Conservatives Gather Near Washington DC for CPAC 2015  (February 26, 2013)

“I have bit my tongue long enough. As a delegate for Senator Ted Cruz I have been placed into a difficult and increasingly uncomfortable position and now I have had enough!  Continuing to support Senator Cruz after he repeats incorrectly and ad nauseum that A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Obamacare and, that “if you vote Donald Trump, you vote for Bernie Sanders-style socialized medicine. Or even worse that Trump, Clinton and Sanders “have the identical position on health care” has forced me into a crisis of conscience. These are statements that even the left leaning Politifact has correctly identified as FALSE.”

Read the full story here:

“There are two things I detest above all others. Lies and intellectual laziness. There are far too many of my fellow “Cruzers” who either refuse to do the necessary research on Mr. Trump’s health care proposals or are simply too lazy to simply read his actual policy proposals as outlined in both his books “Time To Get Tough” from 2011 and his latest book “Crippled America” from 2015. Therefore, I have linked the pertinent sections pertaining to Mr. Trump’s actual health care policy proposals below.” STEVEN TUCKER

There comes a breaking point in each one’s conscience where they have to decide is this enough or shall I go along with the status quo.  I applaud Mr. Steven Trucker for having the ethics to step out and boldly state, enough is enough here is the truth.

It is difficult enough to throw your hands up and say – ‘that’s it folks I’m out of here’.  But it takes guts  and boldness to publicly set the record straight when you are a delegate of the one you are exposing.

Thank you.

Dianne Marshall


  1. Lorraine Harmon says:

    I commend this woman for coming forward and setting the record straight. I saw an interview a few weeks ago introducing the campaign manager for Cruz. The things he said and the attitude he put forth made me uncomfortable, his insinuations of “no holds barred, everything goes” “whatever it takes to win” attitude was almost like the truth wasn’t a factor. I came away with the feeling that Cruz supposedly such a Christian man was in more ways than one not trustworthy.

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    1. I agree about Rick Snyder.The morning after the Iowa vote, he was ‘put out’ to explain the ‘mix up’ about the calls to the cau.cus captains telling them Carson had quit.His story wasn’t so smooth,then.He was out again yesterday and I heard him still telling Donald Trump lies.

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    1. shihtzuhappens says:

      He did the same thing to Trump in South Carolina already! A few people contacted Trump to tell him they got a cold call from Cruz’s people saying Trump wasn’t going to stay in the race and to vote for him!! Trump told the world that in last night’s debate.
      I’m grateful to this guy for coming forward for us, nice to have the rumors substantiated by someone in the know.

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    2. Cruz didn’t start the Carson rumor , CNN did and Cruz’s staff repeated what CNN said….get your facts straight or you’re no better than what you’re accusing Cruz of….Trump says a lot of things….saying and doing are two different stories….I was for Trump but he has gotten so nasty that I don’t trust him any longer…


      1. You might want to check your facts, CNN did not start the story, Cruz and his team started it, and then blamed was proven who was lying….as far as you not supporting TRUMP, I think that one day you will live to regret that little decision, but pray and let God be your guide.

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      2. To say CNN started the “rumor” is disingenuous at best. CNN told the story of Carson’s plan to take a much needed rest and grab some clothes before pressing on with the campaign. And if there was any ambiguity in the original story CNN clarified it within minutes. CRUSE took CNN story and sent lies to their precinct captains to urge Carson to supporter to caucus for cRUSE.

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      3. Cheeyl Psimos says:

        I agree about Trumps nasty crap. However, I’m still not seeing that Cruz called out the people in his campaign that spread the Carson lies! Heads should have rolled to save his integrity. He’s now not an option for me.

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      4. Cruz is too shady. If Cruz can disregard the US Constitution to become POTUS, then will he abide by the US Constitution never, sometimes, occasionally, only on Mondays? He is Exactly the same as Obama, but without the US birth certificate. Cruz is the republican Obama. Foreign born, Communist father, Work experience only in government. NO business experience, NO leadership experience, Use religion for votes, OWNED by donors & lobbyist.

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      5. Jaybo1…great point! Cruz didn’t start the rumor. So, I’m guessing you also think that it’s perfectly OK for Cruz to spread the lie…as long as he didn’t start the lie. Ok, sounds legit.

