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If you haven’t figured it out yet, the GOP is self destructing…and it is appearing as though this is by design.  The GOP conservative right puppets have went up in flames and the GOP republicans are burning like a brush fire attacking everything.  Why?  Let’s do a Donald here.  Sit back and access.  What do they have to gain?

Let’s look at the recent Obama remark…..”The next president will be a Democrat.”  Now let’s look at all the juggling the GOP is doing…..Eating their own front runner, allowing those with eligibility issues to continue to run, watching the National Review fall on their swords along with other conservative talk show hosts, and having the Fox debate moderators totally unleashed as the hounds of hell they are now exposed to be.  (The old attack dog phrase is now history….they are now full blown unleashed hounds from hell.)

HOUNDS Fluffy-Harry-Potter-Hell-hound

Now please recall, from the very onset of this election they allowed a huge lineup of candidates to run- originally twenty something…but 17 made it to the debate.  Then the flair and unbalanced delighted in splitting the debate in half and calling those with less poll numbers the “Undercards”.  Demeaning?  Well, when you stop and recall them giggling about it and later mocking that it was the “kiddie table”….YES.  IT WAS INTENTIONAL AND DEMEANING.

The 2016 debates were officially nothing more than fresh, free material for Saturday Night Live skits and comedy line show openers for every talk show host. The left wing news had a hay day watching and reporting on the republicans eating their own.

So when the Fox News debate team sent out a press release to the candidates poking fun at the Donald what did they expect?  Trump was fed up with the disrespect and joke they had turned the seriousness of running for the highest office in the land into.  He said, “Bye, Bye.”  Faux News smirked, and thought he was kidding.  But when he announced he was having his own event – they paid attention.  They sent “milk shake” O’Reilly to the rescue but even he couldn’t reduce himself low enough in his begging effort to seduce the Donald back to the debate.  So instead, they targeted the rest of the presidential GOP debate lineup with the cue cards from the Red Queen Kelly.  The result was more glee filled pie throwing at the Donald, (enjoyed by all) that quickly turned into a rock throwing contest at each other. Or more like a stoning episode controlled by the moderators.

Meanwhile, since the media whores couldn’t stop Trump from foregoing their debate trap, they retaliated by shouting out more nasty’s to him and his supporters.  Then they went a step further and made an all out effort to humiliate and degrade the veterans and wounded warriors Trump and Trump supporters were honoring and raising money for.  But that is so in line with their Sgt. Bergdahl /Obama, Benghazi mentality.

GOP Take-back-America copy

These are just a few of the nasty things.  But, let’s just stop here and assess… it’s easy to understand why the left and the right would attack the anti-establishment America loving Donald, but why would they also be attacking the entire republican lineup?  Add to that the fact that the Democratic debates have been a joke about an email female shrew one step away from the big house and not the white one, and a communist who has another pair of underwear on the radiator?  Oh and a guy called O’Malley.   Could it possibly be that they have a democrat in mind that will come up in the wings when the time is right?  And could it also be that the GOP republican party is pushing hard for a brokered convention so they can pit an entirely new candidate against the new democrat darling?

Either way, what ever they are doing we must remember the fact that there is no such thing as a party, they are both run by the establishment.  With that in mind there are two things that are perfectly clear – none of them know how to get around or through the Donald and….the mutually shared establishment parties  have something dastardly brewing behind closed doors.

Dianne Marshall



  1. doubledenvy says:

