Tesla gave us the secrets of the universe…he said think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. This is not just physics, this is Biblical.

Jesus taught the secrets to enlightenment and oneness with God the Father of all living. He stressed that faith the size of a mustard seed … just that much of it, could move mountains. It is very powerful. And people who read that scripture look at it and go wow…. and don’t know where to begin to find faith that small. Why?  Because we haven’t been taught how to awaken to see it.  It is more than a word to be memorized.  And there are steps that need to be taken to build it.

Fear hath Torment" - 100% Deliverance from all Fear! - Todd Tomasella |  SafeGuardYourSoul
Faith has to replace the fear or you won’t make it.

Saying to someone fear not…doesn’t make them unafraid. That has to come from within the person.  If that person lacks faith in what you are saying, or does not trust you, they will not  even try to let go of their fear. They will cling to it tighter…for that is what fear does. It immobilizes the person. It creates destruction within the body by producing chemicals that cause cellular imbalance. This imbalance extended over time, breaks down the immune system, the mental state, emotions rule decisions and reasoning fades. To stay in fear destroys. It leads to war, self made or real, fear destroys. It vibrates low in the darkness and destroys. This is the point of destruction the devil feeds off of. Sucking one dry of any energy the body needs to heal itself. People then turn to vices to feel better, be it street drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol. Only to find it a temporary fix that leaves one in a continual state of despair.  The cycle keeps one stuck in fear and piles on more guilt, shame, self-grief, and anger complicated by physical addiction.  Fear does not go away simply by telling someone not to fear, any more than telling someone to have faith builds it.  It is all a building process. And one that without God is futile.  

Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the  Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee,
Fear of your oppressors, if not replaced with faith will lead to stiffnecked people wanting to go back to Egypt into bondage. Wake up and grow your faith! Whether you choose to go or not, God is parting the Red Sea for his chosen!

Fear is an alert system. Used beyond the signal of alert, it leads to destruction.  For example: You smell smoke and you are alerted that there is a fire…you see it is raging out of control, your body signals within itself a fight or flight reaction…it’s now your call, your decision to make…meanwhile your body is producing adrenaline, and giving you everything you need to fight or flee fast. To do this, it overrides and slows down the two systems it doesn’t need at the moment, those two body systems are the lymphatic system which is our immune building system, and the digestive system which is our nourishing system. For the moment those two systems operating at an idle are not destructive.  They can help save your life. But, over a prolonged length of time, it is destructive and your body is pumping cortisol, and not digesting food properly, your immune system is depleted and can’t fight off floating atoms called free radicals that attack cells and do damage. These are carcinogenic and cause disease as the body breaks down.

The same negative deterioration can be felt by the aftermath and related emotions brought on by or related to ongoing fear, which are poor health both physical and mental, shame, guilt, apathy, grief, anger, resentment, jealousy, paranoia, and even  loneliness.

We are now learning what Tesla showed us and greedy men suppressed, and that is how energy, frequency and vibrations  control everything in creation. Tesla touched on the healing powers in frequencies and vibration. He showed how to give the entire earth free technology thereby ending needless suffering and high energy costs. He came with his knowledge at a time before man had figured out how to harness the sun. God’s great light. He came to show how to use the invisible things mentioned in the book of Enoch, yet, man’s greed stopped him. Today, we were about to release these technologies based on Tesla’s discoveries to the world and the devils cabal is fighting hard to suppress it all.  Some of the technologies include the med beds that heal the body through frequencies and light emitting diodes from the sun.

Bill Prady on Twitter: "So when Trump, the next day, said that he was being  sarcastic, he was lying?…"

The frequencies of sound are another natural healing that was even used by David when he played his harp for King Saul to ward off evil spirits that caused him sickness. I’ve wondered about what that musical sound was like. The Bible tells us David created many stringed instruments and played them before the Lord. He also danced and sang praises. The Bible has a lot of scriptures where the prophets would call for minstrels to play music before they could prophesy. The word of God is amazing what it tells us.

Astonishing Age Reversal Med-Beds And Little Known Current Technology –  Marilyn Williams

Energy, frequency, and vibration all need to be in harmony in order for each individual to oscillate at higher rate to reach its fullest potential of being.  When these are not in harmony, the result is negative. Low energy, frequency, and vibrations are all destructive forces. These scientific principles are also God creation principles. Yet, science fails to see it, or are simply blind to it.

When we are in a state of creating, building, and nourishing others we are vibrating at a high frequency. That is when you become aware that God can use you and will use you and is using you for his purpose. 

