Ep. 2425b – Deep State Sends Multiple Messages – Stage is Set, Fear Not! All Will Work Together For Good!

Keep your eyes wide opened and don’t let the negativity of others pull you down. The change has to happen from the bottom up. Trump learned this from doing it from the top down and finding those at the bottm quite comfortable and happy. And when pushed to the max, he watched them wear their masks, social distance and closing their businesses and allowing treasonous governors and mayors to get away with stripping them of the constitutional rights. I’m sure even Trump would not have expected citizens to be so compliant.


While we yelled “woe to us, woe”, there were a few who picked up their Bill of Rights and took to the Governors and Mayors with legal action SUEING THEM IN COURT AND THEY WON! We cheered for those who were fighting and sent money to “go fund me accounts” to help their cause. Yet, we also watched businesses in our own cities and towns close for good and not a peep was said publicly about it. Most all closed alone and were silently filed into a stat file log keeping score as to how many have closed and are never expected to reopen. We also watched terrorist groups posing as protestors burning, destroying, beating people and even killing some. They even burned a Police Precinct to the ground because Mayors and Governors followed their “lockstep” RESET plans to have it so. Through all of this… people continued to wear their masks and 6 foot distance while the elderly died by lack of care and other disastrous ideas from Governors. All the while, no one was changing…just unhappy it wasn’t getting fixed by Trump. Not to mention the abuse our police officers took and are still taking. All because of satanic cabal puppet masters who desire to rule the world and eliminate humanity.

Trump told us all at the very beginning that he could not make states close down because of the constitution so, he left it up to each state to decide what to do, he could not mandate it. President Trump only asked for a two week closure with compensation to those who closed. It was a request not a mandate. AND BOOM!!! The left turned their states into a combination of the 3rd Reich and Escape From New York, with a bit of Mad Max Thunder Dome!

Despite Outbreak, South Dakota Governor Hesitant To Issue Stay-At-Home  Order | WBFO

Meanwhile, there was one governor who assessed the situation and chose to make a decision based on her region and not follow the rest of the states off the cliff. The Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem refused to shut down her state and said…we are staying open. Therein lay the example for the rest of the nation, but, sadly, it went by with little attention.

Coronavirus: Nancy Pelosi criticises Deborah Birx - BBC News

All eyes were on the biggest fakes of the century which were Fauci, Birx, WHO, and Gates. Did I say fakes? It is more like the biggest abusers of human rights and perpetrators of crimes against humanity!

This sick game is over. We who had eyes to see found “Lockstep” right off the bat, so you know Trump had to know all about it, and moreso than we knew. Of course he did, for he had been working at taking down the cabal from day one. That is why he ran for president and why he is still fighting so hard to restore. If you think he is sitting back in Mar-a-lago planning something for 2024…..think again. His heels are dug into draining the swamp and it is whirling fast.

Hold the line, keep the faith and it’s time for all to stand up and take off our masks. Gather together and go to our schools and demand what we want in our schools. Go to our city councils and recall some very bad board members and Mayors, and do the same with the state congress, senate and Governors. This we can all legally do and we should have been doing it at the two week shut down. Exercising our constitutional rights starting with the servants we elected in our own back yards.

It is time to turn this show into a rerun of Erin Brockovich!



  1. Losinit says:

    Never have worn a mask- never will…never missed any work over this bullshyt either, live in a small republican town…if I need lumber or supplies I do home depot, masks not mandatory there. Fock menards….. They can take there covid cyanide shot and plug it into there brainwashed band wagon.. It’s a shame all these brainwashed people. I’ve said from the beginning of last year this virus was designed by the democrates and china.

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    1. debjbalk says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Losinit. You have no idea how much strength I’m drawing from it. It’s been a rough morning with friends & family drawing lines in the sand, regarding vax. But, I’m ALL IN, no matter the consequences. Knowing I’m surrounded by strong Patriots like you, who are wide awake, is extremely inspiring. This place is full of strong, independent, freedom-loving Americans. Thanks to Dianne’s leadership & our Lord, together we’ll get through it. Amen & thank you!! May God continue to anchor us through the storm… I’m feeling a little seasick from the crashing waves, but this too shall pass.

