The first Day of the Biden Corporation is off to a very busy start. Many executive orders needed to be over ridden and the CEO was ready with pen in hand. Rescinding, rescinding….and then of course 1776 Report canceled from the White House web site along with anything Trump and We The People, replaced with WE THE PEOPLE CORPORATE RULINGS.

The surreal event just didn’t seem all that patriot, nor did it have any pomp and grandeur. At least that was my take. The gaslighters on fake news said it was the bla, bla, bla and best they ever saw.

What the press failed to report was the message from France praising President Trump and railed in a professional manner about the coup to steal the election. Well, Biden’s off on the wrong foot there…and I’m sure the whole world is watching with popcorn to see just how far he will be able to go on his corporate leash?

After all, it is now common knowledge that one of the sister corporations, the one that funds the stuff also known as the Vatican has had their coffers all but emptied and so has the Italian government. The entire nation is running in circles and the government heads have resigned. So far including the Italian mafia over 300 in Italy have been arrested….leaving Italy in a financial shambles that looked dire until yesterday it righted itself a bit leaving Conte in power, but, with a tighter rein. We’ll have to wait and see where this goes for it’s still broke. Italy’s Conte survives no-confidence vote to stave off government collapse – The Washington Post . Where ever the gold in the vaults have gone is anyones guess, and then there are other issues within its secrets. Vatican risks going broke slowly, former treasurer Cardinal Pell says | Catholic News in Asia | | Licas News ; Vatican risks going broke slowly, former treasurer Cardinal Pell says | Catholic News in Asia | | Licas News

Biden is ready to write checks and send big bucks to governors, nations, and rev up a war while he halts oil production at home and gets us back into the middle east energy wars. He has rolled up his sleeves ready for the games to begin. I think they are called the Hunger games. At least his entertainment today gave that impression.

The Biden Corporation had a bit of the hunger games and super bowl half time as Lady Gaga presented her version of something…dressed right out of the movie and singing the national anthem. By the way she sang the song beautifully and her voice was lovely. That’s true.

When she was preparing, Mike Pence was there to assist, handing he the microphone. How sweet.

Don’t even ask me to explain the photo above, for although I liked the movie, I’m not sure I want to live it. My answer would be strikingly shocking for most ears to hear. But we seem to have Lady Gaga and the hunger games stars saluting their new CORPORATE OVERLORD in the land of something? Certainly not under God. It wasn’t your typical coronation, that’s for sure. Perhaps they were just getting ready to see who would be sent out in this years games. You know, who gets to eat and who doesn’t sorta thing.

But, hey…I really have no clue as to what this meant or the meaning they intended to send. It’s like the innocent spirit cooking thing…I have no idea what they mean or don’t mean by eating food that looks like human body parts and babies. It’s one of those elite upper class things that they do for fun and people who question it all are crazy conspiracy nuts.

The CEO also held his first press conference today. It looks a bit high tech but hey, he’s on the cutting edge and enjoys censorship. He can unplug any questions he wants. It’s fool proof for the new corporation.

Why didn’t Trump think of this?

Meanwhile, President Trump sent his letter to the new CEO as is custom. Now, I am told this was the letter, so before anyone fact checks me and starts to hollar…I make no claim as to the authenticity of this letter, I merely present it for you to see and consider.

Meanwhile in cities outside of the corporate grounds the protestors that Biden called a myth, and fake news called peaceful, were conducting their own form of support. I was told that once there was a new CEO over the corporation and now because of that, all the protests would stop. Well, this is just the first day…so I’ll give it a little longer before I make any real judgement.

While all the excitement of the peaceful protests took place, there were people who gathered to hear the departing speech by the President Trump. Quite a different crowd.

Later in the day when President Trump was escorted to his home in Mara Largo there were some mobs of patriots there to do some very dangerous waving. (sarcasm)

The streets were lined with people cheering and waving as he passed in his motorcade.

Trump leaves White House, says 'It's been a great honor'

Earlier in the day, President Trump departed the Whitehouse on which looks like Marine One with the presidential seal on the front. Which is the BIGGEST CLUE OF ALL!

“After a presidential inauguration resulting in a change in office, the outgoing president is provided transport on a VC-25 aircraft to their home destination. The aircraft for this flight does not use the Air Force One call sign because it is not carrying the president in office. Whether the call sign was on or off, I do not know, however, shouldn’t Marine One have been reserved for the CEO of the Corporation? Trump leaves White House, says ‘It’s been a great honor’ (

So have fun with that one, and again…I make no disclaimer as to whether it was or was not proper to leave with the CEO’s plane…I am merely pointing out what happened today. The article in the link calls it MARINE ONE and the only time you call it MARINE ONE is when a seated president is on board.

So, that’s the run down on a part of today’s behind the scenes events the news doesn’t show you. We’ll bring you more updates as time ticks away.

Pray for one another and stay safe!