It is after you become willing to serve God’s purpose that you have a spiritual sense of being. Once you move forward accepting God’s will, you will feel the Lord moving through you and see the many miracles being performed and experience your faith growing. This is an enlightened state that cannot be explained, it must be experienced. 

So as we go through this testing phase, where the devil is slamming everything at us to create fear, anger, and all the destructive emotions, he is doing his best to create hopelessness that leads to disease, sickness, suicides, and other forms of self- destruction. What we are witnessing in this process is a defining of and separation of the wheat and the tares.  We are participating in the same process and it is our choice whether to strive to build faith or increase our fear. These are polar opposite. One is healing, one is destructive.  The source for faith comes from God. The source for fear comes from the ruler of darkness  which is known as Satan, Lucifer, the devil, serpent, and dragon.

When you see that God is using you to serve his purpose…you experience the ultimate joy and love in knowing that you are working in unison with the Lord to move the mountains…it’s called faith. You experience how it feels, how it grows, develops, and each layer of faith building makes your faith stronger, and strengthens your resolve. Your energy vibrates and expands…others sense the goodness coming from you. They want to be around you for you are uplifting and they may not even know what to describe it as, but simply say…”I like being around that person.”

You then begin to see you have purpose, and you have gifts and you learn to wield these for good. You find yourself growing in your faith and hear the Lord’s words as you continue on your journey to fulfill your purpose. You begin to feel the Lord closer and closer until you are in the flow (what I call it) and he shows you many things you are seeking to find. When you are open for truth you easily and quickly cast out the old things you were told that were lies. It just happens when you discover the truth. Many are not on the same level in the journey and that is okay, we are all on separate pathes of learning and discovery. But, the one thing we all have in common is that we all, together, make up the body of Christ.

24 Bible Verses about the Kingdom -

The Lord said to fear not and trust in Him. He promised to send the Holy Spirit to all who believed in Him. That was a promise to all, not a gift to some, as SOME would have you believe. The Lord resides in you as he did in the Arc in the Holy of Holy’s in the Temple. 

Now in all of this, there is a fine line between putting yourself into a new age type of going to the light where the goal is to be a god.  The prophets and Jesus never taught this type of self-ascending that leaves Him and His Father out of the equation. These are the deceptive little white lies that steer you off into other practices not taught by the Lord, based on Heavenly principles.

The Difference Between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven | by  Steppes of Faith | Medium
The Kingdom of God is coming upon the earth, the Kingdom of Heaven is guiding it. How many know the kingdom is inside them and they must wake up to see it? As long as they stay grounded in the world, they will never vibrate to develop faith the size of a mustard seed….for it is the power of each person coming together bursting forth into praise, vibrating at the sounding of the shofar that together shall move mountains and bring down the giants.

So as we enter into our journey for spiritual growth we must pray daily. The Lord sent us the Holy Spirit as an intercessor to translate what we need to the Father for we often don’t know what we ought to pray for. He gave an example of how we ought to pray and gave us the Lord’s prayer.

Our Father who art in heaven, hollowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the Kingdom, and the Power and the glory forever.”  

As we awake, we must remember to be there with love, and strength to help others awake. If not…we will slip back into our WORLD thinking and back into the evils of our ego, a better than thou, looking down on our lessor advanced brothers and sisters. We forget that we are all sinners and our purpose on this earth is not to come here and enjoy lessor comforts than heaven until we die and go to heaven and have our greater comforts. NOT AT ALL. We are here to find our way back to God- to be restored to our former glory AND USHER IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!

Stay Strong!



    1. RGB… Not sure who you are directing this at, but this post was made because of a dream to do it, and so many are not understanding the difference between what faith is to move mountains requiring a process and those teaching how to be as a god at the top equal to the creator which is pagan and not of God. i specifically made the illustration to show at the top of the spirituality chart is what is required to have faith to move mountains, that Jesus said if we had faith as a mustard seed…and in my dream I saw that that faith comes through the whole cloth and not just one….together…ushering in the Kingdom not one man, nor one woman, the entire remnant together awake…praying and working together in one body of Christ for God. Amen. The kingdom of God is what we are ushering in, not the Kingdom of Heaven. These are two different Kingdoms….we are ushering in a season of peace for God’s people. Jesus is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Remember James and John who argued over who would sit at the right hand of Jesus in the Kingdom…and what he told them.

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      1. Beth H says:

        Was just reading this morning in the commentary of my Bible about the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven.

