This is fantastic news. It appears the citizens of the Republic of the United States of America, based on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, is no longer indebted to the service of the Corporation known as The UNITED STATES. And if so, we are no longer indebted to the taxation, any and all financial corporate agreements and demands, for on May 4, 2020, the UNITED STATES, INC. filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

It sure looks like we are going back on the gold standard!

UPDATE CORRECTION: Santa Surfer has clarified her video information and the actual companies that went bankrupt, filed in Jacksonville Florida are in this link: Case number: 4:20-bk-40375 – United States Corporation Company – Florida Northern Bankruptcy Court ( Not to be confused with any USA Inc. Bankrupt Docs. The Marshall Report apologizes for any misunderstandings this information could have caused. Thank you.

Documents of the UNITED STATES, INC. from video above by Santa Surfer, shows the official documents of the UNITED STATES, INC. Chapter 11 bankruptcy and our release from it’s obligations.
Below I have written the words from this page out for you to read more clearly.

“The above mentioned U.S. Federal Public Person has a Pre- Paid Non-Obligatory Commercial Debt Obligation Arrangement  with the UNITED STATES in relation to 12 U.S. Code §95a-Regulation of transactions in foreign exchange of gold and silver; property transfers; vested interests, enforcement and penalties (Part 2) and other Public Policy on  U.S. Debt.

“Our Business Entity is federally-bound to United States and U.S. Public Debt. Obligations, by way of your Internal Revenue Service Employer Identification Number (the I.R.S. being under the U.S. Department of the Treasury) and your Federal Reserve Business Bank Account. Your Business is hereby ordered to itemize whatever and however many Commercial Products and/or Services in which the above U.S. Federal Public Person wishes to commercially acquire, adjust, the bottom line Total cost amount to zero ($0.00), and release the items. Provide a receipt to the above U.S. Federal Person, by way of its Duly Authorized Representative (”Raaj Rafa El-Sui Juris/DeJure/ In Proper Person”) and retain the record of the transaction to settle with your Federal Tax Obligations(s) with Internal Revenue Service as the entire overall transaction is only a Commercial Accounting Matter of what the Bankrupt UNITED STATES owes It’s True Credition, which is the American People, in direct relation to the borrowed gold and National Banking Emergency Act of 1933. All Commercial Public Debt-Obligations, while transacting all business within UNITED STATES Commercial Markets, belong to the UNITED STATES, as the UNITED STATES is the True Obligor in each and every U.S. Commercial-Transaction.

Any Willful Dishonoring and/or Non-Settlement of UNITED STATES Commercial “Public-Debt” Obligational Matters, by any Duly-Bound Commercial Business Entity within the United States, will result in Federal Prosecution to the fullest extent possible.

Fort Knox Gold Mine
It appears that Fort Knox is back in business.

Each must do their own sleuthing and their own critical thinking…

I trust the research of those who discovered these official documents, and each can reason for themselves. Each person can and should do their own research. With a liar fake news, and a corrupt congressional body as a whole, We The People are left to do our own research and draw our own reasonable assumptions. It is up to each to find nuggets of truth and fit them together in order to present some sense out of all the chaos and confusion that has been created by those who over the lifetime of this nation have crept in little by little to usurp the land, and it’s people into their own web of tyranny. It has also been reported that many involved in the coup to overthrow the United States Government have already been arrested and more arrests are coming.

THE CEO Signed Executive Orders for a Bankrupt Corporation. How amazing that he had his E.O.’s ready to go and just imagine…if that stack of orders would have actually been legally implemented? I wonder how his impeachment will turn out? Remember, impeachment papers have been filed by Representative Greene.

Here is a larger picture of POTUS in the parking lot outside the window of the executive office of the CEO.

Now one would think that with all the press in the Oval Office they would have noticed POTUS walking past the window? They would have been all over this, ripping Trump apart to creating outrageous motives for him being on the White House grounds. They would have spinned some tale of Trump disrupting the newly appointed CEO and pushed out something absurd to secure the Pelosi/Schumer impeachment. But they did not. Why is that? And where is the information on why there is now a parking lot in the front of the oval office?

More interesting is why the national guards stationed at the event, did not hear any songs, music, speeches, or see any of the pomp we are told took place on the day of the inaugural event in D.C.? And why did no Marines salute the new CEO in the film of him entering the White House? We know the CEO did not salute, but he did say to salute the officers. Why did the CEO have to charter his own private plane to his inaugural? If it all looks strange, it is because it is strange.

The entire coverage is full of clues. This is a live board game of Clue! Who did it and where? Enjoy the show and now that you know what to look for… start looking!

God Bless and hold the line. Pray for a smooth transition. There will be some rough spots for wild beasts are not easily captured and definately not tamed.

