“OOPS” The Biden Show is in Take 5! Lights, Camera, Action, roll’em!

Election Thieves patting themselves on the back for now stealing $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan”, brought to you from the… green room? The staged setting? The Liars den? The fake news site?

President Biden promised oversight of the implementation of the legislation to prevent fraud… brought to you from inside the fake south lawn or whatever it’s called.  This entire administration is fraud. Are we supposed to believe this stuff? Who is still buying into this?

Big crowd? What looks different? “Oops”.

How can that building look so far away and then so close after only coming a small way closer? And what’s with these people in the back (drop)?

Still wondering how that small building can look so far away and then so big by coming only a few feet closer? Those in the back (drop) never seem to change position?
President Biden delivers remarks after signing virus relief bill | PIX11

Please don’t tell me it’s an angle thingy. It’s too dang big and obvious. Some part of it would have shown through even at an angle.

No Salute to thieves. He should have thought of that before he stole the election. “Ohhhh say can you see??????”

It’s looking more and more like the white hats are using the “compromised” thieves to clean out the “caught red handed” heads of the “swamp” corruption while under the facade of the “OOPS“ show.

Nancy suggests, or does she state? Or does she just ramble on? What’s her real statement here? Cuomo caught red handed or just doing what the “Oops” Show caught in the act white hats are telling her to do. Or is it even Nancy?

And why is Dan Scavino tweeting this?

All I can say is… it is looking more and more like the white hats are allowing the thieves to push their agenda to open the eyes of the people, and at the same time having them make the arrests of their own thugs like Cuomo, on their way down. And they are all going down.


83 thoughts on ““OOPS” The Biden Show is in Take 5! Lights, Camera, Action, roll’em!

  1. The communist a.k.a. Democrat party or crying for defund the police , We should not define the police, we need to define the federal government as they are totally corrupt to the core and they are not there for we the people and what we are paying for so we the people need to one way or the other cut the food off from the head of the snake and that’s called the federal income tax that is the legal anyway because it is not being used to protect this country it’s people are It’s assets!

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  2. commanderquinn says:

    Ok let’s disect these posts from Dan Scavino , he previously sent out 4 videos.
    The whale, Herschel walker running, the Jet doing a max climb, and than the one narration and video on TRUMP.
    Today we have the first one red button we all know that one Biden doesn’t have the Nuclear codes.
    Second one with the Aircraft carrier, we go to the time it was sent out 9:49 so we go to Q post 949 and here is what it says

    94915-Mar-2018 5:41:02 PM MDT8ch/qresearch
    Trust the plan.
    Full control.

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  3. Walex says:

    Yes angles can account for all of the weirdness. They are sure doing a lot of things for a fake admin. Is it fake if the bureaucrats are actually doing their bidding? Payments into bank accounts? Rolling back regs? When they jam thru unconstitutional gun confiscation and are breaking in doors will that be fake too?

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    1. The last paragraph says….”All I can say is… it is looking more and more like the white hats are allowing the thieves to push their agenda to open the eyes of the people, and at the same time having them make the arrests of their own thugs like Cuomo, on their way down.”
      Why else would Nancy and DeBlasio call for Cuomo to resign? Why else would his book deal be cancelled? He’s being taken out…and he was a key player for the black hats. And why no military still saluting Biden? Strange things.

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      1. Beth H says:

        I showed the video to my husband, a former Marine, and he said they don’t usually salute indoors. What I noticed about the outdoor scene is the shadows are different. In the one photo they are very obviously facing east, with the sun in their eyes. The other one really can’t be determined.

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      2. agon7777 says:

        The one thing that I get confused about is if this indeed is a fake set, why have military there? Are these fake military that don’t know the protocol? Or are they real military that do know the protocol but know that Biden is not our president?


      3. irisheyes17 says:

        Did y’all c the vid from the WH, while Bidung was ramblin’ abt sumthin’ inconsequential…idk…there is a man’s voice which can b heard comin’ n ovah the feed, sayin’ “I jus took a plea deal…”… and then it’s cut off…that has since been scrubbed from the official WH vid..

        Sum1 said it sounds like Xavier Bacerra…idk…I’ve nevah hrd him…

        I’m bginin’ 2 think that the White Hats hav controll of everythin’…and r playin’ games with Bidung…hahaha…

        Like the lights at the WH bein’ turned off every night at 11pm…when Bidung’s handlers hrd that they said Bidung goes 2 bed every night at 7:30…

        Cud the White Hats hav opened that man’s mike and allowed that 2 b hrd ovah Bidung speech?!?!…soooo strange these happenin’s …and I sus they will get even stranger!!!…hahahaha…

        MIC DROP!!!