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      6. Jody says:

        even CNN says that Cruz lied. They only reported that he was taking a break for a week after the Caucus. There was nothing in what they reported to indicate that Carson was going to make a big announcement afterwards nor did they say anything to indicate that he was going to drop out of the race. Cruz and his people did that on their own.


      7. KSchu says:

        Now that Amanda Carpenter has surfaced we DO see the link between the Cruz campaign and CNN. There is a video out from a supposed insider who claimed the plot to take Carson votes originated with Ms. Carpenter. Is this the case? Who knows, but the link is now there that explains how the campaign was able to get their operatives ready at the caucus sites to make the announcement that Carson was out to would be voters and time this with a CNN report misrepresenting facts. Memos were prepared on campaign letterhead. Etc. The explanation that CNN did it is falling flat now that we know the facts and also that Jeff Roe, Cruz’ campaign manager had pulled off a similar dirty trick in Missouri in a completely different election where he put out the whisper campaign of a candidate leaving the race. All point to Cruz and that’s why many of us have not trusted him since Iowa. No matter how articulate, how polished, slick words mean nothing without trust. It’s a very real problem for Cruz.


    1. I know Cruz in in this race no matter what it takes! He is one of the “established conservatives” which means no better than the lies of Hillary and Obama! MY QUESTION IS: How can a person be “Natural Born Citizen” when they are a Citizen of another country? How can a person be loyal to a country when they were a citizen of another? I just don’t see how he can claim to be a Natural Born American? Seems he knows this also and has now “sealed” his birth records! (Sound familiar?) So What is there to hide?

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  2. lorraineblackwell says:

    Hi, A friend here,

    Your last few posts have the wrong link if we want to share. They are all coming up the Trump can only bring back jobs link.

    You need to check up on this.



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  3. Trump does have a plan to replace Obamacare and he wants EVERYONE to be insured. We cannot afford an even bigger Trumpcare. I don’t want any Government involvement with health care at all. Just take the restraints off of health insurance like going national instead of regional so we can make a better choice.

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    1. The goal is to get the population back to work so they can buy their own insurance through interstate competition. Second we need deport all the illegals getting free bees. Their are always some people that create a bill that the government has to pay for in a saftey net. tax payer do pay this bill. We need to get as many US Citizens to buy their own insurance, and hopefully only a small percent of the needy will have a minimal program of some sort. It won’t be like the crap we have now.

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      1. Dano62, you are so uninformed it’s pathetic! Almost all health insurance is subsidized by the government—we taxpayers. Yes, that is a fact. Employers get big tax breaks to offer insurance to their employees. Which means the rest of us pay more. But that is why people in group policies get better premiums. We taxpayers help pay your premiums and deductibles. So. you still want government out of your health insurance? Fine, get an individual policy straight from an insurance company. Have at it. Health insurance has always been priced according to separate states. If you want universal insurance across state lines, then vote for Bernie Sanders. That is what we Democrats want, too.


      2. There is NO free lunch. Everything the Government is involve into has MASSIVE WASTE, FRAUD, and ABUSE! They become SLUSH Funds for the liberals that don’t understand the bottom line of a budget. Products prices are ALWAYS most efficient when the free market fight for sales vs the government monopoly that sell you ONE Tylenol for $25 Government is NOT needed. Government is waste, fraud, abuse, and a huge slush fund. Same happens college tuition. Colleges gouge the government, because they can. These should never be on the Federal level. The Feds are for military, Boarder protection, currency etc. A state of county safety net would work, BECAUSE the government CANNOT gouge at a smaller level. BECAUSE people could vote with their feet, by moving to another county or state. Free markets keep the “cost honest,” thus the competition lowers all cost, especially with private sector competition the price of a tylanol


    2. The government is involved in ALL health insurance and has been for decades. All employer-offered insurance is heavily subsidized by taxpayers. YOU are a moocher and on the government dole, Marahnatha! Ha, and you haven’t a clue! The government regulates YOUR insurance, too, and always has. Going “national” means universal health care, or Medicare for all. And yes, that is the best way, thank you for agreeing with Democrats and Bernie. Otherwise, health insurance the old fashioned way (before Obamacare) was always priced by state, too. That is how insurance companies want it—so they can make better profits. Get the heck informed!