    I just took my dog for a walk , looked at the clouds and all snow we got overnight , it was “YUGE”. And after reading today that TROLLS are talking about “The Conspiracy” , that the THE MARSHALL REPORT and CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE are a Donald Trump , quasi-subterfuge?RED BRIGADE group that need to be monitored , and Bla Bla Bla and Yada Yada Yada (Must See NBC) whatever. And And Ted Cruz monitoring Iowa Voters voting past (analytically seeing* is that a word? – doesn’t look right , does that ever happen to you) and shaming them out to vote. anyway , walking the dog , looking a Snow Geese , in formation flying north – seems early , but nature is God driven in my mind ,” I’m going to Carolina” * Loved John Denver (I’m such a nerdy American , but I like songs I could hear the lyrics , when singers were singing) Back at the ranch , walking the dog , all is good , I’m thinking f*ck it , “I Can’t Stand The Rain” (Nina Simone rendition) I am staying off the INTERWEB , which I think AlGore invented. But I like Dianne Marshalls site so much , I refuse to give in to these Intellectual Conservative Purists. I was born in Orange County , California , when it was the Conservative Bastion of the world , how do I know. I was 8 years old when my Grandmother had a fund raiser for Barry Goldwater in her living room , when he was running for President , attended by the likes of Howard Hughes (yes that Howard Hughes) John Wayne and his wife Pilar , June Allyson (some actress , Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and Kay Woods (Rock Hudson’s mom) , the were al staunch conservatives , America is King and we dictate how bright that shining light on the hill burns is what they were talking about with their finger sandwiches and cocktails. My dad was UDT/Frogman WW2 and Korea , so there idea of patriotism , Americanism , permeate my skull of mush (Limbaugh’s description – not mine) I asked my dad why these people were of the view they had toward politics (Viet Nam wis just starting) , and he said “They all believe the the world should experience the freedom and liberty that is the American Experience , people want to be free , as a 8 year old , all I was just thinking about how good the waves and surf might be tomorrow. America is the best place in the world , and I have surfed, ski’d all around the world , some people have “Seven Summits) , my bucket list was 5 continent’s. But I must say , the bar has been lowered , for what and where this country once aspired toward. I won’t give up , because “The Greatest Generation” gave me a great chance to experience the world , I owe it to the younger generations , the same experience. As I hum the lyrics to Bob Marley “No Woman , No Cry …. No Woman , No Cry … Cause Cause Cause I remember , when we used to sit…. In a government yard in Trenchtown …. Oba observing the ‘hypocrites / As they would mingle the good people we meet ……..Vote Trump 2016

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  2. phil fan says:

    Nice analysis. Yep somethings cooking to dump the Trump. Yep the uniparty hacks are going to try every trick in the book but hey we have the BIG DOG who has one heck of a bite. I like our chances

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    1. doubledenvy says:

      Read Jon Rappaports’ at his site , the Read is something “Why the Davos – Bilderburger set is against Trump” , different viewpoint , way above my pay grade , but Rappaport never holds back.

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  3. Sha/la says:

    Gosh, I thought I saw Ole’ Joe. My husband said nope can’t be ole’ Joe. Dear you need a new pair of glasses. I ask why do you think I am not seeing clearly? Because dear as you know we see through a glass dimly and ole’ Joe is just that… To old!
    So we all agree there is something going on behind closed doors. But what ?

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  4. phil fan says:

    May the Light of God surround him, May the Love of God enfold him, my the Power of God protect him, May the Presence of God watch over him,

    In this time of peril Donald comes to us to fight off great evil. To restore our freedom. The outcome is in the balance Now. We have received this gift with our whole hearts and are standing firm. Our ranks are growing daily in numbers and in strength. The rallies, the votes, the cheers are our shields against the circling evil. Battle lines are becoming clearer. Allies are emerging as issues are defined and deceivers exposed.

    Many we do not know of yet are responding as we are, rallying against evil with our leader Trump. High placed people who are aware of our grave danger, who love America and who love Americans are secretly with us. They too see a great and powerful man who can make us strong and proud again. Many are now quietly in touch with Donald as they see his strength grow week by week, telling him of evil plans they have discovered. Donald, a social and political genius, is without doubt willing and able to counter all their plots. His Intel is good, his heart is good. Patriots are gathering. This is my hope and prayer: Let us trust in the power of truth, in each other and in Mr. Trump. May Gods will be done.

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      1. phil fan says:

        Double it’s the Prayer for Protection from the Unity School of Christianity. It concludes: “Wherever he is, there God is”


  5. I just wanted to ask that all Trump Supporters listen to this podcast called “An open letter to Donald Trump”. —– (aka) ” Trump Must Challenge Secret Computer Counts in NH & SC”

    Copy Paste this whole link below and you’ll find it. — see menu tab on “Election Nite Gatekeepers”

    It outlines exactly how the GOP will attempt to steal this election from Donald through voter fraud. The guy has been working on this since 1988 and he knows what he’s talking about.

    I know its a long shot, and maybe a pipe dream, but with a candidate as bold, real, and popular as Donald Trump (whose willing and able to CLEARLY SAY the things that need to be said – at the perfectly timed moment) And with his supporters ready and aware of their schemes – we could stop this TYRANNY just once and foil their UNBELIEVABLY EVIL plans. See for yourself, but it looks likely that they have rigged all of our elections for decades – and I say its about time that we at least TRY TO STOP them.

    He has the evidence and the solutions and he’s reaching out to Team Trump as we speak ( and its likely that Donald knows much of this, and may have even known before he chose to run) But WE MUST KNOW – so that we’re ready and able to come out strong, quickly, united and educated (at the precise moment) and turn back the lies that will come from every direction if anyone dares to expose their crimes, and break their treacherous game. We’ve got one shot at this. And most Trump Supporters know that we will probably not get another one. God help us and God Bless the American People and His and their chosen leader – Donald J Trump! IJN!!!


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