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      4. Tim says:

        Because they will sacrifice chomo with some sexual harassment claims to stop the nursing home murders he and at least 5 other dem governors committed, Then their media lap dogs will shut down all talk of nursing homes!!

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  4. Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:
    There Certainly Are Some Very Strange Things & People Going On These Days In Washington! We Have a Fellow Who Doesn’t Know Where He Is Or What He’s Dong Half Of The Time Supposedly Running The Country And Some Other Strange Folks Hanging Around To Help Him. Is This Some Kind Of Comedy Show Or What??

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    Their mockery, wears upon me. The discord they sow, causes anguish. Their continual attack against the truth becomes burdensome.

    Yet, I know the LORD our God is just and merciful. I renounce my weakness, I reject all false authority, and I ask the Holy Spirit to guide me through this day.

    Friends, I ask you to join me as I reaffirm my love of Jesus, my trust in the Holy Spirit and my praise for the LORD our God. And with the power of the Holy Spirit, I once again decree, “GOD HAS GOT THIS!”


    (Proverbs 6:12-15)

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  6. Jean says:

    If My people who are called by My Name, humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I shall hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14
    Amen!! HALLELUYAH!! Praise YAH!!

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  7. irisheyes17 says:

    Wudn’t it b awemaze if all the corrupt n DC hav been sent 2 GITMO and the White Hats r usin’ dbls with masks, tellin’ every1 what 2 say?!?!..and suddenly when y’all think it can get no worse….BAM!!…the White Hats hav all these actors unmask and show themselves 2 the wrld?!?!


    Then tell y’all where the real ppl r…Q said y’all r watchin’ a MOVIE ..and we know they’re Bidung dbls…green screens, holograms, masks…

    I’ve had faith from the jump that the White Hats r n control of this s**t show!!!

    When I watched the vid by andweknow abt South Park cartoon showin’ Hollyweird and elites n DC as pedos and child traffickers…who kill children n human sacrifice, drink their blood 4 adrenachrome high and eat their flesh, I was blown!!

    The vid was: CNN, Ilhan Omar and South Park telling the TRUTH?!!!…It’s like the Twilight Zone!!!

    The cartoon starts by showing the Hollywood sign drenched n blood…then a woman talks abt Epstein child sex trafficker and bein’ found dead n his jail cell…then shows children bein’ murdered by sawin’ off arms, stranglin’ babies, cuttin’ n2 their heads and eatin’ the brain..all the while the child is alive and blood sprayin’ everywhere…men and women catchin’ the blood and drinkin’ it….shows a man eatin’ the neck of the baby…

    Yes, this is the cartoon South Park and that particular episode drew 2.3 million viewers…wonder what they thought?!?!

    I must b livin’ n a parallel universe or sumthin’ has happend 2 South Park!!…or r the 2 dudes who write South Park tryin’ 2 show y’all this is real…like the actor Isaac Kappy….and the director Stanley Kubrick tried 2 wake y’all with his movie “EYES WIDE SHUT”…and both were killed 4 their efforts…

    I know these r strange times we’re n but that was jus bizarre…do the White Hats hav control of South Park…I know the military is n full controll now!!!

    I jus read where Susan Rice is per4min’ a satanic ritual (she calls it new age ritual, same thin’ !)…n the WH 2 cleanse it from Trump presence…

    These ppl arn’t even hidin their devil worship anymore!!…it’s brazenly bein’ shoved at y’all…or is that Rice?!?!…

    Is that Pelosi?!?!…or is this jus a part of the weirdest movie evah?!?!

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    1. debjbalk says:

      Oh my gosh, Irish!! Brazen, in our face, pure evil. None of us ever wanted to know just how demon-possessed these people are, but here we are….and, here they are on full display. My pastor’s message today… We are God’s elect. And, we were elected for this very moment in time. We are called to do His work…It’s not a coincident or a fluke that we are in this day as God’s elect. May each of us make the very best of our time for His glory, and may the Lord smile upon us. Amen!

