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“Eric Bennett to and from Ken Cuccinelli, R-Virginia working with Ted Cruz and the DNC to undermine the delegate selection before the convention. Working to push through rules changes in the rules committee and working to flip bound delegates against the rules and state law. All co-ordinated with the DNC.”  CLICK TO  READ ALL HERE


Dianne Marshall



  1. karilynn57 says:

    Confused here. You mean, in April, Ted Cruz fabricated a story about death threats by Trump toward delegates if they play games in order get money from the DNC?????


  2. giomaria says:

    I have never seen anyone so jealous and vindictive as Ted Cruz. It is eating him alive. Mr. Cruz, you claim to be a Christian, but you are showing an evil side, not a Christian way of life. I suggest you call out to Jesus for forgiveness before this dark side takes over completely and there will be no turning back to the Light. Your choice.


  3. Frank_O'Pinion says:

    Off topic, but applicable to Rubio and Jindal.
    Both of these POTUS candidates’ parents were not U.S. citizens on their date of birth on U.S. soil. i.e., Both Rubio and Jindal were not subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S.A. when they were born.

    The 14th Amendment is highly abused by those who have an evil agenda.

    At least Lyin’ Ted can’t claim U.S. citizenship through the 14th Amendment. He obfuscates his U.S. citizenship through deceit by hiding his nativity records.

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  4. LG101 says:

    Politico did investigate but found no death threats made. So that aside, Ted Cruz sent out an email to DNC to support a fund that he would use how? Why was he sending the email to DNC people? Sneaky snake turncoat. Now he flies on Air Force One with Obama and the people funding his campaign are now funding DNC? He is a snake…


    1. Exactly, one more money grab from liar Ted and if death threats were given – why didn’t he alert the RNC? He blamed Trump supporters and evil Trump campaign….he is a demon bearing false witness and it bit him in the arse. But, he has no conscience so he will continue with his evil ways. He is scum.

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  5. Starts with DNC .. ends with Eric Bennett (DNC) .. (last e-mail – at least since June 21, 2015) .. Ted Cruz and the never/Trump, ‘free the delegates’, vote your ‘conscience’ groups … have all been colluding with the DNC to stop #Trump ~~~~~~ there goes, your ‘principled’ ‘conservative’ Ted Cruz! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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    1. Mickie says:

      One of the DNC’s people got a mass fund-raising email from Ted Cruz. Thousands of people on their email list got the same email asking to contribute money to set up a delegate defense fund. Later, one of the Cruz folks followed up the email with another email to the same group again asking for contributions. Hell, I got this email because I was on their list. It is *not* Ted Cruz emailing the “DNC” asking for their money. I’m sure the DNC person put themselves on the list so they could monitor what Cruz was doing.This is just as manipulative as the DNC and CNN.

      Read it yourself.


  6. I will copy in my response to the article that picked up on this blog post.

    Well, I just read the “smoking gun” email that seems to be from Ken Cuccinelli to Eric Bennett, asking for money. This is the two email that the Marshall Report presented as proof.

    I have a couple questions.

    Who exactly is I know who is. Here is why I ask. The top email is a standard donor email, sent to raise money. It would be sent to anybody on the Cruz supporters email list – including Democrats that wanted such eamils for intelligence purposes.

    Here is my next question. Did Ken ever get his very own “Deputy Delegate card”? After all, that was what was promised to him if he contributed to this “Delegate Defense Fund”.

    Here is my next question – which of the donor amounts did Ken choose?

    DELEGATE DEFENSE FUND: Instant Donate $35

    DELEGATE DEFENSE FUND: Instant Donate $50

    DELEGATE DEFENSE FUND: Instant Donate $100

    DELEGATE DEFENSE FUND: Instant Donate $250

    DELEGATE DEFENSE FUND: Instant Donate $500

    DELEGATE DEFENSE FUND: Donate A Different Amount

    However, I found this the most intersting part of the “smoking gun” email:

    This message was intended for: You were added to the system June 21, 2015.

    For more information click here. Update your preferences

    Unsubscribe | Unsubscribe via email

    And this:

    P.S. The future of our nation — and the world — is on the line in this 2016 presidential election. We must make sure Donald Trump is not able to threaten, intimidate, and buy his way to the nomination. If you agree, will you please stop now and make an immediate contribution to my Delegate Defense Fund?


    OK – can somebody help me out here?

    Why would Eric have the option to “unsubscribe” from critical, specifically sent emails to his DNC email? Oh yeah, this wasn’t sent to his DNC email. It was sent to a GMAIL account, the one he registered with the Cruz mailing list.

    Here is the link to the “damning email” that proves that Ted Cruz sought funds from the Democrats:

    This is utterly despicable. What was the purpose of this? Trump already has the nomination. Cruz is out of the picture. Why go through all of this?

    There are only two possibilities.

    Either this was a glaring example of utter journalistic incompetence;

    Or it was intentional.

    Really, it did not take much to look this over carefully. It seems that critical observation skills are sorely lacking. Somehow, I doubt that was the case.


    1. I wonder if you can see the pattern of lies Cruz has continued in stating RNC delegates lives have been threatened…and send me some money. Did anyone think to ask why he did not send the email to the RNC chair? Point is, he was out to sabotage and raising funds to do so. Not only did he not honor his pledge, he set out to destroy the convention. And yes, he did send it to the DNC. At the time he sent the letter – April 25, 2016 Trump was still campaigning for his delegates and for state votes. Note the date on the email. Cruz is a liar and a skunk. The point was clear he is not a man of principle and a man of deceit and vengeful.

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