Dianne Marshall


    1. it means so much more than just not paying taxes!!! it mean that Acts,Codes, & Statues or A.R.S. laws of your state DOOOO NOOT apply to you either! it means that you are not just a “monster” as defined by Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Ed. butttt you have to go through a certain paperwork filing process, before you are really free and not a debt slave on the plantation…the goal is to become an SPC aka secured party creditor!


  1. billyz95993b547febd59 says:

    Dianne,So The IRS Is Now A Dog With No Teeth To Collect Taxes Going Forward. This Is GREAT NEWS For Retired People Who Will Not Be Ripped Off For Money By The Defunct Feds.I Have A Question For You. How Do We Legally Get Out Of Paying Property Taxes On Our Homes ?That Is The BIGGEST RIP OFF Of All Time.Thanks, Bill Zearfoss 

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  2. Dennis Dumas says:

    Interesting article!!! Could you please provide me with the link to the bankruptcy filing in Florida so I can read in full entirety, as I have been looking for this for quite some time now. You can send info to: it would be very much appreciated!


    1. Nick Newton says:

      I believe you are thinking ahead of what is happening. Until the Army completes its job this information is just that information. There seems to be a huge amount of news about doubles, non appearances of people, and even talk of treason trials. However this is not confirmed and I am sure till all the information is collated legally we will not be officially told. The IRS has it seems been demolished but even the legal work to put things in order can not be done in five minutes. Also we have no knowledge as to if the Army will retain the tax or maybe demolish it but you can bet there will be ideas to replace it with some other idea. I do not think such a revenus base could just be deleted! We have to wait but please I do not think it will be totally demolished, there will be something we have not thought of for sure!

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      1. tonyb112 says:

        I go by what I see. The WH is empty. Biden does nothing but hide, there are doubles of many people like Hunter, Joe, Kamala to name a few. Pelosi was on TV wearing 2 face diapers and large dark sunglasses like she was trying to hide. WHY to all of these? I don’t think the military’s job is what u think. Their job is to support the Constitution and make sure if this election is illegal to put those that won in office or require new elections. If the IRS remains open or closed is not their business. The true office holders that won the elections will do the peoples work.


      2. Nick Newton says:

        Maybe you are mistaken, Trump signed the resurrection act, which can only be activated in the event of foreign interference in an election or a physical Coup. The army can not get involved in local disputes. Only if it is proved other countries were involved. Yes foreign Countries were involved, the FBI was altering votes from Germany, but that was not enough proof because the FBI are a US LAW agency. It was only when the Georgia elections took place for the senate that actual foreign interference was proven. Obama gave the Italian PM 400 MILLION to get the Dominion machines to send the votes to Italy through their defence satellite , altered and sent to the Vatican satellite and then in real time back to Georgia. Once this was proven the army agreed to step in. The fence was put up around DC 70,000 troops were sent in and DC was able to be returned after 250 years as a foreign owned land. This all takes time but the actual EO signed by Trump has been extended several times and it seems legally will stay active till all is fixed. The army is the only branch that can charge people with TREASON, it is never done via the local corrupt judges all through Military courts.It was originally thought it would not take long but it seems retrieving all money, Companies, land and investment funds owned by the Vatican is not only huge but complicated. Also under the WH it seems were tunnels and over a thousand children were rescued. TRUMP did not know about the kids and immediately moved out! the WH is empty no one is living there. maybe this may help your doubts. There is a lot more but I am sure it will be revealed soon!


      3. tonyb112 says:

        Trump signed the Insurrection Act not resurrection act. Since he signed it the Military & FEMA are in charge. The guy Trump put in charge of FEMA is a combat vet (maybe seal or ranger), he is still there. The military considers Joe as illegitimate president.

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  3. I believe the army is in full control; I also believe they found more in DC than they thought possible. Under the WH were a maze of tunnels and it was noticed what appeared to be children being taken to the buses yet no one was at the WH, will we be informed how many and who was involved if this is true? It seems this was so well hidden not even Trump knew as the tunnels it seems actually go to several old homes in DC directly!

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    1. tonyb112 says:

      I don’t think anyone knows what is going on for sure. My guess is Trump signed the insurrection Act, so now the Military and FEMA are in charge. They will not tell us their plans.

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  4. Napoleon's Corporal says:

    Hey folks, we are well on our way to a brand new world. When is not even a question anymore. It’s a matter of our thirst for knowledge and truth, and DEMANDING it be brought to light. We have to call out the demons for what they are and get them away from our kids, our public offices, and hopefully our planet. Jesus is with us, we are just now starting to feel his presence in our daily lives, as the evil is put down by the forces for God. I love you all and look forward to your testimonies and miracles. Remember to pray TOGETHER. God Wins. Go Sammy……..Go Sammy!!! LOL

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  5. Check out the TG traffic of Silence Dogood, MBA today… stimulus checks not signed by either Trump or Biden… but it appears by a US BK employee, Vera S. Robinson.