  4. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    “There are two things I detest above all others. Lies and intellectual laziness. There are far too many of my fellow “Cruzers” who either refuse to do the necessary research on Mr. Trump’s health care proposals or are simply too lazy to simply read his actual policy proposals as outlined in both his books “Time To Get Tough” from 2011 and his latest book “Crippled America” from 2015. Therefore, I have linked the pertinent sections pertaining to Mr. Trump’s actual health care policy proposals below.” STEVEN TUCKER

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  5. Cindy says:

    This is off subject, but my question is why is medicaid and Medicare frequently tied together in speaches. We earn Medicare by paying in to Social Security during our working years and then we pay a premium for part of the coverage. Medicaid is afforded to qualified low to no income people as a free coverage paid for by working people’s tax dollars. Ok , not trying to give a lesson to here, but it seems when candidates talk of the two a better distinction should be drawn between the two.

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    1. carol says:

      Hi Cindy…all states do not offer Medicaid to low to no income. MEDICARE you can get at 62…disabled. ..or renal desease. NOW for Medicaid you pay a % of your pay. But it does not nor will cover your expenses throughout your life….if you added all the money taken from ever check you have earned, it will probably only cover you for about 5 years but you will remain covered under the plan.
      ALSO EXAMPLE… NC did not expand medicaid so poor people and low income still are not covered AT ALL. So they remain uninsured and depend on emergency rooms for care which the state has to fund the list cost to the hospitals.
      Everyone seems to foget. ..thes funds come from Social Security
      So when both parties are talking about it…they are talking about salvaging it because it is running dry.
      I hope that helps…. 😃

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      1. I live in NC. That is not true. There are those collecting SSI disability in their 20’s because of their drug & alcohol issues. Instead of providing helping these people beat their habits, we are enabling them to continue their habits. They should be provided help through interventions to get clean & be a productive person in society to earn their money. The poor are taken care of in NC. They also know how to play the system to do so. Some aren’t that poor. The elder who has worked all their lives & paid into the system are the ones that are hurting.

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  6. NoteMaker says:

    I smell a liar here… I don’t think this person is a delegate of Cruz..I think they’re just a supporter of Trump. There’s no way to fact check this and if there is, someone get to it….


  7. Patty Lysight says:

    If you smell a liar its probably under your nose. This message is to NoteMaker. You don’t even have the guts to give us your name. I’m with Dianne and her supporters, a Trumpian.

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  8. David says:

    Cruz has lied time and time again…..
    As a matter of fact, the RNC has lied many times against Trump…..
    I have watched every single rally, speach, and interview regarding Mr Trump…..
    The GOP debate was rigged with Bush supporters…..
    The tickets were purchased by donors and special interest groups……. There was Avery small amount available for Trump, as usual…..
    I once respected Cruz, until he cheated to win Iowa, and then started speaking bold faced lies about Trump…. He proved to me that he isn’t a Christian, as he claims….He’s just another establishment candidate who continues to flip flop on illegal immigration….. Hell, he’s now saying he wants to build a wall… are you supposed to do that without utilizing imminent domain???……
    Bush is nowhere near a conservative either, with his act of love for illegal immigrants……
    Rubio is a robotic candidate who helped head the gang of 8…..he too, is 100% pure establishment…..
    Kasich sounds more like a Democrat…… He doesn’t even belong to the Republican party…….
    Carson is a good man, but he doesn’t possess the leadership skills, nor the personality to be commander and chief…..
    Trump is bombastic, rude at times, and has an ego the size of the grand canyon…… But, his common sense approach to the needs of America, are right on key…..he’s completely ANTI ESTABLISHMENT….. He just promised to stop the use of profanity….. That’s a great thing…..but, if you are going to attack him with false rhetoric, Trump SUPPORTERS will call you out On it…..

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  9. Jeff Hresan says:

    This election is not about left vs right or establishment vs non-establishment. This election will be about the soul of America. If we make the wrong choice, it will result in us losing everything that our founders and those who followed fought and died for. Choose you this day freedom or tyranny. May God open our hearts and eyes to the truth!

