VACCINES ARE MAGNETIZING PEOPLE! Evidence Of Magnetic Nanoparticles?

Here we go again. This time it’s magnetic. People who received the vaccine for the plandemic are now having fun sticking magnets to their injection sites. Are they concerned? Some are and others are laughing as they ask if they should be? What is causing this?

Well, let’s go back to basic biology and understand our bodies are both electric and magnetic. And we have a skin barrier that is not magnetic persay, not able to stick magnets on like the refrigerator or metal surface…unless it has somehow obtained some metals that are close enough to the surface or powerful enough to attract a metal. When we realize that the skin isn’t a thick barrier and all the many layers from the top epidermis to the blood vessels is less the thickness of a sheet of typing paper…then you begin to understand both how vulnerable it is, and how magnificent it is and how anything they stick under it can be scanned, or attacked by frequencies.

Skin structure vector illustration diagram with skin layers and main  elements. educational medical dermatology information. | CanStock
They make it look like a big block of stuff. But all of these layers filled with glands, veins, arteries, blood vessels, nerves, etc. are no thicker than a sheet of paper.

That being said, nano particles are not visible to the naked eye and we wouldn’t see them no matter how hard we tried. Many have breathed them into our lungs and they gravitate on their own once inside. Especially inside an unhealthy host. But when they are injected … it takes the guess work out of the science of those who know the plans to automatically chip people who are unsuspecting. Those who doubt this science…good luck…have another jab and play with magnets on your arm or where ever they jabbed you. (Depending on the vax source.)

Dr. Tenpenny and others told everyone it would take 3 to 7 months to find out the extent of their magical formula that does nothing to keep you from getting COVID, and does nothing to stop you from wearing the mask or any of the other mandates, but it will give you the virus and it will make you sick. And it will mutate inside your body for it is DNA mutating vax. But, for some odd reason people followed along and got jabbed just as crazy to me as watching people pump gasoline into plastic bags. But, hey…. that’s what FEAR DOES. It makes sensible people do unsensible things.

So…as the world churns and turns…why not build up your faith and ask God for discernment in all things. Ask for the Lord’s help in this battle of Spiritual Warfare against wicked demonic spirits that are inside evil people.

Below is an article explaining what people are reporting and the news will never tell you.

EXPLOSIVE! People Who Had COVID Jab Show Video Proof Of Magnets Sticking To The Injection Area

By Makia Freeman

Why are magnets sticking to the COVID vaxxed?

Yet another truly bizarre and strange COVID phenomenon has occurred, following on from the bizarre sensation of unvaccinated people suffering ill effects just being around the COVID vaxxed, possibly due to frequency change. This time the phenomenon revolves around magnetism not frequency, although electricity and magnetism are 2 aspects of the same force, called electromagnetism.

A number of people are reporting, with video proof, that when they apply a small magnet to their injection site (usually the upper arm), right where they got injected with the COVID non-vaccine (which is a gene-altering device and not a real vaccine), the magnet is sticking!

Watch videos:$/download/Magnet-covidvax-arm-ultimate-compilation/fd8720ec88f4b73fdc77d28bc9c836dd0f7919c9


Do Videos Show Magnets Sticking to People's Arms After COVID-19 Vaccine? |
But of course fact checkers say it is false. So do you trust the fact checkers or your own eyes and home made magnetic experiments? Remember what is up is now down. Truth is now false and false is now true. You decide.


Is This COVID Vaxxed Magnet Phenomenon Evidence Of Magnetic Nanoparticles?

Clearly, there is something magnetic in the COVID non-vaccine concoction which is causing these magnets to stick. Some of these magnets are large magnets you could put on a fridge to hold up papers.

Jim Stone ties this phenomenon in to the fact that some medical clinics have advised patients to wait 6 to 10 weeks after the COVID shot before getting an MRI.

The acronym MRI stands for Medical Resonance Imagery and, for those who don’t know, involves using a magnetic field and computer-generated radio waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissues in your body. You have to lay down in a chamber while the procedure happens.

Jim writes:

“I have now confirmed the shot probably contains nanobots, because you are supposed to wait 6 – 10 WEEKS after the shot before you get a MRI most likely because the nanobots have to disperse or the MRI will rip your arm apart …”

In my earlier article on hydrogel produced by DARPA and Profusa, I quoted a military article which talked about how the hydrogel would be composed of 2 parts – “polymer chains” and “an electronic component.”

It would appear that the nanotechnology being deployed in these COVID non-vaccines has a metallic element, however as this article reveals, nanoparticles are composed of synthetic plastics, ceramic particles, metallic particles, sol-gel compounds (gel-like substances made partially from solid particles) and much more – even gases which are condensed and coagulated. Read full story here: EXPLOSIVE! People Who Had COVID Jab Show Video Proof of Magnets Sticking to the Injection Area (



36 thoughts on “VACCINES ARE MAGNETIZING PEOPLE! Evidence Of Magnetic Nanoparticles?

