GOOD MORNING… To All Those Who Have Ever Been Kicked To The Curb…

In this time of getting censored and “kicked to the curb” so to speak by the giant social mind washing sites that DARPA had us sucking on like Dum Dum lollipops…like seeds in the wind…without any control over where we would land…many have landed here at the Marshall Report.

In an effort to figure out how to grow and where to go…there was no where to go but up…and in up, specifically and precisely…no where to go but to the Lord, and our Father God. Most of those who found there way here already believed and we each hold our sacred truths in the Word. We each have been well seasoned with our own lifetimes of trials and tribulations. We all landed in the Twilight Zone with a touch of the Wizard of Oz and much Game of Thrones, Black List…and of course we are all now in Alice and Wonderland… waiting to find our way home before we have to battle more flying donkeys. So in this perplexing and most unusual season in the prophesied ages to come….we journey together and have bickered some, praised some, and supported ideas as well as built new friendships and gathered strength from one another.

I see and feel the Holy Spirit working and the mountains are beginning to crumble as each builds faith and focuses on learning to wield the most powerful weapon on earth and in the heavens and that is the power of God, through His Son our King of Kings and Lord of Lords whose Kingdom and Glory is Forever, and the empowering gift of the Holy Spirit!

For fun, I had made a comment that I was going to write a book called “Woman Kicked To The Curb” and put my leg out…and always have to be somewhere in a few minutes like a food line or something. It was a joke. (Those who know, know.) But, then, I kinda liked the idea and wanted to do a funny thing. But in these times…I decided to go in the middle and make it a mix. This of course is not a book, but it is a Fun Cover with a little story I put together to fit the mood of being lifted up and out of a world gone mad. Of course it is an allegory. I hope you enjoy it.

In the middle of Spiritual Warfare, we can often be deceived and tossed about like seeds drifting in the wind, looking for a place to land and take root.

Eager to find where the wind shall take us, we see many beautiful meadows spread out beneath us.  In their beauty we hope, “There, there, land me there.”  Yet, we drift further out  and come upon a land laid barren. “No,” we whisper, “No, not there.” And as though not heard, the wind ceases and we land with other seeds in a barren valley.

“Why here?” we cry, “Why in such a barren ground?”

As we naturally burrow into the ground, we wait and wonder. The gentle rain quenches our thirst and we begin to take root. Time that seems like forever passes in the  darkness surrounding much growth.  Then,  finally a light shines as we begin to  miraculously break through the fertile earth… we feel warmth as the sun gently kisses our movement. 

5 Methods for Germinating Seeds + Can You Plant Seeds without Germinating?  - Crate and Basket

As we feel its’ warmth, we lean toward it as we struggle to sprout through the soil, and then the cold night overtakes us as the sun hides with its warmth. We shiver, wondering  how long until we again feel the warm kisses of the sun. 

At dawns light, we no longer feel the coldness for we withstood it. Time passes and the warm kiss of the sun is felt again. This time there is a stirring inside and  miraculously  we bud into a new green growth. It is then we recall the barren valley, before the darkness in our planting. We dread to look out, but we must face our lot. We slowly open our eyes…

“How can this be?” we gasp as we behold a valley filled with new growths of all sorts. Each waving in the gentle breeze kissed by the sun. We smile for we have turned a barren valley  into a lush green field… each growing strong for a harvest. “The wind was wise to  bring us here,” we whisper one by one, and then we shout in unison, “Together we have brought much  beauty and joy to this barren land. Hallelujah!”



39 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING… To All Those Who Have Ever Been Kicked To The Curb…

  1. CG says:

    May the Holy Spirit fill ALL believers this day. Stand in prayer to bring our nation, our schools, our families to God in love. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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    1. fireflamestoves says:

      I was checking out a similar article on left leaning yahoo earlier this week about the disappearance of the flu this year. In response to some brainwashed sycophant posting screeds in the comment section about the mysterious flu disappearance, I asked the man if perhaps the flu numbers being placed in the Covid column this year had anything to do with the low numbers, and he went off on me like I was some sort of conspiracy theorist. He said ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! These was NO chance of that, and I must be a right wing anti-vaxxer nut job! He said it simply proved how effective the masks were: the masks were so effective, they practically cured the flu, and that they should now be worn forever! LOL There is no reasoning with these thoroughly indoctrinated droids!

