Well, it’s like this…when a lightweight is in the ring with the big guys and gets a knock out punch….the lightweight usually sees little birdies flying around his eyes and says things subconsciously like, “I didn’t see that coming….I didn’t see that coming”, while his handler gives him water to rinse his mouth and spit, then puts a cold towel behind his neck and points out what to do next. In this case light weight Rubio was in the ring on his own with no handler in sight to help him rinse and spit….no cold towel, no pointers. He got a knock -out punch and instead of little fluttering birdies…. all he saw was future twitter tweets “Obama knows exactly what he’s doing….Obama knows exactly……”

rubio pppp

Radio talk show host, Michael Savage, in a recent Trump interview, described Sen. Marco Rubio, as a “lightweight” who doesn’t belong in “the big boys club,” he asked Trump, “Where did they get this guy from?”

Trump declined to add to Rubio’s black eye, but instead put a cold cloth behind his neck and like a seasoned pro, recalled the events from the debate when Gov. Chris Christie caught Rubio repeating the memorized script, noting that Rubio relies on canned talking points and doesn’t have the executive skills and experience necessary to be president. Did I say cold cloth? I think that was more a rinse and spit.

Here’s the cold cloth…

“I don’t know, but I was standing next to him during the debate,” Trump said, “and it was sort of a weird thing going on, and I watched it, and said, ‘Well, wait a minute, he said that a minute ago. And then he said it again and again.

“I don’t know what happened to him,” Trump said.

“He’s been very nice to me,” he said of Rubio. “I just don’t know what happened.”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/02/trump-to-savage-maybe-obama-doesnt-want-to-defeat-isis/#oVWgz6P3YWdZmuDf.99

Dianne Marshall




  1. I love the way Trump answers the TV reporters. Now they are harping on what he repeated last night. Yet, they are sitting there repeating the same thing & talking about what would happen if children saw that. They wouldn’t have thought a thing except the word pussy cat. That word was around many years ago before they were born. Their mouth flies open like that is just the worse thing. They think he doesn’t know anything what he is going to do if he wins. He is very tight lipped about not divulging his plans & careful how he answers their plans. So he never gives anything away. Smart choice.


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