There is a lot of speculation on Evergreen, and a lot of truth to the FACTS that surround it. The question of the day is…where do we find our facts? Do we rely on fake news? Well, according to many, until fake news will announce what is taking place, then it isn’t taking place. To others, until President Trump makes an announcement, a thing hasn’t happened. To some, the truth has to come from adequate sources of which I am still waiting to find that list.

So what we have as facts from people who know, supposedly, because they have worked in this field of secrecy and alligence are their statements and one of the most reliable sources is Michael Jaco. Who states at approximately 22 minutes into this video that the CIA controls Evergreen Shipping, and that also includes Air, land and sea. It is also notorious for drug and human trafficking. The Black Hats versus the White Hats.

CIA controlled Evergreen moves secret stuff via their shipping containers. “Human Trafficking, Drug Trafficking….” Jaco says those with eyes to see can see the little things that are happening…and even he is not going to disclose everything he sees going on because that would put the mission in jeopardy. But, things are there to see for those who have eyes to see.

At this point in the war we are in…I really do not care who believes or not believes what. The truth of what is being seen is for those with eyes to see. All the others can sit back and watch. They can wait for their president or reliable source to tell them what is taking place. Reliable sources are pushing vaccines, fake COVID charts, false flag events, making Trump supporters more dangerous than ANTIFA, and a host of things. Reliable fake news sources deny adrenochrome production, deny child and human trafficking, promote open borders, a fair election and your elected president breaking all historic records is President Biden. So good luck waiting for any of their updates.

Meanwhile, for those with eyes to see, we look at the maneuvers of Russia and the USA taking place at the exact same time the Evergreen went sideways in the canal, only after making a crazy formation in the larger part of the canal prior to entering into the narrow area where they somehow wedged in the canal sideways.

The ship was freed on March 29, 2021. Where did this CIA operation go to? It does not appear likely that it simply went on about its’ original route, and it is also highly unlikely that they announced where they were going. We do know their original destination was the Netherlands.

So, this post is for those who want to know what others believe is taking place.

You are free to believe mainstream news reports. These never lie to you.

Meanwhile….nothing here to see, move along and call anyone with eyes to see disinformation and praise the CNN reporting along with the BBC. And while you’re at it, get ready to vote for your next politicians in a fair election under the Biden Administration which was all legal and those who say differently are just full of hot air.

As for me, this is not just a typical ship going sideways into the Suez by accident. And Before It’s News is a collection of reports from individuals who they report and you decide. Most of what is reported is more accurate than any main stream news channel. Investigate their batting average and you will find they hit more home runs than strike outs. Just saying. As far as the Evergreen article previously posted, I did weigh it out before posting it…that is why I included Jaco in the report. He suspected something in the containers as most all who are watching the progress have suspected. Whereas there is no way to know where the ship went, or fact check the truth of it…I posted what the author reported for you to decide.

Stay Strong!



    1. Robert G Boensch says:

      March 31, 2021


      Robert G Boensch go back to post above
      My neighborhood

      I live 30 Miles south from
      Wurtsmith Air Force Base
      This base was turned over the the United States Largest
      Air cargo operator for the government

      Kalitta air

      The are also involved with and possibly own
      Evergreen International Airlines

      As public government contractor
      Evergreen performed more than military and intelligence community work, also servicing other government agencies in the U.S. as well as in other nations. Its Boeing 747 Supertanker aircraft was used as an firefighting air tanker from Israel to Mexico; its unmanned systems division flew drone flights over disaster zones; NASA hired it to operate its flying infrared observatory;

      I saw Some of These planes sitting on the former
      Wurtsmith Air Force Base


      Read the rest go above link

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      1. Robert G Boensch says:

        Were does product come from for chemtrails
        Follow the trail back to the source
        Knowledge to know the Truth
        follow the posts of mine It –It might be the Truth

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  1. inesnido says:

    Personally I do not believe any of the TV news. Even the so called “Good news channels” are just not reporting serious news. I’ve tried to wake my friends up and they seem to be on board with me and us and I’ve been trying to wake my mother up as well, but I need to be careful because she is so elderly that these things really make her very nervous. However, she does believe something odd is up and does not wear a mask (neither do I) and neither of us will EVER get the vaccines. I’ve been boosting our immune system since last year with zinc, vit. C, Vit. D3, a multivitamin, calcium, Elderberry gummies which are shocked full of Vit. C and Zinc. Just saying, I tend to believe what I read on this blog, on the Charlie Ward videos, Simon Powell, Juan O. Savin and Medjugorje.com. All these people seem very awake to what is happening in our country and in the world. But most importantly, I listen to that still gentle voice (the Holy Spirit) which dwells inside of me and let’s me know which way to turn. May God help us all, but please use common sense. Research EVERYTHING before you decide to put something strange into your body.