        They are indeed the same, according to the Nelson KJV study Bible; “The phrase ‘kingdom of heaven’ is used only in the Gospel of Matthew and seems to be based on similar references in the Book of Daniel. The phrase ‘kingdom of God’ is used more frequently by Mark and Luke. The change is perhaps due to Matthew’s Jewish emphasis. Since many Jews regarded it as blasphemous to refer to God by name, Matthew may have substituted the word ‘heaven’ for that reason. Usually the two phrases are used interchangeably in the Gospels.” (footnotes on Matt. 3:2, p. 1409, Nelson KJV Study Bible for Women).

        I don’t believe we have the power to usher in anything, let alone the Kingdom by any works of our own. It is a New Age philosophy, the Age of Aquarius mantra, and it leaves God and Jesus totally out of the equation if we are able to do that. We are called to trust in Jesus as our Savior and to go into all the world preaching the gospel to every creature. God will determine when His Kingdom will be established “in the fulness of time”. In the meantime, we are taught to pray “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.” God’s will is that all should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9).

        And you are right, we are not called to be gods. There is one God and He is a jealous God who will not share his glory with anyone.

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      2. Robert G Boensch – I think we are on the same page. I was just clarifying…Not into new age, Satan always mocks God..and he mocked him in our faith growth…that is why he stokes fear at us and things of this world at every turn.


    2. IF we were all to be Gods…then Lucifer would never have been kicked out of Heaven for rebelling against what was his to be. There is one God, the Father…and Jesus and the Father are one, and we are one in Christ through Christ. When we get to heaven, if God wants to annoint us as Gods…then he shall, we have no annointing power to do so, in my observations and understandings. But, that is not even worth arguing over, especially when we can’t say to this mountain move or that one…as of yet. When we move the mountains…it will be because God found favor in our faith to move them for us. Isn’t that the real power behind faith? Having God be for us? Having the power of God to move our mountains and slay our giants? This according to the Bible comes through faith. Not mantras, not self manifestation…as a vain thing…if it were so, then God would not be needed…only a Zen approach of vibration into the new age of which I am seeking the Kingdom of God…not the new age. Just saying.

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  1. Kragle says:

    I really enjoy your posts Diane. But, some of your recent posts are really head scratchers for me. I am very open minded–but, flat earth and Med Beds that some folks say will entirely regenerate the body and organs, etc from a technology based from extraterrestrials…seriously?


    1. In 1994 I was one of the first in the nation to use a light therapy machine, through technology from London. It was used successfully for wound healing, skin healing for acne, roseacea, and I used it pre and post operative surgery for skin healing. It helped the skin heal 5 times faster and more. It helped old wounds that weren’t healing, and saved one of my clients childrens feet from being amputated. They even had his surgery date scheduled. It helped my nephew’s feet heal in a week with three degree burns that the burn unit told him would take a year to heal. He had no scars. So yes…light emitting diode healing works. It is the same way sun heals…it puts the cells all the way down to the bone back into balance. When the body is in balance, the body functions optimal and heals itself. I said in the 90’s that this will some day be used for full body healing. And now it is. They have to have had this for a long time, for I still use it now and had it since 1994. In London they had been using it for bone growth. Look it up. And I had it before NASA had it….they later developed it.

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      1. Charliepc says:

        Yes, I’m in agreement with this medicine. I can remember as a child my mother (who was a nurse) used an ultraviolet lamp for healing, that was in the 60s in New Zealand…so I believe this to be true.
        Really into this medicine, can’t wait for it get get out there and regenerate our health system.
        Also believe we need to break the spirit of fear which tries to control us.
        Many thanks for you uplifting and informative blog, look forward to reading this daily and continue to pray for our world, from Australia.

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      2. Beth H says:

        I was given sunlamp treatment following the births of my babies, starting in 1973, to heal my stitches. By the time I was discharged, I was totally healed every time, unlike a few other moms I saw who were so sore they couldn’t walk.

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    2. I don’t know where the extraterresterials came from. This is biologically how our bodies work. It is how cells multiply and divide in creation. Whoever is talking ET is the one you need to correct, not me. Research how cells mulitiply and divide, how the mitrochondria stores energy through light emmitting diodes, and uses it for energy to cause cells to multiply and divide. It is the same cellular process in all living things. From plants, animals, birds, fish, bacteria and human cells. My background is in skin care and skin healing and pre and post operative skin care for wound healing.

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      1. Kragle says:

        Sorry Diane. You’re right. I didn’t get the ET stuff from you. I saw you mention Med Bed and starting DuckDuckGoing around to research it. It wasn’t a term I was familiar with. Apparently, a lot of other sites are attributing the technology to ET…not you…I stand corrected.

