This is so sad. I am only showing this here to have this person’s voice heard. She wants you to know what the vaccine has done to her. God bless her and please be wise and don’t be a guinnea pig for Fauci who does not care one damn about you. Do not take the vaccine.

Pray for this woman and all who were told to take the vaccine. It is a Russian Roulette.

Dianne Marshall


      1. hopechase321 says:

        This reminds me of the movie Left Behind and they had put poison on all the Bible’s. The o my cure was drinking wine for the blood of Jesus!! The taking of communion. I believe if people will reach out to Jesus that there and he is the cure but he also wants us to be smart. It says stuff in the Bible about this!! I refuse and tell everyone that I know DON’T take this vaccine!! I don’t care if they even threaten you with your job then you just put your FAITH in GOD that he WILL take care of you!! Love each and everyone of you but let’s save more lives by turning people away from this deadly killer!!


    1. Nb says:

      Are there any safe havens for families to escape this with others to survive together? We have grow knowledge, “protection”, and seeds. I’m over this gross treatment from other “humans” for awhile now.


  1. Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:
    Take Notice That Many Have Died Already With More To Come. How Many Have Also Had Terrible Side Effects Also? You Will NEVER Be Told Anything Like This By Main Stream Media Outlets, They Make Too Much Money On Ads From BIG PHARMA!! Remember, It’s No Longer News, But Propaganda They Are Selling!

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      1. Rosalie Gibson says:

        My 19 year old niece is a CNA and medically compromised due to a belieF in diabetes. Her nursing home employer told her she must take the vaccine OR BE FIRED. Maine is an “at will” employer state, another communistic legal stronghold where an employer can fire you, without implications or accountability, for looking at him the wrong way. We begged our niece not to take this vaccine. She took the first of two shots of the vaccine. She got sick, but, seems OK. She’s “due” for the second shot and her father, my husband and niece will be arranging a “talk” with the supervisory staff, telling them “NO” to the second shot. And, by the way, if you are injured by this tracking, tattoo vaccine, NO ONE is LIABLE. No unemployment benefits due to having to stop work due to illness/side effects, the employer, the government and the vaccine maker ARE NOT LIABLE. Dr. Rashid Buttar, before being removed from social media platforms, had excellent info on this “Gates/UN” controlling/killing vaccine. I will pray for this dear woman, Shaun, in the above video. I am confident with prayer, anything is possible.


  2. Dawn says:

    She needs to go on a serious detox protocol, as well as reach out to a church ministry for healing…. Mario Murillo maybe? I never questioned vaccines until my baby and I were injured in 2007. It took me 5 years to recover him and even then, I give God credit for showing me what books to read, what doctors to consult with, what foods to give him, and what supplements he needed. $60k later, he will lead a normal life. I had slight hearing loss and almost died. He suffered from brain inflammation (brain damage), cellulitis, fever, swollen leg, and so much more.

    If only I knew then what I know now – I never would have consented. All it takes is 1 vaccine to destroy your life. I encourage everybody to just read the package inserts that doctors and nurses are not required to show you. Google, “Vaccine Package Insert” and pay close attention to the section, “Post marketing surveillance”. Do you have an autoimmune disease? Google the name of the disease and vaccine. You will be shocked to find out that vaccines can cause those too.

    2 great books to read are “Vaccine Safety Manual” by Neil Z. Miller and “Fear of the Invisible” by Janine Roberts. Vaccine injury is not rare. Once you read the package inserts, you will see that people all around you are injured and they do not even know it.

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    1. Becky says:

      The problem is there is no detoxing from this “vaccine”. It changes your DNA. I’m against all vaccines but this one is particularly insidious. There is no recovering from it. I’m expecting to hear that she didn’t make it in a few weeks since she had this bad of a reaction.

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      1. Janet says:

        It looks like she has Luibodies (misspelled )disease or Parkinson’s. I’m so sorry for her that’s got to be awful. If there’s a way to set up a fund for this woman I would be glad to help. God bless you


  3. It’s actually not a vaccine but an operating system with nano bot technology for the purpose of tracking people. It also changes your DNA. Research Agendas 21 and 2030 and Communitarianism. It all coalesces together. It’s about genocide people. Georgia guidestones.

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    If not through vaccine, then through the food or water supply. Poison can be delivered in many ways, many forms. Think about that when you buy & wear a Chinese made mask… (blankets & smallpox)…

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    1. Robert says:

      All these people getting sick is on the Trump administration. Operation Warp Speed… He knew it was a mRNA when he authorized it to bypass the FDA. He also knew of Bill Gates link to Fauci, the Wuhan Lab, and so many other wrong things. Reasons like this lead me to believe he was all part of the globalist plan to begin with. Please warn your family & friends to NEVER take anything that modifies your DNA.

