Listen to the news on the Director of National Intelligence Report to vet, verify and validate to determine the actions it will take after their internal investigation is completed. If a Manchurian candidate or foreign power has overcome our election it is the duty of the military to remove that person and to place the right person in the office. The military’s first responsibility is to protect the people and restore lawful civilian authorities to control the country. If things are so scrambled they would have to do something different with the election, such as hold a new one. But, that is not the case here. We know  President Trump won and won decisively. So the military has to place the person who won back into office. There is a reason Biden has not had access to Airforce I. Listen to the latest update from Juan O Savin.

The White House is being cleaned out from all the evil that has been done in the underground tunnels. The child and human trafficking is a horror that many have no idea existed.

GET READY FOR SOME GOOD STUFF TO TAKE PLACE! THE EVIL IN OUR FACE WILL NOT LAST FOREVER. God does not thresh the grain to the point it is useless.

Have faith and know that God has all of this in his control!



    1. Dwayne Franklin says:


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      1. Dwayne Franklin says:


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    2. Dwayne Franklin says:


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  1. Verlayne Talevich says:

    I am wondering how the email and phone conversations between Pelosi and General Milley will figure into this. Wondering which side General Milley is on.He says his loyalty is to the Consitution but her wanting him to go behind President Trumps back and take the nuclear codes because she called him unstable. I never heard what his reply to that was.

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    1. Dwayne Franklin says:


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      1. tonyb112 says:

        Anyone been watching Edward Snowdens video’s? Do u think the NSA has stopped listening in on phone calls or reading emails? Probably not! I’m sure they know what everyone in Congress is doing, who they talk to and everything else.


  2. tonyb112 says:

    I have said before IF Trump signed the Insurrection Act the military & FEMA are in charge. Many things say this is fact. The military is working behind the scenes and won’t do anything major until the majority of people in this country understand what is REALLY going on with the corruption, fake elections etc etc. They fear a civil war that won’t help anyone, so until enough people wake up we are in limbo. I doubt if the military will give any info as to what is going on or when something will happen. Why would they? Patriots are not the only ones reading blogs like this for info…

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    1. Losingit says:

      Who really knows if it’s dream police or really happening, crossing fingers on the latter one. During the trump administration, and the lovely internet, alot have awoken from the Truman show. We need to band together. There has to become some form of party made (patriot awakeneners or awokes for short) to make a stand on these brainwashing, election stealing fools, before they start coming after us with there liquid cyanide covid shot. The way they’re going we will be forced and last for the shot and they’ll add a lill extra juice, or line us up for the bullet and mass graves…..

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    2. debjbalk says:

      Dear Military,
      You’re waiting for more of us to “wake up” because you fear we may break out in a civil war? Seriously? We are all adults here….we can handle our own reactions…and, we don’t need you to coddle us. I don’t buy this “story,” so….I’m trusting that there is more to the story and you will act when the time is right. Please just don’t be making your decisions on “fear” of our responses. Thank you….I’m praying for you….With love,

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      1. debjbalk says:

        Yes I will, Buddy! ;+). I believe the military is “fearless” so any thought that they feared our reaction just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m believing they’re acting with great courage and wisdom, and their “timing” is a big part of their weaponry. In the meantime, they definitely need our prayers.

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      2. tonyb112 says:

        You should remind yourself where most/all of the violence has come from the past few years. These are the same people that will fight us in a civil war. Dem/commies.

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    3. thehound2211 says:

      Mrs. Marshall,

      You are the glue that holds my sanity together… thanks for soothing my soul. I have let god take the wheel. Thanks for the clarity! Your words ring with the sound of freedom!

      I am waiting for the Central Bank to take its final breath… that will be my key to the passage of a New World.

      God bless you

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    1. southern1952 says:

      well dennis, i don’t know that they love war, but voting democrats basically vote to get something for nothing like free insurance, free college etc….

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    2. Georgia L Myers says:

      WRONG! It wasn’t the Democrats! That’s part of the wake up process! IT WAS THE PAEDOPHILE SATANIC CULT that took over our media, our tech, our Financials, our food, our rights. There are just as many bad REPUBLICANS! THIS IS GOOD OVER EVIL! We need to come together as Americans!

