Don Jr. et al kept telling us watch the show. Get out the popcorn and watch the show. Don Jr. on Gab, passed out tickets with clues on them, along with a video where he exclaims “THE BEST IS YET TO COME!”

Are we watching a surreal version of Saturday Night Live or is this really happening?



Be sure to watch out the window in this video and see the trucks and people walking by. Does that look normal for the oval office?

The new CEO looked a bit wore out by the time he signed 3 executive orders. Did anyone else notice that?

Then there were the strange things happening outside that we could see through the windows, like people and trucks. It didn’t quite look like the same location as we are used too. I don’t think it was because of the remodel. Or maybe we are to believe the national guard were stationed there to protect him from COVID or from the press if they got out of line? I thought about that, then it occurred to me, even if they pulled trucks up on the lawn…there are other things that aren’t usually there.

Here is a shot of Joe’s new corporate office. Now what is curious is what is in the third window? I can’t figure it out, but it was never in the window of the oval office when Trump was in there. Do you think it’s just the angle? See below.
While we kept saying”Where’s Hunter?” The new buzz is where’s Joe? There were some clues from this person on Twitter.


CEO Biden is very popular in Germany. They have built one of their own, or so it appears.

Today I found the CEO build a bot article in a German paper and just thought it was interesting. It reminded me of Joe on the campaign trail. Now I kept saying …that don’t look like Joe. That’s not Joe. That’s a double. Then I thought, if that is a double why are they making him so slow, and act like he can’t think? It had to be a clone or an A.I. bot of some type. Then sometimes he had more energy and he looked more like himself. It was like a box of chocolates, you never knew what you were going to get. And this one we have been watching, sure don’t look like the Joe that talks about Corn Pop.

Ear piece or a bot? Or something else?

Which leaves the question, where is this Oval Office, and why is the news reporting a story different than what our eyes are looking at?

This is his new bust of CESAR CHAVEZ who was a communist who infiltrated the National Farm Workers Association (NFWA) and became its’ president in overthrowing the party here in the United States. The F.B.I. investigated the infiltration of communism into America’s NFWA.

I believe President Trump is showing us all what we need to see. It had to be this way. The occupants of the Washington DC and the United States Incorporated entity are not for the people. They are corporate communists pushing America into total tyranny, ready to rule with an iron fist. In his speech departing the Joint Base Andrews on 1/20/21 he said, “We’ll be watching and listening.” He meant something by that.

Biden's Oval Office redo includes pics of late son Beau as Trump's  Churchill bust replaced by union leader Cesar Chavez
There has to be some clues in these photos. Asside from Joe looking like a mannequin in a clothing store, I notice there are no military flags and no sign of the famous Space Force Guardians. Which would be any CEO’s pride and joy to be commander of all. And there are some weird things in the windows. Different than the bushes and grounds of the oval office. I haven’t studied this yet, but later I will do some deeper digging.

The new question is….where is this oval office and what purpose is it playing at this time? We know it’s not his basement because of the trucks and people walking in the windows…unless that is just part of the stage? In which case, if it is a green screen back drop….what is it we are supposed to see?

Meanwhile Texas is sueing Biden over one of his new executive orders and this is just day 2.

Dianne Marshall

148 thoughts on “LIGHTS, ACTION, CAMERA … IT’S JOE TIME!

  1. TonyKapp says:

    The only flaw I see (there may be others) in this thinking is what if corrupt judges allow this to play out in a way that protects the corporation and ignores the rule of law or the will of the people. It wouldn’t be the first time that corrupt judges helped their corrupt allies evade justice or the truth. Any plan that relies on corrupt officials in the judiciary will have major problems. I bet their CIA allies are looking at going after the resources, significant resources of other countries that they can leverage via war. I would not short change the commitment, corruption and drive of those on the left working with China.


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