There is so much to be discovered in God’s Holy scriptures. It all ties into the history of our world revealing where we are today in prophecy.  Truths that have been hidden from us come together piece by piece when we ask the Lord to guide us in reading his Word and searching for truth. So if you are a newcomer to Bible study, or an old timer who always let the pastor interpret for you here is a tip to help you get started.

When we come as a fresh student, ready to learn from the Lord, we see things with fresh eyes. That is when we have the most questions. Especially questions about Bible day culture and customs. Without understanding the customs of the times, we have no grasp on what a saying may truly mean.

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The Strong’s Concordance is a good book to have to help you understand and study the Bible. It is simply an index to the Bible. It helps you find a phrase or passage you want to study or cross reference.  Let’s say you want to know where in the Bible it talks about a donkey, like Balaam’s talking donkey…it will show you all the passages where the word Donkey is used and find where Balaam’s donkey is in the scriptures. You can also look up Balaam and find it that way.  It also helps you to re-find a phrase or passage you were studying but forgot which book it was in. It is actually a hand held google search and you are the search engine. There are also many types of concordances to choose from online. For hand held home use a good one is The Strong’s Concordance with Greek and Hebrew lexicon’s included. You can compare the original word and its’ usage with the one the English translator chose to use in its’ place.

If we aren’t sure what is meant by a word used in an allegory (displaying a moral by symbols in a story) we can more fully understand it by using a Bible concordance to reference the key words in other places it was used in the Bible. This helps build our reference to a theme, a time, an event, or something of the culture those at the time understood. Such as the Jewish customs. For example the saying, “Selling the poor for a pair of sandals” what does that mean? With a concordance you can look up every where in the Bible it refers to Sandals…or the entire phrase itself and find where they spoke of it.

Bible Concordances: Study Tools for Word Lovers - Do Not Depart

By looking up the phrase, the page will show you many scriptures where it was used. Find the one that is referring to your question, go to the scripture in your Bible, read it and you gain an understanding that deepens the meaning of the scripture.

I like using this one.

As I watched several videos to find one that you can use as a tutorial… what I found was that some were confusing and others complicated a very simple thing.  I suggest, if you are just starting out, simply use it as an index dictionary. It is really a no brainer. It’s easy, and if you love learning, it’s fun finding scriptures and seeing what words mean or meant. 

There are a lot of videos on YouTube that explain Bible numbering with the Concordance numbering to find scriptures quickly. Some can come across a bit confusing. I don’t like to read a Bible with all the numbers after every word but some don’t mind. But, those videos are for numbered Bibles that match the Strong’s numbering. So, if you find some of those, move on and watch those after you have enjoyed your concordance. Watching first can make you feel you have to be a theologian to use it… and you don’t. It’s a BIBLE INDEX DICTIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!  NOT BRAIN SURGERY! That being said… God bless and stay in the Word. Keep it simple and let God will show you all the rest.  

You can use an online reference such as in the links below, but I strongly suggest to buy a Concordance book for home study. Preferably, get one with both Greek and Hebrew lexicons included

H2020 – haṣṣālâ – Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon (KJV) (

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance: Hebrew 2020. הַצָּלָה (hatstsalah) — deliverance (

Stay Strong! No pun intended.


15 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING!!

  1. Stive rosen says:

    Amen. Must have a concordance or two. They are not perfect but mostly accurate and far better than none. They far better than a pastor or someone else telling what verses mean. Meaning comes from bible study, all of it, and looking up in concordances and prayer and letting the holy spirit reveal. Thats why some verses are understood only on the 31st time read as it was time for it to be revealed. Its an individual thing as we are all works of God in different stages of growth and challenges to overcome as a teacher and tester of our faith. Once borrowed but forgot what its called, but a backwards old testament in hebrew and english that gives more clarity reading as actually written. They didnt write white horse but horse white. Adjectives and adverbs and all descriptive words are reverse of english. I cant explain it except to say understanding increases just by original word placement even though same words. All i know is scripture answers scripture over time and those that trully seek they shall find.

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    1. Beth H says:

      Good point. Dianne forgot to mention that the Strong’s is not expensive at all for such a huge book. has tons of reference books and commentaries besides every type of Bible there is.

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  2. Laura Greenwell says:

    Have you seen this? It’s a dream and interpretation by John Paul Jackson from 2011. In 2016 I thought it was about the election then- but seems so much more relevant now?

    Hope the link works

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  3. hbowschultzgmailcom says:

    Thank you so much for this message this morning! I copied and shared the entire thing to my FaceBook page because I know there are curious people who have NO IDEA where to start in study and are too “embarrassed” to ask! God Bless you!!!!


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  4. Little Charlie says:

    Excellent post. Learning Hebrew or Greek is going to give you 💯% understanding of the Word of God. Even if you just know a couple words in Hebrew or Greek it makes a world of difference. English is enough for Salvation though. God bless everyone.

