The left has their own art of war taking place and they have been fighting for a very long time, using all the weapons they can get their hands on. Trump pointed this out from the day he came down the escalator. Who was listening? We all watched as they went for the head of the MAGA movement. The head of Donald J. Trump. We watched as they trashed him, smeared him, and threw a flurry of fiery darts at him.

We continued to watch throughout his entire presidency as they fought day and night to take him down.  They stole the election in our faces, they cared not who saw them for they were emboldened by their miry clay infiltration of all levels and in all three of the corporations of the cabal.

No one was supposed to know any of their agenda, nor any of their corporate and religious structure secrets. 

The people watched, impatiently shouting.. when will this all end? We are tired of watching all of this.

All the while President Trump continued to wake up the sleeping silent majority…letting them know he was the only thing stopping them from coming after YOU.  He said, it is not me they want, it is YOU!

We saw what they did to General Flynn who knew where all the bodies were. Next they sought to destroy Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, Mike Lindell! When this took place, people started to sit up and realize this is more than shock and distain about a stolen election. This is about our entire survival as a nation. EVERYTHING IS CORRUPT!

Many have heard and heeded the warning. Their eyes are opened wide. Yet, many look and still could not see.

President Trump is telling each of you to look and see what they do to the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, look and see what they do to the man who holds the HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND!  Look what they are doing to the most prominent patriots in America!!  If they will do this to the highest in command of the military and office of the free world…and to anyone taking a lawful stand against the lawlessness, WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY WILL DO TO YOU?

They have NO FEAR OF YOU… all of their energy is now directed at THE TOP OF MAGA  movement.  Let me put it this way, they are lopping off the top of the MAGA PYRAMID. Once they lop off the top, they will put the little people at the bottom back under their enslavement and tear up the remnant of what is left of the constitution and Bill of Rights. You pesky useless eaters will finally be in their devilish cages where the master they follow from hell itself, have wanted you for thousands of years.

So what has President Trump done to counter this attack at the top? To counter all their infiltration? He has pointed out that there are MORE OF YOU AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PYRAMID THAN THERE ARE AT THE TOP!

He has told you to make America great again it is up to each one of you. The silent majority has to stand up and shout for freedom! Shout for IN GOD WE TRUST and declare our Bill of Rights and Constitution of natural law, laws of God’s nature!

He has made the Clarion call to come out of her my people and stand together in God We Trust!  He has said, we will do our part, now you must do your part!  AWAKE AND GO AND TELL THE OTHERS TO STAND AND SEE WHAT THEY DO!

One by one people are seeing, they are standing, they are coming out from her my people!  So expose the liars, the cabal for the thieves that they are and come out and stand together a great and powerful army for the Lord!

So now that the numbers of those awake are growing…what are we to do? Call them out, perhaps it is time to organize in our small towns and cities? Start first by demanding no more mandates, and declare our Bill of Rights starting with our liberty to work and provide a livelihood for ourselves and our families, our right to free speech and not to be censored like a communistic regime of tyranny! Expose the lies – all of them and demand justice. End the lawlessness and recall all in congress and the senate who are against the will of the people. Call out all who committed treason in the coup to overthrow the Republic of The United States of America. Demand justice and call for the removal of all corrupt judges in the Supreme Court and all the courts in the land! Call for the removal of all corrupt leaders in municipalities, state, and federal positions! We the People have the power to recall – it is time to use that power!

STAY STRONG! Now is the time to speak out!



    1. lavieduffy2796 says:

      It was not ever about TRUMP!….,From my perspective…..He woke me up! it started when he called out the BC…..I Voted for Obama,with Red Flags everywhere….and I questioned His Birthplace….
      I did not want to believe the Truth,even though it was demanding I do…..Then came Mueller,and He was beyond Nervous,and then Ukraine,and then the Impeachment…..When they impeach the 1st time…Why was Biden not indicted????This War…..Is a Battle with our Soul,and How we have allowed so much to Happened…..I grew Up Republican…So i was taught if u fall get back up…and Dont Let Government In ur Business…..Dont rely on Government….Bush was The 1st Repub,to cram Government down our Throats!Trump Is the Gift,as Painful as thisTruth is….
      I went through Recovery many years ago,and Both My Mum & Uncle gave me a Book called….The Road Less Traveled….We are all being asked to Take the Road less Traveled….We may be at War……But we have Patriots that will Stand Together……as We win The Battle of Good Vs.Evil~

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    2. Tom says:

      This just makes me want to laugh. We need to open our eyes? Trump supporters literally kill people for no reason. You’re the ones who started the war, and you’re refusing to accept that your ways of thinking are entirely selfish and wrong. Trump does nothing but lie, but he doesn’t care about anyone or anything but himself, his money and all the rich folks. For the people who really need support and help, that Trump supporters are murdering and discriminating against, Trump is no help. He’s not making America great. He’s making the world a worse place for everyone.