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      1. lymb0 says:

        It’s bothered me why Trump pushed the vaccine. We all knew it was bad but he let people take it anyway.
        I don’t believe he didn’t have an idea it could be dangerous.
        Maybe I’m missing something, so many games being played.


  5. wakeupIdiot says:

    So I’m confused, which vaccine did Trump mention he would roll out in record time? Was it this one by Moderna or was it another one? It’s hard to watch this video, praying for you!


    1. Robert says:

      I honestly believe the globalist are in full control already. They “swap” control of government every now-and-then to make changes in small increments so there is no uprising. They may have realized that people are pissed off enough and are ready for non-verbal action. I personally believe they will go full-throttle on the free world and attack the 2nd amendment soon citing “insurrection” and enforcing Trump’s 2018 EO but use it against conservatives and Christians. I thought this in 2018 and I still think it. Trump set up the Biden administration perfectly to take full control of our lives… Just a few thoughts.

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      1. Joan Gibson says:

        Wait about 90 days and see if you still feel the same way. There’s a huge playbook going on here and we should see Trump back in April. See simonparkes.org and ignore the alien stuff. The cabal globalists/UN are about to have their butts kicked.


  6. James says:

    While not a religious person am sending this poor woman my best thoughts and hopes for a quick healing.I am very angered that a person who has taken a job to help others was injured by the same people whose job it is to help others.

    I will say she has a lot of spirit and a great sense of humor,”Folks will be jealous of my dance moves!”,she has a lot more inner strength then I do.

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  7. Today’s report on health impact:


    There was at least one death recorded of an unborn baby dying just after the mother received an experimental mRNA Pfizer shot while pregnant:

    I was 28 weeks and 5 days pregnant when I received the first dose of the COVID19 vaccine. Two days later (12/25/2020 in the afternoon), I noticed decreased motion of the baby.The baby was found to not have a heartbeat in the early am on 12/26/2020 and I delivered a 2lb 7oz nonviable female fetus at 29 weeks gestation. (Source.)

    As we have previously reported here at Health Impact News, the guidelines for emergency use of the experimental mRNA Pfizer injection in the UK warned pregnant women, and women planning to soon become pregnant, to NOT get the experimental jab.

    But the FDA guidelines issued in the U.S. for the same experimental Pfizer injection did not include such warnings.


  8. This is a public health crisis that is 100% avoidable and 100% caused by Big Pharma and the U.S. Government. And yet, with the whole leftist name calling of people like me being an anti-vaxer? I try to say I am not against basic vaccines, but I am put in a category of being extreme. In the ‘old days’ I was labeled a ‘science denier’ (remember all those arguments before covid?) yet, the people I argued with (my kids for one) actually deny chromosomal base – XX = female and XY = male.

    When I say this covid stuff is one big farce, I now say it and run …. I sometimes say: well, it’s a form of SARS which does affect some people’s lungs, but 6% is all…..then I get accused of being a conspiracy theorist. I have started my own personal file of conspiracies…the latest is prince harry of all people with his quote (as an example): Britain’s Prince Harry emphasized an elitist demand for social media censorship in an interview with Fast Media this week, claiming that dissent from the western political establishment represented a threat to democracy.

    “We are losing loved ones to conspiracy theories, losing a sense of self because of the barrage of mistruths, and at the largest scale, losing our democracies,” the prince claimed. “The magnitude of this cannot be overstated.” [shut up harry, no one asked you].
    We are looking at a pace of nearly 1000 deaths per week by injection due to non-FDA approved mRNA injections among nearly 40,000 cases a week of injuries due to these injections.

    NOW deaths are being listed as ‘natural’?

    In some cases, family members filed the report because the healthcare facility refused to do.

    Some examples:

    (VAERS ID # 913733) My grandmother died a few hours after receiving the moderna covid vaccine booster 1. While I don’t expect that the events are related, the treating hospital did not acknowledge this and I wanted to be sure a report was made.

    (VAERS ID # 914621) Resident in our long term care facility who received first dose of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine on 12/22/2020, only documented side effect was mild fatigue after receiving. She passed away on 12/27/2020 of natural causes per report. Has previously been in & out of hospice care, resided in nursing home for 9+ years, elderly with dementia. Due to proximity of vaccination we felt we should report the death, even though it is not believed to be related.

    (VAERS ID # 914895) Injection given on 12/28/20 – no adverse events and no issues yesterday; Death today, 12/30/20, approx.. 2am today (unknown if related – Administrator marked as natural causes)



  9. vtexas says:

    On Sat, Jan 23, 2021 at 3:44 PM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” This is so sad. I am only showing this here > to have this person’s voice heard. She wants you to know what the vaccine > has done to her. God bless her and please be wise and don’t be a guinnea > pig for Fauci who does not care one damn about you. Do not take” >


  10. CubsFan1979 says:

    Hank Aaron, who had taken the Covid vaccination passes away 17/18 days after getting vaccinated. Did the vaccine shot take his life? We don’t know? SAD.


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