Who is Juan O Savin? Why is he the man of mystery that we never get to see who he is? We only get to see his feet, legs and hands. Is that his real voice or is he using a voice box? Why the secrecy?


Is he not to be known or not quite yet? Will he come forward one day? If so who will we see? Will it be a cowboy figure named Juan O Savin…or will it be John 07? Or George 07? Or John Doe? Who is he? I ran across him a while back as a guest on someones YouTube program. I listened and thought it odd that he only showed his feet. He was in a hotel in DC and speaking about events that were taking place. Myself, not knowing anything about him, just listened thinking he was an inside source for he said he had attended some meetings and had information and was giving information on the parts of his meeting that he could tell. I never thought of him as anyone but an inside source of information. Then he gained more exposure on channels I was following and then I started finding his information very key in connecting dots. His videos are either very, very short…or very, very long. When I started watching some of the newer videos I thought he was either working with the entire plan to bring down the cabal, or he was the biggest lark there ever was. I chose to see him as a good inside source for he was saying many things I had been deep diving to figure out, and things that helped me connect and or affirm other dots. I found that those who are reliable find him a key source and treat him with the utmost respect. He quickly earned mine as well. But, the question remained, who is he really? Why don’t he show us who he is? So today, I decided to try and figure out why so many were saying he was JFK Jr. We can’t see him, but we can hear him. So I started there.

I learned there are many ways to change your voice. There are aps that you can buy to change your voice when you talk on cell phones, zoom, videos, etc.

This is a must watch for those who don’t know about this technology. I’m sure the younger crowd already has it and is using it. Smile.

So who is this Juan. Is he JFK Jr.? That is what people are saying who are otherwise highly respectable truth sources. I went down some rabbit holes and I found some information that I am bringing out. Now, this sleuthing was to find the truth. For if JFK Jr did stage his death due to being tipped off that he was a hit target…I would love to have that be true. So, those who want to say I’ve now officially gone bonkers…just be amused by what I present. Now I am making no claims, I am merely presenting some what if’s and could this be…information. I AM NOT TRYING TO MISLEAD ANYONE or MAKING STUPID CLAIMS. I am merely entertaining what others are believing to see if there could be anything to it.

Neil Lemke on Twitter: "Juan O Savin on Rogue News. Leg pose during  interview compared w. old image of JFK Jr. – right leg up on a table. Also,  (2nd image), Juan's

John F. Kennedy Jr. famous leg stretch on the right. Juan O Savin’s famous leg stretch and hand on the left.

We know Juan uses elaborate speech with intricate implications of thought provoking idiosyncrasies. He fluently speaks as a silver-tongued manor born and bred, with eloquent, and at times impeccable use of the English language. He is also well versed in applying, however selectively, profane adjectives to emphasize key points when appropriate. Certainly not your average, rogue YouTube conspirator.

Juan’s new book, “Kid By The Side of The Road” front cover left, and back cover with President Donald J. Trump Right.

Here is the link to purchase the book… https://gumroad.com/l/kidbythesideoftheroad

Kid by the Side of the Road…The Truth of Truths

Oct 29, 2020 – 1 mins read Here are some EXCERPTS FROM THE ARTICLE

“OK, we purchased the eBook version of Kid by the Side of the Road, by Juan O Savin (107, 17, January 17, John F. Kennedy Jr.)…it is an AMAZING read, and it is only $12…

“Now, Juan O Savin has said that to all those who purchase this eBook prior to tomorrow, Friday, October 30th, you will be given FIRST OPTION to purchase the PRINTED VERSION of this Book that is described as SHOCK and AWE…and that it will be a Collector’s item…and to those that purchase this 1st Run, Special Edition Copy of the Book, you will receive TWO COPIES…one to be used Again and Again and Again and the other to be a keepsake, or to be given to a Friend.

“Colleen and I believe that this Special addition of the First Run of the Book will include the reveal that John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. is still alive and how he faked his death to complete the Sacred Work of his Beautiful Father and Uncle...and that, likely, it will include some kind of photographic journey of Jr. and Carolyn, and their beautiful family, in the years between July 16, 1999 and the Here and Now… read the article here: Kid by the Side of the Road…The Truth of Truths — CharlieFreak777 & The Shire Animal Sanctuary (buymeacoffee.com)

Neil Lemke on Twitter: "Juan O Savin on Rogue News. Leg pose during  interview compared w. old image of JFK Jr. – right leg up on a table. Also,  (2nd image), Juan's
Juan O Savin = John 07 - JFK Jr. - YouTube

It was in reading articles like the one above that peaked my interest. So my next step was to investigate the voice. Since that is all we have to go by other than his legs, boot, ring, and hat.

Back to Juan O Savin’s voice. He loves sharing history, news, politics. He is an expert at all of it. His tone at times varies, as does every persons does, however, his sentence  structure, choice of impeccable words and enamoring wit are genuine and mindful of a rare class of men.  His soft approach and mental calmness in the midst of the storm are also striking a cord with me as I ponder the man’s mystic.

A must watch Juan goes into all the history of the cabal bloodlines and the war we are in. He covers the layout of DC and the gods and goddesses that make up the entire religion of those that desire one world, and the bloodlines. I recently did an article on the Apotheosis of Democracy and the gods and goddesses in the capitol. He goes into a greater depth of explaining all the history of these gods. You will enjoy all the information he shares as well as the information on NASA and their real goals. But, as you listen to Juan, who does his story telling style sound like?

Juan’s voice at times varies, as does every persons does, however, his sentence  structure, choice of impeccable words and enamoring wit are genuine and mindful of a rare class of men.  His soft approach and mental calmness in the midst of the storm are also striking a cord with me as I ponder the man’s mystic.

Compare it to JFK Jr. who can be heard in the video below.

