President Trump is now on Don Jr.’s new platform – Telegram!

If you haven’t joined yet, do it today and hear the inside news as it happens from your President, and all of the favorite ones you loved to listen to before they were censored. Find those who have truth to bear…or as some say…find your tribe! Welcome home – God Bless America!

I’m looking forward to ending GMO’s, Big Pharma, cleaning our water ways, ending the IRS, rebuilding an outstanding infra structure, ending senseless wars over conquering, and NO TOXIC VACCINES – NO MASKS!

Have faith and praise the Lord our tribe is gathering!


Click on links below and see how they did it!

Patriots Stand Strong! – Telegram

Dianne Marshall


    1. Peter F. says:

      I tried looking for “@real_DonaldJTrump.” But it only found “@Real_DonaldJTrump which is NOT actually Trump’s account. Did you have better luck??


  1. Raquel De Los Santos says:

    Awesome thank you. President Trump you are righting a wrong from long ago. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and the feared afterward that all they did was wake up a sleeping giant. Your defense of the constitution, defended our rights, strengthened our patriotic people has awaken sleeping giants in our land that are about to stand and fight for truth and justice. God bless you.

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  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    President Trump @ his Golf Club today @ the Grill eating lunch with his aides he took along with him from WH

    I’m looking forward to…

    Nancy Pelosi in Handcuffs

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  3. DB BK says:

    THanks for the info!

    On Fri, Jan 22, 2021, 11:09 PM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” President Trump is now on Don Jr.’s new > platform – Telegram! If you haven’t joined yet, do it today and hear the > inside news as it happens from your President, and all of the favorite ones > you loved to listen to before they were censored. Find th” >

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  4. j g says:

    Here is a quote from Jim Hightower that speaks of what I learned from watching Donald Trump the last 4 years.
    “The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.”

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  5. Sheryl Medina says:

    There are a bunch of Telegram apps out there. Exactly which one is it, and what is its icon?

    Sheryl Medina in Ohio

    Sent from my iPad



  6. pawe1240 says:

    Why do you think Biden is using a stage for the Oval Office?? Is it because they are still looking for listening devices?? Is it because Biden can not enter the White House?? He did receive the letter from Trump!

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      1. pawe1240 says:

        Pompeo said they will release information on the DC cabal in ten days! Just in time for the impeachment trial that is unconstitutional! Why do they persist on destroying this former President that is not in office?? Could it be???

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      2. pawe1240 says:

        Kc, we can not give up hope! This country is going to drastically change and quick! That’s how we got here, by not fighting daily for freedom! I don’t know what’s going on in DC! God is on our side these people are evil! Just don’t give up and pray! Love, Mike


  7. Robert says:

    Here is more proof that the military is not in power and that Joe Biden (fraud) is “acting” US President:

    There are so many more examples, but all this fake garbage talk about a military op going on is a lie.
    Donald Trump needs to man up and tell all of his supporters the truth, so all these internet rumors can end and all these people holding out for a miracle can get on with their lives. The only way this country is going to change is with an all-out civil war, and I just don’t see that happening. Anyone still listening to this crap about the best is yet to come needs to get real and stop believing the unsubstantiated lies they read. Trump sold us out, it’s that simple.


    1. debjbalk says:

      Robert, While I do like to encourage others that are here…. it is NOT my job to try and convince people to believe as I do. Nor should you put that pressure on yourself to try and convince people here to believe as you do (or…better way to say it, NOT believe as we do). Let each person OWN their own journey to truth. May I suggest that you give yourself a break, lighten up, and….”Don’t worry, Be happy.”. Everything’s going to be okay.. Our beliefs shouldn’t cost you any skin off your back, like the ole saying goes. Breathe!!!

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    2. Jan Abee says:

      If you want to know the truth, look up Patrick Bayne on twitter. He worked closely with Powell and a lot of others on the election fraud, he tells it like it is with no conspiracy theories.


  8. Michael David Brann says:

    This is sure a new thing in life we have not seen before it is something that goes against the core values of the American way and especially against God who created us in his own image and wanted man and woman to exist in a good atmosphere to love people and treat them with respect to live in perfect harmony with our fellow mankind on earth until the Lord comes back to take us home in heaven to live with him in eternity in heaven with the Lord on high. hope that every body that receives this message believes that if you ask the lord to forgive you of the sins you have done and believe the Lord died on the cross for your sins and he arose on the third day that you will have a home in heaven with Jesus when you died here on earth , and live with the Lord forever on high in heaven. The Lord bless and keep you President Donald Trump your family, the military, the American Patriots, and all those others that our helping you to rid the corruption in this great land of the USA. HOLD THE LINE GOD BLESS AMERICA GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP WE WILL NOT BEND WE WILL NOT GIVE UP AND WE WILL STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE WITH THE LIGHT OF GOD SHINING TO BRING OUT ALL CORRUPTION A American Patriot Michael Brann

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    1. This pretty much sums it up in a nutshell! The truth will set you free! But you need to stand up and act in order to do so! Silence does not bring about truth just as it needs to be proclaimed and lived out! You’re on the right track! GOD BLESS YOU and all your efforts against evil!

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  9. How do we get on Telegram? I downloaded yesterday an app at the App store called Telegram. But it only looked like an iphone’s text message program. Can someone explain what it is to install, and how Telegram works? I’m on Gab, which was very easy to understand. But I’m not understanding where posts are on Telegram, and how to see others on there, and read what they write…as again, it looks just like the text area that my iphone already has. Thanks for any input on it!


    1. Leigh says:

      It does appear like a messaging app. But up top there is a search bar. Look up Donald Trump Jr. he does have a verified account. It’s him, but President Trump is not communicating on JT.
      You can look up and follow some very worthy people on there. You will get notified every time they post something. Some you can interact with, some you can’t. Hope this helps.

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  10. Curt Wigant says:

    The president needs to do whatever it takes to save our constitutional republic and the rule of law. Speaking for myself and no doubt many others, I would rather die free than live a slave.

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  11. Biden just sent troops into Syria. personally I think Obama is involved, Biden is compromised will do whatever his masters tell him to do.

    But the bigger question, if Biden isn’t in control of the military how does this happen?
    Every time I get my Hope’s up news like that comes out.
    It certainly appears that our military brass ( at least enough of them) is part of the globalist machine.

    Can someone confirm that it was Pompeo that actually wrote those incriminating words?
    That would certainly give me a shred of hope.

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  12. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    On the link of “telegram” there is a picture of harris with Revelation 17:4 verse below it. Perhaps this is the “who” Kim Clemment was speaking of when he spoke of a “woman” also rising up….

    “For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.”

    All I can say is …….hummmmmm! Because my understanding of God’s Word perhaps is WAY different than the populists!

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  13. Ideas Time. says:

    If the deep state and the left wanted our attention, they got it. Like Isoroku Yamamoto said after attacking Peral Harbor, ” I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve”

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  14. Leann says:

    Could not have said it any better Michael, except the LEGITIMATE President of the United States is President Trump and an illegitimate Biden-Communist needs to be removed ASAP!! President Trump won by a LANDSLIDE and Sidney, along with her Fantastic Team PROVED IT!!!!!!! God Bless Them All!!

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  15. PeaknikMicki says:

    How genuine are these account? Looking at James Woods for instance, his verified Twitter account says he is on no other social media platform.
    As it comes to DJT it states; (Unofficial — ownership transfer pending)


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