  1. Valerie Wold says:

    Military needs to intervene. If not, an emergency call for Convention of States and encourage more States to join the effort to remove the corrupt and serve indictments.

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    1. Tess van ommen says:

      The Military need a leader who stands for the Republic of the United States of America. From this distance away it looks like there is corruption with the Military too. Otherwise the siege (“protection for Nancy and her rotten hearted people”) would not be tolerated. All citizens of America are entitled to enjoy their Capital. God bless America and please return her to the people away from the Marxist Socialists who heretically use Almighty God as they pretend to be Catholic and Christian.

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    2. Sid Cordle says:

      Military can only intervene when they have a green light from the courts. If the courts rule there was fraud in the election then unless Biden resigns they should move in.

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  2. Sheila Garcia says:

    I put ALOT of faith in God and a few Patriots online. I know GOD=TRUTH but I’m hopeful these online Patriots aren’t “stringing us along”. My gut says Trump’s got this under control though. I guess it’s like everything else I’ve prayed for and had to wait a really long time before it happened. It WILL happen in HIS time. Amen.

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  3. Ri-chard says:

    IMHO, the only way to end the corruption is for the people to know of it and it cause. To do this the people must know the truth of the foundlings of America. Yes, everything they think to know is a lie.
    There is no proof the the Americans won the war against the British. No document make that claim. Therefore, how could the Declaration of Independence give us any standing, if after the war the common man was not allowed to vote, own their lands with free and clear title as in Allodial or Land Patent, choose their Rule of Law form, choose their Banking system, Currency form and Commerce practices.
    When it come to our current voting status, it is not who voted but who counts the votes.
    And for owning your land/home nothing has changed, read your mortgage docs, you are still listed as the TENANT. If you don’t pay the Taxes and Fees (Rent) on said property you lose the property/home back to the government. The government just seeks another to pay the rent.
    For our Rule of Law form we got the King’s manmade set of laws, not a Common law built on the foundation laws of God and so-called natural laws. This is what all 13 Colonies agreed to.
    And for Banking/financial systems we got all foreign entities starting 1791.It has now morphed into more foreign entities known as the Federal Reserve, IRS and SSA without a peep from us – well just a few.
    Their schools systems made it fun for the children to learn their version of American history starting with We Won! with no proof of what we won. George chopped down a cherry tree and couldn’t tell a lie and the children colored those pages not knowing he never claimed one spoil of the war. Ben flew a kite and they colored that page and he told us we had a Republic and we believed that not knowing not one State ever implement a Republican form of government per the Article IV of the US Constitution. LMOL

    To know a solution to fix what is broke, you must identify where the fault is, and decide to repair it, or replace it. What will we do if we knew the truth as our knowledge vs what we were told?

    Anyone care to discuss this?

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    1. Beth H (the original) says:

      Agree on the land patent and tenant part.

      We were privileged to be a part of the American Coalition of Unregistered Churches teachings in the mid 80’s after a church in Nevada was padlocked and 7 fathers arrested for the “crime” of teaching their own children. Pastor Everett Siliven was arrested and jailed and the congregants were threatened that anyone who dared to cut the locks off the church would be shot on site.

      Enter Tim Lee, a Marine who lost both legs in Vietnam, who rolled up on his wheelchair and cut the locks. No one dared to touch him. As I remember there had been a standoff and pastors from across America stood with the people from that church and so began the formation of the ACUC under the direction of Dr. Greg Dixon.

      In the annual meetings we learned a lot about the corrupt USA, Inc, the yellow fringe on the flag indicating admiralty law and other things, but especially that churches who were not 501(c)3 creations of the State were not subject to its laws and regulations.

      We learned that the SS# made us yield jurisdiction to the government and we would not let our kids get a number for that reason. Through all the trials that many people endured while trying to claim their freedom under the Constitution as written, God protected them in miraculous ways, including when our family was under attack by DCFS for homeschooling. God gave us an absolute victory and the courage to stand against all forms of tyranny.

      It has been an uphill battle trying to convince people to stop claiming their tithes and offerings on their taxes (if you deduct that, then you have given nothing; the State gave it), and to show preachers that by keeping their tax-exempt status, they are just agents of the State and it can control what they preach. Now with the Equality Act being rammed through, those registered, State controlled “churches” will be forced to hire the very people who practice what the churches preach against.

