All I can say about the acclaimed actress is that she should have known when to shut up.  Alas, the woman won an award and instead of doing the golden globe thingy….she decided to ride the puppet train and do what Hillary and Soros wanted her to do and that was to bash Trump.  Once again….we see how left wing tactics crash down on the heads of the very same ones who have forgotten that it is all of the little ants out there that make them the star….it is every little tiny person who buys a ticket to watch the persona on the screen that makes them wealthy.

Shamefully,  Streep has proven she is the person of Osage County.

They forget that these same little ants, or little people, are the same ones that can brake them into tiny pieces.  Fortunately for Ms. Streep, she had millions stashed before she went out to commit actress suicide at the globes.


The morning after…..she was applauded by losers…I am sure Hillary called and thanked her for reading the words so greatly….and Soros probably slipped her some cash.  But what America and the world saw was a real life version of her performance in “Osage County”.  Yep, that is who she showed us she was.




  1. It could be that Trump was showing that handicapped people can still be intelligent and hold a job, which would be a good plug. Leave it to Hollywood to look at the physical rather than recognize intelligence in handicapped people. She portrays someone she is not, should others follow suit? ….Trump showed how ‘the reporter’ really was and that being handicapped did not deter him from holding a job nor from the employer hiring him.
    There are two sides of every coin. Before, probably no one knew of the reporter, now the world knows of him. Don’t let a handicap stop you….is the message!
    And that is the message I saw ! In Streep, however, I will never again go see a movie where she pretends to be something she is not and gets an award for it….not me. . .


  2. That’s bull shit. Trump was making fun of him, and there is no excuse for that. Don’t make excuses for a tyrant in his position.

    Streep is a wonderful actress. Trump is an egotist and has no business running the country. He will collapse the economy, just like the last republican. How can you people be so stupid. Get an education.


    1. Caprice says:

      Jonny boy… Trump did make fun of the reporter but, he makes fun of everyone in that manner several videos are up as proof. Ms. Creepy Streep is a scallywag Soros sell-out that America has had enough of. Good thing she got that award when she did because now? She is done.

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  3. Trump will do nothing but reduce the taxes for the rich, and only the rich (himself) will benefit. How come so many unintelligent people voted for him? Because they don’t have a clue.

    Trump, 1998, People Magazine: “If I were to run, I’d run as a Republican. They’re the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on Fox News. I could lie and they’d still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific.”


  4. Grams – I followed your link. Trump mocks everyone this way. He’s like a child. When I was in grade school I did this. But he is going to be president. Will he treat foreign dignitaries this way?

    He lies, and never uses facts to back up his claims. He’s not very religious, so I don’t know why so many bible thumpers like him. It must be because no one else will support there outdated faith that has no basis in reality. He’s a sexist and that was caught on camera. He’s a poor business man, and went bankrupt a few times. He is willing to trample over anyone in his way. He never cared about the little guy. In Ireland they hate his golf course.

    His republican policies will fail us. The last republican president nearly collapsed the economy. Tax cuts don’t help anyone, except the rich. He doesn’t accept global warming even though 97% of scientists agree that world is warming up. Ice caps are melting. Sea levels are rising. Storms are brewing, but he ignores that.

    He is a terrible person, and will make a terrible president. But still uneducated people voted for him. And most American’s don’t support him. He lost the popular vote.

    But you guys still voted for him. How can you be so uninformed and ignorant.


    1. When a reporter reports lies….being handicapped is not a get to lie card. Trump, however did not mock this guy. It was the other false media reporting that created this drama. As far as Trump standing up against the globalists for the small people like me…..I applaud him. For too long the bullys have lied to us and smeared us and it is good to have someone stand up to them.


    2. To hear all your rant makes me glad that Trump is on the side of those who want to stop the insane bullying and lies from the left. The left who shoved Obama care down our throats with a nuclear vote, the left who have shoved common core down our throats, the left who has turned the delta valley into a dust bowl to save a smelt that only needed saving because of lies from great merchant organizations. Oh….don’t get me started. I am sick of nation toppling by the left liars and deceivers…..and that includes many republicans….it boils down to this….you are either a new world order globalist or you are one like Trump. I am one like Trump.


  5. tj says:


    personally – i never liked meryl’s ‘work’ … not even a little.

    her politics: typical – out of touch … h-weird ultra-elite.

    her defenders: welcome.

    ‘life is short … eternity long … plan accordingly.’

    Vaya con Dios


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