Vaccine + Asthma =

Here we go…. not good.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Midwin Charles, Esq. @MidwinCharles Just got vaccinated (qualified because of my asthma) at FEMA center. Everyone at the site is in uniform. It's good to see our service men and women! Process was organized, efficient, and everyone is kind and in good mood. Let's do this! 10:18 AM 3/1/21 Twitter for iPhone Midwin Charles, CNN and MSNBC legal analyst, dead at 47 เo0e5alo April 7, 2021 I 10:00am'

“Hey guys! Sadly, happy hour tonight is canceled. I’m not feeling well. See you next Friday,” Charles posted March 19 along with an emoji of clinking champagne glasses.

Charles’ family announced her death on Tuesday.

And the fact checkers have the nerve to say…..”While it is true that Charles is among the 63 million vaccinated Americans and did receive the Pfizer vaccine on March 1, five weeks before her unexpected demise, there is no evidence to suggest that the vaccine or its side effects contributed to her death.”


61 thoughts on “Vaccine + Asthma =

  1. Thomas says:

    There is abundant information about the problems with these false vaccines (they are not real vaccines but genetic teatment) which are a kind of Russian Roulette. I have little sympathy for the foolish peòple who sumbit themselves to this experimental treatment, They have themselves to blame for thier imprudence. Hopefully, as few as possible will have negative effects and even death. They are fools who allow themselves to be fooled by governments and MSM.

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    1. Robert G Boensch says:

      these false vaccines which are a kind of Russian Roulette.
      Probity better chances with Russian Roulette
      Time will tell give it 6 months

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  2. Steven says:

    The NWO must be pissed that Trump came out with the vaccine so early ensuring it would have the status as “experimental” & therefore could not be mandated.
    What if he had intelligence that a mandated vaccine was a core part of the NWO 2030 Agenda all along?
    Like going back as far as the 322 clubs origin (C=3 V=22)
    How many wrenches did he throw into their machine? Just me looking for the big picture and how Trump destabilized the NWO’s plan. Trump’s actions ensured that anybody that didn’t want the vax, doesn’t have to take it.

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  3. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    And this is just one story. There are more and more and more and more and more….should I go on???? There are more of these stories EVERYDAY! I agree with little Charlie that the BEST medicine is what God has provided us.

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  4. Was watching CBS morning news this morning, as I like to keep up with mainstream’s false narrative, and was surprised at their report that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine has been delayed due to side effects. Of course they minimized the side effects of the other vaccines. One guest said “…we just don’t know…” and that’s the narrative. Friends ask me if I’m getting he vaccine. I say “Hell no!” Why? Let me type it out. > The Lord has blessed me with a little bit of the trimorphic intellect of understanding, knowledge and wisdom. Nowhere near the heights of King Solomon in his best days, but with a relative balance of the three. I UNDERSTAND the term “Recombinant DNA” in the language I know. To recombine something is to first take it apart and put it back together. To put something back together different from the way it was taken apart is to “reengineer” it. When it is done to DNA, it is DNA reengineering. The KNOWLEGE I have is that God engineered my DNA first. The WISDOM I have is that I like the job God did. The question is this: Why in the hell would I let science change what God does best? Thank you Lord for the common sense degree of of the trimorphic intellect you have breathed into me. Amen! LOLGB+

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    1. Steven says:

      Well they could be sabotaging Johnson & Johnson, they’re the only ones not using a mRNA vaccine. They’re actually doing it the old fashion way with the actual virus in the killed form. I don’t know it’s just a thought seeing how they’re so many evil individuals in this world.

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  5. Jellybeans says:

    Steven, thanks for the excellent explanation of why President Trump expedited the ‘vaccine’. I have been truly stumped as to why he removed the barriers for the vaccine. I knew it was only indicated for Emergency Use and that’s why it cannot be mandated, but I never connected the dots back to Trump. Thank you! Once again, great article Dianne!

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  6. nieveslt says:

    If the only pre-existing condition for this poor woman was asthma, and clearly she didn’t have an asthma attack, then what else except the vaccine killed her?

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    1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

      Don’t forget her first issue was ‘PEANUT ALLERGY’ /THEN the whole epi pen thing….then it moved to asthma….right? Or do I have it wrong? They can’t keep their ‘lies’ straight….my son’s is allergic to anything apple…when I asked the liberals how ‘don’ was doing with his vac. shot, they looked at me like I was growing horns….well, who will be growing the ‘horns’ soon now?


