Who is Juan O Savin? Why is he the man of mystery that we never get to see who he is? We only get to see his feet, legs and hands. Is that his real voice or is he using a voice box? Why the secrecy?


Is he not to be known or not quite yet? Will he come forward one day? If so who will we see? Will it be a cowboy figure named Juan O Savin…or will it be John 07? Or George 07? Or John Doe? Who is he? I ran across him a while back as a guest on someones YouTube program. I listened and thought it odd that he only showed his feet. He was in a hotel in DC and speaking about events that were taking place. Myself, not knowing anything about him, just listened thinking he was an inside source for he said he had attended some meetings and had information and was giving information on the parts of his meeting that he could tell. I never thought of him as anyone but an inside source of information. Then he gained more exposure on channels I was following and then I started finding his information very key in connecting dots. His videos are either very, very short…or very, very long. When I started watching some of the newer videos I thought he was either working with the entire plan to bring down the cabal, or he was the biggest lark there ever was. I chose to see him as a good inside source for he was saying many things I had been deep diving to figure out, and things that helped me connect and or affirm other dots. I found that those who are reliable find him a key source and treat him with the utmost respect. He quickly earned mine as well. But, the question remained, who is he really? Why don’t he show us who he is? So today, I decided to try and figure out why so many were saying he was JFK Jr. We can’t see him, but we can hear him. So I started there.

I learned there are many ways to change your voice. There are aps that you can buy to change your voice when you talk on cell phones, zoom, videos, etc.

This is a must watch for those who don’t know about this technology. I’m sure the younger crowd already has it and is using it. Smile.

So who is this Juan. Is he JFK Jr.? That is what people are saying who are otherwise highly respectable truth sources. I went down some rabbit holes and I found some information that I am bringing out. Now, this sleuthing was to find the truth. For if JFK Jr did stage his death due to being tipped off that he was a hit target…I would love to have that be true. So, those who want to say I’ve now officially gone bonkers…just be amused by what I present. Now I am making no claims, I am merely presenting some what if’s and could this be…information. I AM NOT TRYING TO MISLEAD ANYONE or MAKING STUPID CLAIMS. I am merely entertaining what others are believing to see if there could be anything to it.

Neil Lemke on Twitter: "Juan O Savin on Rogue News. Leg pose during  interview compared w. old image of JFK Jr. – right leg up on a table. Also,  (2nd image), Juan's

John F. Kennedy Jr. famous leg stretch on the right. Juan O Savin’s famous leg stretch and hand on the left.

We know Juan uses elaborate speech with intricate implications of thought provoking idiosyncrasies. He fluently speaks as a silver-tongued manor born and bred, with eloquent, and at times impeccable use of the English language. He is also well versed in applying, however selectively, profane adjectives to emphasize key points when appropriate. Certainly not your average, rogue YouTube conspirator.

Juan’s new book, “Kid By The Side of The Road” front cover left, and back cover with President Donald J. Trump Right.

Here is the link to purchase the book… https://gumroad.com/l/kidbythesideoftheroad

Kid by the Side of the Road…The Truth of Truths

Oct 29, 2020 – 1 mins read Here are some EXCERPTS FROM THE ARTICLE

“OK, we purchased the eBook version of Kid by the Side of the Road, by Juan O Savin (107, 17, January 17, John F. Kennedy Jr.)…it is an AMAZING read, and it is only $12…

“Now, Juan O Savin has said that to all those who purchase this eBook prior to tomorrow, Friday, October 30th, you will be given FIRST OPTION to purchase the PRINTED VERSION of this Book that is described as SHOCK and AWE…and that it will be a Collector’s item…and to those that purchase this 1st Run, Special Edition Copy of the Book, you will receive TWO COPIES…one to be used Again and Again and Again and the other to be a keepsake, or to be given to a Friend.