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  5. TonyKapp says:

    Since you are sharing some items to enrich the study of the scripture, here are a few that have truly been a blessing for me and my life group:

    Reference materials:
    Dr. Warren Wiersbe’ s Expository outline, Study Bible and BE Series  primary materials used for our study  A ton of resources in one spot and they are free!
    Bible by Olive Tree  you can build up a digital library from this resource

    Reference materials for additional studying
    Dr. Herbert Lockyer “All” Series
    Explore the Bible – Lifeway
    Ryrie Study Bible Notes
    Dr. David Jeremiah – Thirty Amazing People in The Bible  biblical question and answer site <–a picture of Jesus in every book in the bible –

    May the God of heaven and earth, who sent His Son Jesus, open your eyes to His presence and draw you closer to Him through the cross of Calvary.
    [Jhn 14:6 KJV] Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. [Jhn 8:32 KJV] And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

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  6. ontheedgeofeternity2017 says:

    I never bought into the theory that Rev.17 & 18 as describing a world religious system, and since scripture shows we are in the last days. I’m convinced this theory is not accurate and is ignoring a lot of scripture that explains the real meaning of this prophecy. John say’s 5 kingdoms have fallen 1 is and 1 yet to come, the 1 is was Rome which fell in 4th century A.D. , So we are missing a kingdom, Rev. 18 says a angel came down from heaven and with a mighty voice says Babylon The Great has fallen, It has become a home for every demon and foul spirit. Notice She has become a home for every demon , that’s because formerly She was pleasing in Gods eyes. This powerful woman Babylon the Great, is none other than United States of America, John says Ancient Babylon was the 3rd Kingdom to fall and this mighty Kingdom fell in one day , Just as Ancient Babylon fell so will the Daughter Babylon the Great will fall in one day. The Marshall Report has been all over this, Diane Marshall this beautiful spirit filled woman of God for the last several weeks has perfectly described Babylon the Great aka America. Recently I was in prayer ,my spirit was riled after hearing about the demonic crimes against our children, And I know I heard God say vengeance is mine and led me to Ps. 137; 8,9 O Daughter of Babylon doomed to destruction, Happy is he to repay you for what you have done. He who seizes thy little ones and dashes against the rocks. God is not speaking to a denomiNATION, He is speaking to a Mighty NATION. Rev. 17;3 says a powerful woman is holding down the Beast aka NWO and that powerful woman is America And who is holding up America. Gods mighty hand and US the Remnants of the Saints. I basically just scratched the surface on this There is much more to be said ,Rev. 17,18 Isa. 47 Jer.50, 51 Careful with Jerimiah some ancient Babylon is mixed in to these scriptures

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  7. debjbalk says:

    Thank you, Dianne! I have so much growing to do, and you’ve really lit a fire in me to DIG DEEPER!! I’m excited and inspired to be on this journey. I knew during the whole COVID lockdown that the Lord would use the time for His glory, to take me to higher ground. And, I can see that happening, especially as I am challenged here (by you) to go to higher ground. May God bless you and keep you strengthened on this incredible life journey. Many thanks!

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  8. eze33 says:

    Loved this article. I have used the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance since 1995. Have a copy of Vines also. In 2008 I coined the term Comprehensive Scriptural Investigation by Doctrine of Definitions (CSI-DoD). When needing to reference a chapter and verse I look up one of the key words in a passage. I call this tactic using Strong’s in reverse. Some I can recall, but there are lots of chapters and verses. In the seven years of intense study prior to writing Missing Links in 2008, the main purpose was to scientifically use Einstein’s Relativity and Planks quantum mechanics to prove creation after finding the “Big Bang” in Job. From Missing Links, Chapter II, The Theory of Creation:
    “The smallest component that matter can be broken down to and retain its chemical properties is the atom. The atom’s three main sub-atomic particles are: the neutron (electrically neutral and the greater mass) and proton (positive charge and a mass almost as great as the neutron) in its nucleus, also called nucleons, and the electron (negative charge and much less mass than the proton) orbiting the nucleus. A polarity of understanding exists between the proton (+) and electron (-). There are other smaller sub-atomic particles within the atom’s nucleus, such as quarks (a basic unit of matter – mass). We’ll just call all of them The Atom Family.

    Let’s suppose our intelligent atom’s nucleons (neutron/proton) are Elohiym (Theos/Logos). They are living in their comfortable atomic nucleus having a cup of tea discussing the Universal Master Plan Called Creation. Theos and Logos are the Architects. The plan is a perfect plan with safeguards in case anything may go wrong within the space-time continuum. All members of The Atom Family are in complete agreement with all the plan’s aspects. Elohiym is ready to release its infinite mass-energy. Now, why in all the empty infinite abyss would they want to do that? Energy is the ability and capacity to do work. Elohiym (Theos/Logos) as energy/light are relative and by the power of (E ÷ c squared = m) are ready to GET–R–DONE!

    The Emeth takes us to: “Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? Or who laid the corner stone thereof; when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of Elohiym shouted for joy?” (Job 38:6-7) The Hebrew Dictionary defines the following:

    (1) morning – beqer – dawn as the break of day. From: baqar – (primary root) – to plow, or generally to break forth. Figuratively to inspect, admire, care for, and/or to consider.
    (2) stars – kowkab – a star as in round and shining.
    (3) sons – ben – a son, as in a builder of the family or its name.
    (4) sang – ranan – (primary root) – to creak, or emit a stridulous sound, i.e. to shout (usually for joy, but sometimes in wrath).
    (5) together – yachad – to become one, to join, or unite as one.
    (6) shouted – ruma – (primary root) – to mar, especially by breaking forth. Figuratively to split the ears with sound, i.e. to shout.

    The phrase morning stars sang together is the birth of our universe and the perpetual motion of innumerable galaxies plowing through space. The phrase sons of Elohiym are the stars (quarks). The phrase shouted for joy is a super cosmic boom. The answer to the question, “Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened?” is the inverted relativity equation E = mc2 to m = E ÷ c2. Through the polarity of understanding, the proton commanded the electron to penetrate the nucleus, thus releasing its infinite mass-energy into the darkness of the great abyss. Ever accidentally short-circuit a 12-volt acid battery by reversing its polarity? Just for the fun of it, let’s call it: THE BIG BANG!”
    {My Lord gifted me with a since of humor. He has one too.}

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