      1. zekesparkman says:

        speaking of growing things, Im starting to wonder if this vaccine has anything to do with “2 So the first angel went and poured out his bowl on the earth, and loathsome, malignant sores broke out on those who had the mark of the beast and worshiped its image.” beast is government, government has replaced God and they listen to the lies it speaks. The vaccine might be the culmination of the human genome project where they are identifying markers that allow the “fallen” to inhabit host or transplant. Generals back up the story that Nimrod’s tomb and DNA was found in Iraq to resurrect the Nephilim presence. The first thing the military did under orders of the crime syndicate was sack the Iraq museum for Nimrod artifacts. Vac has aborted fetal cells but who’s and what type was used? Im just throwing darts here, but for sure I think Steven is right. Op warp-speed completely messed up their timeline. It would have been way worse if the population would have went another year or 2 with no sunlight or reduced oxygen. All these “safety measures” were just designed to diminish the immune system to get the body ready to be steam rolled by this genetic abomination. mRNA rewrites DNA. Like God said though, “Their own sword will enter their own heart.”


  7. Anita says:

    Good morning debjbalk! Thank you for your support, kind words and sweetness! God bless you, my friend!

    Sad to hear about Midwin’s passing; since I don’t watch CNN, Communist News Network , which brings all the hatred for President Trump, his patriot supporters and the constitution, I never heard of her but May she Rest In Peace.

    Glad to read that others know that President Trump never made the vaccine mandatory and he neither encouraged wearing a mask or closing the States. President Trump very rarely wore a mask and the CNN hate network called him Mussolini when he removed his mask and saluted the marines when he arrived at the White House after leaving the hospital because of the effects of the Chinese virus. CNN spreads the hatred & malicious lies virus and all of the buffoons have a serious incurable version of it. Horrible Acosta still speaks of his vile evil self in response to the president, President Trump.

    I have no intention of taking the vaccine & I hate masks and very rarely wear it. I bought a cloth mask with cats on it, very cute! A smaller mask though and the cute cats is the impetus. In the cold 🥶 I simply pulled up my lovely white scarf 🧣 over my mouth that my sweet mother had bought me for Christmas to keep warm. Over my mouth kept me warm. At petco, a young female worker went hysterical when I moved towards her direction. I told her she won’t die yet but her intense insane fear may change that. Terrible way to act and live not healthy.

    Corrupt, plagiarist, liar, racist, illegitimate thief China joe thug is a plague on our health and country. Get rid of him and his sidekick cackling corrupt kamala with the rest of the communists in his cabal. USA-Venezuela is not what we voted for but us patriots voted for President Trump and he is still the duly legitimate re-elected president. Marxism and open borders is for the destruction of the USA 🇺🇸 and for the marxistdems & Rinos to increase their power.

    Prayers and actions!

    God bless us all!


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  8. inesnido says:

    Anybody with a brain KNOWS that if a person has asthma you don’t get them vaccinated. I’ve known that for YEARS!! They will ALL pay for what they are perpetrating on the world!!

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  9. Anita says:

    Sadly, Midwin was part of the hatefest video that Hannity, when I watched him, shows at the beginning of his hour long program where every lie and vitriol is on full display. . The hatred and vitriol against President Trump that the corrupt marxistdems media spouts daily is nauseating. Midwin looks familiar in those hideous montages of hateful filth and vitriol. Legal analyst? More like disputing President Trump being the duly elected & re-elected president and that every action he takes is illegal. Terrible! So Sad she died and bad she was part of CNN the Communist Non-News Nitwits.

    The left doesn’t think or rationalize they just hate & remain perpetually offended by all that is decent, conservative, traditional or Christian. They infest everything and everyone. They destroy and cause chaos along with hurting people.

    President Trump started and enforced operation warp speed but the vaccine remained a personal choice. President Trump requested and strongly encouraged governors to keep the states open; he didn’t encourage masks and very rarely wore one. The marxistdems governors closed the states, mandated masks and ruined businesses. The elderly and people of different ages lost their lives ; kids committed suicide because their schools were closed. The marxistdems governors own the thousands of deaths along with the corrupt marxistdems media, Rinos, marxistdems lawyers, and the Lincoln Project, particularly George Conway ( a very vocal never Trumper hater). President Trump gets the blame but the blood is on their hands particularly tyrant and creep cuomo who even got an Emmy and wrote a book about his Chinese virus draconian rules. Plagiarist, corrupt, illegitimate, criminal, deceitful, racist, thief Darth Vader China joe called President Trump a racist and xenophobe for ending travel from China to the USA 🇺🇸 which was the responsible presidential decision to make. The same turd 💩 opens our borders to illegal aliens, terrorists, rapists, murderers, drugs and all manners of crime ( which also brings in diseases and viruses). Darth Vader the tyrant mandates masks and shutdowns. The marxist tyrant usurper thief China joe thug is an incompetent criminal. Irresponsible Cackling corrupt kamala and the rest of the brownshirts should be in orange jumpsuits in gitmo with the head tyrant.