    I walked into CVS this morning and people were lining up for the Vaccine; God help them. I only saw one guy and myself without a mask. What idiots!!!

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  2. Lynda Aird says:

    Interesting read. I like her perspective.

    Mike Jaco is mentioned- I’ve listened to him for a very long time BUT I can’t say I think he’s at the top of my credibility list. So much so that I no longer waste my time on his videos, they’re too lengthy and I feel I can get the information elsewhere. He’s definitely a Pay-triot. What I listened to was always his free stuff but he’s got a lot behind an outlandishly expensive paywall.

    Also Before it’s News is mentioned. Again I glance over it every day, it’s an aggregator of alternative news Some is more reliable (IMO) than others. In other words, really be discerning about what you read there.

    Sent from my iPhone


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  3. Amal says:

    Those who attempt to discredit what you publish have an agenda.

    I’m not suggesting all of them do, yet it’s highly probable.


    Truth is stranger than fiction.

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  4. TonyKapp says:

    I am very excited that special forces played a key role in saving the children. If nothing else, it means that the good guys are still in the fight and some children have been saved as a direct result of their actions. The C I A is nothing but evil.

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      1. Ri-chard says:

        As long as We the People continue to consent to foreigners having control of our money as the Federal Reserve, Internal Revenue Service, and our Social Security Administration do not much can change. Then you can add all the other agencies that the people did not vote for that control us and our children. The chants of “Don’t Tread on Me” “No Taxation Without Representation” and let’s celebrate “Independence Day” with fire works are just a few of their jokes on us.

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  5. anthonykmdouglass says:

    As always, I appreciate Diane’s posts. They are, by and large, the most level-headed views I can find. However, as Diane allows, I have my own opinion and view.. I’ll just say in the most humble way I can – my wife and I have ample time on our hands to focus and research these issues. Yes, we have grandchildren and children whose very lives depend on what happens and what occurs from day to day. So to say I am simply opinionated is false….

    RE: “Those who attempt to discredit what you publish have an agenda.” I might agree on some level, but maybe those who “discredit” are merely presenting thoughts that should be listened to. No offense, Diane…

    RE: “I tend to believe what I read on this blog, on the Charlie Ward videos” Well, I believe that Diane might concur: you cannot believe everything you read “wholesale”. You must investigate yourself. It has been shown by our research that Charlie Ward is an admitted (albeit past) supporter of child sex slavery. Okay, so it’s in his “past”. Does that mean now he is telling the truth? I’m sorry. If I had such a heinous past, I would not allow myself to be in the forward limelight as a source of “truth”. He remains suspect. Always. Route him out, along with his “sit and wait while you eat popcorn”.

    RE: “Jaco says those with eyes to see can see the little things that are happening…and even he is not going to disclose everything he sees going on because that would put the mission in jeopardy. But, things are there to see for those who have eyes to see…” This is a copout. Anyone who can so easily quote the words of our Lord is, in my mind, suspect. Do not, sir, assume you have the eyes that see Truth such that you can make such an assumption on my eyes that see truth. And he is not going to disclose everything that “would put the mission in jeopardy”???? Are you, sir, part of the “mission”. If you have something that can shed LIGHT on this crap, then share it or shut up! I apologize. I am so sick and tired of the meme of ” ‘I know’ something but I am sworn not to divulge what I know so as not to endanger the mission” that I no longer believe any of it. In fact, “Jaco”, “Simon”, “Charlie” – put up or shut up. WE the people have put up with lies and deceit for far too long to keep “holding the line”. By using this meme you are characterizing yourselves no better than the supposed “black hats” i.e. assuming us “red-blooded Americans” can’t “handle the truth”. I challenge you to share what you know or simply disappear from the public view. We don’t need your “carrots” any more. WE see the reality in front of us everyday as we encounter mask-wearers who look at us as the scum of the earth. As far as our view, currently, there are MORE OF THEM than there are of us. So, I say again, put up or delete your presence from the Web. You mean nothing and you are part of the problem.

    Diane: I apologize for the rant. I don’t blame you for not posting this if you decide. God bless one and all. I am not a sheeple and refuse to be treated as such – by ANY side. We are on the brink of the point of no return into full blown world-wide communism. I was just informed the Supreme Court just released Hillary Clinton from all culpability from the evidence revealed by her emails. She should be gone, but she is not. WHERE ARE THESE SUPPOSED WHITE HATS????