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    2. One thing that is becoming apparent to me Irish is that there are many in the military that are globalist operatives and side with Democrats. I think there would have to be a war within our own military before we can say they’re on our side.
      Many, many, Pentagon officials and high ranking military officers are as Marxist as Brennan, Clapper, Obama ect.
      They aren’t going to simply hand back the stolen keys… your thoughts please..

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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        Buddy, I jus saw a report from Gene Decode abt another DUMB that was tkn dwn by the White Hats/military from the Black Hats/military…they thought the Black Hats were goin’ 2 surrender, but they ambushed them killin’ 5 SPECIAL FORCES…if that isn’t a war of good and evil n the military, I don’t know what is!!!

        But I bleve this, there r more good than bad…and the good r riskin’ their lives 2 take this evil dwn and rescue caged children n those DUMBS….

        OFC they’re not goin’ dwn without a fight..they know it’s life or death 4 them…I also know that God did not bring us this far with Pres Trump and all the good he accomplished 2 abandon us now!!!

        So pleeeeze tell me how Gen Flynn’s bro got his promotion n the Navy if Bidung is commander-n-cheif?!?!

        He wud hav nevah allowed that!!…neither wud his sec of defense, Austin Loyd!!!.if they were truly n control of the mliitary…

        Btdubbs, where r the pedo bros John and Tony?!?!…where is Comet Ping Pong pedo Alefantis?!?!…where is Huma Abedin?!?!

        WHERE’S HUNTER?!?!

        KEEP THE FAITH!!


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      2. Thank you Irish !!!
        Do you think Austin Lloyd might be on our side?? I know Biden didn’t pick him but I thought maybe he was a deep state pick.


      3. irisheyes17 says:

        Buddy, I saw a vid by andweknow that shows a letter written by Austin Lyod 2 sum1 (doesn’t say who) abt a deal he wants 2 make abt $60 million he’s tryin’ 2 get out of Iraq and he needs help…he tells this person 2 take $10 million and he’ll take the rest, but he wanted his name kept out of it bcuz he had a rep 2 uphold… hahahaha…

        Can y’all say embezlin’ and money launderin’?!?!

        I don’t know how LT got that letter, but he does a serious ndepth research 4 all his vids..

        Wonder if the White Hats knew abt the corruption of Loyd as well…all of Bidung’s pics 4 his cabinet r corrupt….that makes them very receptiv 2 a plea deal…and goin’ along with the PLAN!!

        LT might hav gotten that nfo from a Q drop..he’s the best dcoder of Q I hav found…

        No patriot wud hav survivd the dems approval…so it had 2 look like 1 of their radicals were bein’ appointed…and the patriots hav a mole on the nside of the Pentagon…

        Watch Lyod…we’ll know by his actions if the patriots hav him under THEIR controll…

        I still want 2 know how Lt Gen Charles Flynn was appointed 2 the US Army Pacific and promoted 2 4-star Gen…if Bidung were the real CIC and Loyd sec of defense…controllin’ everythin’….mhm…

        I also watchd a vid by andweknow where he shows a speech Bidung was givn abt sumthin’…idk…and ovah the feed came a man’s voice sayin’ “I just took a plea deal…”…then it’s cut off…y’all can clearly hear the man ovah the live feed….sum ppl who hav hrd that say ir’s Xavier Bacerra…

        We know he’s as corrupt as Gov Gruesum n Cali…he’s a Bidung cab member…don’t remember which 1…idk…they’re all corrupt…

        That official WH speech has been scrubbd…y’all can’t find it…sum1 n the Bidung admin hrd that 2…did the WH’s open that mike 4 every1 2 hear and r messin’ with Bidung?!?!…

        If this person took a plea deal, he is cooper8n’ with prob Durham…or he’ll b goin’ 2 jail 4 a long time….they always roll on sum1 Durham wants more….and Durham is still investg8in’ Hunter…

        I’ll c if I can find those vids and post them…they were sev wks ago…

        The more I watch this clown show the more I’m convinced that there r strange happenin’s bhind the scenes!!



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  8. G Alexander says:

    It gets even weirder…So Donald J. Trump’s signature is on the new stimulus checks…

    The Biden administration excuse…”I just want to get the checks out…”

    How could this be that President Trump’s name is on the stimulus checks? Because, THERE IS NO 46!! President Trump is still the President! And for those who don’t believe this will find out soon enough. HAVE FAITH IN GOD (Mark 11:22)

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    1. ROBERT PILCHMAN says:

      The presidency was stolen … Trump is NOT the president !!! If Trump is still president then what is going on at the border??? etc. etc. PLEASE FACE THE REALITY!!! Also why does Trump continue to be pro-vaccine???