JFK Jr. interview… listen to his speech, his mannerisms and tones. The way he phrases his sentences and his humor.  Remember there are ways to change the voice via voice boxes on devices. But, the nature of the person speaking style is what to listen for.
Compare to Juan O Savin’s wit and delivery. His calmness and hesitation moments. I’m not saying…I’m listening.

So who is this man of mystery that is aware of all the military plans and maneuvers? This one who speaks as though he helped to plan all the stages, or many of them to devise the overall take down of the cabal?

John Kennedy Jr. is standing on the shore in the left photo. Juan is walking in D.C. in the photo on the right. Screenshot from the video above “Making For A Perfect Day”. I found the legs matched up. The long feet both stand out and appear to match. The style of wearing the pants with the cuffs bunched up over the top of the shoes on the left, and boots on the right are the same style. The thickness of the legs are comparable and the length from knee to the foot is also a match.

What I found most fascinating is the interpretation Juan tells in his video above is the same information I have researched for years and put in my book briefly in Burning Whispers, and more in Sly Foxes, Wolves, and Men – Is Marxism Growing In America. And like he says in his video, you can’t just explain these things in a few minutes, it takes time because there is so much to it.

I think, even if he’s not JFK Jr., I found my tribe member!!! Smile.

So, listen, compare and ponder it. We will all find out one way or the other soon.



    1. lavieduffy2796 says:

      I love 107…I got hooked up when the Covid came about….I knew in my heart something was not right,and then i found RDG,Sean Stone,Sasha Stone and The Marshall Report…I just got Banned from
      Twitter…”I Stand With RFK JR.Against Gates,Vaccines etc.If i delete all is well!
      I Stand with RFK JR.This article was heartfelt….RFKJr and JFK Jr Our their Fathers Sons!
      Thank you for more enlightenment…and Keep the Truth Flowing.My Mustard Seed is Strong & Reslient!

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  1. irisheyes17 says:

    I remember a drop of Q last yr.

    Wait till you find out who it is talking to you here!!

    That’s when anons startin’ specul8in’ if Q cud b JFK jr…don’t know xactly why…the shape of JFKs burial seen from abv looks like a Q…the slogan, Where We Go One We Go All, supposedly came from the nscription in the bell on JFK’s boat…idk…

    The fact that JFK jr and Donald Trump were very close friends n NY…and 4mer CIA Robert David Steel bleves that Kennedy faked his own death…b4 the CIA cud kill him 2…or did the CIA succeed n elimin8in’ him, like they did his father?!?!

    Juan O’ Savin has an interestin’ video just posted abt Obama’s fake identity…his mother and grandparents all part of the CIA…photoshopped pics of Obama…he seems 2 know alot abt Obama…

    The vid:



    It will b the 1st vid 2 come up…

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    1. I saw a video where Steele said he had dinner with Juan…and JFK, Jr. was alive, but no he wouldn’t be V.P. But, then I remembered the disinformation thing…and no Steele would not tell the secret (logical common sense) so of course he would say no. Not saying he is or isn’t, I am just using critical thinking. After all no one seems to be admiting to anything right now exactly so I am leaving doors opened. Which either way, who is this Juan guy? Why does he hide himself?

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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        Whoevah this Juan is…Q mayb…I’ve seen vids from all ovah the wrld followin’ Q…the most recent 1 comin’ from France…huge crowd’s of ppl…n the middle they r holdin’ up a large letter Q…with the caption, “Q is bcomin’ so popular n France, the gov can’t keep up with it!”

        SORRY MACRON!!

        I’ve seen vids from Iran with a man holdin’ a sign nfront of his face, MAKE IRAN GREAT AGAIN, with WWG1WGA on the other side!!

        I’ve seen vids from UK after Brexit, with ppl streamin’ n2 the streets holdin’ lrg letters Q and signs of WWG1WGA…

        I’ve seen vid from Mexico, with the mayor of Tiajuana wearin’ a red Trump-like hat shoutin’ “MAKE TIAJUANA GREAT AGAIN!!”

        Vids from Singapore last yr showed ppl holdin’ lrg Q and signs sayin’ MAKE SINGAPORE GREAT AGAIN… and WWG1WGA!!

        I’ve seen similar vids from Canada, Germany, Iraq, South Africa, Italy, Africa, Brazil, Norway…all ovah the wrld r followin’ Q…

        This is NOT just a phenomena here…it’s wrld-wide…

        As Q said, The World is watching!!

        Congress dclared Q a domestc terrrorist org last yr…wonder why?!?!

        I had a dude friend mock Q and say he was like Waldo or Guy Faulkner… sumthin’ stupid like that!!!…he told me it was prob 10 CIA dudes on laptops sittin’ n a bathroom sumwhere and the NSA monitorin’ it all!!

        Lt Col Jeffrey Prather n 1 of his vids says Q is actually Ezra Cohen-Watnick…who led the raid on Ramstein Air Force base last yr, where the CIA were tryin’ 2 shred evidence of the vote-switchin’ they were doin’ on the 3rd of Nov…..where CIA Director Gina Haspel was either wounded and captured…or killed…idk..

        She jus released an official resignation letter…with only her pic…where is she?!?!

        Whoevah Q is, there r 2 many rabbit holes and 2 deep…but I know this…


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      2. Yasmin says:

        Man of mystery and knowledgable patriot Juan O Savin is
        Wayne Ronald Willott a private investigator from Washington state.

        He is a top notch investigator, can draw excellent conclusions and has been able to predict events.

        He has intense charisma, and is a wonderful story teller.

        You can contact him directly from his LinkedIn profile.

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      3. pry from my Coldeadhands says:

        Saw an interesting take on numeral “107” but first, it is reported that Jr.’s nickname in college was Juan. The other is, Carolyn Jeanne Bessette Kennedy…January 7, 1966 or 1/07…/66.