    1. tonyb112 says:

      I think depending on what happens in AZ with the election audit, this could have a domino effect with other states doing the same audit. The election would be shown to be corrupt and many of those in office will be illegal. I have no idea who will fix this unless the military steps in bc Trump signed the Insurrection Act.

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  6. justnnqhotmailcom says:

    It is known that the army is still in charge of the Country. It seems there is a lot of legal work to be done and Trump would not allow advancing till it was all legal. The independant checking of the votes is step 1 and when it is proved that a huge number of votes are crooked and the other states follow, then it will be shown legally that TRUMP won the election. Then I believe it will be up to the army if decided to charge all who helped in the coup to be charged with crimes from TREASON down. The army is the only authority in the land who can charge and actually prosecute the crime of TREASON! Remember Trump has not conceded so is still the legal President! The other point is there seems to be no time frame that the army has to work to, it is entirely up to their judgment!

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    1. Christine Villasenor says:

      Exactly and if this is Truth, then When does this all happen, and why is the FAKE ADMINISTRATION RAISING OUT TAXES… No more Lies and False Hope!


  7. Michael Kelly Walker says:

    I am currently preparing an affidavit/FOIA request to be submitted to the IRS that is currently in edit and is at 123 pages. It’s based on a 39-page affidavit I sent to the IRS in 2007 essentially telling them to go fuck themselves, only I do it better now. Taxes on American wages is base on a lie. It needs to be eliminated and NO NEW TAX IMPLEMENTED TO REPLACE THE ILLEGAL ONE.

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  8. Leann Debolt says:

    All I want is President Trump back NOW! The more they become entrenched and destroying our Country on it seems like a daily basis, the harder it will be to remove them. Even watching ADS on TV are sometimes disgusting and listen to them, telling us what we should eat, what we should think and how we should feel, makes me want to say WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TELLING US WHAT TO DO. YOU ARE NOBODY AND YOU CERTAINLY ARE NOT GOD! BUT YOU ARE PURE EVIL!!! And we will stand up for our President Trump and our COUNTRY and do what we need to do to take it back, whatever that might be! AND THATS HOW I FEEL!

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    1. slvrtrz3000 says:

      I filed in early 2019 to get my $4,322 Federal tax refund and here it is October 24,2021 and still no refund.

      Kansas City,MO

      All four were after me in 2021 earlier this year to pay $20,000 plus increasing interest simply for filing for my refund. I sent them a cover letter telling them to back off due to homelessness and having to support my older mother who cannot work. I barely get any work as it is and IRS nastily came after me.

      After I sent a thick document from about 31 Q and A regarding IRS they finally dropped the bogus charges against me.




      31 Questions and Answers About The Internal Revenue Service

      IRS Go back to hell where you belong and stay there forever. We don’t need you IRS.


  9. yzabeaux says:

    Okay, after reading all of this & doing due diligence to get “ONE” answer; do I still need to pay taxes in 2022 for the 2021 year?


    1. yzabeaux says:

      My accountant of 35 years just sent me my long tax forms to fill out. I reckon they’re still in business . (At least the remaining ones) Last thing I need is IRS breathing down my throat for not filing or paying them. Meantime, I wisely advise you DO file ’em for 2022 in the event Trump has not stepped in yet to regain complete control of our country & bring it back to the Constitution our forefathers wrote to preserve our country.

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  10. Dennis Carosi says:

    It’s funny to see Trump walking past the window of the fake Oval office in the Castle Rock studios White House exact replica of the White House with Beligerent Occupier Biden signing fake shit with his fake press conference it’s all a fucking sham Biden lost by a landslide and the military doesn’t recognize Beligerent Occupier Biden as the President and they don’t recognize Beligerent Occupier Harris as Vice President the White House has been Dark and abandoned since the fake Beligerent Occupier Biden Harris inauguration


  11. Ravin Local says:

    Come on President Trump! Get this done now! Too much suffering is going on, as delays happen. God bless an protect you!


    1. I wholeheartedly AGREE, Ravin Local! Everyone has been holding their breath for last 2 years…GEzzzzzzzzz It’s HARD to keep the faith when you’ve got DUMMIES like the Biden admin running things horridly!


  12. Captain Danger says:

    There is nothing to prove anything has happened with regard to the liberation of our country. To think control will be wrested from evil without a fight would be to believe you just won the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes. We have never been free and will not be until we roll up our sleeves and get dirty. There is so much evidence for so many to be in jail and they are not. Why? Because the left is radicalized and the right is either toothless or RINOs. There is a a lot of grandstanding but no real results. If we don’t fight for ourselves we are doomed.


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