In a surprising chain of events, many  New Hampshire voters were looking for Trump today…many didn’t see him as a republican, nor a democrat so they thought he was an independent…and were totally shocked to find he was on the republican ballot.

Listen as  those working at a precinct tell their story of people wanting to find out how to vote for Trump…some wanted to register as an independent to vote for Trump and were surprised he was a republican.  Why?  He didn’t sound like one – in a good way.  His ideas were so American.

Now let’s keep this movement going!  TRUMP IS THE MAN TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!  People are tired of the establishment bully horn!

Dianne Marshall



  1. People make mistakes all the time. In FOX NEWS case, these selected reporters are paid to be bias and vindictive. I hold their supervisors for criminal intent and would strongly advise the stock holders of FOX NEWS the abusive conduct by miss leading the general public. Congratulations is in order to Donald J. Trump and his campaign teams “Donald J. Trump For President 2016”. for the massive win in the New Hampshire Primary 2016.

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  2. And Ted Cruz is STILL repeating his same ‘talking’ points he’s been corrected on and chastised for (lies) …. but he won’t stop … he’s till saying Trump tore that ladies house down. And, he said in this last debate, Trump wanted total socialized medicine and that people that did not want that wanted people to die in the streets — surely he know we watched the debate? ~~~~ NO . MORE . POLITICIANS! …. Families for Donald J Trump!

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  3. America has made one huge mistake electing obama. Let’s pray so we don’t do that again. Cruz has defiled my God & the Lord Jesus Christ & Christians in America along all over the world. Think about that as he goes down in polls.


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