    God is great!


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  10. Hugh says:

    I suffer from cold induced asthma and in December I contracted COVID19 while following all of the Communist protocols while volunteering at a Internationally known organization in early December. I was traveling with 3 others and we did not wear mask while in the vehicle together or while at the house we rented but did while in public. I was the only one who got sick. I wore a mask and cleaned my hands constantly, which I always due anyway. I had not had a cold in years and had not had the flu since I stopped taking the flu shot on 1998!
    I was sick for about a week, slept a lot, coughed till the end of January but was really only down for a week. Not to make light of it but you have to follow common sense protocols. I treated with zinc, vitamin C & D, Echinacea, Elderberry and lots of fluids mostly herbal tea for respiratory health. Tried to get Hydroxychloroquine but they Dr said they couldn’t prescribe it. I will not be getting vaccinated. I don’t do vaccines and I won’t be a Guinea pig!

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  11. ellemy says:

    Are we not to set our affections on things above and not on things of the earth realm? Where is the zeal of the Lord for His house within His people who call themselves by His name? Shall not the zeal for the LORD exceed the zeal for the White House? For where our treasure is, there will be our heart also. If we have made our passion anything other than the zeal of the Lord then we have bowed down to idolatry and every kind of false worship.The draining of the swamp must first begin in the house of the Lord! The visible church has become a den of vipers and wolves, full of bookselling. prayers and indulgences for profit! They gather under ecumenism bringing forth their one world religion, deceived and deceiving others. They are imposters! Christians in name only! They preach a false Jesus and another worldly gospel. They receive a word but it is not from the LORD! Yet we excoriate the RHINOS? AND THE DEMS? More wicked are those who have drawn away the Lord’s people after themselves and love the stage and limelight, making a name for themselves and love the praises of men more than the praise of God!. It is with these apostates who advise and are joined to the secular realm of politics( which is at the heart of Babylon) where you will find divination, sorcery, witchcraft and the worship of mammon, while the church is mesmerized by the music and the pipers who twist the WORD to fit their agendas for they savor the things of man and not of God! The LORD says to come out of HER, the false church, who has dealt with the rulers and merchants of the earth against Christ! This is the mystery of Babylon, the great whore who sold her birthright for the delicacies of the world.

    Awake! O sleeper and Christ shall give thee light! Then and only then will we see righteousness rule the day. The best is yet to come for those who are zealous for the Word of the Lord and who recognize that His kingdom is not of this world. Jesus Christ is the only inoculation that we must receive to escape all these things and be free from evil and every form of lie that has brought death world and a strong delusion in the church. Let Christ arise from within our spirits and express His will in the earth for He must and will have the preeminence! Let the presence of Christ rule our DAY! Let us worship Him in spirit and truth and no longer be identified with the world!

    Luk 13:22  And he went through the cities and villages, teaching, and journeying toward Jerusalem. 
    Luk 13:23  Then said one unto him, Lord, are there few that be saved? And he said unto them, 
    Luk 13:24  Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able. 
    Luk 13:25  When once the master of the house is risen up, and hath shut to the door, and ye begin to stand without, and to knock at the door, saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us; and he shall answer and say unto you, I know you not whence ye are: 
    Luk 13:26  Then shall ye begin to say, We have eaten and drunk in thy presence, and thou hast taught in our streets. 
    Luk 13:27  But he shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity. 
    Luk 13:28  There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrust out. 
    Luk 13:29  And they shall come from the east, and from the west, and from the north, and from the south, and shall sit down in the kingdom of God. 
    Luk 13:30  And, behold, there are last which shall be first, and there are first which shall be last. 