      4. Thank you for responding to me miss Dianne. I’m desperately hoping our military is involved in fact I’m ready to join them even though I’m 59. I would certainly lay it all on the line, better me than an 18 year old the way I see it.
        Miss Dianne, I’m going to ask you like General Flynn was asked, on a scale of 1 to 10 do you think the military is going to bring the hammer down on the election corruption?
        Thanks again for all you do , I truly am proud of your courage crazy times to be speaking out against the globalists) and respect what you are doing and thankful you love Jesus.


      1. irisheyes17 says:

        I know sum1 on the brd asked Q if JFK jr was alive and Q responded with 1 word.


        But I also know as many hav found out, Q givs dlliberate false, and misleadin’ nfo,such as d8s that r wrong or nfo that’s not true, like Killary gonna b arrested on a certain d8… cuz the Cabal is also readin’ the Q drops…it’s 2 get the Cabal 2 xpend their ammunition on a false flag event….and it wrks…

        I knew Q was communic8in’ with the Cabal when I saw a Q drop that said, Well played, allow us 2 counter…or sumthin’ like that…

        Q communic8s with a deep st8r at WAPO, Maggie Haberman…he told her 2 get off the train…but she’s still wrkn’ 4 the deep st8…she hasn’t learned…or she’s more afraid of the Cabal…idk…

        I don’t know who Q is, but I know he has said they r a team… and they post n military language and military time…OBVI military intelligence op!!

        I also know Pres Trump is Q+…and Dan Scavino, Mike Pompeo, Ezra Cohen-Watnick r def on the Q team…. prob less than a half-dz r really on the nside…

        I jus watched a vid that shows there r adults and children bein’ rescued from underneath the WH and Capitol…undergrnd tunnels that Trump dint know were there until his last day n office…that’s the reason 4 the lights bein’ turned off at certain times 4 hrs…the lights hav been put on a timer by the military, who r n control of the WH…

        The children and adults who hav been rescued range n age from 3 mos-60 yrs…all were kept n cages…sum 4 30 yrs…they all had been so tortured they were unrecognizable and the military rescuers were physically sick at what they saw…the tunnels started under George Bush sr…now y’all know why he was xecuted!!!

        Most of them rescued r half dead…I bleve there were abt 1000…

        Now the Wikileaks John Podesta email makes sense: Last night was fun. Still in torture chamber!

        Btdubbs, where r the pedos John Podesta and his broTony?!?!…torture chamber?…undergrnd tunnels?!?!…now I c…

        These pedos and human traffickers need 2 b hanged!!

        I hrd Dementia Joe is gonna sign an EO that legalises pedophilia…they know these kids they r traffickin’ 4 sex r bein rescued, so they think if they legalise pedophilia nothin’ can b done 2 them…like Gruesum Newsum n Cali…

        HANG THEM ALL!!!

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    2. lavieduffy2796 says:

      Irish Eyes,
      You are a Comrade!Thank you for the Hook up Video.We travel with the Same Understanding…These Viscious Animals must be dealt with….


  2. tkl says:

    In a recent interview with Jaco, Juan said that “Juan O Savin” was picked as a pseudonym because of it sounding like “107”, and that this number had a significance for him from a situation where it was used in which he had to duck and dive quickly. Notice also that 107 is 17 with a circle in the middle. Juan as the circle in the middle of Q?
    And, obviously, Juan is John in Spanish. John 07.

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      1. Stuart Parke says:

        Hi Curtis,
        Maybe I’m missing something but it seems that you misread my question. I understand “Juan O Saven = 107”, however the graphic also indicates that “JFK JR = 107” which is something that I can’t folow.

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    1. irisheyes17 says:

      Pres Trump and Q use Bible Gematria code…an xpert at dcodin’ is SERIALBRAIN2/andweknow but I blieve CEO of YouTube, Susan Wujiski has tkn dwn all SERIALBRAIN2 vids..that’s where I was gettin’ most of my nfo…and a crash course on the Vatican, the Cabal…all the DEEP ST8 playahs!!

      And a crash course on Bible Gematria…Pres Trump’s seemingly mispelled words, wrong words…the FAKE NEWS used 2 mock him mercilessly 4 were actually code 2 those of us who understood how he communic8s…

      I learned abt Alice n Wonderland (Killary and Saud Arabia) and the white rabbits…adrenachrome and Hollyweird…none of which I knew…

      I learned Stanley Kubric n his movie ‘EYES WIDE SHUT’ was tryin’2 show who these ppl r and what they’re n2…and they killed him…

      Same with the actor Isac Kappy…I watched his very last vid xposin’ very powerful ppl n Hollyweird as pedos…Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Robert DiNero…he was outing very nfluential movers and shakers and he said if he died he did not commit suicide…

      2 wks l8r he apparently jumpt off a bridge…and was hit by a car…

      This is a battle btween good and evil…the Cabal worships the devil and hav sold their souls 2 him 4 success…so gas nany n Congresscand Holltweird…I’ve hrd Lady Goo Goo praisin’ the devil, so did the comedian Jim Carey admit they made pacts with the devil 4 fame and 4tune…

      That’s why they r hard 2 take out…they hav a higher power helpin’ them…not all power, but still…

      For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, and principalities, against rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places.

      This is the end-time fight btween God and Satan!!



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      1. I really like you because I believe your heart is in the right place. That being said I must ask if you’ve considered Q to be a group of highly intelligent men , xome x military or maybe FBI that are doing this as a practical joke?

        The reason I question is the FBI and CIA tried to frame a sitting president and remove him from office.
        That is high treason yet our military did nothing.

        Stores burnt to the ground, looting and attacking citizens..no military.

        We have 10s of thousands crossing the border during a fake pandemic..no military.

        We have hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens taking a bs vaccine ,
        Military allowing it.

        I could go on but why in the world wouldn’t the military have spoke out on November 4th and told the American citizens there was foreign interference in the election and they had to get to the bottom of it before
        announcing a president.?

