Every once in a while, someone makes a comment on a blog that just needs sharing.  Especially a person who is trying to do what’s right and not get in anyone’s way. That makes it all the more priceless.

I have to share this person’s comment.  For the sake of privacy, I will just call her Shela.  Enjoy….

Well, a lot has happened since I posted Jan. 13, 2016. We have seen lying, cheating, vote stealing. We have one candidate mamma’s boy from a crime family. He lied, accused another of buying an old woman’s property who didn’t want to sell to make a parking lot. Total lie. Never happened and he knew he was lying. There was a lady there, and there was property but no one bought the property when she didn’t want to sell. (but you see, if they get caught in the lie they can claim oh I must have got it confused) sick trick! That is a liar. 

According to an article I read today two candidates running are not even eligible and they knew all along they were not eligible that’s lying; trying to steal the presidential job. Fraud, criminal, in fact are both even in the Senate legally? Who is in charge of making sure those who sign-up to run have birth certificate or papers in order? it would save lots of trouble if they would do their job.

Both who are not eligible have cheated with voting machines, or lying saying another who are running have dropped out, slick slithering lie to steal the others votes.

And the question of the day was Is Donald Trump a Christian? Does he confess his sins? Well the candidates that have been lying, cheating, stealing votes were not him. But folks I have heard of no one repenting, no not one.

Oh, but these were not the one on trial here were they? We already knew they were Christians b/c they told us. Right? 

Yet the one that was on trial is the only one who has acted like a Christian. Yet some still want to stop him at any cost. Don’t sound Christian like at all to me. 

All Donald Trump is doing is he’s trying to “Make America Great Again ” costing taxpayers no money. By not being owned by special interest groups, Wall Street, etc. Yet for some reason people want a liar, cheater, stealer. He’s had to fight some people just to do whatever it is he’s doing. Now ain’t that just a dandy?

Written by Shela

How many of you feel like Shela?  I wonder how the Patriarch of the Duck Dynasty feels about now?  Has anybody asked?

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  1. phil fan says:

    I feel the same way too = the good man who tries to do right is attacked by the whole world while liars skate. Well said Shela, we know the world hates the Light. We see the proof here in this campaign. But the truth will come out and triumph in the end. Bravo!

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  2. Naomi R. Verdugo says:

    Excellent! Donald Trump is the only person with a proven record of business experience. The United States of America should be treated as a business. I have no doubt that Mr. Trump is the only candidate that can and will do everything her has said. Of course they attack him…they are all running scared! I support Trump all the way to the White House! #Trump2016

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  3. If he is not, God send evil to fight evil sometime. This you can’t really tell due to the situation America is in. Whether he is or not, we are going to have a strong leader who will not back down. He is the only one of the candidates who has that. The other candidates I believe would give into the pressure or run.


  4. Carol says:

    We need a strong LEADER! Did anyone ask Patton if he was a Christian before the troops followed him? Was his “born again” status the only thing that mattered? Did they refuse his leadership because he used “colorful” words? Or did they know he was the one to get the job done and let him and God work it out as to the status of his soul?

    I’ve been having those arguments put on my own wall by diehard Cruzbots who prefer a lying, cheating fraudster to a leader who will get the job done to save our country from the clutches of evil.


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