“Colleen and I believe that this Special addition of the First Run of the Book will include the reveal that John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. is still alive and how he faked his death to complete the Sacred Work of his Beautiful Father and Uncle...and that, likely, it will include some kind of photographic journey of Jr. and Carolyn, and their beautiful family, in the years between July 16, 1999 and the Here and Now… read the article here: Kid by the Side of the Road…The Truth of Truths — CharlieFreak777 & The Shire Animal Sanctuary (buymeacoffee.com)

Neil Lemke on Twitter: "Juan O Savin on Rogue News. Leg pose during  interview compared w. old image of JFK Jr. – right leg up on a table. Also,  (2nd image), Juan's
Juan O Savin = John 07 - JFK Jr. - YouTube

It was in reading articles like the one above that peaked my interest. So my next step was to investigate the voice. Since that is all we have to go by other than his legs, boot, ring, and hat.

Back to Juan O Savin’s voice. He loves sharing history, news, politics. He is an expert at all of it. His tone at times varies, as does every persons does, however, his sentence  structure, choice of impeccable words and enamoring wit are genuine and mindful of a rare class of men.  His soft approach and mental calmness in the midst of the storm are also striking a cord with me as I ponder the man’s mystic.

A must watch Juan goes into all the history of the cabal bloodlines and the war we are in. He covers the layout of DC and the gods and goddesses that make up the entire religion of those that desire one world, and the bloodlines. I recently did an article on the Apotheosis of Democracy and the gods and goddesses in the capitol. He goes into a greater depth of explaining all the history of these gods. You will enjoy all the information he shares as well as the information on NASA and their real goals. But, as you listen to Juan, who does his story telling style sound like?

Juan’s voice at times varies, as does every persons does, however, his sentence  structure, choice of impeccable words and enamoring wit are genuine and mindful of a rare class of men.  His soft approach and mental calmness in the midst of the storm are also striking a cord with me as I ponder the man’s mystic.

Compare it to JFK Jr. who can be heard in the video below.

JFK Jr. interview… listen to his speech, his mannerisms and tones. The way he phrases his sentences and his humor.  Remember there are ways to change the voice via voice boxes on devices. But, the nature of the person speaking style is what to listen for.
Compare to Juan O Savin’s wit and delivery. His calmness and hesitation moments. I’m not saying…I’m listening.

So who is this man of mystery that is aware of all the military plans and maneuvers? This one who speaks as though he helped to plan all the stages, or many of them to devise the overall take down of the cabal?

John Kennedy Jr. is standing on the shore in the left photo. Juan is walking in D.C. in the photo on the right. Screenshot from the video above “Making For A Perfect Day”. I found the legs matched up. The long feet both stand out and appear to match. The style of wearing the pants with the cuffs bunched up over the top of the shoes on the left, and boots on the right are the same style. The thickness of the legs are comparable and the length from knee to the foot is also a match.

What I found most fascinating is the interpretation Juan tells in his video above is the same information I have researched for years and put in my book briefly in Burning Whispers, and more in Sly Foxes, Wolves, and Men – Is Marxism Growing In America. And like he says in his video, you can’t just explain these things in a few minutes, it takes time because there is so much to it.

I think, even if he’s not JFK Jr., I found my tribe member!!! Smile.

So, listen, compare and ponder it. We will all find out one way or the other soon.



  1. irisheyes17 says:

    Ri-chard, An anon on the 4chan brd asked Q if Pres Trump is a part of the Q team, and if Q were real, hav Pres Trump say a certain word at his next rally…

    The wrd the anon wanted Trump 2 say is “Tippity Top””…strange wrd, isn’t it?!?!…the anon wanted 2 make it an impossibility that Trump cud hav come up with that wrd on his own!!!

    Pres Trump’s next rally, was givn’ his speech, and out of nowhere said, “TIPPITY TOP”…what r the odds that Q told him that was the wrd the anon wanted 2 hear 2 prove Q is n contact with Trump?!?!….

    I’ve nevah hrd that wrd used n a sentence n my life!!…hahahaha….

    How many ×’s hav y’all used that wrd n a sentence?!?!…unless OFC y’all r 100, or sumthin’!!…

    Still bleve Q isn’t real and wrkn’ with Trump, dude?!?!…if y’all hav a better xplanation, I’d luv 2 hear it!!