        How bout the tunnels. At some point the human element has to come into play and surely we would all know it. Do you realize how many hundreds of thousands of tandem loads of dirt would have to be hauled off and all the workers and equipment would have to be involved. These are supposed to be world wide and in places like Washington DC there is no way it could be done secretly.

        We watched an attorney get probation for falsifying a court document in order to incriminate our president.

        We hear of all these arrests and possible executions yet not one shred of evidence. High profile people in Gitmo
        and nobody hopes it more than me, but its just people talking or can someone show me some proof?

        Look, I’m still shocked at the bs election and I’m ready to give all I’m just concerned that the powers that be in our military are just as corrupt as our government.

        Take care

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      2. Buddy, to answer your question. I thought Q was a bunch of bull, having people chase things from the past etc. Like a game. Things I knew a long time ago. Then I saw a bunch of mellennial tube sites pop up and they were learning how to deep dive via Q. Then more serious tubers started etc. I thought it was a good learning tool to show how to research and critical think. But, I lived and let live and at kept abreast of it in my own little game…seeing if they could find what I was finding by simply listening to Trump and watch his travels, tweets, and all he was doing. As most things happened after the facts…In my opinion. I was ahead of many of their discoveries. Then the arguements of- is it real or a psyop etc. I never relied on them and “Trust the Plan” never set well with me for who was behind the plan? That was never clear. Maybe it was because I never understood how they came up with a lot of their numerology number meanings and was all over the place with arrows and scribbles to come up with an answer, that I found by listening to his tweets and watching what he did in his dealings. But, I was hoping they were spot on. But….when I became a Theologian and Bible Scholar for my write up on Cofevee that went viral (yes that was me)…I was like…Holy Crap…what have I done, I was truly being a smart alec. I prayed about it and low and behold…Cofevee did turn out to be an ancient arabic term that meant the same thing as in the end we win. So….we are all human, all seeking the answers, but after that experience…I never again said something out of my arse. I was thankful that God covered for me…in my guessing. So that is where I am on the subject. And I am ready for some light to be shined on the things we the people are doing and should be doing. My faith is in God. Amen.

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      3. Heidi Raymond says:

        I bought a coffee cup back in the Covefefe days, I’m sure it was making fun of President Trump but I knew one day the laugh will be on them!!! Love President Trump!!!!

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  3. hubert says:

    There is is this mysterious man who attended nearly all Trump’s rallies, wearing a hat and shabby clothes.
    Same person ?
    Furthermore, there is this Telegram account of JFK (jr.) with about 130K followers, I mentioned on his thread that he is a Fraud, with the claims he made, I am blocked.


  4. Lois Gahm says:

    Irisheyes I believe a lot of hollywood is already taken out and some of congress. I’ve seen lists many times. They use clones, doubles or masks to decieve us I was hoodwinked until a few years ago Trump knows all He want us to see the truth I saw avideo of the pope and Obama. They used a hollogram You saw their image disappear

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  5. tim trimble says:

    I did some digging and found the following post on reddit:
    His real name is Wayne R. Willott from Washington State. He was the person who regularly called in to Field’s radio show. Through Field’s help has mislead all his radio listeners to believe Juan is JFK, JR. After Field’s arrest, Juan/Wayne started calling in to other Q-anon YT creator content call in shows with high subscriber base. Years before Qanon evolved (2017) Wayne was calling in as a guest on Doug Hagmann & V-The Gorilla Economist radio shows. He is a private investigator, particularly working injured employee surveillance in insurance investigations. Evidence is publicly posted online with lawsuits listing him as a witness in Aetna Ins investigation. Also google Marinka Peshmann, investigative journalist, formerly with Canadian Free Press who filed a legal action against Hagman & Steve Quayle, naming Willott as a witness source., then going by “W-THE INTELLIGENCE INSIDER” on radio shows. Link: https://www.reddit.com/user/GBubbaWade/comments/j018l1/juan_o_savin_aka_wayne_ronald_willott_is_a_fraud/

    Also this: Tweet thread by George Colgrove III:
    I’ve done extensive digging on Wayne Ronald Willott to check things people have DM’ed me with. Here’s what I have confirmed.

    1) 1-0-7 IS a number he has gone by for decades. Juan O Savin is just another version of that.

    2) He worked for several private investigator firms …
    3) He had a federal job.

    4) He was a federal contractor for an investigation.

    5) He had connections to the Reagan family and appeared on Michael Reagan’s show.

    6) He is a top notch investigator and can draw excellent conclusions.

    7) He has been able to predict events.

    8) He has had no connections to the Kennedy’s.

    9) He embellishes the truth to fantastical levels. He’s an entertaining story teller.

    10) He has an intense charisma.

    11) He is not JFK Jr.

    I did not use any sources connected to Field McConnell, Timothy Holseth or …
    … Wayne Willott. This information was independently verified.

    Link: https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?noframes;read=159657

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    1. irisheyes17 says:

      Dude!!…I jus read this very same comment on forbiddenknowledgetv under the comment section 4 the Juan O Savin vid on Obama, which I jus gave the link……only I’m not sure if it’s ur name, seems there might b more than 1 of y’all postin’ this xact same comment…

      I’ll ck forbiddenkniwledge again and c if it’ y’all…


      Do y’all think it’s ur life mission 2 go around and discredit Savin, everywhere?!?!…hahaha…

      JUS ASKIN’


  6. I watched the video of JFK Jr. and listened carefully to his voice, pausing, “ums,” etc., then listened to Juan’s interview and so much was the same!

    If true, when this is revealed wouldn’t it be a huge and positive uniting factor for our country?