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  3. John832 says:

    I’ve realized over the years that “church” can be as simple as two or three of us coming together in the name of Jesus Christ. He told us to demonstrate the two commandments that are most important — to love the Lord your God with all your heart, and love those around us in the same way that we would want to be loved and supported if we were in need.

    “Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven.

    For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”

    Matt. 18:19-20 (NASB)

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    Today, let us celebrate; for today starts a New Beginning! The “Dark Winter” is ending and a New Season is upon us. A season of revival.

    In this New Season, the LORD will reveal much. For some this may come slowly, for they have yet an understanding of the LORD’S works. But as their faith and appetite for Truth grows, the LORD will increase their portion.

    This the LORD has spoken through His anointed prophets. Listen, to His Word and know, “God has got this.”

    (Daniel 12:4)

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  5. Karen says:

    Dianne, I loved your story!!!! I think my spirit leaped the way John leaped in Elizabeth’s womb as I read it!! As soon as I read, “barren valley” I knew where you were going with it and I couldn’t help but SMILE! It kind of reminds me of what God told us in His Word, “Don’t despise small beginnings”. Why would God use us where He and beauty already reigns? Surely, He would take us to those places that need Him. If we allow the sight of the barrenness of the valley, or the condition of the valley, to be the only thing we see, we can lose hope. But, if we keep our eyes of Jesus, knowing that He is our hope and that all things are possible with Him, we can then – and only then – see the potential of what that valley can look like when it is seeded with His Seed. We don’t walk by sight. . . but some times we do and forget to remember that our Father God has made the wonderful, exciting and fruitful plans for our lives where we can overcome the barrenness that lies in the hearts of men. Your story reminds me of our potential in Him. Hallelujah! Thank you Dianne and wishing you many blessings!

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    1. Karen, Amen. We are all forever learning, growing, and in him is all understanding. Stay in prayer unceasing…for evil is only in the mind…we are at war….and it is Biblical. The power of two called by my name moves mountains….and now we know how. It defys all the lies. Amen.

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  6. Your words and information give me strength. It’s very much like this beautiful inspiring story here. One person such as yourself can decide to start simply, sharing your thoughts and info. Slowly more and more of us stumble upon it and realize the Truth it carries. It shines as a Light to me. I am deeply touched by this story, and as I visualize the land transformed by all the green sprouts waving in the breeze, I have hope.
    Your info on Darby and Scofield was a shocking reveal that finally put together the pieces of a puzzle I could not figure out for decades. Thank you. God bless you and your ministry. Keep writing!

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    1. Karen says:

      Atma, your comment is so beautifully expressed! Your words touched my heart. Dianne’s story isn’t right out of the Bible and yet, it’s still the living Word and Truth of God that causes us to be touched and affected by it according to how God wants us to see it and what He knows we need.

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  7. Julie says:

    I want to thank you for shinning Christ’ Light to all.
    Christ is my all in all and in Him I have found strength only through Him.
    I love everything you write. This story was beautiful and reminded me of many dream’s I’ve had of meadow’s of wild flowers.
    Thank you again and God bless you.

