the works of evildoers. Turn away from all practices that are not in accordance with teachings of Jesus Christ.

    For it is through Jesus Christ that we are saved. God sends His Holy Spirit to enlighten us and make clear our way. Knowing this, who could ever say that God does not hear our cry, that He does not answer our prayers or that He has abandoned us? “GOD HAS GOT THIS!”

    Walk with the Lord our God and stay in faith. God is not done with the wicked, deceitful, evil doers who are at work against Him and His glorious plan to raise this nation up.


    (Psalm 101:6-8)

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  5. Beth H says:

    Nothing like someone who is totally devoid of knowledge trying to enlighten others about a subject he knows nothing about. I get aggravated about this kind of thing, then I remember that Jesus died for him too and he needs to repent and trust in the real Jesus, a perfect sinless member of the Godhead for the remission of his sins. Maybe if we all pray for these people that someone will bring them to Christ.

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  6. inesnido says:

    Here are a couple of links. The first one is a pastor (not really) who appears to be JFK Jr. disguised. I follow his site and once in a while he sends out bits of morsels.

    The next link is an interview with Lin Wood. This is totally inspiring and Spiritually uplifting:

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  7. Anita says:

    Sour, bitter Lemon. Blah blah blah.
    Leftist nonsense from the communist noise network cnn.

    Never watched him; don’t listen to him either.

    Doug Billings is a conservative Catholic so I listen sometimes to his podcasts. Uplifting!

    God bless all of us!
    Jesus is the Redeemer!


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  8. debjbalk says:

    The timing of your post is perfectly lined up with an email I received today. It was from a supervisor of a national crisis line that I formerly volunteered with for nearly 2 years (still on their email list). As I read the email, I was frustrated by this thought. “Why can’t we just love, accept and acknowledge people because they are a fellow human being, a person, just like we are, a person with a heart, mind and soul? Why do we have to focus on their sexuality, their skin color, or some other identifying factor?” I can see what you mean, Dianne, about how the underlying agenda is to attack our Christian/Conservative values. Below is the first part of the email…..

    Hey Deborah,
    Today we recognize and celebrate Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV)—a time to acknowledge transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people worldwide, and honor their successes and contributions to society. For me, visibility means feeling seen for who I am so that I can show up in the world each day whole. Visibility means centering our humanity…..

    After I read this email, I told my husband that I received a reminder today of why I moved on from volunteering with this organization. They are a wonderful group of people who truly help to save lives through their suicide assessments of each caller, but I got to the point where the Lord said…time to move on…I just got to a point where I could no longer reconcile my Christian values with their beliefs. YES, IT’S TIME TO…. “Hold firm on God’s Word and stand strong!” #TogethrStrongr4Christ


  9. southern1952 says:

    ok, ya’ll may not like this post, and i am not anyone’s judge..i know gay people for the most part are kind human beings, i know several, worked with them also…here’s the “but” unless they do repent and turn from that sin, they will not be with the Lord…i don’t know how many times i have read Romans !….also in Leviticus 20:13…it is an abomination…my pastor said that meant it made God sick, as i said, i am not their judge, i am not a saint, sin is sin…and i do the best i can to always do the right thing. actually, all the gays i know and worked with, i felt led to show them the scripture in the bible, and they thanked me. i never said they were going to hell, but i hoped it would make them think. i fully believe the bible could not have been any clearer on the subject…

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    1. What he said that was blasmphemy was Jesus was imperfect. He went on to make Christians rascist because of making Jesus who was a Jew look like a white hippy ….(his words) and began to push a spin toward making the Bible a reason of judgement against an earthly agenda to make marriage against man and a woman outdated and creating strife. Therein lies his big mistake. There is no sin greater than another, and we are not to judge. We are to stand upon the word of God and he just slapped it on live TV. And now he is weaving a trail. Now the trail he weaves is paid for by his puppet masters int he cabal and that is to sow seeds of division and to destroy the truth. Therein, lies my distain on top of all the other lies he has weaved. He can fall in love with a turnip for all I care, he is irrelevant in my life, until he shouts at my Lord as being imperfect and that is where I stand up.

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      1. southern1952 says:

        i totally agree, this video here is the most i have ever heard from him, i did not listen to all of it either. i never listen to those all fake channels!


  10. priviledge says:

    Don Lemon is the face of RICH PRIVILEDGE! This clown, this predator, this liar, this disgusting sexual predator and con man has done more sick, sexual weird things than you;ll ever know, but of course won’t know, right? Right? Right? He’s caught in a bar grabbing a man’s wee wee and making sexual advances, but NO NO NO he’s not charged, he’s still on TV but if he were some BLACK MAN LIVING IN THE GHETTO…oh….holy shite this dude would be in JAIL IN JAIL IN JAIL IN JAIL. talk about priviledge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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