Georgia Dem. Rep. Cannon Arrested As Gov. Kemp Signs Elections Bill

It is looking like the old way of behaving isn’t going to play out like it used to. At least not for Rep. Park Cannon who tried to make her way into Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s office banging on his door, interrupting his livestreamed announcement that he had signed an elections bill into law. A bill she totally didn’t agree with that requires ID for absentee ballots, limits drop boxes and changes early voting hours.

Democrat Representative Erica Thomas said she was upset Cannon was arrested at all because state law says legislators are “free from arrest during sessions of the General Assembly” except for charges of treason, felonies or breach of the peace. It’s unclear what charges Cannon is facing. Police arrest Georgia Democratic lawmaker outside governor’s office during protest of election bill (

03/25/2021 —Atlanta, Georgia — Rep. Park Cannon (D-Atlanta) is escorted out of the Georgia Capitol Building by Georgia State Troopers after being asked to stop knocking on a door that lead to Gov. Brian Kemp’s office while Gov. Kemp was signing SB 202 behind closed doors on day 38 of the legislative session at the Georgia State Capitol Building in Atlanta, Thursday, March 25, 2021. (Alyssa Pointer /

In typical not so peaceful fashion, the Dems cackled and shouted outside the Governors door arguing their way into a set of handcuffs only to have the shock of her life as she’s hauled away like any one would be who acted as such. Could this be happening to her? She’s a Democrat, she’s a Biden gal. Something just ain’t right here and she’s not the only one thinking that. This is not normal in the new abnormal world. Rarely does anyone see a Democrat held responsible for any of their actions. It is looking like something has transpired in Georgia….something got the governor to sign the law that holds accountability in elections….but what?

The officers forcibly removed Cannon, a Democrat from Atlanta, dragging her through the Capitol and pushing her into a police car. Now….I wonder what the charges will be? Wonder if there was a warrant or if her actions were enough for the arrest?

Something tells me it may be an arrest for a bit more than door knocking. What say you?

03/25/2021 —Atlanta, Georgia — Rep. Park Cannon (D-Atlanta) is placed into the back of a Georgia State Capitol patrol car after being arrested by Georgia State Troopers on day 38 of the legislative session at the Georgia State Capitol Building in Atlanta, Thursday, March 25, 2021. (Alyssa Pointer /

Which brings us to the next question….”Where was Governor Kemp going immediately after?” Does he always have that much security with him?

03/25/2021 —Atlanta, Georgia —Gov. Brian Kemp leaves the Georgia State Capitol Building after signing SB 202 behind closed doors on day 38 of the legislative session at the Georgia State Capitol Building in Atlanta, Thursday, March 25, 2021. (Alyssa Pointer /

The sweeping 94-page legislation divided Republicans and Democrats as it passed the House Special Committee on Election Integrity along party lines.

Voting rights advocates said the measure, Senate Bill 202, would limit voter access by curtailing ballot drop boxes, requiring voter ID for absentee ballots and disqualifying provisional ballots cast in the wrong precinct.

When you read the bill you will know why Stacey, and her Legislators are all in an uproar. God is good…this is a win for Georgia and future elections. All I can say is … WHO’S NEXT!

Click link to see copy of 95 page bill: C:\pdf\200015.wpd (

Stay Strong!


41 thoughts on “Georgia Dem. Rep. Cannon Arrested As Gov. Kemp Signs Elections Bill

    1. debjbalk says:

      A good ole fashioned spanking is never fun…but a public one?? Ouch!!! 👮‍♂️👮‍♀️ Thank You, Lord, for giving us these rays of sunshine leading to brighter days…. Michigan is next, I pray!!! 🙏

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    1. Ani says:

      You have to ask how did this 18 wheeler get across the Mexican border without anyone checking it? Or could it be it was loaded inside American border and it’s the way this administration is transporting illegals throughout country?

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  1. YeahYouRight says:

    Rainy?! No. It’s fixing to be a tornadic night in GA. And Kemp has no right to be free of cuffs. He’s just as guilty as anyone. He was in bed with the ChiComs, selling them the Port of Savannah, forcing Dominion on us, refusing to call a special session to officially rectify this disgrace when it mattered. He should hang from Spaghetti Junction with the rest of his UniParty comrades.

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    1. irisheyes17 says:

      YeahYouRight, Not only Kemp was n bed with Dominion, but SOS Rattensperger is also…I hrd he took a $10 million bribe from Dominion and placed it n a family member’s name n a bank n Hong Kong…I bleve it has been traced…Lin Wood said they both wud b goin’ 2 jail…

      Mayb why he edited the ph convo with Pres Trump…but he was caught!!


      Mike Lyndell n a radio nterview jus said he’s comin’ out with another vid provin” conclusivly voter fraud…he hired investig8ors and pd them $11 million of his own money 2 investig8…who, how, where…he said the SUPREMES will tk the case and will rule 9-0 n his favour…

      MHM…seems I’ve heard that b4….

