If there is any lingering doubt in anyone’s mind as to Cruz being one of the lowest self absorbed  traitorous life forms roaming the planet – this should end all the doubt! He not only LIED, CHEATED, and committed FRAUD throughout his entire campaign…when he lost and ran out of money he turned to the Democratic National Committee for funding to ruin the GOP Nominee Donald J. Trump! Emails have been released by WikiLeaks implicating the weasel who is about to pop!

And just why would Cruz do that?  Because he is NOT  a man of principle, NOT a man of his word, NOT a man you could trust, NOT a legal immigrant, HE IS Anti-American and pro new world order!   He is a globalist snake with a lethal venomous bite who can never be trusted.  His records were sealed because he is paid for by the establishment who owns him!

WIKILEAKS Releases 20,000 Hacked DNC Emails…

The news about the DNC emails just gets better and better. A few things we are seeing so far:

1) Ted Cruz asked the DNC for MONEY to help fund his delegate fight in Cleveland.(specifically: Eric Bennett to and from Ken Cuccinelli, R-Virginia working with Ted Cruz and the DNC to undermine the delegate selection before the convention. Working to push through rules changes in the rules committee and working to flip bound delegates against the rules and state law. All co-ordinated with the DNC.)

2) Jake Tapper of CNN colluded with the DNC. They gave him questions to ask his interview guests.

3) Chuck Todd of NBC was also colluding with the DNC and put pressure on others at the network to go easy on Democrats at the DNC’s request.

4) The New York Times co hosted parties with the DNC. This is against the law by the way.

5) Hillary Clinton setup a slush fund through the DNC to launder donor money.

6) The DNC actively colluded with the media to work against Bernie Sanders.

kaine tim-kaine

Hold on to your seats folks, this is about to get beyond real as the evil ones are exposed for the minions they are and always have been!

This is certainly the election of the last generation…one between good versus evil!  I stand on the side of law and order for Trump – the only choice for the GOOD of ALL AMERICANS!  Hillary is not for America she is for One World Order and you are nothing to her!  No one is!  If she is allowed to get away with all she has done and is doing – YOU ARE ALL DOOMED WHO VOTE HER IN!

rnc trump-898e18f8-dc55-4379-bf87-42582d33c656

There is only one way to vote in this election for a free America – that is VOTING FOR DONALD  JOHN  TRUMP!


Wikileaks Releases Nearly 20,000 Hacked DNC Emails

Leaked Emails Show DNC Chair Told Chuck Todd Negative Coverage ‘Must Stop’



  1. Thanks for this nice juicy tidbit Dianne, I will use this in an upcoming article I should finish by tomorrow evening. Love your site. Is there anyway to get your new posts in email? I didn’t see a follow button…but I’ll look again.

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    1. Gregory says:

      Hillary Clinton supports racist, hate-mongers and thugs in Black Lives Matter these aren’t liberals they’re racist Nazi fascists! If Crooked Hillary Clinton is elected she will trample the rule law and our Constitution of the United States she will persecute Christians, Jews, White people and those who believe in God and country! Hillary and fascist Black Lives Matter thugs will persecute the good and the innocent. At one time America belonged to the brave and the free before today’s PC Socialist BS set in. I love the old America. Hillary is one of the scheming elite she’s power-hungry and were the targets the police state and big black boots are coming if Hillary’s elected she will soon be stomping us in the face


  2. Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:
    Here is some terrible information for those who are still Cruze supporters, he has let everyone down and is a crook, a liar, a thief, and a creep on top of it all. Wikileaks has new information to prove it!

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  3. Jean says:

    Thanks, Dianne! How can people be so EVIL? This is A SAD Day in America! Praying daily for Mr. Trump, his Family and all who work for and with him, to be protected! May he win the election !


    1. Teresa Miller says:

      I am praying everyday as well. Let’s get a chain of prayers going for Trump and his family. I do think god sent him to save America.