    Oh, Lord, lift up our eyes to see you and grant us the grace and conviction to repent of our sidestepping, and embracing those things which are not of your Kingdom. Cause our eyes to be washed clean and our ears opened to see and hear only you in the midst of this wicked and adulteress generation. Drain the swampiness in our own hearts and renew a right spirit within us. Bring forth your wells of living waters, Oh GOD! Bring life to these dead bones OH, Lord that YOU may live and move and have your being in us and through your body.

    The way of the cross is the strait and narrow way. It is a tree of life to those who embrace it. The true awakening will happen only when Christ is lifted up within us individually, then corporately, then universally. The Kingdom comes through the cross operating in our lives! It is the hidden wisdom that life comes out of death, the seed that dies and falls into the ground (our earthen hearts) to reproduce its life and give us a new heart. The seed is the Word and within it is the blueprint of Jesus Christ duplicating His life within us! There are not many Christ’s just as there are not many seeds. The one seed is what we are promised and that is Christ! Adam’s seed has brought sin and death into the natural world and propagated all that is antichrist through the machinations of the devil that abides in the knowledge of good and evil. This is the false tree, rooted in the flesh nature bringing deception on the children of God. Christ’s seed is the WORD of life! The bible clearly teaches that there are only two seeds that affect mankind first the natural Adam, the last is the spiritual, Christ.

    This is why Paul preached that he was determined to know nothing among men except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. His eye was single toward the gospel and the living word.

    Joh 12:31  Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out. 
    Joh 12:32  And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. 
    Joh 12:33  This he said, signifying what death he should die. 
    Joh 12:34  The people answered him, We have heard out of the law that Christ abideth for ever: and how sayest thou, The Son of man must be lifted up? who is this Son of man? 
    Joh 12:35  Then Jesus said unto them, Yet a little while is the light with you. Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you: for he that walketh in darkness knoweth not whither he goeth. 

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    1. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

      I do so agree with you in spirit ellemy!
      “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.”
      “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.”
      Praise God in all things now and forever, Amen!

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      1. DRL says:

        The trap we must be careful not to fall into is short attention spans and not digging deeper for truth. We cannot go through life being easily persuaded by headlines, because we are too careless or lazy to read the article. You can have a short conversation with a stranger and a lot of times tell if their life life is controlled by MSM headlines. I come here especially the more in-depth research inspired by the love of God and search for truth that these posts provide 🙂

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  12. Polly says:


    On that web site you told is about the Doctor scientist tells us that they can tell the difference between. Covid death AND a Covid shot death. We must call out representatives and demand they look into this. Or we will be the next guienni pig that the force shot from hell on.

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  14. irisheyes17 says:

    I jus read an article that said even if y’all don’t get the kill shot , if y’all hav a husband or wife, that has tkn it they can transmit that poison 2 y’all thru bodily fluids (I think y’all know what that is)…

    It can b transmitted by drinkin’ from the same glass, eatin’ from the same utensil…even kissin’…still transmittable!!!

    The vaxd r basically bioweapons!!…it also dstroys the immune system so they now r sus 2 every dsease…


    Every yr 100 thousand ppl die from the flu and now not 1 single case of a flu death that I know of has been reportd…

    I jus read a post on another site by a man whose wife is a nurse n a Seattle hospital…she said 1 of their patients jus died from the mad cow dsease (4get what it’s called)…after she had tkn the vax…the prions eat holes n ur brain…

    That’s a very rare dsease 2 die from…kruegfeld sumthin’…and OFC the vax will not b listd as the cause of death…it will b jus coincidental…and every1 of the deaths of vaxd ppl will b called coincidental…and the real #’s of the dead and injured r bein’ coverd up…


    Diabolical genius of Gt8s and the CDC…they’ve already told y’all that the vax doesn’t stop covid…the vaxd r still gettin’ reinfectd…that’s why they want 2 jab y’all 2, 3 4 ( they call them ‘top offs’ )…or as many jabs as it takes 2 kill u…oh, and y’all still hav 2 wear ur stupid masks, which don’t protect from anythin’!!!

    Ask urself if Dementia joe and fake face ho hav been vaxd (they said they were )…ummm, why r they still wearin’ useless masks?!?!

    Guess we’ll all find out n a few months…


    Durin’ the Spanish Flu of 1812 only the vaxd died…the unvaxd livd…mhm…

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    1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

      This came out on Health Impact today:

      In 13 + years, 3001 people died from vaccines….(from August 1, 2007 to Nov. 30, 2020)

      In 4 + months…..From December 1, 2020 to April 13th, 2021 = 3005 deaths from vaccines…..

