Netanyahu Releasing 400,000 Classified Pedophile Documents That Ensnare Washington D.C.!


The Pizza is burning and the Gate is melting in the fire!

We may well find the origin of Obama in the middle of the 400,000 page classified papers that Prime Minister Netanyahu is releasing. These papers are now unclassified and they expose missing children by the masses and blowing the lid off of the Washington DC pedophile ring!   Pizza gate is just the tip of the ice berg and the tail end of 70 years of evil acts by evil people!  The media will have to face the truth.  Whether they do or not – the people will know and mark my words, it won’t be pretty.

“From now on, with one touch of the keyboard, everyone will have access to the documents and can trace what happened to their children.” stated Netanyahu.

Read full story here!

What if Obama’s real past is among those missing children?  Many believe he was paper clipped into the person they say he is.  Others simply turn a blind eye.  I had suspected he was a clone with Rockefeller DNA from Nelson’s missing son Michael.  We may never know for sure, but one thing we do know – Obama has proven to be an evil puppet of destruction. It is clear he is a talking mouth via teleprompter controlled by handlers and great merchants of the earth.


So while the truth that sends the Washington snakes slithering out of the swamp on their own goes viral – it appears Netanyahu will have his capital in Jerusalem and the USA will have their embassy there.

Meanwhile, the congressional seat is playing smoke and mirrors with Russia – blaming them for a Trump win.  They seem to forget their NSA spy system is the evil eye placed on all the world’s affairs….and they seem to forget that all the people who try to tell the truth end up dead in the morgue.  They seem to forget the trail of bodies found with every leak from the Clinton Campaign and the Clinton Body Bag history. They seem to not be concerned that the CEO of the Clinton Foundation is missing and may be dead.  Why is that?  Perhaps because they wiped him out and don’t have time for the details….after all we know the drill – “What difference at this point does it make?”


It feels like it just might be the right time for Putin to release his documents on 911.  He has claimed to have the evidence and satellite images proving that it was an inside job – also known as false flag.  Time will tell if he does.

Stay tuned as the world helps Trump drain the swamp and the great merchants of the earth weep and wail.



64 thoughts on “Netanyahu Releasing 400,000 Classified Pedophile Documents That Ensnare Washington D.C.!

  1. Vgood says:

    Israel should be careful, next they will blame them for hacking the election. After all they are talking to PE Trump as well. I do hope they release the documents, its time America takes back its country and deal with those that are partaking in illegal activities especially, when it is against Children.

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  2. Tanzania Solis says:

    Sure….. You could have said 500,000 who cares. You have nothing here….. It’s an empty news…. Hahaha. Fake one?????


  3. Ann Warren says:

    O don’t read any connection to pedofiles in the articles you’ve referenced, Dianne. Quite a stretch from the 1950s missing children and Obama who was born in 1961, too.


    1. We know nothing about Obama. All we have are lies. And the classified pages include scandals up to the 1990’s Netanyahu stated. Wait for the unclassified docs….DC I am sure helped to steal the kids, and helped to sell the kids into slavery. That is what Netanyahu indicated.

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      1. Kathryn Hermann says:

        I’ll tell you who Obama is he’s a traitor he’s our first Muslim president! He fooled us all! The entire admin is full of Muslim Brotherhood that’s why we are so glad to have Trump!


  4. Alan E Ross says:

    WELL NOW ,,TO ME ,THIS IS NOT SUPRIZING ,,AS I ONCE HAD WRITTEN AS SPECULATION,,THAT IT WAS POSSIBLE THAT Obama , WAS A CLONING BY THE UPPER GROUP OF CORRUPTION ,POSSIBLY AS WHAT I CALLED THE ALUMINATI ,, and science, have been Doing ,,, >> for years ,as to developed the most perfect Evil leader to control what they wanted ,,He is programmed ,,,maybe a micro chip ?? in the brain ,,,and NOTE <,, , THE MOST POWERFUL EVIL IN THE WORLD …the money controllers, ,,People like SOROS ,AND SHARPTON , ,CLINTONS, ,…, and many more ,as I have a list in my documents, i have been a . I a write for several years now ,, I HAVE > Wisdom ,FROM GOD , ,as I know things before it happens ….I have COMMON SENSE, as it works with wisdom.. , common knowledge an awareness , and love for life for all ,,, Justice is for God to decide … as he is the Judge. We are the servant’s to deliver the truth …that’s our job ,, and then Justice will be done ……. and God appoints us ,,if we listen ,,as to whom will carry out the justice be done .AMERICA HAS BE EN BLINDED BY EVIL ….. can WE TURN IT AROUND ? HOW MUST WE FIGHT ? GOD ..JESUS , IS THE ANSWER …. AN SO IT IS WRITTEN .. what will ? what WILL,,IT BECOME ,,,it’s up to us ,, ,, an yes ,,they hate TRUTH ,, and , , many of us will die ,, But if we believe in Jesus ,,we will live forever. AMEN …..