        I do believe in the healing properties of light and frequency. I am a frequent user and have experienced the benefits first hand. I am just dubious of the technology doing much more than you outlined above…Don’t get me wrong, improved skin and reduced healing times are important. I just don’t think Med Beds are going to do much beyond that.

        The Flat Earth is a different subject that I won’t delve into here. I guess we will agree to disagree…and I am ok with that. I still enjoy your content and check daily! Please keep up the good work.

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    3. Kragle – thank you. I think the day is coming when we will learn about technology we never imagined. I have heard that 432 hz emmanating from 5G towers…I think that is a hoax because the healing hz is 523 Biblically…that is the hz it shows in the healing areas. (another subject), but the science behind light therapy is sound biological science and the experiments behind energy and water by Emoto from words is astounding.

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      1. But 432 hz is uplifting sound…it is good too. Creates positive uplifting and joyous energy. Which in itself is healing…but he deeper healing is 523…the Biblical “C” note. Was just thinking if they were going to beam something out in a frequency…either would be good…but, with all the evil being done and dangers of 5-G…that one is not one I trust…need more faith on that one. That’s where I am cautious…even knowing the truth is in the sounds. I don’t trust 5-G.


    1. Beth H says:

      So what if he filled the jars with baloney? Or does it only work with rice? I’m more intrigued with his glue stick that actually held the label on the jars, as I can’t seem to find one that works to hold paper together.

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  2. inesnido says:

    This writing is so beutifully explained that it leaves me speechless, but I will say that I totally and full heartedly agree! The two writings you sent out today really served to comfort me in knowing that our country really isn’t in danger to the point that God isn’t watching. He’s left many people (in high positions) to look after his earth and this country. It just looks from the outside like it’s all falling apart, but it’s not, really.

    Thank you for your perspective and analysis and your positive words. I can honestly say that it inspired me.

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  3. marianne klink says:

    Wonderful report. [“You Can’t Sleep Your Way…” 4/6/21] My two favorite Scriptures fit perfectly: Rev 3:10 and PS 91:9-12. Both have kept me sane through this chaos, reminding me Who is in perfect control. I pray for those who are afraid. Thank you, Dianne, for being obedient to God’s call.

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  4. tysonsbzm says:

    This is a blend of scriptural truth and error, culminating in deception and a bad outcome

    This is a lot of New Age nonsense (awakening, enlightenment, power energy, frequency and vibration; high vibrations vs low vibrations) and ongoing reliance on Enoch (not in the Bible), as a basis for your biblical perspective.


    1. Then you would not have made a good soldier going around the walls of Jericho building up a centrifugal force that the sound of the trumpets vibration and sound brought to the ground. And pay no attention to what happens in an emf attack.

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      1. Robert G Boensch says:

        Resonance “the state of a system in which an abnormally large vibration is produced in response to an external stimulus, occurring when the frequency of the stimulus is the same, or nearly the same, as the natural vibration frequency of the system.”
        A phenomenon in which an external force or a vibrating system forces another system around it to vibrate with greater amplitude at a specified frequency of operation.

        This was probity the biggest factor that brought the walls of Jericho down
        Their starting and resting of his army marching and trumpets
        And these waves went deep in to earth and echo back to the surface
        reverberated to be reflected many times

        Next The chanting in Songs give this energy to the people in it
        and old temples were built to amply the effect for worship -healing -control
        also reverberate in us
        This also happens with your subject above blogged

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      2. Beth H says:

        It was all God, not what Joshua and his army were doing. The demonstration was as much for them to trust in God as it was to show God’s power. He could have asked Joshua to do fairy dances around the wall, or crawl around it on his knees and whisper the 10 Commandments and the results would have been the same because IT IS GOD who has the power to bring about results.

        If Joshua had not obeyed Him to the letter, if he had only shouted a little or blew the trumpets softly, God would not have given them the same results because He wanted obedience to His command. “Have not I commanded thee, be strong and of a good courage? Be not afraid neither be thou dismayed, for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest.” (Joshua 1:9)



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  6. Be careful Dianne. You should humble yourself and read Isaiah 53 v1-12, especially 10-12. You don’t know the true purpose of life. The ones who come with a new gospel in the end times shall be persecuted and despised. Ppl will not gravitate yo 5hem because they’re no in line with the narrative of the day. Only the ones who has an ear to hear will accept this new gospel with his new name. Keeping on doing your research and maybe you’ll understand why some ppl make certain decisions and sacrifices.


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