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  8. debjbalk says:

    The seed… Remember planting seeds in elementary school… My students and I had many lessons to glean back in the day. But it was the lessons God taught me as a maturing believer that have left the greatest impression. From Dianne’s powerful story, I’m reminded of those lessons. For example, the seed has to go into the darkened soil where it remains under great pressure. This pressure is required for it to break open and then break forth. Our time under pressure, before we break open & break forth, can seem like an eternity. But when we do burst through the soil (through life’s growth spurts), we are no longer a seed. We have sprouted & grown into something new, fruit perhaps, that will soon provide sustenance to another. God also taught me that the seed is a picture of Christ. He went into the darkness of earth for us.. under great pressure, where his body was broken for us, where he died for us, and then on the 3rd day, he broke forth from the ground, from the grave and rose to fulfill His Father’s will…salvation for all mankind… Sustenance for our souls. The barren ground….a planted seed…to…life everlasting. Amen!
    “Bloom where you’re planted….where God can get all the glory!”

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  9. A GIFT OF THE SPIRIT ON PENTECOST – Testimony of Dianna – A Dear Friend

    I don’t know about those particular frequencies, etc– but I have to tell you an AMAZING experience– Forgive me if it rambles, I haven’t edited this at all– It’s just coming out fresh as I recall and write this to you. As you know, the last few weeks have been an intense battle– It manifested in my physical body, but I knew it was a terrible attack in the spirit– and it had put me in bed.

    Yesterday I played the music Dianne mentioned in the article about Tesla (link below) –I played it in the background to hear subliminally with an expectation of healing–more than listening directly- even played it as a background to inspiring videos, during the interview with L wood on Grace and Glory with Amanda and also others. I prayed, I cried… I released. I was very concerned because I realized after the back pain subsided last week there came a reoccurrence of what had put me in the hospital with the gut issues! – Do NOT want to go there– Total attack– Pain and swelling and terrible gut stuff. I did not want to go to a hospital and my surgeon had moved to California– I did not want to enter their arena of madness– did not want to play russian roulette with finding a new gastro doctor. I did not want to go to get poked, prodded and scanned. I told the Father I cannot go to ((((them)))) seeking help when I have YOU. Please help me Father… You are greater, truly you are!! I believe this with all my heart. You are greater, You are our Almighty, most Sovereign and Holy Father. I was asked if I believed this was possible and I yes!
    I’d been beseeching Him thru the week about the gut and The Holy Spirit had told me to do a liquid fast– and to do gentle massage to the area which I did for a few days, but there was still pain and issues. The enemy tortured me with some unpleasant memories about those surgeries of the past and the struggle to recover. He’s a coward who picks on women when they are weak, but he could not induce fear in this daughter of the Most High. But I was suffering.

    Then I played this music yesterday all day and into the night– I was unable sleep– About 1:30 AM the Holy Spirit said, take your hands and put them just above your abdomen– not touching– just let them hover barely above the skin and feel the energy– the the Holy Comforter’s power of healing you have within– So I did, and I perceived the energy. Then He said move the energy upward and removed the damaged part up and away in the spirit. I’d been praying all week on this, saying the words repair, restore, renew, regenerate my body in the Name of Jesus… I continued praying and moved my hands upward like they are shown in prayer and then felt a shift in the physical, a lifting away of the pain, something settled….there was movement of some kind and then the swelling went down like when you punch bread dough in the bowl and all the air goes out. I felt it all subside. I laid there still for a moment and in an instant knew I was okay, I would not need any doctor or hospital–The problem was fixed, I was healed! I laughed out loud– Go look, said the Spirit of the Lord– Go look— so I did.. And laughed again, joy– because in the mirror I could see a definite change in the appearance of my abdomen and inside I felt restored. I was overcome with thanks and returned to bed, just looking at the ceiling– kind of stunned but not surprised because God has all the power.

    Throughout this battle I kept hearing ”you have more than you know, so much more than you know within.” I believe we are being activated much like Dianne writes about…. I still couldn’t sleep, I was so charged up– so I turned on the computer and read Dianne’s article that totally blew my mind–(You’d left a comment) — about our bodies as a generator of electricity, Tesla, the wall of Jericho with all the force building as they marched around the walls blowing the shofar. Oh my word– the synchronicity and dovetailing of the Holy Spirit is amazing! Then I fell peacefully asleep.