Dianne Marshall


  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    I guess the SMOOTH transition just ended…

    Canada not happy with Biden pulling the permit on the XL Pipeline & has threatened to sue

    Texas not happy with the stop of deportation & threatened to sue

    Rep Marjorie Taylor Green filed Articles of Impeachment against Biden

    7 DemoKKKrats filed Ethics Complaint against Josh Hawley & Ted Cruz for challenging the election & apparently Cruz & Hawley have fans & are releasing all the fraud evidence

    Folks … the fun has just begun!

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    1. brenda estes says:

      well, i am just bumfuggled about all of it. i do believe God’s got this, but what to do in the meantime…so i hear some girl got arrested getting pelosi’s laptop, so much for the theory of the white hats getting it and info. it’s getting wilder by the minute. if anyone does have a solution, i wish they would spill it before biden sells us all down the day and he already has dismissed a lot of Pres Trump’s good deeds. it’s a mess.


  2. Rascal says:

    You are right it is a mess. And Trump spent four years dismissing all of Obama’s good deeds.
    Both of us are wrong to some degree because neither of us is privy to first hand truths


    1. Bjern Petzer says:

      The truth is obvious when seen impartially. Only the full version and not the abbreviated one, tells the truth. Why no transparency re the voter fraud. Why the roadblocks. An innocent person wants transparency.

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      1. Trump is the only one that gave transparency. He has always told us what he was doing. Did we understand it always? No. Did we always listen and hear? Sometimes. He told us on Jan. 6th to write down this date, for today you made history. He said This is the day you took back your country. That must have been the day he signed over the corporation to the military. ANTIFA broke into the white house and the dems completed their treason. That is my guess on it.

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    2. fireflamestoves says:

      I can’t think of a single ‘deed’ that 0baMao did that was actually good for middle class Americans!
      Would like to see your versions of those great ‘deeds’, to see inside the mind of the brainwashed.

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    3. Zachary Sugg says:

      But when Trump undid Obamas Deeds, The country started setting records. Jobs came back, Everyone who wanted a job could have one. Now Biden just wants to erase the positive in order to save the negatives image? Not logical

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  3. There is more going on here and around this world than any of us can imagine. America was bankrupted back in the 1870s and many knew something had happened, and I have no doubt we were sold down the river. The IRS is a Puerto Rican Trust (yet another God forsaken Corporation), who funnels our taxes only God knows where. They are definitely going away if I have to flush them myself. I quit paying taxes and filing anything with them 3 years ago, and so many have done it they haven’t had the people to follow up on all of us. That said, the bigger event taking place is the actual collapse of the Corporate US Government (spelled with All Caps as in “UNITED STATES”), and what I see is not only are the troops not leaving DC, some more came to town yesterday. I personally believe they had to let them completely assume and operate in the illegitimate roles that were stolen in the election, and it was so obvious that 4 or 5 million fake ballots were brought in around midnight after the monitors were sent home in the 7 states for a variety of lies they were handed. The Stats alone show us the truth, for example, in 5 of the largest Michigan Democrat counties 120 to 130 percent of registered voters voted. People who failed math in school don’t even know what this means – let me spell it out. Where there were 100,000 voters registers, an extra 20 to 30 thousand UNREGISTERED voters voted. WTF? Where the auditors were able to get a hold of Dominion machines they were found to count using “Fractional votes” which means we can count 1/2 or even 0.23 votes for someone. This was done to allow the shifting of votes by percentages. And now they have proof that people in 7 countries were connecting to these machines diddling with the votes. And by the way, those 7 countries are NOW in turmoil, their leaders dying or disappearing, their economies collapsing overnight, or their legislatures in total chaos (our military intelligence hard at work, I suspect).
    Right now, along both coasts, containerized freight ships are being kept offshore out of ports being boarded by the US Coast Guard and Navy looking for weapons since at the end of Hilary’s 2nd term we were to be invaded by China after she eviscerated our military’s strength, which thankfully never happened, but nonetheless we needed to be sure it was not moved up (forward in time) hoping our military would be busy INSIDE the US cleaning up the scum working for China (and there are hundreds of senior people who are, and a thousand or two at mid-level management positions).
    There is so much more going on here than any of us can imagine, but many know that this is WAR – both a spiritual and a physical war, a war of good vs. evil, light vs. darkness and it is of epic proportions. Do any of you read history and truly study the Bible? WHO WAS THIS WORLD GIVEN TO?? Who owns it? Do you KNOW what the War in Heaven was? Who participated in it? IT IS STILL GOING ON. This is but part of it. 200,000 years ago, a half a billion beings on Mars were destroyed with two H-Bombs the size of the Empire State building, It blew half of Mars’ atmosphere into space.