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  3. Philip Rusch says:

    For those who can recall, remember in V: The Final Battle when “John” of the Visitors gets his true reptilian nature exposed on live TV? 107 commented on the 3.4 podcast with LE and DNR about how those on the other side who worship the occult see themselves as the spawn of the Serpent and Eve, I couldn’t help but view today’s current events as a loose parallel with the two original V miniseries from the early 1980s, at least when it comes to the ideas of unmasking, exposure, and the use of doubles and deep fakes. Most of all, the threat of world domination by a hostile enemy with ulterior motives which they’ll do anything to keep hidden ring true today in real life as well as with the show.

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  4. Rj says:

    Would people believe Sydney Powell when she says the military has fallen and taking orders from the enemy ?
    It’s done folks no matter what garbage is pushed around and those who claim to be under NDAs are full of you know what. The theft was successful without a shot being fired. Love your family and God and GET INVOLVED OR ELSE

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    1. trnathens says:

      It is not my job to reprove, that I’ve been told.

      So, advise instead it shall be.

      Look at actions, don’t simply listen to words.

      If Ms. Powell, a Patriot of the highest order, truly felt the military was done, then why continue her court cases?

      By her actions she shows what she knows. By her words she flushes out those who don’t understand.

      Words should provoke thought, not dictate thought.

      Actions SHOW. Words PROVOKE. Not the other way around.

      Watch, don’t just listen, to watch she does and says. And others. What are they doing that we can see? Then ask, are their words consistent with their actions? If not, then is there another reason for the words, when they seemingly “contradict” action?


    2. Marie says:

      If the Military is indeed taking orders from the enemy……then Juan O’ Savin is full of s—-! It’s one or the other! What are we supposed to believe?

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      1. tonyb112 says:

        I can’t believe all of the military is OK with taking orders from CCP! No way I believe that. Maybe those at the top are corrupted but the rank and file soldier, no way!

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  5. nieveslt says:

    Love God and live for the millennium. This is not our kingdom. The US was a vehicle by which the gospel was spread to every nation, that’s it. It wasn’t meant to be permanent. The gospel has been preached in every Nation so we await our King Jesus.

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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        Goog is blockin’ out andweknow….they hav him flagged…

        Jus go 2 andweknow bitchute

        andweknow rumble

        LT jus posted this vid….it has a vid Dan Scavino posted showin’ Malamute dogs sleddin’ n sleds of .Russia flag colours…mhm…

        It will b the 1st vid 2 come up…


        He dcodes the l8st Q drops…and he as ush is bang on!!

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    1. Abraham Sarabia says:

      Actually No The Gospel of The Kingdom has NOT been Preached,..many Gospels are being preached Born again, Grace , Prosperity Etc.
      The Church has been turned into a Religion Jesus The Christ Created HIS Church to Be a Political Power and Force!!! Today the False church is nothing but man made rituals and traditions robbing God’s people (Tithe)
      Deceiving and Enslaving them..Churchianity Is a Perfect Example of This..

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  6. Ezra B says:

    I am reminded of many movies(James Bond movies) Eyes Wide Shut and many more of this type of behavior. In the form of entertainment but true(inside joke of the cabal). As a retire LEO, I personally was involved in dealing with satanic cults and child trafficking arrests and investigations. I pray blessings and protections of Psalms 91 over all patriots.

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  7. trinity89122 says:

    We must not forget the little dark twerp “Lord Fauci” as Tucker Carlson has nicknamed him who plays a very significant role in the cabal. I call him “Dr. Evil” from the Austin Powers movies. This Fauci character has fooled many Americans but not President Trump. Fauci has pulled the wool over millions of eyes in the world. From what I’ve read and researched, Fauci’s history with Obama and the WHO is criminal and is linked with Wuhan. Remember folks these snakes all slither and lie together in their evil and bottomless pit. Pray, pray, pray,
    Everyone for God to intervene and save our blessed country ~
    The Greatest country on earth
    The United States of America 🇺🇸

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      1. tonyb112 says:

        Nobody knows for sure except for what we can see. The military will not tell us anything as to their plans. Tell the enemy nothing. I base my decision on Trumps EO from Sept, 2018 and the report confirming there was outside election interference. Do u realize AF1 has NEVER used this call sign since Trump left office? Nor has AF2. Their call signs are ‘ANONYMOUS’. This shows on monkeywerks when they fly.