    This morning was the first time I was able to navigate the stairs and go out the door in about 3 weeks. I went out in the yard with L (Hubby) and was able to use the hose to water the flowers, something I’d really been wanting to do. He’s been watering them for me these last weeks and he did a great job– they all looked wonderful. Then I made him a big omlett. The Holy Spirit continued to instruct and I was able to eat half an egg and half a piece of toast with no issues. I firmly believe the Holy Spirit moved within my body and healed what would have been a very bad situation without intervention. The enemy tried to induce fear about hospitals and medical ‘treatments’…. but was not successful. God has not given us a spirit of fear! Going to ((((them)))) for ‘help’ did not seem like a viable option to me. I don’t think this would have happened as soon as it did, or even at all without the music. The healing frequency allowed it to facilitate more easily in some fashion… SOUND. As Dianne wrote in the article– in the beginning was the WORD– I never thought of it in terms of sound or frequency before— but it rang so true! So I had to tell you– thank you for listening– I was transformed last night by the power of the Holy Spirit. He downloaded healing directly to my body and somehow this music assisted. I am so grateful– I need to speak this and let it edify someone, let them experience healing too.

    God bless you!

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    1. Jean says:

      Duchess 01! What a beautiful inspiring comment! Our Heavenly Father is able to do all that we ask or think! Praise HIM for healing you. HALLELUYAH! AMEN!

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      1. Not me, Jean!!! My Dear Friend, Dianna – who was not only inspired by Dianne’s posts and direction – but, who also received a great gift from the Holy Spirit!!!

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    2. dutchess01 – Praise the lord….God bless your testimony for it is true and sure. I too had an attack a week or so ago (I lose track of days and times now) As each day rolls over into the next as I write, write, write. But, I have had a hernia since my second child and at times with vigorous exercise it pops out and I massage it back in. Yaddi yaddi ya….anyway I turned in my chair to get something and WHAM…there it went after years no problem. Now this was painful I couldn’t breath type of pain or move without more pain. All the things that went through your head, went through mine. I too called on God to help me rebuke this.

      I tried to lay down and it pushed out more with lots of pain. It had never done that before (I mean huge) and I thought…I was going to die. I said, Lord if I am to die, I will die at home not at the hospital. He said, “You are not going to die. Get a pillow and go to the couch.” So I did. But, I could not sit down without pain. He said, “Press the pillow to your side”. So I did and I could sit. I breathed, prayed and rested. I closed my eyes and saw bright lit sparks. After a while he said, “Now take the pillow and go to bed.” I went holding the pillow and realized after I layed down…I didn’t even need it. But I kept it there anyway.” I felt and it had gone back in on its own. Slept good, the next day still felt as though nothing had taken place.

      I thanked him and he said, “Now…we must do some more writing.” So,, I believe the attacks and healings are for signs and strenthening that he has the power. Because if it had not been vax central and insane hospital docs infiltrated in compromised administrations at hospitals…I would have went to the ER room. Or called an ambulance because I couldn’t move. But, this left me and sounds like you…in a no where to go but to the Lord moment. And he smiled. And it started a new thing in me. We have power when we believe and ask the Lord to heal us. Amen.

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      1. What a wonderful testimony, Dianne – this will edify many – including my Dear Friend, Dianna – whose testimony is recorded above – it was not mine – but, one I asked Dianna if I could share!!!

        I have a testimony, too, of the same kind – however – unlike you and Dianna – mine took (2) years to come to fruition – I was in a bad car accident – and my body was mangled terribly – the doctors gave up on me – but, God did not.

        Thank You so much for sharing – Dianna will be so pleased to hear your experience was much like her own.

        God Bless You!!!


    1. Jean says:

      By the way! I too have been having gut problems and I do believe that I am healed also! Seems like we, Women are being attacked by the enemy, However Greater is HE who is in us then he who is on the world ! YOU are our hiding place, YOU will surround us with songs of deliverance! HALLELUYAH! AMEN!
      Thank you Dianne, Dianna and Duchess 01, for your inspirational testimonies!

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