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Trump’s victory speech was very moving for all.  When he began his speech and started thanking those who were very close to him, it was obvious he felt very deeply when he thanked his parents who loved this country very much and who he acknowledged as looking down upon him and being very proud.  That was the moment.  The defining moment of what each vote means to him. Trump spoke with a big chunk of his heart, and each supporter listening could tell it is truly all about lifting up this great nation and  making her great again.

“We are going to make America great again. So, I want to thank everybody but I really have to begin by paying homage to my parents Marianne and Fred they’re up there and they’re looking down, they’re saying this is something very, very special, they love this country and they’re very very happy right now so.”

Donald graciously in the most honorable manner thanked his family and close friends who helped him, including his wife Melania who was standing at his side during the victory speech.

“And we can go right down the line but we have to start with Melania and what she puts up with… Okay. She said right from the beginning, ‘you know if you run, you know you’re going to win’, and she said that from day one. So Melania, thank you honey, thank you.”

Trump moved on and got to the most important ones of all, the people of New Hampshire who proudly voted for him to be their next president of the United States.

“I’ll tell you what we are really wanting, we want to thank the people at New Hampshire- right!”  The crowd roared and filled the room with applause.

Donald went on to deliver his speech with deep conviction and directness addressing the major issues of unemployment and real numbers being 20 or more realistically up to almost 42 percent and not the fictitious numbers they are telling. He stressed job creation, veterans, an Obama Care that needs appealed, the heroin problems and border issues, ridding common core and putting education back on a local level. Stressing local and vowing to fix a list of other major issues that are ruining the lives of Americans. He touched on Bernie Sanders ideas and his folly of giving away America. Listen to the speech below.

“You know we learned a lot about ground games in one week, I have to tell ya.” Trump

Dianne Marshall







  1. I listened to him last night. The media is now trying to put doubts in Americans mind by saying it doesn’t make any difference how many votes he gets, it depends on the colleges electoral votes. Well, it look to me, he also won on that end.


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