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      2. koreshlives says:

        Tony: Come on you now you can’t prove a negative. I don’t want the military in charge. Dianne; Please show where in the constitution the military intervenes when there is election fraud. I’ll wait because it doesn’t. These articles are what the elites want. Keep sitting on your hands until it is too late. Two words for you people; Cliven Bundy. The government, also known as organized crime is scared shitless with people of his fortitude. They want you pounding keys and eating potato chips. Mission accomplished.


      3. irisheyes17 says:

        2 Buddy and y’all!!…I posted a vid by andweknow where he shows ALL the military accnts r followin’ Pres Trump…..NONE r followin’ fake pres Buydum…


        That says 2 me that the military know who the real Pres is…and they r not bein’ fooled, by an obvi dmented fool, who doesn’t even know where he is …

        Everytime the press gets 2 close and starts 2 shout ?’s at dementia Joe… and he looks dazed and confused ( which is like always! )…his handlers shout 4 the press 2 leave…

        All the signs r there that the miltary is n control…ncludin’ the fact there is NO Marine grd outside the WH…and the WH lights go out at 11pm every night …they’re on a timer…

        Buydum is not on Air Force 1 or Air ….and FakeFace Ho Harris hasn’t even tkn residence at the VP quarters, yet…the Buydum admin keeps sayin’ it’s bein’ nenov8d…we’ll c…

        DID VP Pence like dstroy it or what?!?!…

        Buydum hasn’t had a SOTU address yet….his handlers either can’t figure out how 2 hav his dbl with a mask giv the speech or they can’t figure how 2 keep him alert 4 an hr or so speech…or it’ll b virtual…hahahaha…

        Even when he’s readin’ from a tellyprompter, he scews up…I want 2 hear him giv the SOTU… if nothin’ else 4 the train wreck it will most certainly b….every1 cud use a few laughs, now…and Buydum nevah disappoints!!

        Mayb the ‘Wicked Witch of the West’ will rip his SOTU 2…sum1 drop a house on that!!

        Yes, Dorothy, witches still xist, and y’all rn’t n Kansas anymore!!!…hahahahaha….

        Pres Trump’s CPAC was a SOTU…he came out swingin’ on human traffickin’…and he dlayed his speech 1 hr and 7 mins…17!!!

        The coded messages were all ovah his speech…ncludin’ the ‘air’ Q he made when he came out…he makes the ‘air’ Q n his speeches like alot!!!

        There r many things goin’ on bhind the scenes no1 c’s…but they r happenin’ none-the-less…like more DUMBS controlled by Black Hats/military r bein’ tkn ovah by White Hats/military…yeah, there r Black Hat military….and they r still n controll of many DUMBS, but not as many as b4…

        Every time I giv the link 4 andweknow…it’s blocked out…I wonder why it’s only andweknow that is bein’ blocked by goog….they’ve flagged him…

        He is the best dcoder of Q drops…and he shows the nfo others r not…mayb that’s why goog wants him silenced…

        I watched a vid of goog and employees jus after Killary went dwn n flames n 2016, and the head of goog…he’s an Indian dude…I don’t remember his name, were all cryin’ ( literally!) ovah the elect of Trump and wonderin’ where they went wrong…and plottin’ how 2 avoid the same thin’ the next time…mhm…

        Wonder if that was a James O’Keiff undercovah Project Veritas vid?!?!…and has goog blocked that vid 2?!?!…hahahaha…

        The l8st vid of andweknow has a vid posted by Dan Scavino showin’ cute little Alaska Malamute puppies sleddin’…Pres Trump said he’s goin’ 2 Alaska 2 help dfeat Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski….hmmmm….

        The sleds they’re n r blue, white and red…colours of the flag of UK, China, perhaps Russia??….Snow? Snowden?…is Snowden n China? Russia?…and why is that even relevant that Scavino wud post that?!?!

        Scavino does not post vids that hav no meanin’ and they all tie back 2 the Q drops…( thru the date and time of his vids)..if y’all aren’t followin’ Q , y’all r lost…now the Q drops r seemin’ly bein’ suppressed on the intel brd ….mhm…

        Here’s the vids:

        andweknow rumble

        andweknow bitchute

        He’s also on (that’s a pd subscription)…but he givs more nfo there than he can on the other plat4ms…it’s $2.99 mo…I am a subscriber 2…

        The l8st vid is: DOGS ARE LOYAL. POLITICIANS NOT SO MUCH!!