    2. Not sure if this could be the reason but isn’t the Corp. of America now bankrupt? I was wondering how these stimulus checks would be paid for. Is that why President Trump’s signature had to be on them? All that previously stolen gold and artifacts etc. taken back from the Vatican and now being put to good use for America? IDK for sure, but is it a possibility?


    1. debjbalk says:

      Lots of discussion about this very question in Dianne’s last post from yesterday, Richard. You might want to take a peak.


      1. ROBERT PILCHMAN says:

        Do you think Trump is being coerced? Is he under house arrest? Well at least as a result of Trump we know, much more than before, how horrifically perverted the system is!


      2. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

        In my most humblest opinion President Trump will leave a legacy with the main stream media as the president who produced this “Warp Speed” shot (s) that has KILLED millions upon millions…mark my words! i believe in my heart of hearts he feared men over God when he cowered down because of the evils he was surrounded by who told him the drugs DON’T help “gotta get a vaccine going”; even AFTER he was given a recipe! He is only a man with faults just like you and me.
        Even Dr. Mikovits approached Roger Stone in 2019 to discuss her concern about the president allowing this campaign to continue. His response to her was that it will be a “second-term priority”…..that is still, according to many, yet to be seen….just saying kids. Smile.


      1. bjhorstBettyjean says:

        I recognize you from The Conservative Treehouse. I have had no success trying to awaken them over there. Have you?


      2. linda Brown says:

        not even the same person!! one is larger the shorter one the other is taller with a long face and skinny


    1. commanderquinn says:

      If Trump wouldn’t have pushed the vaccine the plandemic would still be going on 100 times worse than now, they would be killing people on purpose they would be manipulating the numbers even more. They wanted a war for there great reset Trump took that option away so they went with the plandemic. The vaccine stopped that. This a war we are in make no doubt about it. Trump didn’t force anyone to take the vaccine, Trump supporters are not taking the vaccine, Trump knows his base. Trump put everything into place for 4 years and right before he left, even what’s happening with the NG at the Whitehouse right now. Trump controlled that Everybody forgets during a national emergency it gives the potus special and broad array of powers he normally wouldn’t have. Trump is in complete control and he’s in complete charge of the military. No he’s not coming in riding a white horse with the military on his back, it’s timing and optics, it can’t look like Trump is involved in the slightest even though him and the patriots are in full control.

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  9. Casey says:

    Please stop spreading this nonsense…People, myself included, have been having a really hard time dealing with the fraud and everything going on…Spreading false hope is keeping people blind to reality and they will feel much worse when they realize the truth…I pray everyday for help from our Lord….but the fact of the matter is that prayers will go so far….Our Lord expects us to fight for ourselves as well, and we’re not….even Michael, the arc angel carried a sword…Trump was our only hope and he walked away…We will never have such an opportunity again.


    1. Casey, it’s all in God’s hands. We are thrown these pictures and videos so we will open our eyes and see. The entire world is watching this show and the show means FAKE STUFF, like a false flag event. Nothing is as it appears by design. This is a war. No one walked away and threw in the towel any more than we can walk away…we are all here in it. Like it or not. For now EXPOSE THEM, Exposing them weakens them. And it wakes up more people to see what a mess it is.

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  10. The people are moved around a bit. If you look at the first picture with the big tree on right you will notice 2 women standing in front of the tree The black woman is standing on the right side of the white woman in one picture

    In the other I picture she is on the left side and looks like she has her hands up shouting something.

    I’m stating how they are truly standing but looking at picture I could have said the opposite, left and right.

    But someone explain to a dummy the significance of them making 2 different settings. What is the purpose?

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  11. Tim says:

    I am so sick of every politician in Congress What a bunch of scumbags!! Everyone of them got elected THEY KNOW POLITICS!! So they ALL know that biden didn’t hide in his basement , avoid press conferences and answering real question’s, and have 15 or 20 people at the bullshit events he did have all campaign and then go out and get 80 million votes and win THEY KNOW ITS BS IT IS IMPOSSIBLE THEY DONT KNOW!! So they all play pretend, Talk about treason to me every single one of them are guilty of it!!

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  12. The more I see of biden on the media of mass deception, the more it appears that we are watching a movie.

