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There are a lot of people who think all the sustainable development stuff is good for lobsters. Then there are those that say, “Hey man….I tell ya, this doesn’t look good for lobsters at all!”

The turtles will simply withdraw in their shells and wait until it’s all over, the ostrich will stick his head in the sand, the wolves in sheep’s clothing will lead sheeple astray,  while the lions will leap forward and roar out a warning.  Which explains the problem we’re in. There just aren’t enough lions and lobsters who are aware.

I’m voting Trump and not waiting until the establishment calls their elite to dinner.


Dianne Marshall



  1. I just wanted to ask that all Trump Supporters listen to this podcast called “An open letter to Donald Trump”. —– (aka) ” Trump Must Challenge Secret Computer Counts in NH & SC”

    Copy Paste this whole link below and you’ll find it. — see menu tab on “Election Nite Gatekeepers”

    It outlines exactly how the GOP will attempt to steal this election from Donald through voter fraud. The guy has been working on this since 1988 and he knows what he’s talking about.

    I know its a long shot, and maybe a pipe dream, but with a candidate as bold, real, and popular as Donald Trump (whose willing and able to CLEARLY SAY the things that need to be said – at the perfectly timed moment) And with his supporters ready and aware of their schemes – we could stop this TYRANNY just once and foil their UNBELIEVABLY EVIL plans. See for yourself, but it looks likely that they have rigged all of our elections for decades – and I say its about time that we at least TRY TO STOP them.

    He has the evidence and the solutions and he’s reaching out to Team Trump as we speak ( and its likely that Donald knows much of this, and may have even known before he chose to run) But WE MUST KNOW – so that we’re ready and able to come out strong, quickly, united and educated (at the precise moment) and turn back the lies that will come from every direction if anyone dares to expose their crimes, and break their treacherous game. We’ve got one shot at this. And most Trump Supporters know that we will probably not get another one. God help us and God Bless the American People and His and their chosen leader – Donald J Trump! IJN!!!


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