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    1. All that you said, I must say “me too”. What I have seen before it happens is like an awakening inside like someone is telling me what is going to take place….soon. Never an exact date nor time, just a knowing that it will be. Also knowings of what things were. Most recent are knowings of what things are….science wise. But there are times when it is a flood gate of knowing what an event and symbols used mean….it is so real and I know it is the Holy Spirit showing me things others are not seeing. Dreams, and visions too. Understanding of scripture has been so open like I am being shown by the Lord…..starting a long while (years) back. What I was shown was not being told, discussed nor spoken of. I was considered a black sheep by many well meaning so called Christians when I boldly questioned their interpretations. I asked questions and false shepherds hated that for they had no answers and my questions were embarrassing for them. They discounted me for I was not a theologian. I got tired of lies even those well meaning…I prayed and read the Bible and the Lord showed me truth for I sought it. Today, all that I said, in what I was guided to see of interpretation, is now coming to pass. So many things…it is hard to begin…so I will leave it there. My Lord showed me truth that the church was denying as they followed their man made interpretations. Today, many pastors have changed their teaching of interpretation. They had to for much of it fell apart and it became clear that it was wrong. I was shown so many things…marvelous things and shown as a puzzle a piece at a time and many times was given half a picture puzzle all at once. All connected. Amen.

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      1. Cathy, I grew up Lutheran, married into Southern Baptist and during the prosperity teaching evangelical era became a “seek the truth” for all this doesn’t sound like Jesus would like it person. This lead me into seeking what the Bible says and not what the likes of Joel Olsteen has to say. One day in the midst of reading my Bible….I looked at all the reference Bibles on my book rack….the many names on the Holy Bibles were an eye opener. Like the John Hagee
        Study Bible, The Scoefield Study Bible, The Spirit Filled Life Study Bible, The McCarther study Bible, etc. It simply dawned on me that interpretation to scripture was vast and all had a bit of rapture opinion and prophecy that looked like pretzel twisting. It was then that I simply allowed the Holy Spirit to lead me in the word and got away from skewed shepherds. The Lord has shown me the way….as his word states…”search the scriptures for yourself and let no man interpret for you”. Today, my relationship with the Lord is good. I let him teach me and use the Matthew Henry Commentary for comparing what I see with what he saw. He was born in 1662 and lived to 1714 and dedicated his entire life to understanding the Bible. He was a non conformist and relied on the Holy Spirit to show him the truth. He was before the 1840’s Darby rapture theology and before the influences of ways and means to do whatever was done to spread false interpretations. In short, I rely always on the word itself and pray for understanding. I see this as being among those called out that God shall shepherd himself as it says in Jeremiah.

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    1. Candice says:

      Not just democrats will leave And we need to find the perverts and save the children we can No more buying kids for sex or pornography by the wealthier Period All our children and babies deserve so much better

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  5. Teri key says:

    Let it all come tumbling down ! Once TRUTHS and FACTS are exposed the world of great nations under God can come together and cleanse the Earth of these evils Let the hangings begin and let Justice prevail


  6. Bobbie English says:

    Well, we know that Podesta, Bill Clinton, several secret service men included made 26 trips to “lolita island ” with known pedophile who owned the island. The island promised sex with boys and girls from ages 9 to 16. Take your pick, and choose your pleasure was on the menu. Killery made 3 trips with Bill to that island the other 23 trips were without her. All this was hushed 3 months ago when it was leaked by Wki leaks. Swept under the rug while they were all Doggin Trump in the campaign. Their Evil ( the democrats) is well known for pedophile pleasure. Many who tried to leak it have been killed. And none have been investigated yet. Clinton has 10 bodies in her wake of death, not including the four from Bengazi. None of this is being talked about , but looks like it will be now…..Go Benjamin… the world the truth. God keep you safe i pray.

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    1. Yemen children sold and tested upon via knowledge of DC and Washington insiders…..the docs will show US involvement….where the kids sex slaved came from is not the issue…the issue is they are children sold into sex slave acts and DC is involved.

