GENERAL FLYNN SAYS….Let’s look at the facts we are facing. We are approaching a socialist, Marxist communist shift in our system of politics and it is very real and that is a fact. He expresses the movements of BLM and ANTIFA as sort of a militant arm of them pushing the agenda.

Justice Department drops criminal case against Michael Flynn

Flynn states he is not a Q, and the war is real. Although, many will not believe he means this…I take him at his word. But, that is me…just as others are free to continue to believe their way. But, his message is to push forward together for we are in a serious position and we must all PRESS FORWARD TOGETHER! THE CABAL’S SOCIALIST, MARXIST, COMMUNIST SHIFT to RESET the WORLD is very real and it is the war we are in!

We must all push together to overthrow it! There is no more watching and waiting as some will have you do! GENERAL FLYNN has NEVER SAID TO WATCH AND WAIT as some have directed others to do. NEITHER HAS PRESIDENT TRUMP! NOR HAS SIDNEY POWELL OR LIN WOOD!

We were never supposed to STOP AND WAIT for the next Q drop. We were always to put on the whole armor of God and press forward in the name of the Lord and use the laws God has given us that are in our Republic! WAKE UP AND SEE, WAKE UP AND HEAR….WAKE UP AND PRESS FORWARD DOING ALL YOU CAN TO STAND IN THE WICKED DAY!

Below…another viewpoint on Flynn by “And We know”.



Turn off the TV of FEAR PROPAGANDA, take off your mask, know your rights! Mothers fight for your children in the name of the Lord! Put on the whole armor of God!


Praise the Lord that we are not sitting idle on the beach – we have put our armor on and dared to push and press against the masses!


He says enough of going over and over the same things…and might I can cause you to see legs in the dark!





    1. The Cabal is not a handful of people. It is a world wide web of hirelings from the Top Luciferian fallen ones, down to the old blood line, down to their world leaders they have infiltrated at all levels in world government from the top down. And then it spreads further out from there with their infiltrators in military world wide throughout nations, and the secret societies, the government jobs. organizations, corporations, and then their foot soldiers and influencers. What did people think this was just about Biden and Pelosi and a corrupt Congress, Senate and Justice Department? It has a web in the church, in the educational system, in the humanitarian organizations…the entire United Nations and all of their organizations from WHO, to UNESCO, RIGHTS FOR A CHILD, UNICEF, ALL THE WAY TO THEIR GMO FOOD PROGRAMS! And yes, many of their puppets and some big players have been taken down…but the magnitude of this infiltration is one that should scare the wadden out of anyone…but with God we know he can and will end this monstrous Baal demonic force. The three frogs as I call them – the 3 corporations of London Banks, Vatican and DC are just puppets for the real Cabal. These are demonic forces so great and infiltrated…and yet…they will all come down. Much of this framework has come down…but Flynn is shouting for Americans to hold the line….step up and press forward using all the rights we have as a republic given up. We need to use these rights now to regain our nation. The nation that is infiltrated with rats, hornets, and all manner of evil. Do we believe we are the only ones with space based weapons? NO. China and Russia have toys too. They have been part of NASA all along…but we are supposed to be dumbed down and not know it. The games they have played must all be exposed. This is thin ice the world is treading. We begin by putting our government back to where it must be put. Take down fake news and propaganda sites. ALL SOCIAL MEDIA GIANTS HAVE BEEN PUT UP AND OPERATED BY DARPA. THEY ARE NOT BOY WONDER CREATED. Far from it. We have slept while they continued to weave the most monstrous web of destruction. So hell no this is not all Bull s. As you so suggested. It is a massive mess and we are a thread away from being Marxist Communist China! The Satans of the world are real and they walk among us all. This is not a simple task of changing the president. This is a global monster with many heads. Trump is doing work he could not do in office right as we speak. He is free to take out strongholds that in office he would have to many restrictions to do. I understand the chess game…sad that there are so many that don’t even know what the pieces mean let alone how to move them. Amen. God raise up and army of pressers pressing into the kingdom!

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      1. And if you want to go back to the very first articles years ago on this blog….I warned of this day coming way back then! Warning after warning after warning. And wrote books starting back in 2007 on just what we are going through right this very moment in time!