    That’s what I pray for every day. I have people in my life (3) who are following along, but many others who think I’m crazy – and dead wrong – to believe any of this “stuff.” And, I haven’t shared anything with them ever since. My goal was to hopefully prepare them for what is going to be revealed. But they have silenced me. If I turn out to be wrong, I’ll admit it. But all of the research I have been doing ( especially and thankfully from Dianne’s excellent blog!) keeps reaffirming that I think, hope, and most of all pray that I’m on the right path.

    When I was first confronted by 2 people who were screaming at me for “ why do you believe this” and where’s your proof” one person gave me less than 10 min. to respond and refuses to look at any videos I recommended. The other person is convinced there was no voter fraud, hates President Trump and voted for a man with obvious dementia. ( My mom suffers from it and it’s very sad.). This second person said to me, “ I’m not happy about voting for another old white man” but glad to see the first woman VP. Woke? BLM support? Cancel culture brainwashed? Ugh. Sorry for going on a rant.

    I’m looking forward to getting and reading Juan’s book!

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  7. flanative2021 says:

    It’s like Twilight Zone at the Marshall Report this week with Body Doubles, Freaky Masks, Mutant Viruses, Zombie Vaccines and now JFK come back to life WTH! with this much weird evil s——t going on you know it can only be one thing, and that is we are under a all out Satanic attack. This Evil is beyond what man is capable of this is Dark forces of evil, Our struggles are not against flesh and blood, But against Rulers, Authorities, Powers of this dark world and against Spiritual forces of evil. Just as God inspires man to do great things, Satan inspires man to do evil things. Our battle is against invisible forces of evil and we must fight back with the invisible forces of Our Mighty God.

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      1. flanative2021 says:

        Please don’t think that was a jab at you Dianne , I understand that’s the crazy times we’re in, I hope you know I’m a big fan and think you put out great work!

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      2. That was my joke there for awhile,, so frogs are becoming gay from chemtrails, that sucks. poor little fellas. Michelle O. has the wrong plumbing for a first lady, ok , thats wierd I guess will let that slide though. , But if I find out the Earth is flat , thats it. Its war


  8. 107 says:

    Honestly, I would be looking up and to see if their is Juan O Savin for signatures and hand written material out there and try to see if they were a match or even close to JFK Jr..

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  9. Sam says:

    I don’t know Who is Who or What is What anymore.

    All I know is that the alleged Good side is always public, outspoken but never gets anything done.

    All I know is that the Bad side is always hidden, secretive, never announces anything but always get it done.

    What is the Alleged Good side is nothing but another one of the Bad side’s evil machination?

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    1. ellemy says:

      Bless you! You just gave a perfect narrative and example of what is actually the fruit of the forbidden tree that operates from the carnal mind through feeding on the tree of knowledge of good AND evil,.

      The war and death produced in our soul (good and evil) that brings confusion are really two sides of the same false light and evil coin which is satan’s counterfeit. What happened in the fall was man trusting in his own ego apart from God as he was enticed to o be like God bringing on the law of sin and death. . This is how satan continues to inspire and rule over the hearts of men in the world by keeping men in bondage to “self” through the deciding of what is good and what is evil by setting up their own laws, religions, creating wars and slaveries, etc. in the kingdoms of man. But In Christ, we have the tree of life and as we feed on only Him, we are warned to “come out of her” and to reckon the old natural man crucified with Christ into the new creation man, set free in the liberty of Christ, through the cross..

      If you read about God’s New Jerusalem in the book of Revelation, ( not the city in the land mass that is in false Israel today which is also depicted as the harlot and Sodom and Gomorrah where our Lord was crucified in the book of Revelation}, there is a stark contrast from the garden of Eden, which is symbolic of our soul. The new Jerusalem is the spiritual picture of the true bride (Church of Christ) without blemish or wrinkle, whose only light is Christ. Compare it with the garden of Eden. In Eden you had the serpent, the tree of knowledge of good and evil,the tree of life at the center, the several rivers (streams of knowledge), In the city of God, there is no false light, the lamb IS the light,and temple,There is no serpent ( satanic knowledge) or tree of knowledge of good and evil. There is one river which is the Holy spirit knowledge, and one street of gold which represents the transformation of the carnal adamic mind (ego) that operates in the worldly 5 sense realm into the divine nature of God, the last Adam, the life giving spirit whose leaves are for the healing of the nations.

      Which picture are we being presented with? Is it one that leads to the only fountain of living waters or does it lead to the broken cisterns (thoughts and imaginations) produced by the tree of knowledge of good and evil? What fruit is it producing in our hearts and minds? What is it stirring up? Is the information causing us to thirst for the living Word or are we being directed by a false light and dead word?

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Louis says:

    In the back cover of the special edition book you have a stamp mark with Savin City, Boston Mass; this is where the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library is located. Any correlation between Juan and Kennedy Jr.?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joan Gibson says:

      Yeah, Juan and JFK, JR. is SAME GUY. Look at his video with the truck (his videos are very NYC style) and you will see a side shot of Juan’s face. My husband saw it, I missed it and my husband isn’t into this stuff. Why do people believe in COVID/CCP but not JFK, Jr. cheating death? It was a military operation, clearly and only. Juan throws out all kinds of big fat, in your face clues. Also, at Poppy Bush’s funeral, Carolyn Kennedy is at Bush’s funeral, a few folks away from the very much looking JFK, JR. in the Trump 45 bright red knit cap. And, at one of the Trump rallies, there are two teenage boys, in suits, I believe, who look JUST like JFK, Jr. Look, look, look, it’s all infront of us…Yeah!!!! Something good!!!!!


      1. Clay Bird says:

        I’ve watched the funeral a few times for other purposes but just rewatched in hopes of catching this person you say was wearing a Trump 45 hat but could not find anyone or anything that resembled as much, Can you post a screenshot or give some direction on where I might find the person at Bush’s funeral?

