No Fed in Texas Ed


Texas’ education is in a shambles.  Our kids throughout the State are suffering at the hands of the disastrous college and career readiness standards (aka Common Core.)

Our State Board of Education chair has denied she accepted the mandate to incorporate national standards into our TEKS, despite being shown that we have the evidence of such.

Parents are busy trying to coordinate opting out of STAAR tests, learning how to homeschool and suffering through homework and failing grades night after night.

Students are distraught and being labeled with a myriad of disorders, such as ADD, ADHD or otherwise learning disabled, when there is nothing physiologically impaired.

Teachers are bound and gagged by their contracts not to speak out against the system that is killing their profession and preventing them from actually teaching.

Administrators are increasingly bought off for education reform through big lobbies that give them big titles in their…

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One thought on “No Fed in Texas Ed

  1. phil fan says:

    I’m glad to find here allies who are knowledgeable on this issue as I’m really not. Also the UN Agenda 21 scam I wasn’t really aware of any details. Good job!

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