      The CDC wants the public to think that this is an insignificant number, since over 189 million doses of COVID-19 emergency use injections have now been administered to the public.

      Remember how the world went crazy with 3005 C A S E S? Or DEATHS FROM ‘COVID’ even though if you fell off a ladder, you died from covid?
      And these 3,005 deaths that the CDC is reporting today are not the total deaths occurring following COVID-19 injections, as the VAERS system is a “passive” reporting system, and there is no way to know how many actual deaths are occurring and never being reported.

      And yet, the CDC’s position has not changed. According to the CDC, all of these deaths following COVID-19 injections are “coincidences” and have nothing to do with the shots.

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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        Y’all’s fav celebrities r linin’up 2 get the kill jab…I jus watchd a vid of certainly 1 of my fav, Mariah Carey postin’on twitter of her gettin’ the jab…

        The needle was 3’s the size of a reg needle…it was zoomd n on by sum1 who was showin’ it…WTH?!?!..them when the needle went n her arm, she squeald like a stuffed pig…then the zoom n on the needle as it’s removed from her arm…the needle is gone…POOF!! y’all c it, now y’all don’t!!

        Apparently the ntire needle went n2 her arm…no wonder she squealed…if that’s the way they vax y’all I’d reconsider!!!

        Stick 2 singin’, Mariah, cuz y’all make a lousy actress…even n drama club n school , I was a better actress than y’all…hahahaha…

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    2. debjbalk says:

      Oh great!! Irish… Potential for getting vax poison by having relations with vaccinated spouse??? Good gravy Marie….. I guess I can think of worse ways to die. Ahhhhh!!! (;+)

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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        Did y’all know that Bill Gt8s is a bff of Epstein (who btdubbs is alive)…and satanist Marina Abromawitch…I bleve he’s been 2 her spirit ckn’ dinners…

        Microsoft jus pulled an ad from their website 4 hololenses, which wearers who put on the glasses saw an image of Abromavich walkin’ 2wards them n her devil-red dress …she wasn’t there…

        They got soooo much feedbck sayin’ Gt8s was promotin’ a satanist, they took it dwn…

        Do y’all really trust that demonic creature 2 come up with a vax 4 like anythin’ that won’t kill u?!?!

        The biggest prob is blood clots which travel 2 the brain, heart or liver…

        I hope y’alls hubbie doesn’t take that 2nd jab, cuz y’all need 2 tell him Fraudci and the CDC say it does NOT prevent y’all from gettin’ covid nor prevent transfer…and y’all still hav 2 wear a mask…


        And does he know the vax r made from aborted babies, (14 wk-o white males fetal cell lines)…xtracted while the babies r still alive…otherwise the cells r not viable…like what kinda twisted mind even thinks of that?!?!

        Y’all r dealin’ with demonic ppl here!!

        GOD IS NOT AMUSED!!!

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    1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

      Hi Irish Eyes – nope, husband took the 2nd jab and didn’t listen to me. I think he did it so he could be a hero in our kid’s eyes, but to me? He is a fool and I am stayin’ away from him (if you know what I mean)….As we celebrate 36 years together tomorrow, this last year has been the toughest. He is already bi-polar and these last couple of months since both jabs have been an emotional roller coaster. I remember when he voted for exprezopuke face and I thought we were going to be the first couple in America to get divorced over ‘that guy’….now I wonder if we would be the first to get divorced over the vaccination.

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      1. debjbalk says:

        Oh Isolated!! My hubby got the vax too, and I’m his decision. But… Our fight is a spiritual one, against the devil. I refuse to let the enemy win and cause dissension and conflict between my spouse and me. That’s exactly what Satan wants. One of his major goals is to destroy our families. I am stomping on him under my heel, in Jesus’ mighty name. No way will I let the enemy come between my man and me. He better run with his tail between his legs, like the coward he his. This is all out WAR with evil….not my loved ones. Stand up to evil, Isolated. Your life, future and marriage are worth it. And may God strengthen you. The battle belongs to the Lord. Psalm 91.

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  15. irisheyes17 says:

    Henry Acres, DUDE!!…that’s what I saw on andweknow…but we know the rapper DMZ and Midwin Charles actually got the vax cuz they’re like dead…

    OFC, their deaths right after vaxd were just like total coincidences…c’mon, mannn…


    Mayb Carey who prob knew DMZ (both n the music industry) decided 2 fake it…how many is she leadin’ dwn that path with her BS?!?!


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