      I’m not gettin’ out my popcorn jus yet!

      He said Pres Trump wud b back by August as Pres…but then he always has been!!



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      1. YeahYouRight says:

        Color me skeptical about the supremes, but Mike Lindell is a true patriot, we should buy a pillow or some sheets or his book to support him. People like that take my breath away.

        Kemp was SoS before he was Gov, and this Dominion was in motion before that fool Raffensperger showed up. They both secretly signed settlement agreements with fake governor Stacy Abrams inkey counties, including mine. Warnock is up to his eyeballs in this too. They all need to be rounded up. I hope it’s happening, but I remain unconvinced. I suspect this arrest tonight and Warnock,and that’s it. Kemp will cut it off there and slime away into the sunset with a bucket of lo mein. Hope I’m wrong.

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      2. irisheyes17 says:

        YeahYouRight, Hollyweird wants 2 errect a statue of Stacy Abrams… y’all cud c it from the Space Station…

        They also wanted her on the $20. …I think they’d hav 2 make a bigger bill…

        She and her sis the judge r goin’ dwn!!

        Mayb they can b cell m8s…hahahaha…

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  2. Amal says:

    Just a friendly reminder;


    *for those still asleep

    Have a BLESSED Friday or Saturday wherever you are in the world!


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  3. That is great news! Maybe Kemp has also been arrested and is in trouble for the role he had played in the obvious 2020 election fraud, and maybe signing that elections bill will lessen his punishment for the election crimes he allowed to happen in the state of Georgia? Does that sound plausible?

    A blogger named Heather on another site wrote:

    Georgia carries 16 votes. Mi carries 16 votes and Pa carries 20. These 3 states are the ones now that are being looked into and Trump will win them back. So what this means is they total to 52 votes added to 232 votes =284 votes more than enough to overturn the election and Biden will need to have 52 votes taken from his 306 leaving him with only 254 votes. Trump wins the election and will be potus for 2020. Then he will run and win again in 2024 under the new law and he will be the 19th potus of The United States Of America.
    You cannot play with fire and expect not to get burnt, especially when you are up against Trump./unquote

    Hope she’s right about this!

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    1. YeahYouRight says:

      WI is now investigating, too. AZ released the ballots. Hopefully there’s still something left to examine. It’s all very common-sensical, but we need to either be heard in court or take our White House back.

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    2. debjbalk says:

      Heather’s quote would be an awesome outcome…. And yet, ya know what? Our God is so shockingly incredible, that knowing Him….the absolutely best outcome we could imagine….He’ll probably blow our minds with something so, so, so much greater! That’s what I’m anticipating… #StandingNfaith with all of you!! 🙏💖

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  4. Kathleen Connor says:


    Writing to you tonight, not with a reply to your most recent report, but reaching out to see if you are interested in exposing something that is going on within our military.


    Share this far and wide… the public & our military family needs to be made aware of it… & if anyone has connections they need to make contact.

    I have never been so disgusted or so dismayed or so in disbelief and anger over what our military is doing… This is the stuff that the general public doesn’t know about… Our guys and gals in uniform are amazing & it’s a very small percentage of our population that take up the call of duty to serve this nation. I can imagine what my dad would be saying right about now!

    But what I have been made aware of tonight turns my stomach.

    I don’t know how deep this runs throughout the different branches and across the different military bases and posts… But my son is being forced, by his command, along with all others to go sit through an anti racism/extremism class tomorrow 3/26/21 – aka they are lecturing soldiers on why they must support BLM violence and why Christians are extreme. Yes you read that right! FYI…..Fort Bliss

    Our once great military is turning into an anti-patriotic Marxist organization.

    Additionally he is slated to go to Korea soon and they are threatening to withhold his leave unless he conforms and takes the vaccine…. they are coercing the troops to take the vaccine by threatening them with the withholding their leave, among other things.

    From what I have been told, there are lawyers who are already taking up cases like this because there are more and more servicemen and women who are getting caught in the same trap.

    The vax is one big global experiment/trial in MRNA/DNA manipulation. It has not been approved by the FDA. Until such time it cannot be forced upon anyone, including our military.… per the Nuremberg Code it is illegal to force anyone to take part in an experiment.

    If you are able to assist in any manner, even if just to spread the truth and expose this twisted evil, we would be so grateful. If you have any insight into this matter, I would appreciate anything you were able to share. Thank you!

    Kat Connor




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    1. CharityinTruth says:


      That is disturbing. No one should be forced to take an experimental vaccine which does more harm than good. Some have died within hours or days after injection.

      Pfizer and Moderna used cell cultures made from at least one aborted baby to test the vaccines. FDA admits long list of possible negative side -effects. Read:

      A brief summary of essential information about the COVID-19 vaccines | Opinion | Lifesitenews

      Legal challenges are being filed in New Mexico to COVID-19 vaccine mandates

      First lawsuit against COVID-19 vaccine mandate filed in US | News | Lifesitenews

      ‘This is a case where the supervisor is just dead wrong. They absolutely don’t have the right to force anyone to take an experimental medical product,’ one lawyer said.

