The death of American Military Soldiers is PROOF BEYOND PROOF OF ELECTION FRAUD INTERFERENCE. Our soldiers were killed defending America of enemies both foreign and domestic in Frankfurt, Germany. Can we have a moment of prayer and then lift our heads to fight the good fight to win so their lives were not given in vain!

You don’t kill military troops coming to secure servers at the CIA unless you have to fight to keep from being exposed as the evil traitors you are. America is at war. Be strong and know that we shall not back down, nor surrender our freedom. Blood has been spilled and it is time for all the treasonous filth to be indicted and tried for their crimes against the United States of America.

Dianne Marshall


  1. rakey64 says:

    This is what I have heard. Have you anyway to confirm this? [] Obama, Biden, CIA Director Gina Haspel Evidently Arrested for Espionage, Voter Fraud | Truth11 Tuesday, December 1, 2020 Before it’s Evidently Barak Obama has been arrested in Hawaii and charged with Espionage according to an announcement by Assistant Attorney General for National Security, John C. Demers on Saturday 28 Nov. That same day Obama’s former VP Joe Biden began wearing a boot that could hide an ankle bracelet,…


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  2. Cheryl DiBiase says:

    Praying for our brave soldiers who protect our freedom everyday. Freedom is not free. We need to honor their sacrifice by doing all we can to stop this horrific destruction of our beloved country UNDER GOD’s protection..

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  3. laughinglaughing says:

    Please explain more. Where & when soldiers were killed in Frankfort? Please tell more in-depth.

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  4. Rod Innes says:

    thank you for this we pray for your country and wish President Trump all the best.
    God knows we need all the help here in our country, with all the lockdowns now.


  5. Karen Oder says:

    You trust the courts? I don’t. There is no guarantee Trump will have a second term. Stacy Abrahms controls Gerogia through the governor and secretary of state that were bribed. You are operating on the assumption that people are honest. I don’t. It’s good that the server is gone but if Beijing Biden gets in that server will go right back into service. It’s time for war. They screwed with us we need to screw with them. We now know how their fraud works. We need hackers in foreign countries to stop the Dominion data dumps in the Georgia runoff elections. Without the Senate Trump is impeached and you know it.
    Heck, go to Georgia, say you are just moved there, sign up as a Democrat, use Home Depot as your address and stuff the ballot boxes for the Republican candidates.


  6. The above comment shows much frustration and is a good example of how the American people feel about the chaos and confusion set up by the treasonist radical Dem clan in the USA. Why is George Soros, one of the most vehement leaders, allowed to live in America when he has been kicked out of his own country for his antics? He has said it is fun to watch nations come into turmoil over (fake) disagreements, etc, which he starts and finances. Why do we allow him power (his money?) to have fun usurping and instigating bad will in the hearts of the good people?? That is the definition of evil!


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