    1. Cathy says:

      How about the video of Robert Kennedy Jr doing speaking with someone online with the chat running. He was asked to touch his nose if JFK Jr was alive. He leaned forward in his seat to see the screen better – it was repeated “Touch your nose if JFK Jr is alive.” – he thought for a fraction of a second – raised his hand and touched his nose….


  2. Juan O Savin well who ever he is a man that obviously loves our Country maybe as much as me. I don’t really think that. I am very much a patriot as well. I like the fact that you keep all of us informed Thank you sir. I don’t think your JFK Jr. I remember I was in the first I walked home from school early that day I was feeling bad for him his daddy had died that’s all I new. I remember how the whole town seemed to be up set and some were crying. Sad day for sure. God bless you Juan.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Liz says:

    Dear Juan!

    I hope you are JFK Jr. because my husband said if you are alive and well, he’ll believe everything I say for the rest of his life!! God bless you always and God bless America!

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  4. Janet says:

    During an interview between Juan O Savin and Robert David Still in February 2021: During the introduction of his guest Juan 0 Savan, David opened by saying to Juan, I have met you Juan and had dinner with you and I know that and can say you are not JFK Jr has some believe you to be.

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    1. Thomas says:

      I heard that too. I think it was said to pull people away from a truth which is to come out later, but not at present. I’d have loved it to be true, now…but what was said, still stands. “In a blink of an eye…”.

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  5. Stephanie Annette Keeney says:

    Juan talks about having meetings and being out in public and knowing people. If he is Jr then he is in disguise and manipulating his voice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carol says:

      In one video Juan shares a rare personal history comment where he mentions an aunt of his who had a miscarriage. I decided to follow that lead and found an article about a great aunt of Jfk jr. Who indeed had the same situation. Interesting.


  6. katerina Edna hosey says:

    Given these strange times and now looking back on everything, it leaves me to think that its not far fetched. Knowing how deadly those involved in coverups, corruption and so on would play a big role in deciding weather to stay in the open where u posed a threat or go into hiding and plan on fighting another day. I know he was a threat to hillary for the seat in congress. it is a lot to digest. I think that we will find out eventually who what where why and when. until the juan o savin, vincent fusca and others are a diversion that gives us hope.

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  7. Mark Humphreville says:

    I met Juan about three weeks ago and he and another gentlemen and a friend of mine named Richard and myself had lunch and a long discussion (3 1/2 hours) in Williamsburg, Virginia restaurant. The ring he is wearing, the watch he is wearing and the voice is all identical.and he is definitely not JFK Jr. His speech/pronunciation/delivery is identical in person as what you hear on this podcasts. That is all I will say at this point except he has my card with a http hand written on the back for him to contact. He also told me about 107daily.com and I told I would log on to his site as Hummer. If anyone else knows him ask him what fell out of what I was wearing that he got a laugh out of.

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  8. PK says:

    I purchased this book from Gumroad and the company charges you a recurring charge on your credit card every month! I thought I was purchased a digital copy of this book ONLY, I did not sign up for them to take money from my account every month. Then when you call the number, for Gumroad, they tell you to email them and they don’t answer their phone. Gumroad has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau.


  9. Fascinating post, thank you! Might you have a link to the video that’s included here that’s now gone? It’s the one followed by ” .. must watch Juan goes into all the history of the cabal bloodlines and the war we are in ” … if you have any leads as to where this might be found (is there a video title?) I’d be most grateful. Bless.


    1. Tammy says:

      Hi, if you go to BardsFM on Podbean, look for Juan P’Savin Unplugged episodes 1 & 2. They were posted on 03/08/21. Really interesting and insightful!! 😳😁


    1. GNAEUS VYRVO says:

      You’ve all been duped. Get back to reality. Democrats and Republicans are beyond corrupt and have no interest in helping anyone but themselves. Read Karl Marx.