        The Scavino vid of the dogs was posted jus after the Buydem’s dog apparently bit a security grd and were banished from the WH…

        What does Scavino know that we don’t?!?!…hahahaha….

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      4. tonyb112 says:

        agree on what u said and more. Many things going on behind the scenes, all people have to do is look. Many things not normal like no Marine Guards at the WH. Many questions and no answers. That is what bothers me the most, no answers. Should we lock and load or wait and watch?


      5. tonyb112 says:

        Many Many will be executed for Treason and crimes against Humanity. Another reason the military hasn’t shown everyone they are in charge. How do u think the general population will take it when it is revealed military tribunals have executed many politicians, their favorite movie stars for crimes against humanity? Do u think that may start riots if many are not shown the truth b4 hand?

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  8. Alex Flores says:

    Folks, faith?!? Yup, in the Lord ourGod. Hope that there is some plan or a mimitary option!?! You are a fool. It is done. There is no cavalry. No hero orgroup or general. It is US! You all and me and every one that wants the republic as founded. WE are responsible for our own liberties. Time to stand up and stand to. Do you have the courage?!?

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  9. trnathens says:

    What WE need to do on a daily basis is pray to know God is ultimately in charge. This country was founded by those seeking to worship Him freely. He blessed it. He will enable us to protect it, WITH His blessing.

    Those who voluntarily enforce the mask mandate TODAY are the same who would voluntarily discriminate against Jews in 1930s Germany. There’s zero difference in the principle. Oh come on! You say. But that’s because YOU know that THAT discrimination lead to gas chambers. Because of the perspective of history. Recognizing… PATTERNS of behavior. The people at the time, most, anyway, didn’t KNOW The government intended to use and was using gas chambers as the Final Solution. Just like those today don’t understand that masks lead to vaccine passports, and…depopulation.

    The government THEN used fear, through mandates, and laws, and “corporate policies”, to ENCOURAGE that fear. And that’s EXACTLY what the Uniparty and global cabal are doing NOW.


    PEOPLE became the voluntary enforcement arm of the government, because of that fear. Fear of losing a job. Fear of losing their business. Fear of being in trouble. Fear of being…different.

    We need to use THEIR words AGAINST them. Those pushing fear are the same ones who found privacy in the “penumbras” of the Constitution to condone and legalize abortion. FINE!



    No vaccine for me. No mask for me!

    And if they ask…it affects my breathing. But aren’t you lying? No. It does. And it is THEY who are lying, saying that masks “keep you safe” when their own experts can’t get their story straight!

    They can’t argue with you. They’re not allowed to, or else they COULD BE personally liable. The individual people can’t hide behind “corporate policy” when the policy is discriminatory. And the corporations can’t have a policy that violates FEDERAL LAW.

    But it’s Wal-Mart (or any other store). Great. Their mask policy is different in 17 states. So it discriminates based on geography. It is an impediment to interstate commerce. There area a lot of arguments that can be made.

    And the 18 year old kid telling you what to do? They COULD BE personally liable if they threaten you (assault), touch you (battery), force you to leave (kidnapping), or make you wait for the police (false imprisonment). Those are ALL duly passed LAWS. And LAWS supercede mandates.

    The Americans with Disabilities Act is FEDERAL law, and supersedes STATE law, which supersedes mandates and policies.

    Just a couple of thoughts to chew on.

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    1. tonyb112 says:

      agree to a point. Show me where congress follows the Constitution, or dems in general. These people when in control do anything they want. The proof is in the pudding.

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    2. tonyb112 says:

      What did God do to save the Jews from Hitler? Absolutely NOTHING! For our current situation, if the military is NOT in charge then the only option is civil war. Praying might make u feel better, but will accomplish nothing.


      1. trnathens says:

        We need EACH OTHER, working as a group, separately pulling in the same direction, to be successful. Anything I say here is as much to keep MY spirits high, and frustration in check, and to remind myself that faith, by definition, is a belief in something unseen by human eyes, and unknown by the human experience. I appreciate your words, Deb.

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  10. Amal says:

    Richard Grenell posted on social media a Picture of President Trump with the caption

    “I think it is time I circle back”

    Don Jr posted on social media a pic of a man screaming ‘Come back already,
    for the love of GOD!