    In a previous post comment here yesterday, I linked to a video of a guy who was in a room on that day with a view of the Rose Garden area, while he played the supposedly “live” cnn broadcast on his TV. No activity, no clapping, no people in the REAL Rose Garden or near the White House! It’s all a sham show!

    I laughed so much at the video of biden in the WH desk chair being lowered down and President Trump coming up and dancing! 🤣

    And, that was NOT Pelosi! It’s a younger person with a mask with a not-so-good voice/mannerisms imitation of Nasty!


  13. brian says:

    You’ll see it’s all a show, keep on laughing as you go, just remember that the last laugh is on you, so always look on the bright side of life.


    1. irisheyes17 says:

      Brian, dude!!…we laugh everytime we listen 2 dementia joe try 2 speak, without a tellyprompter or notes…that’s a trip!!

      Listend 2 him stumble his ntro of the 2 new female Gens, and cudn’t remember the name of his own sec of defense…and cudn’t remember the name of the place …Pentagon….that place over there, he said….hahahahahahaha….

      Yanno dude, that man he appointed as sec of defence and the place where he wrks!!!…that he can’t remember!!!…hahahahahaha….

      Pelosi’s gettin’ ready 2 25th amendment him!!

      And as it says n Isaiah, he who laughs last laughs the loudest..no it doesn’t, I’m thinkin’ I jus made that up…it says, God sits in the heavens and laughs.

      And in Proverbs it says, A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.

      If fake pres Bidung isn’ good 4 laughs, he’s good 4 NOTHING!!..hahahahahahaha…



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  14. linda Brown says:

    if you will remember awhile back Trump said he had been working for years to get a vaccine in case something like this happened in our country as it did in china ..like sars..he said it has been in the works for 5 years then others started making their own formula and people stared dying johnson and johnson was put on hold recently because it was bad remember they have lawsuits because of cancer causing agents in baby powder as for all the people who think this is all fake what will you say when it all turns out to be true ??? The LORD not Trump will stop all this evil HIS word says do not murder, or devil worship and shedding innocent blood..everything these people have done is pure evil and when I first saw pictures I was horrified taking child is everywhere they said in the news the South was a big money maker for these perverts check out amg-news .org and beforeitisnews, I started out looking at GITMO bay prison and ran into a lot of unbelievable stuff ..think of it this way if you are a detective or a deputy would you just rush in when you see something suspicious or would you want the facts and it takes a long time to gather all of the facts and to get the top dogs and work your way down to the little guys ..just getting the little guys is useless because they can be replaced Trump has had to clean out every country , state, city , town, neighborhood in the whole world and just think if that was your job and you are one man how long would it take you to get all of the bad guys and gals ..people can say what they want about him but he does care about the children and adults that have had to go through so much horror what would you do if it were someone in your family ?? your child being raped over and over and then having babies by these perverts so they can offer it to satan and drink its blood because they think it makes them stay young ..it sure failed on pelosie wrinkled old woman ..anyway my point is be careful what you say you just might have to eat your words

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  15. Beth H says:

    Just saw this paragraph on Santa Surfing telegram about the covid victims:

    Russia has dissected Covid-19 patients postmortem and the following discovery has been made.
    Russia is among the first countries to dissect Covid-19 victims, and after a thorough investigation, it was determined that Covid does NOT exist as a VIRUS.
    It is a GLOBAL fraud. People die from ′′extended electromagnetic radiation (poison)”.
    Doctors in Russia are violating the World Health Organization (WHO) law that does not allow autopsies of people who died from Covid-19.
    After a period of scientific discovery, it cannot be assumed that it is a virus, but bacteria that cause death and lead to the formation of blood clots in the veins and nerves, from which the patient dies because of these bacteria.
    Russia has defeated the „virus“ and said, ′′there is nothing but a wheel vascular clotting (thrombosis)”.

    Source: Russia’s Ministry of Health.

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  16. PeaknikMicki says:

    Maybe some autists can do better analysis but at least with the first pic, where the square features seem to be missing from the “Castle rock house”. well, they are there. Just bit blur shot and poor contrast. Can be detected though if you save pic to PC and open in photo viewer and zoom in. Wish the photo had more of the upper level windows as it’s hard to know what we are looking at given the slight blur and poor contrast.


    1. Look to the top of the first pic….the backside windows on the real white house are visible and it is a different outline of things in the top pic. So…it is a staged front in front of something…the whole thing looks like it has been computer graphic imaged and things slid in like a film.