    1. Silvi Dion says:

      If anyone vaccinated owns a Geiger counter should check for ionizing radiation, it could be Uranium nanoparticles in these vaccines. Uranium is also highly magnetic plus radioactive, which can explain how the vaccinated are making people around them sick. If that’s the case, the vaccines are turning people into walking mini nuclear reactors.


      1. I used a gamma dosimeter and was not able to get anything above background from people or meat products in which this phenomenon is occurring.
        However a Stud Sensor with an AC Light to detect a hot wire in a wall will light up the AC Light about 2 inches from the people or meat. Also the irises of our eyes glow bright green under a forensic blacklight but maybe they did that before this phenomenon,I never tried before.

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  1. Rita says:

    Mercury is also magnetic. I believe in the nanobot theory, but it would have been nice to have a link to the medical clinics that are saying this so we could check for ourselves.

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    1. Saint Anthony says:

      It shouldn’t really matter what medium they use as a vector to get whatever’s causing this into people. So whatever it is may not be unique to this (non-)vaccine, but rather may have been in vaccines for decades, and is just being noticed now because of how widespread this particular vaccination is.

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  2. anastasia2657 says:

    There are 15 videos showing the magnets attaching to vaccines, and 50 articles trying to debunk it.
    Methinks the lady doth proteth too much.

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    1. Why would anyone do 50 articles plus and fact checkers out the wazoo to go out of their way to debunk a fake video? Especially when YouTube is still flooded with stupid videos that have no truth to them and they are allowed? Because when you are over the target they have to BOMB IT.

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  3. irisheyes17 says:

    I saw that vid last wk with the idiot stickin’ refrig magnet 2 her inj site and sayin’ we’re all f***d, we’re all chipped..

    My1st reaction was….DUH!!…dint she know…Celeste Solum (4mer FEMA op) has been tellin’ every1, there is hydrogel (nanobots) n that goo…

    But when others who r bein’ njurd from that vaccine r told it’s the vax, they don’t want 2 hear it…

    It’s like they can’t c what’s right n front of them….they’ve had friends or relativs die right after the vax, but don’t want 2 hear anythin’ abt the vax…


    I evn watchd a vid of a woman who had jus tkn that kill shot and they put her n the recovery room with all the other fools who had jus been jabbd…

    She’s sittin’ with her mask, and u can c her eyes gettin’ heavy like she’s blckn’ out, then she gets up from her chair and walks tward the front and …BAM!!!..dwn she goes on her face!

    Others who hav jus tkn that kill shot seem 2 b oblivious 2 what jus happnd right n front of them…or they r ignorin’ it completely…cuz they had jus tkn that same jab…


    That jab protects y’all from nothin’ and weakns ur immune system so y’all r now more suscepitable 2 everythin’…ncludin’ covid or the flu or even the common cold…

    That spike protein bypasses ur immune system….otherwise y’alls immune system wud attack it….and it crosses the blood brain barrier and the prions eventually will eat holes n yr brain…


    N other wrds, they r killin’ y’all…if they can’t get y’all with the 1st, they’ll mk y’all tk a 2nd and a 3rd…every six mos until they complete their goal of tkn y’all out…


    But the ? is r they killin’ the rest of us who wud nevah tk that kill shot?!?!…by transmittin’ somethin’ from their bodies?!?!

    At least 5 drs now blive that is happin’…the rest of the drs r bein’ bought off by Fraudci and the CDC 2 push that kill shot and tell y’all it’s perfectly safe!!

    Don’t trust any dr tellin’ y’all that kill shot is safe…they r bein’ bought off…and if drs speak out abt the dangr of the vax, they r threatnd with revocation of their liscence 2 practice medicine!

    Hospitals were bein’ pd $40,000 per patient if they died from covid…

    SOOO… they listd EVERY DEATH as covid (y’all cud hav been brought n2 the hospital with a severed head and they wud hav calld it covid!)….2 ramp up the fear and set y’all up 4 the cure…and the economy killin’ lckdwns and useless masks…



    It’s all been abt control ovah every1’s lives…and ppl r still linin’ up everywhere 2 tk that kill shot…