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Rita says:

    When I looked up Juan O’Savin awhile back I came to several articles that said he was WAYNE R WILLOT. It was NOT complimentary, and I hope it’s not true. It has caused me to take what he says with a grain of salt though.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. SOS says:

    107, as in PT107 the number of the PT boat that JFK captained during the 2nd World War. History tells us that a Japanese destroyer sliced the PT boat in half in a heavy fog. They found their way to an island, with the wounded and JFK then swam to an island that was inhabited and brought help. (short version). Just another clue of the past haunting the deep state

    Liked by 1 person

  13. CharityinTruth says:

    Nothing surprises me anymore.




    Feb. 16, 2021 Where are we? TRUST THE PLAN WE ARE WINNING! Arrests will come – fast forward to 9 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPWJgFk8STE

    White House Update – Fence removed & a hike to the VP’s & some historic Presidential Homes in DC. – YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKs3a9NCv5g


  14. Hey everyone – I just found this video. Camelot investigator calls out the entire secrecy of the chaos and demands answers from Juan – saying people deserve more than being told to go find out on their own. Just like the Marshall Report blog – Enough is Enough.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kerry Cassidy, definitly put Juan in the hotseat on several of her direct questions and demanding something other than BS answers. I say, Either come out and tell us who you are, why keep such a secret…if you are not JFK Jr. Why are you allowing the myth to perpetuate? Why are you even playing that game? When you want truth…why are you not truthful of who you are by hiding everything but your legs and hands and cars? Why are you playing the games with people who already have enough on their plates? Juan if you are reading this … please answer. This is not nice to deceive in one breath who you are and tell the truth in the other.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Joan Gibson says:

        I think it may not yet be safe for Juan to come out quite yet and reveal himself. He and Trump have been working together for decades on all of this. I think with 6-8 months thing will be clearer meantime we griddle. I hate it, too! But, we need to just be patient. What else can we do?


    2. Yasmin says:

      Man of mystery and knowledgable patriot Juan O Savin is
      Wayne Ronald Willott a private investigator from Washington state.

      He is a top notch investigator, can draw excellent conclusions and has been able to predict events.

      He has intense charisma, and is a wonderful story teller.

      You can contact him directly from his LinkedIn profile.


    1. Joan Gibson says:

      Juan is correct. He is NOT JFK, JR because JFK, SR is dead. Juan told David Steele JFK (Jr.) is alive. Juan is JFK (Jr.) from what I have observed and I grew up near him in Massachusetts and same age, too.


  15. Henry Acres says:

    Here’s one to let some laughter out…

    (Be Careful What You Ask For)

    There was a farmer who grew watermelons. He was doing pretty well, but was disturbed by some local kids who were sneaking into his watermelon patch at night and eating his watermelons. After some careful thought, he came up with a clever idea that he thought would scare the kids away for sure.

    He made up a sign and posted it in the field. The next night, the kids showed up and saw the sign that read “WARNING! One of the watermelons in this field has been injected with cyanide.”

    So, the kids ran off and made up their own sign and posted it next to the farmer’s sign. The farmer came back he next week to look over the field. He noticed that no watermelons were missing, but saw a second sign next to his that read: “Now, there’s two!!!”.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Randy says:

    In reference to the video posted on this article called “Trump forgets Birth Certificate… Said No JU…” you might be interested in the book “Shadowland” by Thomas R. Horn. It has a companion DVD with a lengthy interview of Carl Gallups, a former deputy sheriff who was major player in helping Sheriff Arpaio out Obama’s fake birth certificate. He describes in detail how they discovered it was a major fraud. It’s available at https://www.skywatchtvstore.com/search?q=Shadowland&type=product


  17. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    I focused for just a bit on the video and song of “in the Air Tonight”
    The scene of the rugged truck leaving the desert spoke volumes to me however that’s for you to decipher yourself.
    What struck me funny was the Bundy video. I do know the FBI was involved and that an America was shot and killed! More to ponder for me.
    This past Saturday there was a meeting of (white hat) patriots in Los Vegas. (Punisher), at “this moment in time…oh Lord”.
    And, Georgia is the state where the harvest happens between May to early August. (Peaches)

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Larry Mac says:

    I have a question for you… Juan says the ultimate goal of the deep state is to wipe us all out and leave only their bloodline. Who is going to produce the food, clothing, energy they will need? I’m sure none of them have the skills or desire to do any actual work?


    1. Joan Gibson says:

      Of, course. I forget about the Savin neighborhood – attended UMass right there, right next to JFK Library. O’Savin is also an Irish surname. Saving John…”knowing” John.


  19. inesnido says:

    This was a great read!!! I ended up purchasing the book, but I didn’t know it was an e-book (which I don’t like),but I’ll keep it. I think it would be awesome if Juan O. Savin is JFK. Who knows?!?! Your guess is as good as mine, but your hints sound convincing to me. The only thing is, what about that pinky ring. Did JFK wear a pinky ring as well?? I don’t know. I was born in 1963 so he’s about 3 years older than me. He sure sounds very intelligent though.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Caroline Olson says:

    Dianne seems to have a routine of circling back to repeat the same scenarios again and again and again without any evidence to keep followers curious. A few examples that I’ve noticed in the past several weeks since coming here: JFK Jr. is still alive, We have two presidents, Joe Biden is at a film studio; not the White House, then there is always Kim Clement the false prophet, The Book of Jasher – a history book that is NOT considered inspired by God because it contains exaggerations and contradictions to the Bible. (I wonder if she uses one of the two forgeries?) I can’t take much of The Marshall Report seriously. Too many wild, bizarre “stories.” And too many meanderings away from what the Bible actually says.

    I will comment on Obama’s birth certificate. I live in Arizona and personally know Sheriff Joe Arpaio from when I worked in politics for 12 years in Phoenix. There are youtube videos of him and his team of investigators showing in detail the 9 points of forgery that they discovered in Barack Obama’s “long form birth certificate.” I know the details of his investigation very well as I followed it closely. TRUMP WAS RIGHT.