    POTUS responds ‘What do you think folks? Should I do it?
    (it’s a meme)

    POTUS never left.

    He is still very much USA ACTIVE PRESIDENT.




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      1. Conservatives need to start standing up for our rights and our country and our way of life. Our silence will be mistaken for consent. The democrats will continue to encroach on our rights as long as we allow them to do it. We can’t continue to wait until the next election and try to vote them out of office. We know now that voting is futile. Since they have changed our vote to mail in and have made showing identification unnecessary there is basically no way they will lose another election. They will continue to cheat. And we won’t because we are conservatives and we have morals. We need to take a page from the Democratic handbook and start protesting frequently and I’m large numbers. We need to start recalling politicians who turn out to be rhinos and start bombarding our senators and representatives with calls and letters demanding that they represent us. They need to know we are serious and that we are willing to fight to save us all from socialism and communism. There are more of us than there are of them. And we need to start talking to people who are democrats instead of arguing with them and calling them names. We need to show facts to back up what we say and stop talking about bull crap that sounds like we have lost our minds. Because it really does sound ridiculous. You can believe all the Q crap you want to, it will sort itself out soon. Just don’t try to convince people that we are doing what is best for all of us while also telling them that half of congress are clones or reptilians. Seriously. How can you fall for that stuff.


  11. Juan is certainly telling us what should happen, it’s great ear candy. Personally I don’t think he would be the only person reporting top secret classified information. Not showing his face creates the mystique that he’s someone in the know sharing information that no one else is privy to.
    If the CIA or the Pentagon wanted to capture him or silence him or reveal him they could do it in 24 hours.
    Do you think it’s possible he gets donations or makes money from the videos?.
    Do you think it could be a psyop that has kept millions of people bridled and not taking action?

    Joe Biden has
    Bombed Syria
    Opened borders
    Stopped energy independence
    Executed hundreds of anti American executive orders
    Thrown billions of dollars of our money away to help Democratic causes with the stimulus
    Had our military rank and file take a new oath

    Military intervention would have been an easier problem to address the day after the election.
    This is a Marxist coup and military leaders, the FBI and CIA are in on it.
    Pray your hearts out that THE LORD changes the hearts and minds of people in the military that can stop this injustice.
    It’s just my opinion and I hope I haven’t offended anyone.


      1. Biden doesn’t even know the name of the new Pentagon leader he supposedly picked.
        He was placed by the Marxist globalist cabal, Obama, Holder, Rice, Jarrett ect.
        The CIA and the Pentagon are hand in hand and we’ve seen proof for 4 years that they are treasonous

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      2. Perhaps there is divisions within the ranks. I can’t see special forces going along with this communist crap.
        They would have millions of us on their side if they called upon us.
        This was a crazy,” in your face ” government takeover. Strange days indeed.

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      3. And think about this Gary, Gina Haspel was in charge of the CIA and Christopher Wray was in charge of the FBI when Ratcliffe was at the helm of the DNI. The 2018 e executive order clearly stated that the president have the report within 45 days. It was late by about 30 days, soon after Haspel resigned. I can only pray and hope that Ratcliffe was on the up and up and that president Trump has pro America military leaders working behind the scenes. I wouldn’t bet on it though.

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    1. I think you are right. This is a psyop. They have made a lot of conservatives look like fools with the nonsense they are spreading. I think they are one of the reasons President Trump wasn’t able to have his case for election fraud heard. He wasn’t able to hire a reputable lawyer so he had to settle for Wood and Powell. Wood presents as a crazy talking Preacher of some kind and Powell jumps right in with the Q theory and they both look like idiots. They may be good people but that doesn’t matter when you sound crazy. The military is not in control, they can’t operate on American soil. Trump has been fighting this corrupt government single handedly. Everyone around him was corrupt. Q had patriots convinced that everything was under control and we should stay home and watch the movie and trust the plan. Did they ever really say what the plan entailed? Not really. I have wondered from the beginning whose side Q is really on. Are they good guys who just have the worst luck when it comes to events that are supposed to play out not happening? Or are they just a part of the psyop whose purpose is to convince us to stay out of the way and everything is going to work out soon. Which scenario makes the most sense without having to jump through hoops or perform multiple steps? Trump won the election and everyone knows that there was fraud. That part is pretty obvious. But as far as him being returned to office as President because everyone is going to be arrested or has been arrested and are having to act like they are running things is really kind of ridiculous. Some of the democrats have supposedly been hung or are in Gitmo several times now but they keep turning up. Clones, lizard people, body doubles or masks are a very popular way to explain away how people keep coming back. There are just too many things that have to be manipulated in order for this whole Q thing to be real. The most obvious answer is usually the correct one. I think there is going to be a lot of people that are going to be very upset when they realize that they have been misled and made fools of by Q. Chinese communist brainwashing techniques are very effective. You don’t even realize it’s happening. The democrats are brainwashed by the media and seem to believe what they hear. But it is easy to see why they think we are the crazy ones. Just look at everything Q has said from the beginning. This is a very elegant operation. You have to give big brother respect for planning this whole operation.


