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Last night I predicted CNN is going to tar and feather the lying senator Cruz.  Well, once again….what was Rafael thinking?  CNN – fired back at him and his false words.  Will he ever learn that truth is always best, especially when caught in a lie?

Guess not.!cruz-flat-out-lied/rlhv5



  1. I side with whoever is RIGHT. No matter if they are Democrat, Republican, or other. CNN is right on the money on this one and Ted Cruz is a despicable liar in more ways than one. I am thrilled that they are calling him out on this.

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    1. phil fan says:

      Yep its catching up with him, the lies. Very poor judgment to think you could shift the blame for your dirty tricks over to the media and NOT have them hate you. Dumb. Stupid. What did Mark Twain say? “Never get in a war of words with someone who buys ink by the barrel”. How could Cruz not know this??

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  2. The Cruz camp is so messed up with their mining spy data on how people think, feel, and react that they have lost sight of the human element. Their judgment is based on what people say and do on Facebook. That is their first mistake. People hold back and are much more polite, and most refrain at all from commenting. Therein lies their first big mistake, the second mistake is whinny voiced Cruz is trying to be Trump arguing with the media. He has been the Trump Mini Me for a while now. He forgot one thing. Trump calls out the media lies….he doesn’t lie to the media. Cruz is a big failure.


  3. I decide to make a comment, because I been posting your articles for quite sometime, and I like your fresh approach in the writing, sometimes sarcastic and always to the point.
    I have meet Cruz about 3 years go, in his campaign for senator of Texas, I told to him in our both language, through that conversation we both knew that we can’t go farther than to run for either house, but the presidency was away from our lead…simply put it, we are NOT Natural born citizen.
    I like Cruz born in foreign country, and with one parent American citizen, my father was a war veteran, and he could have give his life 200 times for the USA I will not be a Natural born, in the other hand, when born in foreign country, one MUST be register in the USA consulate of that Country of birth, when the child born, without this registration the child is not considerate citizen of the USA, the child can have 100 parents American citizen, still not a citizen… my father didn’t register me, we live under dictatorship at the time, and he was not allow to take me or my mom, so base in the circumstances I was not recognize as a citizen of the USA through my father, when I enter in the USA, even if my father show in immigration back in San Francisco to claim me as his daughter, because I was not register at birth, I have to enter as in immigrant, not a citizen… so where is Cruz papers to show that he is actually register? it’s very strong possibility that he’s not legal to occupied the seat of senator, because he run as American and we know that at least until 2014 he was Canadian.

    It’s way to many strikes against this corrupt, dishonest, manipulator, deceiver, fraud to account against him, immigration, education, faith, etc, him and his father are cons and even the Cuban nationals implicate that about them. Dominion cult is not a Christian faith, is more close to islam that is to Christianity, most people don’t even know, but that is what cruz and his father follow, in fact his father has “anointed” him as the king of the USA.
    He has been groom by communist teachings through his father, his father and Castro has been in good relationship through years, in fact Castro help him to get out of controversies of fraud and other corrupt ties in Canada, with the business of oil, reason why he run to the USA, illegally, Cruz father, didn’t have legal papers when he came to the USA in 1974, he was Canadian, not American… this people need to be vetted close, they are very dangers to the future of the USA, and his wife a globalist as well, who’s for the North American Union, Cruz is also involve in the support of WINDLANDS, that is in direct connection with URANIUN ONE from Canada, who’s buying without the knowledge of the American rancher and farmers Americans lands, by thief, corruption, fraud, threats, through the BLM, that is the case fighting today in Oregon, Texas, soon DC and other parts of the country… he’s the missing piece for the North American Union, so the UN, which will lead to the NWO…
    Cruz is in enemy of the American sovereignty and the people, politicians are MASTERS of deception and manipulation, no one better than Cruz.
    Thank you for standing up !


    1. Thank you. That is what I have along with many others, been asking. He has sealed his records and refused to show a consulate report. To do so would either show he is not natural born, and not to would show he is not a citizen.


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