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  10. QuoVadisAnima says:

    From On the Issues for Donald Trump on healthcare: “Our objective [should be] to make reforms for the moment and, longer term, to find an equivalent of the single-payer plan that is affordable, well-administered, and provides freedom of choice. Possible? The good news is, yes. There is already a system in place-the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program-that can act as a guide for all healthcare reform. It operates through a centralized agency that offers considerable range of choice. While this is a government program, it is also very much market-based.”

    Trump was not the first person to suggest expanding FEHBP –

    Oh, and the Dems also said Obamacare wouldn’t cost anything because they were going to pay for it by eliminating waste and fraud in other govt programs, as Trump is now also saying.

    Which begs the question – if they could eliminate all that waste & fraud, then why haven’t they been doing so already?

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    1. Because it was never designed for that purpose. It was designed to execute more control. Inside the thousands of pages are all sorts of nasty things they haven’t even started doing yet….like social workers going into every home to see how they are living and eating – I call it DCFS for everyone. Now that the government controls your health they will tell you what to eat, do etc. It states that they will begin with single poor mothers first and work their way up from there. We all now know about comfort care – to just give pain meds to die in peace and euthanasia. Wait ’til the lawyers discover the built in tort reform….they will be screaming. And why were college loans included in there?

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  11. Todd Lilje says:

    I am uncertain about which candidate is the best. But I do have grave reservations about voting for anyone who knowingly falsifies or distorts the truth. It is evident that Ted Cruz has done this on more than one occasion and has shown no sign of “Making Right” what was wrong. This is particularly distasteful when he names the name of Christ. I have not seen this dishonesty to this degree in anyone else in the campaign. This is very distasteful and has disqualified himself in my eyes.

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  13. Deanna says:

    Quoting David:::: Trump is bombastic, rude at times, and has an ego the size of the grand canyon…… But, his common sense approach to the needs of America, are right on key…..he’s completely ANTI ESTABLISHMENT….. He just promised to stop the use of profanity….. That’s a great thing…..but, if you are going to attack him with false rhetoric, Trump SUPPORTERS will call you out On it ::::end quote

    I am a Trump supporter and will most likely vote for him in the NM primary But if he has promised to stop the use of profanity, was he promising to stop using it himself, or was he promising to make it illegal? I would love to see him start acting like a leader NOW and quit playing along with Rubio and Cruz like a bunch of school yard bullies. He needs to get a tough skin and get on with what he plans to do as president leave the name calling at home show us he is worthy of our votes. If he can’t take the bulling from Cruz and Rubio, Heaven help him when he starts dealing with the leaders of foreign countries.

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  14. Cruz is a Canadian Cuban, Legally, and by law not a real natural born American, & doesn’t understand American values or even Americans. No one in the USA should be bound to a foreign candidate for an American office. It is unconstitutional.


  15. Bridgitte says:

    There is only a one party system. If you think that the political system is honest and that the will of the people has any place in the decision making process this article is not for you. The system is rigged folks. The evidence is everywhere you look. The Presidential primaries are the biggest con going and it is Big
    $$ine$$ for those who report on it.

    The once-independent media is controlled. We no longer get the “news” but instead are fed a flavored version of events designed to control the masses. Yep, even your favorite talk-radio host is in on the gig. Talk-radio is major-moolah and you can bet your last dollar that every one of these guys is in the tank for somebody.

    Some are out in the open…Beck, Levin…others give the appearance of neutrality…Rush, Hannity, but make no mistake all of the major talkers know exactly where their bread is buttered. How do you think that they got to where they are? Why is there so little agreement in the “conservative” press?

    Controlled media. That is what someone once labeled them. But it is not so much that they are controlled but that their real job is to control you and me. If we, the great unwashed, were ever given the opportunity to know the truth this nation would be in all out revolt.

    We live in a captured nation and the “conservative” media is playing the role of prison guard. Their job is to keep the prisoners fat and sassy. At the end of the day, they are responsible for making sure that you feel secure because Rush or Sean or Mark or Glenn is on the job.


  16. I would like the pure and simple truth, when Cruz first got into Senate I saw him stand up to Diane Feinstein, and thought Wow he would make a good President. I like Trump too, I sure would like to know the truth about both. Will have to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten us as to which one is going to do His will, and be the one God wants in Office!


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