      1. angelonz says:

        I would ask if anyone has done a voice analysis on Juan O’Savin. If you compare his voice to Robert Kennedy jr there is a distinct correlation imo. Get in the Queue John Boy

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      2. irisheyes17 says:

        I posted this b4, but it seems y’all missed it…I’ll try again…this time, pay attention!!

        When Q drops started on 4kun, a lot of ppl had trouble blevin’ what he/they were sayin’…and sum started dmandin’ proof of his/their communication with Pres Trump as he/they were claimin’…

        An anon on the brd told Q 2 prove he has nside nfo from Trump team by tellin’ him 2 hav Trump say a very specific, unusual wrd at his very next rally…yanno 4 proof that Q isn’t BS…

        The wrd the anon told Q 2 tell Pres Trump 2 say is TIPPITY TOP…

        At the next rally Trump said n his speech “TIPPITY TOP”…hav y’all even hrd that wrd evah n a sentence…I know I havn’t….and how did Pres Trump wrk that n2 his speech?!?!…hahahahaha…

        Like it or not Q is an intel nsider…and they r a military intel op team…

        Lt. Col. Jeffrey Prather has said Q is Ezra Cohen-Watnick…how wud he know?!?!…idk…Q has posted many cell,ph pics from nside the Oval Office,…1 was with an EO Pres jus signed on the Resolute Desk, with the executiv pen…how did he do that?!?!

        I know Watnick led the raid (Delta Force) on the Ramstein Air Force base last yr where CIA Director Gina Haspel was supposedly captured, tryin’ 2 shred evidence of CIA vote switchin’ durin’ the election…

        Yeah, the vote steal was a CIA op from the jump…and there was another raid at the same time n Frankfurt, Ger on the CIA server farm…where many CIA were captured and 5 US Army Special Forces were killed…

        Haspel jus put out a resignation announcement with her pic…no1 has seen her since the raid…sum say she bcame a witness 4 the DOD…rather than goin’ 2 GITMO…idk…

        Still bleve Q is a psyop?!?!


      3. tonyb112 says:

        I believe everything we are seeing now is a huge sting operation. When all the guilty are known the trap will close and over time many will just disappear and others will have doubles until we are told the facts.


    2. fireflamestoves says:

      Q, as with most psy ops, is intentionally vague, and it can be interpreted in a myriad of ways. I don’t buy any of the Q nonsense; never have, never will.


  12. Barbara A Hackett says:

    Americans have put up with way too much of the 13 families, plus all the other egomaniacal people that think money rules the world! We are all awake! Americans are constantly insulted, or abused, or constantly put in to psychological programming to fit the elites newest agenda that they happen to imprint on a stone or written set of manipulating and controlling fears plus weapons to continually take down the good ole USA! They’ve tried poisoning our foods, our waters, our drugs, plus created every disease there ever was plus made excuses for every war we have witnessed! We have been lied to way too long so it’s time to take back our country as it should be! And it’s time the military acted properly as they know the proof is in their hands so time to shit or get off the pot once in foreall! Let’s go! Put a real president back in office and get this phony traitor kicked out, as he’s an insult to us as Americans! We need Donald J Trump to bring back our real constitution soon!

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  13. southern1952 says:

    I’m not saying I believe anything that has been posted on here, too many different opinions to take in. All i see is that this country is falling apart minute by minute. We are being over run with migrants, Joe is looney tunes, can’t even call him president, now they are giving prisoners $1400 checks, and migrants too and i don’t know who else will get them. they are giving money away that the U.S. does not have. it’s just crazy. Goodnight everyone.