    My advice: make amends with God. We are in the final days. For those who follow the Truth – Many blessings of God!!

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    1. Amal says:

      No one is stating YOU have an agenda, although the ones that do are in attack mode ie name calling or other various methods of insult.

      You may be in disbelief, perhaps you get your info from mainstream faux media, believing it’s legit; ie fox news and the like.

      This isn’t a pi^^ing contest, I believe much of what is published here.

      President Trump would not have thrown his wonderful life away (4 plus years) to walk away from it all.

      He has PLACED World Governments ON NOTICE.

      There was a video showing all the stops he made and the people he saw.

      The video is proof President Trump is still very much in charge.

      I’ll post the video once I locate it.

      Have a BLESSED DAY!

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      1. Grace Bruno says:

        My only question is according to Sydney Powell , President Trump had the power according to the constitution to do something to save the Republic and he didn’t. That was her main question. SHe just did an interview with Dinesh D’Souza. Many people have the same questions.

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      2. Ri-chard says:

        I believe what we are going discover, all the crimes had to be committed first – as many as possible. Then it is the task of exposing these crimes to We the People, and with indisputable proofs. If this isn’t done first all would be considered a coup, and the swamp consisting of the MSM, military & security industrial complex would defend the Manchurian.
        The solutions/remedies we all seek won’t come easy and promptly if you consider how long these stealthy crimes have been perpetuated on us. We as a large collective must stop consenting and take back our power so the likes of Trump and his team can act on our behalf with the all the proofs as the cause for those actions. Remember, Tyranny only works by us giving our consent to it.
        IMHO is how the process will evolve if it is to be.

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      3. debjbalk says:

        Wouldn’t that be the ideal question to ask if you are one of the “good guys” and your goal is to throw off the enemy from your trail…leading them to believe that the president is doing nothing, that he’s failed? People who’ve known Trump and followed his career for decades have said that just when he looks like he’s losing, he wins. So, isn’t there a possibility that Sidney is trying to help the president by giving his enemies the impression that he’s losing, that he did nothing to save the Republic? This is what I’m wondering. She’s trying to juggle many balls in the air.. helping to get justice for the American people’s vote while not undercutting the president’s efforts behind the scenes, etc. We’ll see what happens… Time will tell. (;+)

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    2. Amal says:

      anthonykmdouglass my comment was towards those that claim they will never come back to this site because of what DM has published, hence my comment regarding their ‘agenda’.

      There are many POVs and many here don’t agree with everything posted.

      No shame in admitting, we can all agree to disagree.

      DM provides readers with info that you won’t find on mainstream media, be it print, radio, tv.

      Much of the info here may seem far fetched and outrageous, yet again i commented with :


      I have no doubt when all this chaos is cleaned up, the ENTIRE PLANET WILL GO BACK TO THE PEOPLE, WORLD WIDE!

      Sounds like you have plenty of time to read, I’d suggest looking into Vigilant Citizen dot com

      I mention Vigilant Citizen because it discusses the brainwashing from music to entertainment to just about everything we are exposed to.

      You have grandkids and they are being brainwashed even at the younger ages, believe it or not.

      Happy Weekend wherever in the world you are!

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    3. I understand your rant. I’ve had my fill of the promises too. I do believe there are good and evil… and it has been defined a white hats and black hats – I guess from the old westerns where the good guys wore the white hats. I’ve been seeing many of the first to come out to ease tensions in videos as getting annoyed a lot lately at those who have become mistrusting. I too have found some of what is said simply repeating and have the talking points memorized. This is a propaganda war as well as good versus evil war to survive. It has always been a propaganda war and now that we are waking up and seeing all the lies…it is impossible to believe anything you hear. The only solid truth is the Word of God, and even the church has dissected their own interpretations to lend it to confusion to their congregations. So…I see fully what the Bible tells us to do in reading the scriptures for ourselves and let no man interpret for you. In that same vein of truth, I say read any reports for yourself and let no man interpret for you. God leads different people to see different things for his purpose. Same as he did all the prophets in the Bible and all the disciples. As John tells the story different than Luke, who tells it different than Mark who tells it different than Mathew… yet together it all completes the understanding. That is why all scripture works together for edification. I apply that principle to gathering information that is forbidden…I look for the pieces. We are all searching for the pieces and trying to understand why this or that was done… especially why did Trump allow vaccines? Why is he still taking credit for them? Well, I see now Fauci has come out and taken all credit for the vaccines. Was this the plan? To get him so mad he came out and confessed it was all his idea from the start? Which we already knew…but many mask enthusiasts did not. Trump was shouting about child trafficking years ago way before he ran for office. It was one of his first priorities when he did win and took office and he PERMANENTLY FUNDED IT upon his leaving office Jan. 20, 2021. Open borders upticked its start up again…was this a trap? Were they waiting for them to resume all operations in order to catch them all? Catching them on the border is a US issue. Catching them in international waters is an International issue and admiral law applies. Could the Evergreen have been a trap? To me this makes the most sense. International courts make sense. For as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. First, the activity aboard any ship is subject to the jurisdiction and laws of the vessel’s country of origin. However, there’s also “universal jurisdiction,” which allows any country to bring criminal charges, regardless of nationality or where the alleged crime took place. Typically, universal jurisdiction is utilized in cases of war crimes, genocide, and other very serious matters. Therefore, the criminals can’t beat the system in corrupt USA courts. This would be a very strategic move on those who are in charge of busting human trafficking and smuggling weapons, drugs and other black market items. The wedged evergreen offered a bulge of ships sitting with no where to go…and an opportunity to search like never before. What boats were searched? No one can fact check this as of yet… but many can speculate, and only God knows his purpose and what will come from it all. I present so others can find the pieces. We all are searching for truth.