  4. tick tock says:

    Not surprising. They are all Goldman Sachs NWO commie scum excrement

    Very few in Mordor DC that are true American patriots.


  5. CJ says:

    Hurrah, Lying & Crying Ted has been exposed as a liar, cheat, NWO & North American Union clone. Numbers 32:23 But if you do not do so, then see, you shall sin against YAHUAH, and know: your sin is going to find you out. Matthew 10:26 Therefore do not fear them. For whatever is concealed shall be revealed, and whatever is hidden shall be made known. Praise YAHUAH!!!

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    1. It was full of lies and he was asking for money as he always begs and pleads. He accused Trump campaign and Trump supporters of putting out death threats against delegates who differ from Trump. It was full of trash and filth that should alarm every Trump voter to his deceitful liar tactics.


  6. Could you provide a link to the email where “Ted Cruz asked the DNC for MONEY to help fund his delegate fight in Cleveland”? I can’t find it on the wikileaks site.

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  7. Concerned American citizen says:


    It is past the time to address the huge elephant in the room which is black crime against all others, including other decent/hardworking black Americans.

    Black people need to understand why people of all other races are so leery and apprehensive around them, thus making it harder to work with them and help them if that is what they need. They should try putting themselves in our shoes for a change.

    The truth is that the only brutality that the majority of us have experienced has been at the hands of black people, not the police. It is they who terrorize decent/law abiding citizens of all other races including their own as they seek to take what they want by force. They are the true homegrown terrorists in our once great nation. Now under the direction of Obama who seeks globalism and a global police force they demand that we abolish all police in the US. I would imagine that a fox would appreciate an unprotected hen house as well. Just look at my country of origin, look at how civil infrastructure and popular confidence and safety has all but eroded from the global agenda to infiltrate, darken and ultimately eradicate Western, more aptly, European, society.

    The American people of all other races along with the white people that Obama looks to consistently blame for the failures of blacks have all grown tired of your cries of racism/victimhood when it is you who have terrorized and victimized so many, including yourselves, for decades. It is you who have turned your backs on education & chosen ignorance. We are not blind with regard to the truth. Obama, main stream media outlets, the endless parade of empty headed cable news talking heads with titles of political expert, commentator and pundit & BLM, etc. should stop peddling these outright lies and creating a false narrative. They are fueling true racism that has yet to rear its ugly head and fanning the fire to infernal proportions. But this racism will not go in their favor, for it will become a conflagration of our racism inspired by the desire to protect all we have built, save our family’s lives, and simply survive.

    One look at Ben Carson, his upbringing, and history is enough to show you that you can excel in life if you choose to regardless of your beginnings. Look to brave black mothers like Peggy Hubbard & well educated teenagers like C.J.Pearson.

    All major statistics state that black people are such a small percentage of the US population but commit the vast majority of crimes. They commit crimes with such ferocity and they have been terrorizing others for decades; but now, thanks to Obama, they continue to push the false narrative of police brutality in stark contrast to proven facts and reality.

    Examples of their crimes against others;

    • The “knockout game” a.k.a. “polar bear hunting” where black men/boys are randomly striking innocent/unaware white people in the head in cities across the country as they walk down the street with their fists to see if they can knock them out with one punch which they videotape to share with others? They attack the elderly, women, & young children some of who have been killed in the process. They do this purely for their own entertainment and do not seem to be bothered by the deaths they have caused.

    The following happened on July 13, 2016


    This old man who is somebody’s father/grandfather was viciously kicked in the face after he had already been knocked out by this vile uncivilized animal. Again, this is what they do for entertainment.

    The following are from just last week:

    • Multiple black men viciously raped & killed a visibly pregnant young white woman and the child she was carrying.

    • An elderly white gas station attendant was brutally beaten to death by three black women & their vile offspring because one of their children lied & said that this man hit him when he actually fell off his own bike. These animals didn’t have the sense to confront the man and speak with him, instead they jumped out of their vehicle like a pack of wild animals & attacked, and killed him.