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  14. CharityinTruth says:

    Thank you, Dianne. Hoping and praying for the best to come.

    Breaking March 11, 2021 Sidney Powell on election fraud, deep state and the swamp:

    Doug’s Exclusive Interview with Sidney Powell – Doug Billings

    must watch:

    Let us pray for Sidney’s protection and all those who are defending the USA from both foreign and domestic enemies. We can help. Sidney Powell’s website:

    coming soon:

    May God bless and save our Constitutional Republic, us and the future generations.

    All Glory to God!

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  15. Losingit says:

    It’s a shame, but every dynasty falls. Is it our turn, I don’t know. As we sit here and fell sorry for our self beliefs maybe we should recollect on how well we as a nation actually have it. Take a look at the many other countries that are dire. Do I fear for my kids, grandkids, yes I do. By the time they both reach my age every thing that is now will no longer be….


  16. Henry Acres says:

    And, then this flapping idiot says we might be able to celebrate the 4th of July in our own backyards…”if people get Covid-19 vaccinations”.

    And, there’s more…out wait until you read the part about letting veterinarians and dentists give vaccines too! I tell ya, we’re in a sick and polluted time.

    One other note, if anyone thinks about getting jabbed, please, do yourself and your loved one’s a favor and ask your insurance company, if your are covered for any after effects including death.

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  17. Jellybeans says:

    I have spent a lot of time following the election fraud, watching the fall of the cabal and reading mass amounts of articles leading me to believe that this is a movie and Trump is back in office soon. That’s a comforting thought, but having lived through the Obama, Bush and Clinton administrations I didn’t sleep well and their wasn’t a potential Calvary supposedly on the horizon to save me and my family. During those years I kept the TV off, prayed a lot and attended church every week. I still have the TV off but I have surrendered to the idea that I need to just keep praying and keeping the faith that GOD will protect us not a Government official.

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  18. gre81 says:

    All BS. They just passed gun bill today in the house and followed up with a ban on assault rifles after that. Just keep believing all of this junk as your rights are stripped away and you can not defend yourself for what they have planned.


  19. Henry Acres says:

    In a post I made a few days ago, I watched a video which spoke about the waking up of the masses, and low and behold it’s what they want, for they have another more sinister virus to unleash, with a more severe lockdown of the whole world. Hopefully, it too, turns out to be as phoney baloney as the current one and something good comes our way.

    Here’s the video if anyone wants to watch it, and pay attention around the 28:00 minute part…and like I said, the guy makes a pretty clear picture of everyone dancing in the streets and so on, which if you think about it, would be the absolute perfect time to drop a major event.

    And, please Dianne, I am not trying to foreshadow your post here.…-the-story-of-the-movie-mirror-thegrowingawareness.html


  20. C says:

    Where is your faith? What is taking place is Biblical. The entire world is going to change March 27, 2021 when the “third” Passover happens. Look to scripture what happened in the first Passover? Moses rescued mankind and we received God’s law. The second Passover, Jesus Christ was sacrificed as the Passover lamb (he died for our sins) so that mankind could receive the Holy Spirit. Soon will come the promise of a “jubilee” on the earth.

    First the awakening, as all the evil is revealed, then the entire world will see how much the Lord loves us!

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    Put your faith in God, that’s how you defeat the devil. Read the Bible out loud to yourself so your faith in God will be built up. Faith only comes to you by hearing the Word of God, therefore you need to speak it. Faith is the ONLY thing that pleases God. God has already done everything He is going to do to save you, to heal you, to prosper you. (Jesus did it all, He paid for it with His blood) The power of God is always available to the believer 24/7 365 onward. Just like electricity is always available to your house, all you have to do to receive the electric power is plug something into the wall or turn on a light switch. You turn on the power of God by your faith and speaking the Word of God. The Word needs to become part of you, just like when you eat a sandwich the sandwich food becomes part of your physical body. When you read the Word of God out loud to yourself day in and day out it becomes part of your spirit. It’s our spiritual food. If you always confess failure, sickness, lack, weakness, then that is EXACTLY what you will have. If you always confess increase, health, healing, prosperity, goodness, blessing, abundance, that is what you will have. 2 different confessions will cancel out the other. Confession precedes possession — that is spiritual law. God wants to see (you have to take action) you trusting in Him alone. If there’s no power of God in you then your faith is dead.