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      2. Marie says:

        Unless you misunderstood me…..I understand all too well what the cabal is, and it’s no easy task to dismantle them. But some of the recent comments sounded to me like it’s unsurmountable. Believe me I know what’s going on behind the scenes. With so much disinformation out there……it’s hard to know what to believe. For over a year I have prayed for our country, because I knew something was coming. But I just didn’t know how it would end. It’s in God’s Hands!!

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      3. Marie – Amen to that. Sorry I took your message like you were calling out disinformation. Of which it is hard to sort all that has been spread. The obvious ones are all I claim…there is a list that many say…I only express those that are obviously with all the clues of Trump, and his team and eyes to see…called out. I do not go on Q info…as I never fit in with that from the onset in 2017 when it hit. But, most all patriots jumped on board and I am sure it was infiltrated. I am not one to sit and wait for someone to drop a hint and chase it. I have been following events for decades and didn’t need drops. And I don’t do the numerical number thingy….I just rely of God to show me things and where to look and how to discern. Amen.

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  1. Anita says:

    Pray and actions!

    1776 happened because the patriots acted. They prayed and acted; they just didn’t sit around in the pubs and complained about British tyranny.

    This tyranny that patriots are being subjected to & abused with daily has to come to a complete end ASAP.

    President Trump is still the legitimate duly re-elected president. His leadership & Flotus Melania compassion, beauty and class is needed! Flotus Melania also loves God and her praying before a statue of the Blessed Mother in Italy was both lovely and touching.

    These marxistdems thugs expect silence, conformity, acceptance of the election fraud steal, treason, sedition, usurpers, disenfranchisement of over 80 million patriot Trump supporters, open borders, illegal aliens, high taxes, corruption, high crime, antifa and blm thugs, atheism, closed churches and disarmed citizens.

    No more!

    Pray for strength, discernment, courage and knowledge. The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

    Courageous righteous warriors fight the good war!

    St. Michael the Archangel, protect us in battle……


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    Here are A Few Truths That Need To Be Kept In Mind At All Times, And A Couple Of Music Videos That Are Also Good! Keep Believing! You Know Truth Will Make You Free! And Freedoms Are Being Taken Away These Days, So Keep On Keeping On. I Read The End Of The Book, And We Win In The End!

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    1. I know Italy was dethroned and the Queen…but who among the others? I don’t know what is true and what is disinformation. But the pattern appears to be that those who now are death by other means, like Prince Philipp and his funeral. And the obvious not a queen Elizabeth attending it. The real heads are not in government positions. The heads of state are mere puppets.

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      1. General Flynn has made valid points…we must press through the courts and demand our rights and press to organize as a people and all the while the dropper boppers were saying things like sit and we’ll hold your hands. No press forward…but lots of shouts to wake up without any direction as to how. It was driving me crazy. So we through the many great people here began pressing to see the power in the Holy Spirit…it was a journey to awaken…not a mere shouting….it was a journey into waking and seeing we are all called by God’s name…not mere sections. Amen.

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    1. I see Charlie Ward put it out. Disabled comments and didn’t put a bla bla intro to it. My itching ears say wow…boom, but my discernment says…disinformation. It doesn’t feel like a glove. However, I do believe White Hats are doing many things behind the scenes and Trudeau and Biden and all are indeed committing crimes against humanity and that is treason. But…I am not biting their fish hook.

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      1. Beware of the Hollywood Squares pushing junk for ratings. Keep pressing and call on the Lord to lead the way. For God will have the Glory in the Victory…not a female dressed like a male from a bitchute or Rumble account in secret!!!!! In my discernment anyway.

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      2. Terry says:

        I’ve heard the one who is playing Biden has been given an “ending acting” date. As the old adage goes, “Time will tell”.

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  3. lmmoonlight says:

    I respect General Flynn and he is playing his part in this movie. More false flags are to come and there’s nothing we can do about that. I’m tired of this charade and the rhetoric and definitely Mr. 107.

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  4. Little Charlie says:

    I’m hearing so many stories and I hope they are true. If not, we need to get to Heaven a lot sooner. Joe Biden will destroy America; if he stays on the job long enough.