  17. Silver Sunday says:

    Did anyone see the video by the guy staying at the W hotel who had not a direct shot but a close shot to the lawn. He was on the balcony and he walked into his room and showed CNN Live showing this scene. The time on the screen. The speech, and the clapping…then he would run outside and show, no noise, no people, he was going nuts yelling that what CNN was showing was not happening on the lawn at the White House. I saw it yesterday, I will try to find it.

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  18. eze33 says:

    Not only did the Marines not salute the CIC (?), he didn’t salute them either. Does Biden even miss his salutes? Don’t know what is going on with the military. Seems they suffering cancel culture too. Here is something that has concerned me lately. I live on my little 15 acre small farm and woodland in eastern North Carolina about 28 miles due west of Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River Marine bases. Used to grow and sell produce to their Commissaries when it was East Coast Commissary Complex until shortly after Clinton’s DECA consolidation. Also serviced MCAS Cherry Point about 60 miles north. Hardy a day has gone by that I didn’t see some Ospreys, C-58’s and even some Cobra and Apache Copters fly over my little farm. I would wave and salute them from my tractor. (I’m a Vet – USN/USNR) One day about 2 years ago, 2 Cobras were playing “Dog fight” for about an hour over my farm. It was like a personal Air Show. The Ospreys are fun to watch as they would circle back the opposite direction. (Much more graceful than a certain Press Secretary.) It has almost been 2 months now since I have seen any activity. Wonder why?

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  19. Mairs says:

    I want to believe all of this as much as the rest of you! I do however see ( if you enlarge screen ), the faded out architectural detail on top of columns, as well as the camera tri-pods nestled to left of tree?

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    1. Oh Yes, the tripods are both there…that was to show the position against the giant green/black bushlike thing. Some portion of it should have been visible in both pics due to the marker of the tripod set in front of the fork of the tree.




    As we all know, the last election was a “fraud” election on many different levels. SEE- http://www.lindelltv.com . An election stolen with the use of illegal last-minute changes to state election laws has led to a rogue usurper regime that threatens the very foundations of America. This is being achieved through unconstitutional executive orders, the decimation of the concept of State sovereignty, and worst of all, the apathetic nonresponse of WE THE PEOPLE. We have met the enemy and the enemy r us!!!
    Moreover, the lunatic miscreant Biden is converting our military into a social justice agency and transforming our intelligence services into witch-hunters for conservatives who dared to protest a stolen election.
    More alarming is the communists aka democrats goal to make its political power permanent by granting amnesty to 20-30 million illegal aliens, granting statehood to D.C. and Puerto Rico, expanding the Supreme Court, and normalizing the censorship of conservatives, not to mention the institutionalizing of election fraud, especially in key swing states.
    There is little doubt if history is our guide, that should the communists/democrats achieve permanent political power, future elections will just become “show” elections, our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights will be diminished, if not gutted, and our economy will collapse into a dark middle age hell hole. Becoming permanently entrenched as with all other socialists/communists economies in the world. It will be the end of America as we know it.
    The shocking reality for all to see is the dumbed-down apathy of the masses who are clueless to the suicide of our once great country.
    The end game of the stated goal to destroy America from within is this luciferian/democrat ascension. Their god is a collective worshiping of their lucifer-centered government. It is happening right before our eyes. No nation can survive when there are more people who vote for a living than work for a living and worship child murder. America’s judgment day is upon us. We deserve every just no mercy purgation from JEHOVAH.
    The only hope for America is to abolish child murder and enact II Chronicles 7:14. Everything else is moot.
    Church Repent- A very important Sermon-
    “The Bane Of Pietism On America”


    Richard David Hayes


  21. […] Election Thieves patting themselves on the back for now stealing $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan”, brought to you from the… green room? The staged setting? The Liars den? The fake news site? President Biden promised oversight of the implementation of the legislation to prevent fraud… brought to you from inside the fake south lawn or whatever it’s called.  This entire administration is fraud. Are we supposed to believe this stuff? Who is still buying into this?  […]  “OOPS” The Biden Show is in Take 5! Lights, Camera, Action, roll’em! — THE MARSHALL REPORT […]



    The lighting and time of year are different. The design on the upper panel is there, just harder to see with no light on it. The tree is barren in one photo, and in full leaf in the other. The bushes are there in both, one is just cut off much higher in the frame. No OOPS.


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