    • A white woman was attacked by a black man in her own home. The attack was captured on a baby monitor which was posted online in effort to identify the perpetrator. She never cried out while this vicious animal tortured & beat her, fearing that it would scare her child.

    • A white college student from a foreign country that wanted to play baseball in the US was shot/killed while walking along a road after visiting his girlfriend simply because some young black men were bored?

    • A decorated marine was attacked, knocked out, and robbed outside of a McDonalds simply because he refused to answer the question when asked if black lives matter.

    • A young white teenager saw her boyfriend killed in front of her and she was repeatedly raped by a group of black men who then poured bleach down her throat and up her private parts to get rid of their DNA then left her in a barrel to die.

    • An old woman who was awoken in the middle of the night, had gasoline poured all over her, and threatened that she would be burned alive unless she handed over her credit card & PIN number.

    These are not innocent children the cops are confronted with on a daily basis. These animals have zero respect for the lives of others as well as their own.

    They will viciously attack & kill each other over the last piece of chicken or barbecue rib for heaven’s sake.

    How many times have you heard of anyone other than a black person assaulting, robbing at gunpoint, or killing someone else over a pair of tennis shoes of all things?

    It is so bad that we no longer need descriptions/confirmation of the perpetrators every time one of these vile/vicious crimes is committed.

    Their attacks on others are immediate, require absolutely no provocation whatsoever, and yet they wonder why so many are leery/suspicious of them. They are offended by people who cross the street to avoid them or grip their purses tighter as they walk past them or simply choose to avoid them altogether. This is unfortunate for the many good/law abiding blacks who must also carry the burden thanks to these vile animals just as law abiding Latinos/American citizens must carry the burden of so many illegal alien criminals in the US. Just as decent/law abiding blacks do, they too have worked hard to differentiate ourselves from the criminals among us, or how we Germans must constantly assure the world that we are not all Hitler-loving Nazi sympathizers.

    If you do not want to be shot then stop attacking, assaulting, robbing, burglarizing, raping, and murdering innocent people simply to steal their possessions.

    It is they who have enslaved themselves by refusing to educate themselves so that they can make a good living & afford the things they want in life. Instead they choose to live on the Democratic “Poverty Plantation” where dreams & futures die because it is the government who determines their value & doles out the money they need to survive. Thus it is the government who determines where they can & cannot afford to live, the quality of their schools, and the material things they are entitled to in life.

    This is not meant to excuse the police in circumstances when they are clearly at fault & if proven so they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    I have yet to hear any black artist, including JayZ & Beyonce use their platform for good like an “Anthem” promoting “EDUCATION” over ignorance, hard work over poverty and a life of crime. They choose instead to push the narrative of racism and victimhood and those they are owed simply because of the color of their skin! Listen to the lyrics of their music and watch the videos they create. Especially those of Beyonce of late. She makes no apology for them and even showcased one of them at the Super Bowl last year.

    Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t a free education available to all up to the 12th grade and for those who apply themselves a college education which comes with “Affirmative Action”?

    I am not a minority, nor have I ever been in poverty, but I come from what once was East Germany, where I never had a fresh banana until I was 16 because no one did, where the gift of socks was welcomed, when canned chicken and powdered milk were all we could get. I never had a toy box filled with plastic figurines or cars, I had books and paper, pencils and an imagination. I chose education over any kind of perceived victimhood. Not going to school and getting a good education was not an option with my parents nor was disrespecting our teachers & others in a position of authority. Even after coming to the US when I was 16 with limited English skills, these rules did not change. I sat in the same classes with the same teachers as so many others who claimed the schools failed them and who went on to have multiple children and currently reside on the Democratic “Poverty Plantation”. I got a phenomenal education and they didn’t because I figured out early on that Teachers would focus their energy on those students who wanted to learn.