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    1. debjbalk says:

      Joe? Joe who? God bless the great U.S.A. May our Lord help us to protect this beautiful land we call home. His grace prevails forever and ever, Amen!

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  5. test says:

    MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is fired up as he walks through the events that took place in Tennessee yesterday after he was blocked from attending the Republican Governor’s Association (RGA) dinner they had invited him to attend. [Rumble Video Link] The RGA is lying. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is the Chairman of the RGA.

    Incredibly, the RGA contacted Lindell with the invitation to the dinner, then gave Mike Lindell the credentials to attend the dinner, and as he awaited the transport buses with the other governors he was pulled aside and told he was no longer permitted to attend. As Lindell notes Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is the Chairman of the RGA and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is the head of the republican election integrity unit. However, both of them are key figures in blocking any election audit or accountability review in their states. Something is seriously wrong.

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  6. southern1952 says:

    Biden’s time is short..i wonder how kamala will handle things..i don’t think she could fight her way out of a wet paper bag! can’t stand her

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  7. Elizabeth Carter says:

    I have seen this coming for a very long time.
    These times we are living in are beyond anything I could ever have imagined. There are so many things happening all at once all over the world.
    Real Americans won the 2016 election and it came as a major surprise to all of our “elected” politicians and other paid government employees. They have been cheating for so long that they were stunned to discover that they could not control us as completely as they thought they could.
    Trump won and we all stood up with him to take our country back in the way set forth in our Constitution.
    Our existing government was so controlled by foreigners and special interest groups that they had long ago forgotten all about the real American citizens. We suddenly became their worst nightmare.
    We wanted our Government controlled by We the People as it was supposed to be. Instead, the people that we paid generously to fill the various positions on our behalf had figured out methods to protect themselves and each other while using us as their slaves.
    They were so determined that this would never happen again that they doubled down on their election cheating in 2020 to the point that it could not be covered up or over looked by anyone on the whole planet.
    No one in the world has any respect for our current government. It was a stolen election and the people currently in charge will not be able to stay in power. They have gone from being “world leaders” to the “scum of the earth”. It is shocking to them for the whole world to see who they really are.
    Our government employees mistook the power and respect they had worldwide as something they had earned and deserved. They did not realize that the American people had earned that power and respect and were appalled at the disgusting, criminal, incompetent people we had allowed to hold positions of power over us.
    Now that we can clearly see how the elections have been rigged since the early 1900’s, we can see why we could not change it. They kept saying we got what we voted for when in fact we did not vote to put communists and traitors in charge of our country. That goes against American values in every way. Communism is a failed idea. Nothing good ever came from Communism. Nothing at all.
    Our soldiers were sent all over the world to fight Communists while the Communists were busy infiltrating out government at home. Communists have to have us to support them. The Communists killed off their intelligent people so they have to steal the ideas and inventions of intelligent people. No Communist country has ever prospered or done well and none ever will. They have nothing to offer to the world. They are destroyers.
    Now we must finish the job of taking our country back from the scum we have allowed to pass for real Americans when, in fact, there is nothing at all American about them. They hate us and their whole intention is to destroy us.
    We will win. The Communists have never won anything. They have nothing to offer and their history in this world clearly shows exactly what pathetic losers they are. They can’t even feed their own people, much less thrive.
    We are the real Americans and we are taking our country back now.
    We must stand firm, never give up and never give in.

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  8. Donald Lee Faulkner says:

    As the #truthwhisperer objective mind of reason I must point out the facts. When Mike Flynn has made statements using words like “my” and “we” when addressing “his” digital soldiers, that is a direct address to the Q anons from the purported leader and creator. This latest flip-flop is no surprise to some of us who have Seen Lin Wood, Sydney Powell, Juan O Savin pretending he’s JFK Jr., all flip-flopping on their statements and moving the goalpost ahead each time they speak. The left-wing and right-wing are attached to the same corrupt bird. I have personally given evidence to all of them showing how hundreds of nonprofits and other companies are part of a huge network that operates an international credit card fraud enterprise out of Seychelles, France, finances BLM and Antifa including the Zoom conference planning the Capitol Breach on Jan. 6, 2021. The evidence that they are involved in child and human trafficking. Copies of the social media accounts and LinkedIn accounts giving the dot to dot connections to The Action Network in Washington DC that is the center of the election fraud and all of this criminal activity. And I include the evidence of that evidence being given to them has placed my life and wellbeing in jeopardy. The best these folks can do is excuse after excuse about why nothing is being done acting exactly like those they condemn. Looks like they are giving the deep state the time it needs to tighten all its loose ends and become unassailable. I hope I’m wrong but it will not end well if in the end, we find that to be true. They’ve done away with all of the agencies that protect We The People from the tyranny of government and weaponized them against us. They labeled our militias as terrorists to remove that 3%er element. The ONLY thing left between us and them is our guns. If you take my advice and start vetting the companies and products you use to see ANY connection to The Action Network, you’ll begin to see just how big it is and how many of your children are being indoctrinated by the desensitizing social engineering mechanisms on social media. You’ll start to see how they have slowly crept in just under your noses and are involved in EVERYTHING imaginable and must be exposed. boycotted, whatever it takes to weed out this plague of communist and Marxist ideology. This page is WordPress, a part of The Action Network. If these self-proclaimed Patriots dedicated to restoring the republic were the real deal, why is the cabals phallic symbol still standing in Washington DC? True Warriors know you must remove the power source in order to win any battle. And in this battle where these warriors have shielded themselves as Christians wearing the armor of Christ declaring this as a biblical event, there is absolutely no plausible explanation for leaving their phallic symbol, the Washington Monument still standing. As long as that satanic power source is still an erect phallus I have to assume that Obama, Trump, or Biden is just the same corporation under different management.Prove me wrong General Flynn, Lin Wood, Sydney Powell, Juan O Savin 107 , put up or shut up.


  9. debjbalk says:

    Nothing…nobody…is bigger than our God!! Our firm foundation is in the mighty name of Jesus. What others in this life claim as “reasonability & objectivity” God laughs at and says.. “You know not my ways.” He defeated all of it at the cross. His ways will reign… And, they are higher than our ours… always! Let God be God and let Him continue working through Christian soldiers… Amen!!

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  10. Cookie Bruno says:

    I’m shocked that people have just woken up to the fact schools have been indoctrinating our children. Its been going on for 40 or more years. Yuri Brezmenov is an American citizen but was a member of the KGB and his interview on youtube is priceless. In the 70’s he warned it would take 30 years to get our country back because it has to start in the schools. Very educational video.

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    1. Cookie Bruno…. Amen. It actually started with Horace Mann known as the father of education. In 1852 he teamed up with my Massachusetts Governor Edward Everett to redo the school systems. They both worked hard to get the Prussian (German based communist) educational system in place. A system without Biblically based virtue, morals and values going against He went up against Boston schoolmasters and religious sectarians who supported Noah Webster’s concept of teaching morals and values through Biblical teachings.

      The Prussian system in a nutshell was a communistic way of teaching that appeared to be superior, but, in reality; it actually bred confusion and ignorance. Whole sentences were to be memorized instead of whole words. Words were to be sounded out in sounds instead of learning letters of the alphabet – today’s hooked on phonics! This resulted in kids knowing how to read through sounds but not knowing how to understand what they just read. Memorize and categorize, that was the key. Don’t think. Only remember what you were taught to memorize. Never mind common sense, the kids were taught to ignore it; it wasn’t something to be memorized.

      It was devised by Prussian, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, a philosopher and transcendental idealist. From there John Locke added his view that children were a blank slate, and you can program them to be mind controlled as loyal to the duties of the state. By 1819 they had it all in place in Prussia.

      They had divided the educational system into three groups. The elite top 1/2% of society were considered the most important class and were taught to think. The next level of society that contained 5.5% was the second most important group. They had them sent to what they called realschulen where they were taught to partially think. The rest of the 94% went to what they called volkschulen, where they were taught to be in harmony. Harmony defined as being obedient, freedom from the stress of thinking, in the box, learning to follow orders, little robots, children that should be seen and not heard, do as I say and not as I do. Today…it is totally out of control by design.

      We are asleep by a well planned thought out system devised to do just that. To wake up we must be open to the truth and expose the system.


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