    READ THE WORD OUT LOUD TO YOURSELF – don’t be a whiner, don’t complain
    READ THE WORD OUT LOUD TO YOURSELF— only say what God says about you
    READ THE WORD OUT LOUD TO YOURSELF – thank God for His power
    READ THE WORD OUT LOUD TO YOURSELF – believe nothing is impossible for God and for you too
    READ THE WORD OUT LOUD TO YOURSELF – don’t doubt, have faith in God
    CONFESS THESE TRUTHS FOR THE BELIEVER: “I’m saved, I’m healed, I’m a child of Almighty God, I’m free, I’m safe in God’s Family, I’m the righteousness of God, I have the wisdom of God, I have the mind of Christ, I’m strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, I’m more than a conqueror, I always win, the joy of the Lord is my strength, the Lord is my Shepherd so I don’t lack for any good thing, my God supplies all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus, everything I put my hand to prospers, no weapon formed against me shall ever prosper, if God be for me who can be against me? Nobody.”
    No matter what you see, hear, or feel, only say what God says about you. Walk by faith alone. Faith is a substance that you use. Faith is a creative force that comes from God Himself. Learn from these men and women of faith: Norvel Hayes, Kenneth Hagin, Charles Capps, Kat Kerr, Donna Rigney, Pastor Keith Moore (Faith Life Church, Sarasota, FL)

    Build up your faith by spending time with God every day, every day, every day, and then you will always be victorious, because Jesus Christ already got the victory for you a long time ago, you just have to receive it by faith. Hallelujah! Praise God forevermore! To God be all the glory!!!!!!!

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  22. Leon Hays says:

    Most if not all comments I agree with. Let me say this if the military doesn’t take this country back for us all then there WILL BE A CIVIL WAR!! These demorats are trying to take away our 1st and 2nd Amendment God given rights and I’ll be damm if we will go quietly into that night!!!!!

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  23. Thank you for compiling this information and for the great work you’re doing:) I do feel I should let you know, the image of “Justice Roberts on the couch with Ghislaine Maxwell” is not actually John Roberts. It is Jean Luc Brunel. NOT to defend Justice Roberts~ because I believe he is compromised, but just to keep OnwardTruth as we move forward to awaken the masses. Jean Luc Brunel is worth a dig as well. May God Bless you and your efforts to MAGAKAG. God Wins.

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  24. koreshlives says:

    Dianne: If the military was going to do anything regarding treason, it would have happened alrwady years ago. Name one war that the military refused to fight? The military being in charge means the end of the republic, not the saving of it. You are a misdirecter and thankfully your crowd is limited.


    1. Koreshlives you are pushing a dead horse. My limited crowd has had over 12 million viewers in the last two months. I don’t believe in booting people off in a time of censoring, but the Lord has shown me that I can in order to preserve the true message. So don’t push it. Opinions are one thing, outright smacking me around with defamation is quite another and no longer will be tolerated.

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  25. irisheyes17 says:

    OMG!!!….andweknow jus posted a new vid…the cartoon South Park jus did an ntire episode on…w8 4 it….Hollyweird and child sex…ncludin’ children bein’ murdered 4 their adrenachrome…it’s very graphic and shows kids and babies bein’ strangled and knives n their heads…told y’all it is graphic…and blood is spurtin’ out everywhere and ppl r drinkin’ all the blood…

    This is an adult cartoon…andweknow says they had 2.3 million views…this is amazin’…( that’s 2.3 million more views than Bidum draws!) these dudes who write this r now n danger…

    Where did the writers of South Park get this story line?!?!…or r they mockin’ we who know this is happenin’?!?!…idk…

    Everytime I think it can’t get more weird, this happens!!

    Either way, ppl who arn’t aware will prob do sum research of their own…

    Goog: Celebrities and adrenachrome

    The cartoon opens with the HOLLYWOOD sign covahed n blood…


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  26. Gail Golden says:

    On Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 2:54 PM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” News on Director of National Intelligence > Report to vet, verify and validate to determine the actions it will take > after their internal investigation is completed. If a Manchurian candidate > or foreign power has overcome our election it is the duty of the” >

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