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  7. Susyn says:

    There will be criticism from everywhere. But, now we see change happening. Many nations of people are making changes in their lives; even refugees are going through changes. Leaders world wide have hope in Trump. He doesn’t have to do a thing. We see things changing for the conservative, therefore changes must be occurring in the field of Liberals. Isn’t it funny though, we conservatives are content with allowing God’s hand to flow, while one group of people are “flipping out”.
    It’s like the harvest of wheat and tares. The tares are showing us all, (advertising), by telling us what and who they really are, which means that we have supporting people with opposite ideas than our own. Birds of a feather are not necessarily flocking together, others have taken space in our lives. Thing is, we all look alike, good and bad, etc., etc. It’s just things like the burqa, a kippah, carrying a Bible, or a priests collar that separates us. Things that are considered NOT “politically correct”.
    Netanyahu may well be doing us a service by exploding a sex ring. And I hope so, and may we learn from it before we put it to rest. If he has the answer to where all the children have gone, there will be a war occurring among people here. But we have to stop it, the war yes, but the kidnapping of children once for all.

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  8. Clive Richardson says:

    The source of this story, The Jerusalem Post makes absolutely no mention of any link with the U.S. or Washington D.C. As much as I want to defeat what neoLiberals and neoCons stand for in the U.S., fake news will only damage that cause. Please be factual. No need to make things up!


  9. Let me see, if Netanyahu knew about the missing children but didn’t say a word until he himself until he could use this info as a tool for revenge, then I must say he is culpable of the lie of omission, in the very least. If he knew about these children’s fates, he should have rung the alarm immediately


  10. Christina says:

    I pray that you are not making this story up. Parents never quit looking for their children. Not only did I argue with people on Facebook I deleted them because their comments were so nasty about this article calling this fake. Never get peoples hopes up about finding their children , they already went through so much already. I pray this is true and I pray God brings it to light!

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  11. Lea says:

    I support Israel, and always thought highly of Netanyahu, however I am at a loss for words to see that he has had this info about the children all this time and yet has withheld it. This makes me think he is no better than they are. If he knew all this stuff about a pedophile ring it should have already been made known.


    1. Who was he going to release it to? Many countries have the same story to tell. This problem is global. It involves the intelligence agencies, governments, the Vatican, you name it. The only one who can bring this evil down is Jesus, Yeshua!

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  12. DebK says:

    Hillary had her ppl take children from Haiti, Yugoslavia, anywhere there was a disaster that could possibly account for missing “bodies”. Places ravaged by earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, none were worse than Cyclone Clinton. She will rot in hell as will her family and anyone that was involved with her and did nothing to stop her. We cannot allow #pizzagate to be forgotten or these children will have gone in vain. Tweet about it, share the stories, ask the question..where have all the children gone? Keep the story alive until there is an answer and/or the Clintons are in prison. I fear they will flee the country before Trump is inaugurated to an island/nation with no extradition. Just prior to the election they transferred billions from the CF to an off shore account. We have to pray that God intervenes.

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  13. No one likes to think of these things as truth, but turning a blind eye is not only denial, it is encouragement for the perpetrators to seek “more” and, perhaps “all” of planet Earth.

    There are members of my family and friends who promptly come back with “all of that is a lie”. Well, that would be great, but it isn’t. I know of some of it myself, personally, and though I don’t know specifically who the criminals are, I know it exists at a high level in the most obscene of our communities … our schools.

    I don’t know how much America can take with truth, but we’re going to have to toughen up, take the truth as it is and fight the evil as IT is. It doesn’t matter how fast it comes or who is revealing it. If it is truth, bring it on and prepare our soldiers because this is the great war that God has so often spoken of in His Word … and yes, we are right there at the door. It will be overcome.

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  14. Reblogged this on Jim Allen III… A Redneck Speaks Up and commented:
    It feels like it just might be the right time for Putin to release his documents on 911. He has claimed to have the evidence and satellite images proving that it was an inside job – also known as false flag. Time will tell if he does.

    Stay tuned as the world helps Trump drain the swamp and the great merchants of the earth weep and wail.

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  15. Grams says:

    Ya, I don’t see the connection to D.C. and the release by WikiLeaks regarding Podesta, etc. . It seems like a very different thing.


  16. Countrygalk24 says:

    Well since Netanyahu is a puppet of the globalists, I doubt there is anything that will “hurt” anyone other than possibly the Clintons, who appear to be given up for sacrifice… Possibly to protect the rest. Nothing any of these people do can be trusted not to have an evil intent.

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  17. He didnt release the Pizza gate in Israel in the Schusterman Institutions or the WIZOA institution or the SOS childrens villages where they rape children , drug children and cause them to lose the memory of their parents who are fighting for them to be release. They take babies who have parents and adopt them out to people like Jeff Epstein who brings them to his sex Island and kill them. Israel also harvests organs from the Yemenite Jews


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