Wow….I sure did not know that the Marshall Report, Printly, and the Conservative Tree House were sponsored by Donald Trump himself to get the word out?

It seems we must be doing some great writing for trolls to actually be needing to target us now.  It’s not a rumor…I happened to find this little battle plan.

trolls copy

For the record, I am not on anyone’s payroll.  It is out of love for this great nation that I support Donald John Trump.  The only one who is not establishment owned is that guy! I am on board to make America great again and to know that in this election cycle I am doing all I can to get the leader of the people, and I do mean of all the people, elected.

It is for the future of America that I labor to deliver the truth and expose the lies spewed by the establishment elite puppet masters and their puppets. The trashing and ripping apart of a good man with venomous lies seems to be the only way Trump’s opposition can oppose him, and each time they do it – TRUMPS NUMBERS GO UP!

If what I do plays any part in helping America get the best man elected then I humbly am grateful.  And boldly will do my part.

By the way….Printly had this to say, “Hell, I wish DT paid us.” 

Vote Trump and forever let us go forward into Iowa and then run the tables!  TOGETHER WITH TRUMP WE SHALL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Dianne Marshall

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  1. Dianne Marshall is a wonderful writer and loves Donald TRUMP!!! She tells it like it is just like Trump so all you haters out there need to realize Trumps followers truly believe in and love him! He is a Doer and if he says he will make something happen ,its a Done Deal! He is the Deal Maker not the Deal Breaker NOT bought and sold by the Backers like of all the Rest. We the People are sick of the LIARS, Cheaters and Frauds such as Canadian Cruz!!!! Anyone Running for President that has to seal his or her records to protect their deceitful ways should automatically be eliminated from running period! We the people want Truth, Out in the Open Back Ground History of any person running! We the people want everyone and anyone who breaks the law Unable to run for any Office Period! We are sick and tired of our Government treating Americans as Second Class People! We the People Know we have been Ripped Off by our President and Now is our Chance to make a change that will Count! We must get out and Vote Donald TRUMP as our next President of the United States of America! GO DONALD TRUMP WE LOVE YOU AND KNOW YOU WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

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  2. SueAnn Brockwell says:

    Well, I guess he must have thousands of backers on his payroll from the thousands of comments on the conservative treehouse. And yes, you can tell by all of the red, white and blue teleprompters (grin) that all of the commentors on these sites write his speeches…and isn’t it refreshing to go to a conservative site and actually share research, and have an honest discussion without resorting to four letter words, words containing more than one sylable and friends actually understanding each other? Sheesh.

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  3. Sha/la says:

    I have enjoyed this site very much. Dianne post site address for the reader to search out for themselves where she got the information. She also tells her readers when she writes her own opinions. When a article is her imagination or just for humor. (Unless you choose to pretend ignorance). Reading this site (along with others) has kept the voters informed and updated with hourly, daily, weekly, events happening on the political sceen. Not only the readers informed on the candidates but also all world events, such as the illegal immigration, Germany’s immigrant invasion, the Oregon land-grab, Russia’s Putin, Syria’s Leader Asssd, the mosquitos virus. This is a informative site on all things from politics, health, human interests, religion, not sure I’ve seen a dieting article but Dianne’s not done yet. The best part is we are allowed to post our thoughts, opinions, & what we feel in our hearts. ( the respect is great on this site. No one cutting others down for there opinions & no vulger Cussing) Should someone post something that Dianne knows is a rumor with false facts she replies with the site address informing the readers it is false. I feel safe that I’m getting truth about the political parties and all the players and all world events. I have never felt she was a paied writer for Donald Trump campaign. I just kinda “knew” in my knower she is using her God Given gift out of love for the United States of America to campaign for who she feels is Gods chosen man for president in 2016 🇺🇸 However, it would make not one bit of difference to me if Donald Trump campaign were paying her. For does the Holy Bible not state a man is worth his hire? I know she is not getting paid. Dianne is doing this totally out of love. Glad she’s getting attention! Dianne you are a awesome writer! Your work is amazing. If The Donald contacts you to write articles for hire, you Go Girl…

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  4. Thank you all so very much….and Printly and The Conservative Tree house and all of you who share the information and take the time to read and be informed so you aren’t bamboozled. Right now there is a barrage of misinformation in all directions…and it is an honor to hear your vote of confidence in the service we all are doing. It’s all about making America great again and first rescuing her from the tree she has been nailed too. Every meme, every post of confirmation and every post of question leads us to finding more answers and more truths. It is encouragement to keep going and as one person put it on a comment….WE ARE TRUMP’S SUPER PAC! God bless us all and may Tiny Tim throw away his crutches and walk, did I say walk? LET HIM RUN!!

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  5. Athena the Warrior says:

    So Trump haters which is it? Is Trump paying the thousands of supporters showing up at his rallies? Paying blog sites like The Marshall Report and CTH, or both?

    The desperation setting in by what I believe are highly paid Ops of someone’s campaign is really getting absurd.

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  6. It really is nice to be associated with people who defend Trump against a lying media and establishment. I never really thought of the magnitude of love he and his family truly do have for each supporter….I did today. We are his life line, his real family and he knows that deep in his heart. I have taken him for granted ….unknowingly. It was when I really listened to what I was writing that it smacked me right in the face…we truly are his super PAC, his media, his score card for keeping them honest. We are the fair and balanced. And I have to say, we are the ones, and let’s include David Spuria here with Scorched Earth…(these I know) we are the ones that do it with a decent sense of reporting and don’t get in the Beck /Kelly snake pit when doing it. We merely defend and bring on our witnesses and have to site every dang source because another person who believes lies….just has to have multiple sources. Smiling. Onward Trump Troops…there is an election to win!


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