Lin Wood On Fire With Sidney Powell at Georgia Rally – Crowd Roars We Love You and Thank You!

Lin Wood kicked off the rally with a powerful roar demanding justice and pointing his fingers at Kemp while he quoted Martin Luther King! Powerful presentation and if you didn’t know who Lin Wood was before, NOW YOU DO!

“You are the heart and soul that makes this country the exceptional place that it is! You inspire us!” said Sidney after a powerful welcome from WE THE PEOPLE! Immediately following her comment shouts of “We love you, we love you,…” bellowed out from the crowd!

Election out come unclear Amid Pending Recounts and Legal Challenges!  Sidney Powell, Lin Wood Attend 'Stop the Steal' Rally in Georgia - Politics  -

Watch full rally here:

The rally was charged with patriots shouting and cheering for justice for all and shouts of freedom, stop the steal and arrests for the deep state traitors!

Watch LIVE: Sidney Powell and Lin Wood Hold Press Conference in Atlanta -  12/2/20 - Conservative Daily News

Sidney Powell said there is no type of voter fraud that was not experience accross the country and Georgia was full of it. Pennsyvania went solid for Trump!

Lock him up!' Trump attorney Lin Wood incites crowd to target Gov. Brian  Kemp at 'Stop the Steal' rally – Raw Story

Lin Wood shouted, “All of the power belongs to the people! We’re circling the walls of Jericho and God Almighty is taking the walls down! Send that message to Barr at the Justice Department! DO YOUR JOB! TELL THE F.B.I. Director to do your DAMN JOB! YOU WORK FOR US!”


The rally was a wake up call to every man and woman serving in any capacity of office in the United States of America whether it be municipality, state, or federal level that THEY WORK FOR THE PEOPLE AND WE HAVE THE CONSTITUTION AND WE CHOOSE WHO GOVERNS US, AND WHEN THEY DON’T WE HAVE THE POWER TO BOOT THEM OUT!

Dianne Marshall

14 thoughts on “Lin Wood On Fire With Sidney Powell at Georgia Rally – Crowd Roars We Love You and Thank You!

  1. Robert says:

    I appreciate what Lin Wood is doing with assistance to voter fraud. What I don’t appreciate is Lin Wood telling people to boycott this senate election. Every non-vote for the republican candidates is a vote for the ultra-liberal socialists they are running against. My dad always told me that you’ll NEVER find a perfect candidtate, but you just had to pick the lesser of two evils. I encourage every citizen in GA runoffs to vote for the republican instead of handing a win to the communists.

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    1. ROBERT PILCHMAN says:

      I donated twice and once to the senior and junior republican senators of Georgia. That being said if these republicans will not defend election integrity and will not fight to stop the presidency from being stolen from our hero and hope POTUS Trump then I say – what’s worse than a traitor/coward? A traitor/coward pretending to be a patriot. So they all need to go!!! This is 1776 all over again!!! So ‘Robert” or whoever you are stop telling us to support traitors/cowards and instead tell these traitors/cowards to immediately repent especially if you want real patriots to continue to help them.

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      1. Robert says:

        So, PILCHMAN, you would rather see the extremist win so you can pretend like your boycott of the election would matter? 1) Take the lesser of two evils. 2) When the time is right, then civil war. I seriously doubt handing a senate majority to the most vile scum on the planet is a good battle plan. With that majority you open the entire country to things like global agreements that would make this country fall though “legal” means.

        Here is a segment from Marsha Blackburn:
        “On the one hand, you have Raphael Warnock — a radical’s radical. Warnock is a left-wing extremist who supports Marxism, defunding our police, adding trillions in tax hikes and even hosted Cuban dictator Fidel Castro at his church along with defending Jeremiah Wright’s “God Damn America” sermon.”

        You’re so-called boycott would hand this kind of person a win without a fight. If Loeffler and Perdue stand in the way of our freedoms and constitution still, then war is imminent. While Trump still has a good chance for four more years, boycotting this election is nonsense.


      2. ROBERT PILCHMAN says:

        Robert thanks for your reply but (1) At some point the lesser of two evils argument fails because it’s possible that this is already the WORST evil because there is an egregious lack of election integrity and they are not upholding their oath to defend the constitution – rather they are like a deception – a controlled opposition. The DOJ and the FBI are also horrific. This may be our only chance – failure is not an option! (2) A major reason to defend the Senate is appoint a wholesome judiciary. However, if POTUS Trump does not continue as POTUS then Biden will nominate scum and there will be at least some RINO senators that will confirm. Will the RINOs even stop an attempt to pack the court??? Instead of informing me why I am mistaken you should be contacting theses Senators and demanding that they do what is right.

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    1. Will Robinson says:

      While I fully believe that there was massive fraud this election and believe Trump won a landslide victory, telling voters in Georgia to boycott the senate run off election is totally garbage and in effect would hand the senate to the Dem evil doer’s.

      Further more the story regard operatives being killed while getting the server was irresponsible at best. It was even debunked by the Military Times. We can’t afford unsubstantiated stories like that because it hurt the whole caused, not to mention being labeled conspiracy theory wack jobs.

      Just my 2 cents.


  2. CAL says:

    I’d like to thank Trump for the millions of dollars of his supporters money spent on recounting votes. I’d also like to thank Lin Wood for telling Republicans not to vote in the Georgia runoff. Thank you.


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