  10. Alice Stacionis says:

    Please let me know where I can send Juan O’Savin an emall. I have a short video I did on the times we are in…It is the bigger picture…In my retirement I do Soul Path Astrology. DJT’s is amazing altho many don’t see it. I would like to Jo Juan O’Savin’s chart…My video.
    https://www.brighteon.com/channels/alices ….thx Alice


  11. traci Bergeron says:

    I ordered the Kid on the Side of the Road Book of 3 ,
    2 Months ago and still didn’t get them in & Really do want my Books please . I paid with pay pal .


  12. pensivepages says:

    I’ve gone back and forth on this topic. One thing is certain – if he ISN’T JFK JR, it’s quite obvious that is the message being insinuated intentionally. Why would someone do that?? I mean..fake us out like that? That’s excessively cruel even if one is trying to teach a lesson as to how we are duped by media. Perhaps he was interested in selling more books?? That’s possible. I’ve studied (obsessively and exhaustively) prior videos of JFK Jr…all interviews I could find and compared his voice to Juan’s but more importantly, his obvious intelligent articulation and the way his spirit/soul is reflected in the things he says. I am 75% convinced it IS JFK JR based on my own research. However a few days ago I ran across a video that featured JFK JR and during one part, he was walking toward the camera. He just slightly, very slightly favors one leg or perhaps has a different “gait” that I feel like I recognized when Juan was walking in the Perfect Day documentary. Increased my being convinced to like….85-90%. If i’m wrong, I’ll be crushed but I will rally.


    1. dewy13mke1 says:

      @pensivepages – I have two completely different sources who are connected with some folks in a *likely* place to know….. one of whom is 100% certain and the other is 99% convinced that JFK, Jr. is alive. That said, there is so much surreality and there are so many false signals, that while I pretty much believe the reports I am not so sure about Juan being our man. He could know that JFK, Jr. is alive, and simply be signaling us with the leg/boot shots and some other things. Nevertheless, just like Q denied it, I can see where the guy further up the thread could be denying it just to hold back the story until it is time.
      If he’s alive, you would think he’ll come out at the best time to help unify the country — and though it isn’t here yet, we’re getting closer!


  13. EVIE ROSE says:

    Ok I will state this to the one that wrote the article, my suspicious of Juan O Savin has been the same!
    Now in a Spanish culture like I was born into, Juan in English is John!!!!
    Juan is the Spanish version for John! 🥳❤️ I been thinking the same, who is this Juan O Savin Guy that doesn’t show who he is? My intuition from the very ghetto has been yesss it’s JFK JR ❤️❤️❤️

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  14. Multiscan says:

    Though I believe JFK, Jr. might be alive, there are many clues that Juan O Savin is not John. As a 66-year-old writer, I see an enormous difference between George Magazine (clever, well-written, clearly having a well-educated author) and Kid by the Side of the Road, which I just read. There is old-fashioned and trite phrasing (not something John would do); the book is terribly organized and printed on huge pages with images behind them, which makes the book very hard to read. Any magazine editor would know that was a poor choice. John understood publishing. This man, evidently, does not know that world.
    John worked in NYC and (as far as I know) cared more about politics than spirituality. As a Christian myself, I recognize Juan’s thrust: waken people spiritually. Most of his interviews (and certainly his book) are about Luciferian lies vs. Christian truth. Also, Juan’s emotional outbursts are very unlike John, who was measured, especially when Juan talks about the Washington Monument (he brings it up in too many interviews, “almost” obsessively, and gets strangely angry).
    I believe Juan knows the speculation about JFK, Jr. and plays into it with the leg and shoes (odd that he reveals one leg and one hand). The photo shows a much larger dark mark and, certainly, anyone can use a marker to make that hard-to-see mole “evidence.” Also, the photo (with the hat) for the boy would be right for someone about my age, which I believe Juan is. John was a three-year-old. As someone who lived through the assassination, we were all shocked and saddened. I saw a murder in real time: Jack Ruby. Many of us did. That was a turning point in my generation. John really wasn’t on the side of the road with the rest of us, though; he was a toddler and an insider.
    Is it possible that Juan didn’t show anything about himself in interviews until the speculation started? A leg up on a desk with cowboy boots and pants that fashionably cover them is not unusual, anyway. Juan might feed into the speculation to get people to watch him, because he has a spiritual message and believes the attention brings a good result. I think Juan has been in the military and has had a high-level gov’t job, before going into business. He’s not disciplined in his speech, though. John did not have the gift of gab, but Juan does.
    A much more compelling argument for JFK, Jr. is the fellow who shows up at Trump rallies and sits a short distance from a woman who looks amazingly like an older Carolyn.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Amy Pala says:

