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It’s not about who took first or second in Iowa, nor is it about the Democrat coin toss, or the 90 precincts whose votes were never turned in and counted.  It is about VOTER FRAUD!

Both crowd makers Trump and Bernie are all for a fair election.  What they are not for is VOTER FRAUD.  Neither are any of their supporters, nor any true American, nor any real Iowa voter either!

The most serious point to be made today, and to be heard is the fact that VOTER FRAUD did take place and if this is so in our face, and going to continue…why the heck are we even going any step further in this PHONY ELECTION VOTER FRAUD PACKED PROCESS?

Those who have perpetrated the fraud and broken election laws MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS.  If not….there is no election and going forward will only bring about a revolution that will make Iceland’s Pots and Pans look like a picnic.

We’ve seen and now watched the political ground game of both the GOP and the Dems… isn’t going to play this year.  There will be accountability one way or the other.

Is the establishment willing to have an uprising of people ready to overthrow the entire government structure and restore the constitution and law in the size and magnitude that they have always feared?  If they continue their lying ground game of deceit and if justice is not done, and those who have violated election laws are not held accountable…. they just may trigger an outcry from the people they have never even dreamed of let alone thought they would ever live to see.

Dianne Marshall



  1. sheila says:

    Yes Bernie’s and Trump stand together on this one! So tired of them acting like they can’t come up with some process that allows no room for cheating or fraud. Don’t you get it “we the people” are finally waking up and or are already fully awake. The gig is up quit playing games.

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  2. consultingrus says:

    Dianne I am feeling your pain!! Ironic, because the same words are coming out of my mouth today (stupid for example). I responded to a person who sent me the Washington post article by Kareem Muslim Jabbar: it was hard to read!!

    > Here is my response to her:
    > You are sending me an article by an old liberal basketball player, what does he know? Who cares what he thinks, he is so far removed from the realities of the common folk. He watches BET I am sure. He is not even in the same league as trump, has he given of himself like trump? Maybe I’m uninformed of his greatness outside the court. He’s talking about trump is not fit for government work, and who made him the judge, he knows basketball (sports are for the not-so-bright of mind but the physically superior). Stick to basketball dude, stick to the court. What does he know about creating jobs, he knows teaching basketball moves-again WHO CARES!!! & WHO CARES WHAT HE THINKS!!!
    > I’m about to make my own videos!! [Like diamond and silk.]
    > To the churches…& the stupid people!!! Those that have the nerve to open up their celebrity mouths and express their views… Shut up! Go back to the mall and buy some more Jordans’
    > Dianne your articles are so very helpful and I am about to explode and certainly get out my pots and pans!!! More people need to understand how and why they should get off their lazy bottoms and turn off the faux news and pick up their pots and pans!!! Ugh!! When is enough, enough?

    Your friend,
    The conservative zebra (the black stripe reporting)

    P.S. We (black & white stripe) are on the verge of going public or live online/YouTube, to encourage pots and pans… I am not sure I can sit still any longer. I think the corruption is going to steal from trump and the American people-again!!!


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  3. doubledenvy says:

    Lew Alcindor was a racist when he went to UCLA and played for John Wooden basketball program. During the 60’s Lew changed his name , as did Classius Clay did (muhammad ali) , a buddy of mine , played along side Lew at UCLA , and had told me “Lewis” as Coach Wooden always called him , Alcindor was very insecure (maybe height, color and upbringing) led to his out look in life. He was not a nice guy (and probably still isn’t) , Alcindor always acts like he was burdened with huge chains. Why do you think he never coached in the NBA. I hope he finds peace and nirvana , I believe he is a Buddist , A after thought , if the media and Cruz people spin the above mentioned voter fraud , any harder , the spin motor will break. I think they have already put in the biggest maxi – fuse that the fuse box can take. LMAO


  4. phil fan says:

    Redo the Iowa caucus, vet Cruz, STFU racists, turn off radio hacks Limbaugh, Levin and demand accountability from our government. If Cruz gets away with this as Obama did then we are lost and our country is over. Choose America no this Globalist/International agenda


  5. David F Mayer says:

    What do you have against dead people voting? Just because they are dead, that does not mean that their voting rights die with them.

    Or people voting ten or twenty times on the same day? If voting ONCE is patriotic, then voting TEN TIMES on the same day is even more patriotic.

    Or illegal aliens? After all, aren’t they entitled to the same rights as the rest of us?


  6. I have seen more Republicans say this is over ‘move on’, or this is ‘over exaggerated’ or whatever and it absolutely lights me up that people are so willing to sweep everything under the carpet! If we keep sweeping things under the carpet, we will get the same results as we have now. MORALS & VALUES! Come out, come out wherever you are!

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