    Also, I recall that despite it being proved a forged document, Obama’s defense lawyer, Alexandra Hall, laughed it off, and admitted under threat of perjury that it was a JOKE, including the smiley face drawn at the bottom of the document. But she said that “President Obama should be on the 2012 ballot due to his political popularity.” (That’s the Democrat way.)

    After Obama left office, his half-brother Malik Obama came forward and showed Barack’s true birth certificate proving he was born in a hospital in Kenya, complete with his inked baby footprints. Barack’s paternal grandmother said she was AT the hospital in Kenya during his birth and that his mother simply registered Barack as a live birth once she returned to Hawaii, which is what mothers do when an infant is born at home or elsewhere. The publishers of Obama’s books, written before he ran for president, boasted that Barack Obama, the author, was born in Kenya and he never corrected them, as he would if he had actually been born in Hawaii.

    When Obama ran for the Illinois Senate seat, his Republican opponent asked, “Why do you want to run for the Senate when we all know you were born in Kenya?” Barack snarked back without thinking, “So what? It’s not like I’m running for president of the United States!” This exchange was blacked out during the televised debate in Chicago, a Democrat city, and Obama won. It was also removed from Google searches in recent years.

    It is clear that Barack Obama is guiding Joe Biden every day now, shoving his egregious agenda through. Obama’s legacy as president was to leave the USA weakened, and it was deliberate! People forget he was raised by his white Communist grandparents in Hawaii. He intends to shove Communism in our faces until they take over our government.

    I am wondering, since Dominion has threatened lawsuits ($1.3 billion) against Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, and now against Mike Lindell (My Pillow Man), why hasn’t President Trump filed to sue Dominion? There is plenty of evidence that proves massive election fraud. I intend to ask him.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Caroline Olson says:

        RITA – brilliant lawyer L. Lin Wood said that by Dominion suing his client Sidney Powell, DOMINION has to prove that they did NOT cheat, which they cannot do. I am wondering what would happen if Trump or anyone else who suffered “loss” in the 2020 election, including people running down ticket on ballots for senate, house, etc., turned around and sued Dominion? It would certainly intimidate them, a game they try to play to scare people into shutting up about election fraud.

        Liked by 2 people

      1. Eileen T says:

        Dianne Marshal, Well it’s happened…google is blockin’ out the MARSHALL REPORT…wondered when they were gonna do that…we’re tellin’ the truth and google has 2 shut us dwn…

        2 bad, google, the masks they’re😥 wearin’ r comin’ off…the dbls r bein’ xposed…the big lie of holograms is bein’ seen…

        All those kids and adults bein’ rescued from the undergrnd tunnels r talkin’ and namin’ names!!!

        R urs any names these tortured ppl r namin’?!?!

        Where r the MAJOR pedos, John Podesta and his bro Tony?!?!….hopefully n GITMO, aw8in’ xecution…hahahaha…

        Soon 2 b followed by MAJOR pedos, Hunter Biden and the big guy, Dementia Joe…hahahaha…

        Where is the mposter pres, Barack, also MAJOR pedo….pizza and hotdogs any1?!!!….his dbl is sooo OBVI….hahahaha….

        By the time Pres Trump is thru with him, he’ll claim Kenyan citizenship jus 2 escape….hahahaha….👱…


        On Wed, Feb 24, 2021, 7:17 PM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

        > The Marshall Report commented: “I never thought of that. I think his > family said he had cancer. But, that can be given to you very easily these > days. And treatments will finish you off.” >


  21. Dee Robertson says:

    I just rewatched The Called, The makings of a perfect day because the jesrey part bothered me. Who are Renegade (Obama?), Big Guy, Bige Mile amd Evergreen? Thoughts?


      1. irisheyes17 says:

        Renegade is Obama, Big Guy is Dementia Joe (that’s what Hunter calls him) , Evergreen is Killary….not sure who Big Mile is…r y’all sure it’s not Big Mike?!?!…cuz that’s Moochell Obama…hahahaha…


  22. I’m gonna say hes not, in a interview with Michael Jaco at the end he tells a story about loving trucks. Having had over 20 gas trucks and finally getting into a diesel, loved the power. I could be wrong but a New Yorker, even if hiding for 20 years, still wouldn’t be on that number of trucks. Kind of like Trump probably does not have a lot of experiences with trucks. Roger Stone talks a little about this at 58:50 , I trust Roger, even more after they kicked his door in at 3am for no reason. JFK Jr. had told NY democrat chieftains his plans to run , who told Hillary. Hopefully they told him her response. His plane exploded in mid air. Was this a missile, bomb or something more fancy? Did they autopilot and skydive to a speed boat? We may never know in our lifetime, but we deserve to know why the Kennedy’s keep getting killed.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Tammy says:

    I first seen Juan on YouTube when another man was interviewing him. He was in a Hotel Room and only showing his feet. There was definitely a lot of mystery. After that I seen him on others shows, and again only seeing his feet and hands. I can’t say anything for sure on any of it as there is a lot of information out there if you look. I have no clue though as to what is true and what is not. I love researching though and have a very analytical mind, and like everyone else, i would like to know for sure what is going on. So I’ll keep searching and trying to find what I can. I will say, I am getting tired of all the “it’s coming “, “buckle up”, “the storm is here “, etc. Then the dates change or they start saying, “well, no one knows any dates for sure”. If that’s the case, they need to stop with the messages that the storm is here, etc., etc., etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Tammy says:

    Finally had time to do a few minutes researching this. I can’t say for sure yet that I’m correct, but I am leaning toward Juan being Wayne R Willett. I found a video that actually showed a picture of him. He has black hair and a grey beard. This past weekend a lot of truth tellers met Juan in LA. One of them posted a couple of photos of Juan… his back and one with a tiny bit of a view of the side of his face. He has black hair and a grey beard. Also, Wayne R Willott’s birthday is 7-10-56. My thoughts, he possibly got 107 by putting the day of his birthday followed by the month number, thus… 107. Just my thoughts of a possibility. I cannot confirm for sure. That being said, with everything else I’ve seen, I do feel he is on the good guy side, at this point in time. I can’t confirm obviously all of what he says, but I know he has been right so far on some of the things that have happened so far.