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    4. inesnido says:

      I feel your pain, Anthony. I find myself in your shoes quite often; frustrated, anxious, happy at times, angry at other times. Like you, when I walk into stores, mask less, I look around and only see 1 or 2 people w/out mask on.

      Today I went into CVS and idiotic people were signing up for the vaccine non vaccine like scared little sheep. I felt like yelling at them “YOU IDIOTS, DON’T YOU KNOW YOU ARE THE LAB RATS”!! but of course I kept my mouth shut and just looked up at the ceiling and took a deep breath of fresh air I might add.

      All we can do is come on here and voice our frustrations and read Dianne’s words and feel reassured and comforted that we have a safe place to vent. This is my go to place to find like minded people and smart, intelligent individuals who love their liberty and freedom.

      Most importantly, this is the site where I find Jesus loving Christians.

      God bless you and us as we venture out into this chaotic world. Hang In there and happy Easter!!

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  6. anthonykmdouglass says:

    Thank you for your response. For the record, I have not listened to, nor paid for cable tv or public television for over 20 years. Nor do I waste my energy (except to occasionally check what they are saying) on MSM. Do you watch television?

    That being said, where is the “proof” that DJT is doing ANYTHING in the interest of the people? He is pushing the poison vaccines. There are children and women (and men) in sexual slavery that CONTINUES despite the Evergreen question. There are countless proofs of exploitation and rape of CHILDREN by persons in government positions across the country. Yes, I get that “some” are being taken down, but WHO exactly are replacing them??? That, AFAIK, has not been shown. It has been claimed that there is AMPLE evidence regarding proof of an illegal election. If that is truly so, then WHY THE WAIT AND SEE? If Bi-boy’s admin is false and without power, then why are things changing FOR THE WORSE in this and other countries? Why are GOOD MEN e.g. in Africa, still being executed for their stance AGAINST the whole vaccine LIE?

    DJT in charge? Where? Evidence? Because Jaco says so? Because Simon Parkes says so? Because Charlie Ward says so??? No! The evidence is – or WILL BE – is only whn the evils that CONTINUE begin to stop. Did you see the report that a female CHILD was GANG RAPED at the detention centers at the border as a result of what Bi-boy is ALLOWING at the borders????? If DJT is “IN CHARGE”, then why are these atrocities continuing?

    You are incorrect. RIGHT NOW – Evil is in charge, NOT DJT. If, as you claim, DJT is indeed in charge, then those who are dying incredibly horrible deaths from these “vaccines” and those being RAPED the borders are, by default UNDER HIS CHARGE AND ARE OCCURRING UNDER HIS WATCH.

    I have as much hope as the next of those reading here. I have daily, deep prayers for those who continue to suffer and the future of the people of Earth. I WANT this nightmare to end. I am simply not convinced that we are not being deluded on all sides by “someone” or “some – THING” that hates humanity.

    I place NO TRUST in ANY man. And until I see PROOF that there is a man dedicated to humanity and the people of God, I will NEVER have faith in a “man”. Period. Be not deluded by your own desires or misplaced hopes.

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    1. inesnido says:

      You do well not to put your trust in men, Anthony. Personally, I put all of my trust in Jesus Christ. Like you I pray daily and most of the time I feel peace while the world outside is running scared.

      Satan has charge over this world; for a short time. God is looking for people who will love him and trust in Him.