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  4. Wasn’t sure about the possibility of nanobots being put in vaccines six months ago. NOW! Good reason now not to get one! “Recombinant DNA” was bad enough, but now it seems there is “Combinate Nanotech” also involved. Understand that a 50,000 VDC shock will neutralize them. Have a 50,000 VDC hot wire fencer for my hogs. Have “accidently” touched it. Man it hurts, but will not kill you. If you’ve had a shot and its electro-magnetic, you’re welcome to come to the farm and grab the wire for about 5 or 6 seconds. It won’t kill you, but holding the wire that long might cause you to pee in your pants. Any farm with “hot wire” for animals will do. Sure the farmer will not charge you. You’ll get plenty charged when grabbing the wire! LOGB+

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      1. Guess you’re not jabber dab jab free. Did you do the magnetic test? To vaccinate or not to vaccinate; that is the question. My answer has, will and always will be – NO! LOLGB+

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    1. The reports say it takes about a week for them little buggers to migrate to – wherever. Don’t know if reports are true on not. The only way to really know is to get a magnet and then go get the jab. I’m am not that damn curious! That could be the trick. Them young people were laughing it up. Thought it cool or something. Now Virginia is offering chances to win custom hunting rifles, shotguns, big pick-up trucks. There are other offerings of chances at a million dollars. IT’S INSANE! Why all this “incentive” to reach “herd immunity”? I guess they think people are a bunch of cows that need tagging. After they get all the mama and papa tagged, the little ones will be next. See if this links comes up.


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  5. anonymous says:

    Think of those with pacemakers. Some are not to be near magnetic fields. The fact is that people follow what they are told and do not do any homework of their own about things. I guess wome would jup off a bridge if told to do so too.

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  6. Nanobots! Just remembered the Borg on Star Trek. That’s how humans were first assimilated.
    They were first injected with nanobots when initially attacked by a Borg. Then came the implants. Resistance was futile! Once again, yesterday’s Sci-Fi becomes todays science. To go where no human has gone before! Isn’t that what the Cabal wants? To depopulate then assimilate the rest into the collective? LOLGB+

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  7. dstewart2897 says:

    I don’t know whether the magnet story is true or not but I had 4 people that I know try it and they all 4 said no it did not stick. So what is the real truth?

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    1. dstewart2897 I guess it’s like peanuts. Some people can eat all they want and have no problem. Others get really ill if they eat them. Or maybe it’s a strange side affect? And maybe it’s all made up? Just like fake news stories.


    2. Bonnie says:

      I wouldn’t have believed it either. Got Moderna first jab 3 months ago before educated. Not the second. I have neck and back tingle. My husband stuck magnet there and yes it sticks while I stand, bend, or jump. I am in shock because I too thought it was all BS.

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    3. Not Magnetic says:

      The real truth is there are a lot of gullible people out there. Magnets don’t stick to the vaccination area, I’ve had my two doses and magnets don’t stick to my arm. It’s complete bullshit.


      1. Wake up says:

        Your individual experience does not represent the masses sir. I have personally seen it with my own eyes on 3 people now. I also know people who haven’t experienced it. Maybe y’all got the placebo… keep getting the boosters, eventually you’ll get the real thing


      2. Ohio John says:

        You’re wrong. I have not been vaccinated and I avoid vaccinated people. I’ve see the video of people sticking magnets to packages to meat. My Wife was going to make some organic chicken breast for dinner and I grabbed a magnet and tested it. It stuck to 4 places on the package of chicken. So being an engineering and a scientist I tried sticking the magnet to me. It sticks to my forehead, both sides of the back of my neck, my sternum and two places on my chest. I also found a spot on my right shin and the back of my right shoulder. I’m magnetic now.

        My wife thought I was playing a trick on her so I tossed her the magnet and it stuck to her head also. It’s not a joke and it’s not a trick.


  8. DJ says:

    Mind Control: Scientists Engineer ‘Magneto’ Protein Capable Of Remotely Controlling Brain & Behavior
    by Jamie White May 17th 2021, 1:36 pm

    From this article above: “Previous attempts [using magnets to control neuronal activity] needed multiple components for the system to work – injecting magnetic particles, injecting a virus that expresses a heat-sensitive channel, [or] head-fixing the animal so that a coil could induce changes in magnetism,” he explains. “The problem with having a multi-component system is that there’s so much room for each individual piece to break down.”

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  9. Never Made Public says:

    I haven’t seen any video where the person says they’ve been injected with a chip. I’ve seen some where people are reportedly able to stick a magnet to their skin. It would be pretty easy for a vaccinated person to verify. Grab a magnet and see if it sticks. What could the harm be? Or, better yet, get some magnet therapy patches, available on amazon even, and stick one to the vaccine site and others elsewhere and see what happens. You can answer your own questions and not have to wonder if it is true or not.


  10. Keith Sykes says:

    So do’s this mean that The vaccine is no operational if there is a EMP or a very large Soler fare or Fatal to have an MRI? Asking for a friend that is a critical thinker and has the capacity for abstract thought.


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