Every once in a while there is one little few seconds of video that says it all. This is one of those little videos. Think fast and know, God is always watching!

Stay Strong, watch your back…and never assume all is well in the days of spiritual warfare. What looks like a simple task may well be the moment you have to think fast on your feet!



    1. Amal says:

      I’m starting to believe when President Trump finishes his 2nd FULL term;

      he’ll pass the torch over to Ron DeSantis!


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  2. Anita says:

    A lot of pushing for Ron desantis. I’ve noticed he gesticulates with his hands just like President Trump and has copied some of his mannerisms. As much as Ron is likable and intelligent, I don’t think he could have dealt with the onslaught that President Trump received daily every second of the day. I also wonder if his wife could have taken on the corrupt marxistdems media like Flotus Melania does. President Trump had lots of experience with crude, vulgar, thugs in New York and knew how to handle them. President Trump made mistakes with certain appointments because Rinos gave him bad and corrupt advice. The republicans were working against him except for a handful. President Trump sees clearly now who his enemies and traitors are & doesn’t forget.
    So tired of hearing about ‘22 & ‘24 when November 3rd hasn’t been legally & completely addressed. Hannity, bongino and Kelly asking about’24 without addressing
    ‘20 is absurd. Ask him why confidently didn’t CONCEDE. President Trump knows he was cheated and so were 80 million patriot Trump supporters who were disenfranchised including myself. Get the fraud, criminal, illegitimate, plagiarist, liar, racist thief China joe thug out of the White House along with the unqualified , illegitimate condescending, cackling corrupt kamala and send them to gitmo with the rest of the marxistdems cabal. ‘24? Are you kidding me? In less than 100 💯 days, which feels like an eternity, the thief China joe has destroyed the USA 🇺🇸 and involved the USA 🇺🇸 in destructive schemes & policies and has opened the border to the world bringing in diseases, dependents that citizens have to support, rapists, pedophiles, murderers, communists and muslim terrorists. I don’t understand why vile thief China joe’s illegitimate orders are not defied especially since they’re unconstitutional. Sitting back & watching the crap show continue without enough pushback doesn’t help. Prayers and ACTIONS are required; these marxistdems are thugs. Americans are losing their rights, country and wealth daily. Votes? 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
    I thought that’s what more than 80 million did for the legitimate president but the marxistdems relied on dominion and domestic and foreign enemies to oblige them in the election fraud steal.
    Plagiarist, idiot, racist thief China joe thinks this is a democracy, it’s not it’s a constitutional republic. The constitution outlines who can vote. In a democracy, slavery is legitimate. Example: Ancient Greece was a democracy that allowed for slavery and the rights of the many, the state, superseded individual rights. Socrates is a good example albeit he accepted his death sentence and complied. The leftists and democrat party influenced hitler. The thugs antifa ,who are atheists and anarchists, have a flag that resembles the nazi socialist flag. Take a look!

    People wake up! Dianne is giving it her best shot! Good video, Dianne, which explains that President Trump is not part of the deep state cabal. Patriots are, though, watching the marxistdems and Rinos pull a hitler and a stalin on them. The hated Faith group is : Catholic and Protestant Christians. Hitler hated the Christian Faith but he liked islam with its violent koran.

    God bless!


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  3. debjbalk says:

    That man at the gas pump is quick to think on his feet. In the past, I’ve never considered myself to be any good at fast thinking. But with time and practice, I’ve learned that God’s Holy Spirit always comes through to help make those instantaneous, “on the spot” decisions. Whatever we may have to face in the future, Patriots, we can rely on God to help us think fast and stay safe.

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