    Com on, you guys; he supports your theory of him being JFK, Jr. because it brings him fame and money; his schtick is unique, but back in the day, George Fennell did a late night show where we never saw him, only his shadow and the giant cowboy hat; I’m a natural cynic with an uncanny discernment; my parents hated it, my friends loved it, my siblings were afraid of it; it has worked for me all my life; this is not JFK, Jr., but I won’t tell anyone to stop believing that; whatever makes you happy.


    1. Kapt Blasto says:

      maybe because….they were never on that plane? The Question is… if they were…Who’s been taking care of their DOGGY, all this time?


  16. Idk kiddleys… my generation was lied to for so long. Junior was 3. I was 4 when jfk was killed trying to take down the cia.. Juan is a great man, very informative sounds like same voice patterns as jr.. the end of the baby boom generation was my generation. We couldn’t trust anyone in politics. All liars and theifs. We became jaded. Questioning everything or we just tuned out. Wouldn’t put it past junior faking his own death. I would if I was in his shoes. In fact he was only 29 when the plane went down. We were all investigating the super computer in Denver, deep corruption and it caused all of paranoia Add 32 years to jr and you can get a gravelly voice. I would love it if jr was alive and in on the greatest sting op in the world history. Baby eaters and tourchers need to be eliminated. Satan must be stopped from killing Gods most perilous gift… life. WWGOWGA. Heaven or hell each of us have that choice. Godspeed

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  17. Lisa Collins says:

    Juan I believe is admiral Michael Rogers. Voice much alike. Laugh just alike and both use hands when talking…….. has to be him with that knowledge,,,


  18. Theresa Blackmer says:

    I hope with all of my heart that he is JFK, Jr. I love the thought that he outsmarted Hillary. He’s a wonderful man who I respect and would love to see him as VP side by side with President Trump. There seems to be lots of evidence that Juan is Jr. I pray that he is. I can’t wait to see him and celebrate his being alive along with his wife and her sister. I like the thought that he was on to Hillary and her evil plan. I pray Jr is alive and it would be so cool if he was Juan and has been involved with this whole take down of the cabal that assassinated his father.


  19. Theresa Blackmer says:

    I hope with all of my heart that he is JFK, Jr. I love the thought that he outsmarted Hillary. He’s a wonderful man who I respect and would love to see him as VP side by side with President Trump. There seems to be lots of evidence that Juan is Jr. I pray that he is. I can’t wait to see him and celebrate his being alive along with his wife and her sister. I like the thought that he was on to Hillary and her evil plan. I pray Jr is alive and it would be so cool if he was Juan and has been involved with this whole take down of the cabal that assassinated his father.


  20. YES! That is JFK JR., It was announced on Beforeitsnews.com. Today, 7/17/2021
    Note the 17??? Also, I saw him on July 4th at Keystone Park (close to Mt. Rush more.) The AriseUSA tour was there. According to Robert David Steele, Juan was instrumental in Steele heading up this tour, which is wonderful!

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  21. I am a descendant of the family of Capt. John Parker. There was a long standing animosity born of the American Revolution between the Kennedy family & my family. The question is, how do we resolve this animosity? Or did Hillary resolve it for us when she tried to kill each of us, because as soon as I was aware of what had really gone on, I began to pray, that it might be so, that the boy who saluted his dead, hero, father’s casket, might have also have survived the attack of the witch, just as I did, because to me, it wouldn’t seem fair if he didn’t.


  22. Cathy says:

    We know JFK Jr. is a lefty. In videos of him he wears his watch on his right hand like lefties do. However, Juan O Savin wears his watch on his left hand like right-handed people do. I don’t think he is JFK Jr.