    Obama may as well say that we, of all races, are all racists. Including all decent/law abiding blacks when in reality it has nothing to do with race & everything to do with the tremendous amount of crimes they commit.

    All decent/law abiding citizens of all races will always stand together against the crime and anarchy of Obama and his minions.

    The truth is that we were all born basically the same physically (with a brain) regardless of the color of our skin and we all have the intelligence to make choices in life, right or wrong! If blacks need help then they need to respectfully ask for it but be prepared to work hard and meet us halfway!

    Obama is a complete and utter liar, because this is not a black vs. white thing a.k.a. racism. It is all about crime and criminals!

    (Feel free to share this with others and post it elsewhere to stop Obama and BLM from continuing to spread lies.)

    Concerned American Citizen

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  8. Brent says:

    You ought to read a little more closely. The email is one that the Cruz campaign sent to everyone who SUBSCRIBED to their email list. The DNC received the email because they were doing opposition research.


    1. So in typical lyin Cruz fashion he screams death threats from Trump campaign and Trump supporters to opposing delegates? That was evil, wrong, a lie, and he cannot hide from such malicious slander against innocent people! He is such a sleeze. He is always begging for money….and he did email Bennett for money at the DNC.


      1. That is a lie. The email was to Bennett’s personal email (GMAIL), and it was cut and pasted into a DNC email. Search the document for DNC.

        BTW – you wrote: “Working to push through rules changes in the rules committee” – The two “rules” refernces were “playing [or ‘play’] by the rules” – another lie.

        Facts matter (or do they disappear down a 1984 double-speak hole)?


  9. Stogots says:

    This is extremely important to read and remember !

    “Barack Obama would make a great Supreme Court Justice.” – Hillary Clinton


    Before You Say You Won’t Vote For Whomever Is Nominated Consider This.

    Some people have brought up the fact that they won’t vote for the Republican nominee if the eventual nominee is not the man theywanted. I just want to put something in perspective………

    -Justice Scalia’s seat is vacant.

    -Ginsberg is 82 years

    -Kennedy is 79

    -Breyer is 77

    -Thomas is 67.

    Nowadays, the data shows that the average age of a Supreme Court retirement or death occurs after 75.

    These are 5 vacancies that will likely come up over the next 4-8 years. The next President will have the power to potentially create

    a 7-2 Supreme Court skewed in their ideology.

    Think about that… 7-2 !!!.

    If the next President appoints 5 young justices, it will ****guarantee
    control of the Supreme Court for an entire generation.

    Hillary has made it clear she will use the Supreme Court to go after the 2nd Amendment. Period.

    Anyone and Everyone who is saying that they won’t vote for one candidate or the other

    if they are the GOP nominee, please realize this. Hear this! If Hillary Clinton wins and gets to make these appointments, you will never see another conservative victory at the Supreme Court level -for the rest of your life!!! Or Ever.

    Whoever is the GOP nominee … go VOTE for that GOP Nominee!

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  10. Ted Cruz is currently being sued in New York Supreme Court in Laity v NY,Cruz,Rubio and Jindal, #001561-2016. Cruz is constitutionally barred under Art.II,Sec.1 from being President as is Rubio and Jindal. None of the three are “Natural Born Citizens”.

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  11. I would really like to see links to the DNC emails related to the above statements. I cannot find, searching the DNC emails, any email from Ted Cruz asking the DNC for money.


  12. Mickie says:

    Well the Ted Cruz part is stupid.

    One of the DNC’s people got a mass fund-raising email from Ted Cruz. Thousands of people on their email list got the same email asking to contribute money to set up a delegate defense fund. Later, one of the Cruz folks followed up the email with another email to the same group again asking for contributions. Hell, I got this email because I was on their list. It is *not* Ted Cruz emailing the “DNC” asking for their money. I’m sure the DNC person put themselves on the list so they could monitor what Cruz was doing. You are just as manipulative as the DNC and CNN.

    Read it yourself. Here is the email.


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