      March 26, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Legal challenges to COVID-19 vaccine mandates have begun in the U.S., with the first lawsuit against compulsory coronavirus vaccination filed late last month in New Mexico. Read more:

      I hope and pray all unethical, harmful and experimental Covid 19 vaccinations to be stopped and it should never be mandated.

      All Glory to God!!!

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  5. southern1952 says:

    i have to admit, so much going on it’s difficult to keep it in my brain…i so wish the above post would magically happen and we would get up one sunny morning and it would be so. i’m afraid that is wishful thinking, but then, one can dream….meanwhile, biden is yet again bumbling through some kind of press briefing, i guess that’s understandable, after all, he’s been in it for 120 years according to him. i think i will just go and watch gunsmoke…bye ya’ll!

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  6. Jose Quintana says:

    Kemp is a criminal. He has committed election fraud and sedition. He needs to be prosecuted for these crimes. He sees the writing on the wall for his future and is now trying to covering his ass. Good luck Mr. Kemp, you are going to need it.

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    1. debjbalk says:

      She’s so very self-loathing…. Power hunger takes such a toll on a person….physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally….What a mess it causes in a person’s life. She’s proof!

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    1. I agree. If you read the billl he signed…it’s obvious he is in some sort of plea bargaining situation for his allowing the fraud and the arrests are forthcoming… everyone who partook in the fraud. EVERYONE. JUST LIKE LIN WOOD SAID AND TRUMP SAID. NO ONE IS GETTING AWAY WITH THIS. NO ONE.

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      1. YeahYouRight says:

        These measures were in placebefore the 2020 election! All it took was a few lawless individuals to illegally alter the law in a series of shady backroom deals. This bill is meaningless optics, plea bargain or not.


  7. Mark says:


    Check this out:

    Sargent Robert Horton………I’m only about half way thru this, but it is so compelling that i’m sending it now………..would love to hear your take……..

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    1. I’m watching them…he really simplifies it all. I think I might use his videos in a blog. I am familiar with many of the people speaking in the clips within it from years ago. I remember when Karen Hudes first talked about the world bank exposing them and a lot of people called her a shill. Because she was a whistle blower. She exposed the US corporation and people were calling her a shill to silence her. She only got louder.

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      1. Ri-chard says:

        Dianne they are speaking of and promoting a LEGAL Fiction. Do not consent! They are making this confusing/convoluted.
        Your name on any document spelled in all CAPS is a fiction. You are not a JOHN DOE that is not you Christian name. A Legal fiction not lawful reality. All CAPS is only to be used as an acronym were each letter represent a name/word. i.e. NASA, FBI, CIA, NSA, NRO, IRS, USA, NBC, CBS etc and that’s their corporate rule or standard or patent. There is no English grammar rule for a noun/name to be spelled in all CAPS. It doesn’t exist – it’s fiction, a legal fiction…
        We are told the truth of this BS if we search for it.
        .The English game of snooker is in part word play, wordsmith and word magic.

        Example; What you think is a State or STATE is in reality a corporation, in other words, a Person.
        “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is Person.” 9 F. Supp 272
        “Word “person” does not include state. 12 Op Atty Gen 176.
        There are no states, just corporations. A corporation is an artificial entity, a fiction at law. They only exist in your mind. They are images in your mind, that speak to you. We labor, pledge our property and give our children to a fiction. If you consent.

        Read these two federal government lien docs. Note the term of hands and legs, that’s how they recognize us for the lien value. . doc 1 doc 2
        Explanation > yourhandsandlegs | A great revelation (
        yourhandsandlegs | A great revelation (

        All of this is because we consent with our signature on every document that has our name spelled in all CAPS.

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    2. Mark that video was incredible and mind blowing and everything miss Dianne reported earlier. I have a question for all.At some point don’t the globalists win and set up a one world ruler with the anti christ on the scene? Isn’t it biblical prophecy? Thank you all and GOD BLESS.


  8. Ri-chard says:

    Over the next few weeks (4 to 6) we should expect to hear some loud voices from Arizona as the court has ruled in favor of the Republican Senate to move forward with a 100% forensic audit of paper and electronic votes.
    I believe before the end of April we will be witness to robust numbers of Doctors, Scientist, Lawyers, Department of Defense personal and real Journalist coming forward with discoveries that will shake the many.

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  9. None of this surprises me ONE BIT!!! THERE’S NO HONOR AMONGST THIEVES! Kemp, Abrams, Loughler, Warlock (yes I said WARLOCK, the so-called Pastor who’s a wizard that serves the god of Moloch (abortion)), all of these goons are bought out! Georgia is CONFUSED..not much to see here!! IT’S TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE!! #TheTrumpSetup LOLOLOL


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