  25. Joan gibson says:

    JUAN IS DEFINATELY JFK, JR. His cousin, Robert Kennedy, Jr. recently confirmed this in an interview when one of the silent comments comments coming across the screen asked him to touch his nose if John was still alive and Robert smiled slyly and…touched his nose. Juan has the same voice inflections and sound of JFK Jr’s voice, though the voice is somewhat disguised but becoming less so, I have noticed, as time goes by. Both JFK, JR and Juan and JFK, Sr. have the same pudgy hands. JFK, JR showed up at Bush’s funeral (one of the men responsible for assassinating JFK, SR, a real demon of a man, if you can call him that..) fairly well disquised with a Trump 45 knit cap on, but, the very clear lovely Beauvoir nose line seem in Jackie O’s sister, very distinct. Carolyn Kennedy shows up at a Trump rally with “Vincent Fusio” nearby, another alias of JFK, Jr. I grew up in Massachusetts. JFK, Jr. is three months younger than me and I grew up with the Kennedy culture all around me in that state. And, his mom kept her kids out of the limelight as much as possible, so, there was, I believe an overarching plan here. Also, Juan has some pretty nice tastes, like in cars, he goes boating, he’s very, very well bred, clearly comes from the upper crust and he has deep humanity like many of the Kennedys, but, he’s very savvy (Savin?) and seems like someone who has been forced to grapple with the most serious issues on earth. He’s JFK and he, wife Carolyn and sister, remember, when the plane crashed with them all supposedly in it, the “bodies” were found and immediately cremated within less that 24 hours. Also, the deadman switch was on in that plan, a passenger seat and door removed, smells like a military op to me. Thank God, for JFK, Jr. We will need him even more in the following months. Thanks, Dianne for all you do! We will continue to except the unfoldment of good and truth daily, as the winter snows slowly melt. There is Truth and it will rise.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The cleverness, wit, and the book…why the secrecy of appearance if this Juan was not someone he is trying not to expose. And for those who say they’ve seen Juan in person… and haven’t realized Hollywood Makeup by now…good luck to those people. We are watching doubles and those are much harder to make than a disguise of another persona. Just saying… that I saw him in person arguement is a flat one. As flat as saying, I got an email from him.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ri-chard says:

        Dianne, I don’t think you can help some of these commenters debrief themselves to know they have been conned. They won’t consider the characters Juan has openly associated with are mostly professional grifter$. It’s a long list of $cam artist. .
        Those that believed the July 4th JFK, Jr. appearance and On Fri. 22 Jan. a Juan O Savin reported that the US Interim Military Government was about to arrest Joe Biden and his traitor Deep State politicians in DC. Crimes of these elite politicians have recently been exposed from findings of the Russia hoax Mueller probe, impeachments of Trump and Obamagate. Yes, these are the same idiots that believe the Patriots that fought against the British in the Revolutionary won that war when Cornwallis surrendered, and also believe the 9/11 news accounts in NY, Pentagon and Pennsylvania. And naturally the idiots trust a Q plan that was never announced and don’t even know who Q is…
        God bless the useful idiots.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. irisheyes17 says:

      I b leve the letters at the Bush funeral said, “Sorry, they hav it all!”….and it was writen by Bush jr….he gav up his papi …OFC 2 save himself….that’s why Jeb lookd so sucker-punched when Laura showed him the note…he went from smilin’ 2 a look of WTH?!?!…

      ? is what is all?!?!…idk…Killary read hers and dint even blink…Jill read it and looked very confused…Michael Obama (Big Mike) let Barack read it and neither 1 registered any reaction…

      And Karen Pence tried 2 hide hers, but y’all can c it as she opens the program…

      Q said sumthin’ abt watch the wives…or sumthin’ abt the wives…B4 the funeral….

      Only the wives received those letters…hahaha…

      I saw the Q drop posted by an anon abt Hillary wud b arrested….Q messin’ with Killary!!…although I dint bleve it, I’m sure she did!!…hahaha…

      And I remember when Pelosi said, abt Trump, “I hav many arrows n my quiver!”

      Q dropped, “Never bring an arrow in a quiver to an LOSRB Missile fight!!!

      Q trollin’ Nancy!!…luv it!!!…hahahaha..


  26. Joan Gibson says:

    Oh, and, I neglected to mention in my earlier reply that David Steele point black asked Juan a few weeks back – they were having dinner together – if JFK, Jr. were alive. Juan stated, “Yes.” Also if you listen to JFK, Jr. on the Jay Leno Show with other guest, Jerry Seinfeld, like 1998 or 1999, Jr. has the same wit and perspective as Juan, same inflections, means of putting together sentences, laugh. And then there is Vincent Fusca or what ever his name is, apparently, JFK, Jr. incognito. But, the guy at Poppy Bush’s funeral with the Trump 45 BRIGHT red knit cap, was definitely Jr. and he had a FATHER WITH BLACK HAT sitting behind me, how symbolic, at least of Bush. And, I am thinking he was the one who had the letters via Trump given to Bush baby, the Clintons and Obamas, at that funeral, which stated, something like “Sorry, we know what you have done.” Sort of what Trump did to Angela Merkel when he had Putin whisper in her she needed to give Poland reparation, another crazy story, daughter of Hitler and Gretl Braun – exact resemblances, especially to Hitler’s mom. Frozen sperm can be deadly! “The gift that keeps on giving.” Lord help us!


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