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      1. Beth H says:

        Not only the vaccines–have you watched the commercial for the little box that talks to you about testing yourself at home for colon cancer? At the very same time my doctor insisted on having one sent to me, I heard the little box on the commercial say quietly that they check your DNA when you return it. Why? I thought the purpose of the test was to check for cancer. I called the company and they quickly said “Just throw the kit away and we will not record that you received one.” Hmm.

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      2. debjbalk says:

        Whoa!! Could it get any scarier? You are an excellent advocate for yourself (& I’m sure for others too)….learning lots from your example, Beth. You are. . “On It!!”. Woohoo!! Love it!!

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    2. Corner Stone says:

      Lots of us normal folk knew the same from the get go Losinit.

      Never forget that higher education and public education were the first to kick off the Lockups. Never another penny in funding of education ever again.

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  2. Kim M Jordan says:


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    1. Grace Bruno says:

      You can get hydroxychloroquine if you have your doctor prescribe it for Lupus or Arthritis. If certain governors think its being prescribed for Covid19/flu you won’t be able to get any.

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      1. Corner Stone says:

        Grace I ran across a completely ignored study from 2005 or so that found hydroxy worked to knock out all flu…..

        Has big phrama been keeping secret to hold to billions of dollars in flu medications?

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  3. etting29 says:

    The truth has been as you noted, unfolding from irritating lumps on twigs, to brazen spines on a thorn bush! I saw it in early 1980’s at city council level, realizing after ten years, it just grew unfettered- unless it personally affected someone. That was my own reason for involvement; I was no different.
    Yet, given that, the overtaking of my Country with barely a whimper, stuns me still!
    I will do as I learned: Write or call representatives, vote, stand my ground, know I will lose “friends” because they prefer no one rock the boat – unaware the hull is rotted, about to capsize, & most importantly, pray this Constitutional Republic survives for our children & future generations.

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    1. etting29 says:

      It may interest you that the city I referenced was where Ed Masry was one of the two who stood with the people. The other three, the “triumvirate,” prevailed on virtually all issues affecting the general public. He was on the council in the latter period of my involvement. When the other member who like he, made decisions based on existing laws & valid studies, was relocating to a different state, both approached me to run for the soon to be vacated seat.
      Not unlike the Country, when that majority consists of those who thrive on “mitigating circumstances,” favoring wealth & increased tax dollars, the people, laws, & precedent, have enormous difficulty impacting the outcome.

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  4. trinity89122 says:

    Agreed!!! It’s high time the righteous and God fearing retake control and freedom of our lives. WE MUST NOT ALLOW THE EVIL COMMUNISTIC AGENDA FROM THE PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS BECOME “HELL ON THIS SOIL. THE MIND CONTROL TECHNIQUES THAT ARE ADMINISTERED THROUGH DEVASTATING EVENTS AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER “SHADOW GOVERNMENT” MUST BE OVERTHROWN ONCE AND FOR ALL !!!!!!! IT WILL BE “LIGHTS OUT” FOR THE ILLUMINATI. The Rothschild’s amongst others throughout hundreds of years, I presume have made their pacts with the Diablo but the beast will be destroyed and cast into the fiery pits of HADES by The Most High Jesus Christ ✝️ GOOD ALWAYS WINS 🙏 AMEN 🙏

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    Lawgivers continue to orchestrate legislation designed to reduce and eventually remove our civil and religious freedoms and rights. They disguise their legislation with ornamental, disingenuous titles. How long will we comply with these unconstitutional, Luciferians?

    Are we obligated to submit to their unlawful and ungodly mandates? We must reject and denounce those laws, which not only go against this nation’s founding principles but more importantly, those laws which go against the Word of Our LORD.

    Do you not recognize the signs? For now, is the time to go on the offense against this enemy. Now, is the time to employ the power of the Holy Spirit, the truth, THE WORD OF THE LORD OUR GOD. Victory will be ours; “GOD HAS GOT THIS!”

    2 Corinthians 6:14


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  6. inesnido says:

    So, after watching this clip from the movie, Erin Brockovich, which by the way I’ve seen and LOVED, it reminded me of something I have recently decided to do.

    First and foremost I REFUSE to buy cloth mask. A year ago, when all of this virus nonsense began, I looked online on YouTube and learned, from a surgeon, how to make my own face mask out of paper towels. This was simple, cheap, and disposable. I bought decorative paper and with funny or uplifting messages. To this that’s all I wear. When the day is over I toss it in the trash.

