Once again DARPA’S Twitter has blocked another truth bearing voice. This time it is the inventor…yes the INVENTOR of the technology the RESET Cabal is using to VAX JAB people to become whatever it is they want them to become…or it could be simply depopulate. Luigi Warren posted that the fact people vaccinated with the mRNA vaccines will and do shed spiked proteins, but he assured that the amounts are miniscule and almost certainly can not cause disease abd malaise in others. But the fear factor is what the cabal is wanting and so…he was punished for telling his truth.

Read about Luigi Warren’s his breakthrough here: Does Moderna Therapeutics Have the Next Big Thing in Medicine? (


The truth shall be exposed and all of the evil ones who have maimed, instilled fear, killed others and shut down the world economies causing much despair, anguish and needless pain world wide shall reap justice poured out, pressed down and running over.

Never surrender!



      1. Henry Acres says:

        Yep and it covers such a lot of areas…the sky, the air we breathe, water, the military, government, HAARP, Cellphones, Drones, Disney, Phoneywood, and the list goes on and on and on. Personally, I believe the swamp is so vast and entangles so many of us that we don’t even know how deep it is or how awake we really are or think we are…who really knows for sure what is a deceitful lie or as Ian Hunter once sang, The Truth, The Whole Truth, Nuthin’ But The Truth..

        When my old man would change the subject when asked about Operation Deep Freeze, to which he served two tours, it really made me think about just who, what and where we as a human race really stand in the cycle of life. I know most of your followers are religious and I have no problem with that whatsoever, but I see my life though my day to day awakening.

        I personally don’t see anything happening in the wake of all this political news, but hey we’ll see once we get to that end of the block and look around the corner. I also have my doubts about DJT, although as I have spoken many times, I welcome him to offer me crow if I am wrong.

        Anyway, I enjoy your blog, and miss the good old days of HTML Webpages, in which I wrote many, concerning music.

        Keep On Keepin’ On

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    1. J whit says:

      This censorship of YouTube, twitter, and Facebook has got to stop. They are acting in violation of our American principles of free speach. They are abusing the protection they have been given under the 231 ruling. This has to stop!


  1. A number of businesses are dropping mask mandates if vaccinated. How can they know if the person’s reply is honest or not.? There are several states passing no passport laws. Seems the white horse (political, economic, religious – chaos and confusion) that began its ride spring 2020 has a variety of arrows to shoot from its bow. How are businesses to know if someone has been vaccinated or not? Just ask the Mark Z master!

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  2. David B says:

    Not loading properly on iPhone or iPad (“A problem repeatedly occurred on “””). Upgrading to latest iOS didn’t help. Please fix to make this critically important information more accessible to everybody relying on phones and other personal devices. Brilliant work thanks.

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