      America has abandoned God for a very long time. Many don’t pray anymore. Many don’t even believe in God. Many have chosen the abominable things of this world and are flat out proud of themselves for the disgraceful things they do in secret.

      God will not be mocked!! He has removed his hedge from us for a short time. We would all be wise to drop on our knees and ask for Gods forgiveness lest we perish with the evil ones.

      I suspect the end is near, but only God knows the real date when all of these violent crimes will come to an end.

      I pray we can all find solace in each other and in God.

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    2. Frankly I soundly believe DJT has zero control of our military or justice department. I pray the right leaders in the military will uphold their oath to defend the constitution. The election fraud couldn’t be more blatant, there was a takeover of our government. To me, the military should have stepped in on the eve of November 3rd.
      What I see is our military getting more ” woke”, not fighting for our freedom and constitution. I was ready to give it all and take it to the streets, maybe that’s a little emotional and crazy but it looked to me like we the people better take our country back from these globalist, Marxist traitors. Its probably to late for that now and the only thing we have is prayer and hope.
      Everyone needs to keep in mind that the military knows with 100% certainty that our election machines were attacked by foreign governments, that is fact. So far zero has been done about it and its concerning me that our military is now under globalist control, which means we will be drinking from the cup of Marxism. Please pray for GOD to change the hearts and minds of our military leaders that can right this wrong.

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      1. Ri-chard says:

        Please consider you cannot depend on the Constitution to be upheld by those that are to represent us. The very First Act of Congress 1789 made it law that no one would take an oath to the constitution repeating the title words stated in the preamble. those words are >
        “the Constitution for the United States of America”..
        All take an oath to a document that does not exist in law or at law.>
        “the constitution of the United States”
        The U,S, Constitution was to be an employment contract for our employees/representatives, and no one has also signed up to it since the original signer passed on. Just stating the facts well noted. It was all fraud in the beginning starting with the King’s 1783 Treaty of Peace. All We the People got was physical peace none of the spoils of war they fought for, and the people still consent

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    1. Amal says:

      The picture of the bum and male genitalia (Suez Canal ) is exactly what I’ve been saying elsewhere.

      It was a pic to the DS as in YOU’RE FU**ED!

      I have no doubt IT’S OVER for the EVIL on Earth.


      thanks for the link Ri-chard

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    2. Well, isn’t that interesting…several key points…what is in the traffic jam? As I suspected… see how each one finds a key piece and if it fits use it? If something obviously isn’t a puzzle piece…lay it aside. but….when you find pieces that fit…hold them and if they can be placed….place them.

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      1. betseyross says:

        What a great plan, Dianne! I find that I have been doing this for the past 4 months. Eventually the big picture will come into focus. Declaring ‘fake news’ on something you don’t like is a time waster. Keep searching. Every little particle of information has it’s place somewhere. It’s up to you to figure it out.

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  7. Rj says:

    Most people knew when this started is was not the loss of an engine and it was not a dust storm because they run on massive radar and can run in complete darkness. Most people have no clue foreign countries own and run ports where these ships are offloaded and our protectors only search less then 1% of the millions of containers that are offloaded.

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  8. Beth H says:

    Remember the show “Get Smart” where the secret agent was always seeing conspiracy behind every curtain? It feels like we are filming that show. I never knew what Agent 99’s purpose was and I don’t think the Private Eye character (was his name Maxwell Smart?) ever solved a case except by coincidence and then claimed it was all part of his plan.

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  9. warrenadkins1gmailcom says:

    To those who still do not believe. I have always said that A LOT OF TIMES, not always there is a certain bit of truth to rumors. To those who refuse to see you must do a lot of research and learn how to pull a little here and a little there. In time you will be able to see. You have to bee a total Zombie to not see things are strange and just do not add up. To those asleep I will tell you this. ” To Question is the Threshold To Reality”


  10. […] In my blog post from April 3, 2021, I stated then, and it still goes for today, “At this point in the war we are in…I really do not care who believes or not believes what. The truth of what is being seen is for those with eyes to see. All the others can sit back and watch. They can wait for their president or reliable source to tell them what is taking place. Reliable sources are pushing vaccines, fake COVID charts, false flag events, making Trump supporters more dangerous than ANTIFA, and a host of things. Reliable fake news sources deny adrenochrome production, deny child and human trafficking, promote open borders, a fair election and your elected president breaking all historic records is President Biden. So good luck waiting for any of their updates.” EVERGREEN SHIPPING IS CONTROLLED BY WHO? – THE MARSHALL REPORT (wordpress.com) […]


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