    When I heard that Texas was removing their mask mandate it was also said that it joined 16 other states that DID NOT have mask mandates. My state was one of them. I was shocked to learn that my state didn’t have a mask mandate!! Then why do we have to wear these silly things on our face to go into certain places, I asked myself. Well I decided to use my constitutional right and not wear that napkin ANYMORE!! Last Saturday, everywhere I went I did not wear the napkin. I did notice, the day after the Texas announcement and the disclosure that our state did not have a mask mandate, that Walmart took down their mask requirement to enter the store. Its good thing they did because I wasn’t going to wear that thing anyway and I noticed others in the store didn’t either.

    I felt liberated. Every store I walked into I refused to wear the face mask. I kept thinking “If anyone approaches me and confronts me about this they are going to get an earful. I was on fire that day. Luckily, for their sake, nobody said anything to me. The other day I went to another store and I could see the ” Mask warden” at the entrance to the store watching to see if I put on my mask. As I strolled into the store she yelled behind me “Hello, do you need a mask?” I didn’t even look back I just yelled back “No thank you” and kept walking into the store. I’m taking my power back.

    If we all would just do that simple thing of stopping to wear that Thing on our face for a virus that has a survival rate of 99.5 % we could stop all this lunacy immediately.

    It is PPE Personal Protective Equipment. You wear a mask if you want to protect yourself not others. Learn the facts and throw it in their face if you’re confronted. That’s what I did a couple of days ago when I went in to pick up my eye glasses. I didn’t wear the mask and the receptionist told me I needed to put it on. I told her that our state does not have a mask mandate. I then told her that a mask is a PPE and that she was protecting herself from me and that I didn’t want to wear one. I also told her n nthat people who choose to wear a mask all day actually get sicker quicker. She just kept staring at me in shock and then proceeded to tell me that it was a requirement of the office. So I reluctantly put the napkin on my face; after all, I did need my eye glasses. Ha!!

    My point is that Dianne is correct, we do need to begin fighting back with our voices and with knowledge. The constitution is their to back us up, but we need to start making our voices heard.

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    1. betseyross says:

      This is the scenario going on all over the US. As long as the mask mandate remains in place at the state level, that triggers the health departments all over the state. Small businesses have to comply or their businesses will be shut down. They even schedule visits to make sure that these small businesses comply. They will shut you down. Now the health department is the one taking your rights away.

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    2. asknanakate says:

      What took so long? It’s been a year.

      I have never worn a mask and have frequently endured the harassment and simply don’t return to those stores. I walk in, wave them off and keep going. Only occasionally have I been followed and then simply say I’m exempt. I don’t explain as they can assume whatever they want.

      You always had the power. Wish more people had realized that a long time ago.

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      1. inesnido says:

        I wish I had!! Also somebody just commented on what I wrote and they talked about how small business’ are being targeted by our state’s health departments. We all need to go picket in front of all the States health departments to respect everyone’s constitutional rights including small businesses.


  7. Beth H says:

    After watching “Biden” speak on TV last night, I emailed both my senators with the following message:

    Having seen the comparison between the “real” Joe Biden and the body double, I am appalled that no one has come forward and publicly stated the obvious. Two days ago Biden couldn’t put two words together in a sentence, didn’t know what was going on in the hardware store, didn’t know the names of his appointees, etc, and yet we are supposed to believe the much younger, pointier-eared person who spoke fluently on TV tonight is the one that was “elected” to the highest office in the land? How is that legal to have this impersonator pretend to convey the intents of the Biden administration and we are supposed to believe his meds worked miracles to such an extent that he made no gaffes or misstatements? Whom do I have to ask that will stand up and put a stop to this movie?

    I’m sure that if I get a response at all, it will be the same old political rhetoric.

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  8. Anyone remember this song..

    In the end you’ll still be you
    One that’s done all the things you set out to do
    There’s a cross for you to bear
    Things to go through if you’re going anywhere
    For the things you know are right
    It s the truth that the truth makes them so uptight
    All the things you want are real
    You have you to complete and there is no deal

    Stand, stand, stand
    Stand, stand, stand

    You’ve been sitting much too long
    There’s a permanent crease in your right and wrong
    There’s a midget standing tall
    And the giant beside him about to fall

    They will try to make you crawl
    And they know what you’re saying makes sense and all
    Don’t you know that you are free
    Well at least in your mind if you want to be

    Stand, stand, stand

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