    I am guessing that most of you don’t even know who and what you really are! Who made these bodies for us and why? This is a WORLD OF DEATH. Everything on it DIES, and usually in pain, EXCEPT for one thing. us – you and I. We are eternal energetic beings inhabiting these human bodies. The being(s) who run this world love human sacrifices of death, painful death of the most innocent among us (small, innocent children), and that has been going on in fairly large numbers behind our backs for a very long time, all to satisfy those who run this world, and to give those doing the killing more power.
    I believe that the U.S. Military, at this very moment in time, is trying to stop the complete reset and take-over of this world by the forces who worship Lucifer, another name for Satan, and another name for Marduk, the favored god of Babylon. He and his cohorts, the rest of the “Fallen Angels” who were mentally defective from the very beginning having been created by the first defective being, Yaldabaoth, Sophia’s companion.
    I surely can’t teach you what you should know in one post, or even 10 posts 10 times this long. But over time you will learn the truth, the fact that OUR world was destroyed by Marduk, and we were brought here by them. They brought us here under false pretenses. We were naive – younger than they were, easy to lie to. Now they keep us here in cycles of reincarnation, wiping our memories after each life. It is rather sad.
    In a set of 3 or 4 hour repeating broadcasts, you will be Red-pilled like you never imagined. I’ll bet you didn’t know you were Royalty, or that you were powerful Creator beings, like your Creator. The Bible tried to educate you and you thought it meant your Creator was a bipedal being (like a human). No, it meant that you are being of energy (both electrical and spiritual) as is your Creator. I can show you how to prove to yourself that you radiate etheric/electrical energy wherever you focus your eyes. You can even learn how to leave your body. It only took me 2 years to learn how to do it. There is so very much you do not know – and the reason is, you have been living the greatest series of lies ever created and told to anyone. Almost everything you learn from birth is pure bullsh-t. All lies. If Lucifer (Marduk) is good at something, it is LYING. The Science you have learned is all lies. Lately we have been figuring some of it out. For example, there was no Big Bang (and they teach it in school as if it is the truth). There are no Black Holes, No Dark Matter, No Dark Energy, and no Unicorns either (though Unicorns may have existed at one time – they are more likely than Dark matter). We live in an Electric Universe. Not a matter filled gravity created universe. Huge electric currents travel throughout the Universe along plasma ribbons – conducting the eletrical energy and creating large electromagnetic waves wherever a “delta” (a changing value) in the current exists. Enough Science – back to politics for a minute.
    You will surely see evidence of things changing across our nation very shortly. The Military will always try to give people a chance to change, to come clean, to get right with God and turn to Love and compassion – and away from Fear, Hate and Pain. Don’t sit here and try to convince each other that what YOU think is correct when you do not know for sure. Instead, watch and study events as they unfold, and DON’T GET VACCINATED. Trump tried to tell you by stressing IT IS VOLUNTARY! But for the sake of Optics he had to get it going, Sadly, some states are forcing it on medical people. It is one of the first steps of the Transhumanist agenda to turn us into cyborgs – for their army. Kind of scary, really.
    And if you were wondering, your Creator did NOT abandon you on this evil world. You are the eyes, the ears, all of the senses for the Creator. You are here to learn. What you learn, the Creator Learns, so pay attention for your Creator, and LOVE your neighbor, Democrat or Republican or Indie. Cross the divide between us, because as we all learn together what is happening, the gulf between us will dry up and go away. We are stronger AS ONE.
    Suffice it to say, there is much you must learn, You should be seeking the Salvation of your energetic life through knowledge, as the Gnostics and early Christians did, Salvation for your Soul, as it were. Learn how and when to escape this false world, and the false universe they have built for you to see. No, this is not your world, not at all. And it is not even a completely real world. Lucifer is a cunning, crafty being who loves to lie.

    Richard (The Lion Hearted, at heart)

    P.S. He’s not a real lion – he is more like a Kitten, but Lion sounds so much better.

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    1. JNH says:

      Is there an email or platform where you can share more thoughts, please? Everything you say resonates. Thanks so much for sharing!


      1. It is my understanding that President Trump left the White and Farewell speech as President therefore utilizing the official aircraft. Also while at Mar-A-Lago Biden was not sworn in yet so Trump was able to use the Motorcade there as well.


    2. cessdl57 says:

      Richard, resonate with everything you stated. Was somewhat surprised with the mention of Yaldabaoth. Regarding Sophia, question the association as his companion, since I am in the understanding she birthed Yaldabaoth and consider companion in the common understanding – a partner.
      We are stronger AS ONE – Truth … we, as a collective, have phenomenal strength. As individuals such as you and I and the like … have a responsibility to the masses that have just woken and to the multitude that have yet to awaken. Thru our caring, our compassion, & our love that emanates from us as light, they should be able to trust. We need to reach out and help by gently guiding, encouraging, teaching, & showing by example. We become impenetrable strength as a collective.


  4. Gary Nemeth says:

    Dianne, come on.
    More nonsense that keeps us from focusing
    on a clear simple message. The BS seems
    to never end.
    You’ll just exhaust people into the ground
    with this kind of crap, whether it’s true or not .


  5. The photo in the center of Castle Rock Media has an object on the desk next to the stack of executive orders, is it a chess set? It is not on the desk of the other photos. If it is what is it saying? Trump it is your move? And in the window to the left of Biden’s head is a van on a street. That is a funny green screen.

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    1. Thank you for exercising your First Amendment rights. Is your statement one of fact or delusion. Evidence for your side of the story is needed so you don’t appear as a delusional twit ranting on the keyboard. I look forward to your statements of fact.

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  6. William Criswell says:

    Looks like President Trump is still doing God’s Will.
    Praying God will continue to Bless President Trump to be safe and in Control..


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