  23. Kapt Blasto says:

    Actually, I don’t know what to believe, here, Is He….or Isn’t He? If he is…ok….if he ISN’T…ok….

    but, when coming across the Q post where the anon asked “If JFK, Jr. Alive?” where Q responded “No…” I wondered if that was the right question to ask.

    I wondered, should the RIGHT question be, “If reports say JFK, Jr. is Dead… should JFK, Jr,
    ‘stay dead’ for not only his and his family’s safety, but, for ours?”

    I wonder what kind of response Q would have given, then.

    I just got done watching a embedded video on another site’s page, showing Juan and Jim Cavesiel (forgive me if the spelling is not correct) at the recent “Patriot’s Double Down” in Vegas this past week. Jim gave his version of Reagan’s famous “Rendevous with Destiny” speech from ’64 and needless to say, I was moved to tears. (I don’t know, maybe I’m just getting sentimental with middle-age.)

    Every now and then, while Jim was speaking in the video, I looked at Juan sitting there, (it’s funny, as his hat stand holding his hat was also adorned with Melania’s black-to -red-stop-sign dress) but, it appears that Juan’s Forehead, cheekbones, and brow, appears to match with JFK, Jr’s… Maybe others can point out sitting posture, and maybe others can point out other things, I don’t know.

    What I do know is….regardless if he is, or he isn’t….

    Who in blue blazes has been taking care of JFK, Jr’s DOG all this time?
    We know that the DOG didn’t go with Jr and Bissette sisters on that plane to Martha’s Vineyard, reportedly….

    Who’s been taking care of the DOGGY?! (Dog Comms, before ‘dog comms’ were cool?)

    Has it been someone named….WAYNE?

    Wayne R. Williot? Perhaps, the (apparently) discredited “R” from the Q and Anon’s postings?

    And who is “B” Someone named “Bissette?” … “BIDEN? … BARACK?

    The only thing I know for SURE CERTAIN … is that “Q…”

    …is either “Quartermaster” from all the James Bond flicks over the years….(Desmond Lleyelln, then John Cleese as “R”, after Desmond’s Departure, and then Ben Whishsaw in Daniel Craig’s outings, which if you saw ‘No time to die’ and cried that the hellfire missiles blew a poisoned Bond to bits, my claim is it did not kill him as depicted, it merely catapulted him to Gilligan’s Island, about 1500 miles away in the south Pacific to become the new Gilligan! LOL! Anyway…..)

    —or that “Q” is John DeLancie from Star Trek:TNG, or “Q2” Corbin Bernsen….which makes sense that it MIGHT be “Q” as Corbin, who once played sleazy LA Lawyer Arnie in NBC’s “LA LAW” also starred in a bunch of “LEFT BEHIND” movies as well….could Corbin Bernsen be linked to OUR “Q”

    (I don’t know….)

    But I do know that SOMEONE has had to been taking care of JFK Jr.’s DOGGY!

    Watch the Water? or Follow the DOG? I don’t know….

    Anyway, that’s all my brain droppings I got for right now….If I have some more, I’ll post it …somewhere on the ‘Net, if not here, but, you’ll be able to find me….if you want to look….

    26 OCT 2021
    (on 2nd cuppa coffee (covfeve?) but got up way too late today….so, just lazing about….)


    1. Kapt Blasto says:

      in the Movie “No Way Out” we learn that Kevin Costner was…. a RUSSKIE!
      Could it be possible, that in “No way…(off Gilligan’s Island) Gilligan … was TOO?!
      Maynard G. Krebbs was secretly Double-(Daddy-)O-Seven….in a flick in the Film Vaults that will NEVER EVER EVER see the light of day?!
      (Sorry, more brain droppings, blame Dobie Gillis episodes, from Antenna TV…blame Gilligan too, as I think he was secretly a RUSSKIE!)


  24. Not Fooled says:

    Juan O Savin (107), aka Wayne Ronald Willott is NOT now, never has been and never will be JFK Jr.
    That’s like trying to disguse dog sh*t as Angel Food Cake – it doesn’t fool anyone.


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