For those defending Senator Cruz’s stance on respecting Home Schooling, please read his bill to amend Messer’s original legislation.

On the outside Ted wants you to believe it is in the best interest for equality etc. Messer’s Bill was all those things until Cruz added his bill to amend Messer’s bill. By adding S 306, Section I, Title I Portability under ESEA is “amended by adding to the end” of which are state plans for standards, testing, and accountability which is referenced in Sen. Ted Cruz’s bill.

A Title I child accepting funds to implement a federal education program is considered a recipient of federal financial assistance. This will effectually mandate Common Core to every private school accepting the enrolled Title I funded portability child. Which would now include home schooling!

Why? Because Cruz also included within his bill a clause specifically pointing out that home schooling would now be as any private school.

This is how Cruz operates..He tells you, like he did in the Blaze interview, 

“I’m not remotely pushing for homeschool to be reclassified in any way, shape or form.”

Then from his own bill it specifically states:

(C)Private school.—

For purposes of this section, the term ‘private school’ includes any home school that meets the requirements of State law applicable to such home schools, whether or not such school is deemed a private school for purposes of State law.

Wake up people and learn how he deceives. This is not about liking a candidate or not. This is about what Senator Cruz is presently doing while he is in the Senate. And it is not pretty, nor to you or your child’s best interest….unless you approve of common core, hate home schooling,  or are unable to read, then you will not know nor care. You will merely follow along. 

Every amendment Cruz has made 99.9 % is not for the best interest of the original bill’s intent. He is like the devil himself lurking over clean legislation seeking to add a poison pen stroke at the end of any and all well meaning effort.

Dianne Marshall



  1. phil fan says:

    He is following the Obama playbook of lies and deceit. We have allowed a foreigner to run for Senate and President. Texas you failed to vet this guy. Is he an American citizen??

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  2. NotDNotR - just want the facts says:

    This post is flat out wrong in what this bill does (which is a bit concerning). The bill modified 2 different laws. The change to the definition of “private school” only applies to a specific section of the IRS code regarding what is considered a qualified educational expense for Coverdell Edication Savings Accounts. Right now homeschoolers can’t use this type of account. This bill changes that, which would be a nice tax advantage that homeschoolers could use to pay for homeschooling. The changes to Title 1 don’t have anything to do with homeschooling or the change to the definition of “private school.” They are different laws. A change in one doesn’t impact the other.

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    1. They can not use that because home schools were never considered a private school. Under the Cruz bill amendment your so loved home school is now considered a private school. Read his bill!!! If you like your home school….you can keep your home school. If you want your tax advantage, etc. it comes with strings. You now must abide by the Federal mandates to receive it. FACT PURE AND SIMPLE. But, I am personally not for home schooling, nor am I for COMMON CORE. I am just informing you all. Keep your dang blinders on and go all the way to common core with them. You guys who won’t read sure are missing out on what they are doing to you all. Good Grief!

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  3. NotDNotR - just want the facts says:

    It doesn’t say anything about complying with federal mandates. The bill says if you are considered a homeschool under your state law, you qualify. There are no strings and to say otherwise is simply stating something that is untrue. There is no requirement to comply with federal mandates. All those mandates are in an entirely different section of laws that this bill doesn’t touch.


    1. Jan Larson says:

      They never tell you everything. There is always unwritten statements. Written in a way the common person could never understand. Look at the Obama care, 1000s of pages and no one read what it really said. They didn’t take the time. They voted for it to pass in just hours. Totally unread

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