      When we talk about some of the things going on today, particular people say “Yeah, you were talking about all that back in the 80’s and nothing happened then”. But we might have kept it from happening by being forewarned. The Bible talks about scoffers in the end times (2 Peter 3:3-4).

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  4. Henry Acres says:

    Interesting subject, this has been going on for so, so long…and until “WE” the people stand up “FOR”, our rights that have been layed out in front “OF” US, we will continue to filter down the drain hole into it’s abyss.

    Take your rights with you, speak your mind, throw away the dirty diapers, pat someone on the back for their good deeds, shake someone’s hand, like a human, not some petrified being with a closed fist, open the door for someone coming inside, be courteous instead of afraid. Invite your friends over for a visit, have a visit from your family, enjoy the world we live in and quit foaming at the mouth of all the evil, it is feeding the lies, corruption, and deceit that the ill-doer’s dwell on.

    I have always said I was born a couple hundred years too late, and the more and more I see the cowing down of the populace, I understand why I think this way. I have never been about money, I live day by day, I am a weed waiting for the farmer, when I wake up in the morning, I know I have another chore that awaits me. I tackle it and move on. Funny, with all this being said, I have known for years that I am one of the world’s biggest pessimists. I can get up in the morning and everything is super fine and okie-dokie, and suddenly, something goes astray, and it becomes a struggle to get back on track, but, I usually find a way. You can too!! Just use your mouth to say YES or NO, your eye’s to see all the fantastic colors, and visual awards we have everyday, use your nose to sniff out the good from the bad, and at times hat even the indifferent, and of course your ear’s to listen. There’s a tune awaiting us all, we just have to get in tune.

    Now, with that said, I found this much aligned to my words at this website below. Peace


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      1. debjbalk says:

        Jasper & lfrogers… And when God’s anointed are criticized, condemned, or passed judgment on…who is really being criticized, condemned, or judged??? The very One who anointed that person…Our Lord Jesus Christ. So, I get concerned for the consequences that will fall on the heads of all those criticizing, condemning, and judging. And I pray that I don’t fall into the same trap (set up by our enemy, Satan). And I pray for my brothers & sisters in Christ to do likewise. The enemy is a vicious, cruel deceiver. Stand strong, you two. In Christian love!!

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  5. etting29 says:

    Excellent summary of the situation We the People are enmeshed in.
    Reclaiming &/or establishing a broad avenue for Free Speech is absolute!
    This long ago ceased being a political argument; it is the very core of our Republic, our Constitution, our lives that we cry out for!

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  6. etting29 says:

    Freedom of Speech is the critical tool we must employ & to do this, we must have/develop a broad Avenue of communication.
    This ceased being political long ago; it is the fight to preserve our Republic, our Constitution, that we are engaged in. God help us!

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  7. JASPER MARTIN says:


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  8. Curious says:

    Last summer I knew something was “off” when people were getting killed and their businesses destroyed and nothing was done during the riots… all so we could “see how bad the democrats were.” We are still in the same boat almost a year later, letting everyone see “how bad the democrats are” and people are still dying at the hands of our own government.

    I have been wondering if President Trump is not who we think he is. He frequently uses Freemason/Illuminati hand signals and gestures. Freemasons worship Lucifer.

    I believe the occult teaches the concept of light and dark or good and evil within the context of Lucifer’s world. Freemasons teach this and it is illustrated in their black & white checkered floors in their lodges. Here is a hypothetical for our situation:
    The “light” Luciferians could expose and destroy the “dark” cabal and use that to gain allegiance of people across the world to the “Light.” Occultists have no problem mentioning God but their god is not the God of Scriptures – it is Lucifer.

    Been hearing a lot about NESARA too, and there are many New Age concepts associated with that. NESARA originated with St, Germaine, who some believe was Lucifer posing as a lightbearer. What better way for the “light” Luciferians to convince everyone they are “good” by exposing/crushing the cabal and forgiving all debts and income tax. Who wouldn’t be happy about that?! We don’t know what we will have to give in return though.

    Almost everyone in governments, hollywood, corporations, etc. are Freemasons. Most people with power in this World are. America was carefully designed by Freemasons and DC is filled with their architecture, numerology, sacred geometry, and occult symbolism. Freemasons view Lucifer as the Grand Architect of this world system, and they have a master plan they are carrying out. What if what we are watching is the light Luciferians using the dark Cabal as a way for them to appear as “of God” and they will usher in a New World Order of light, safety, peace and prosperity where you believe you can ascend to your own god-ness by emitting positive energy and nurturing your chakras. Think I’m crazy? That is how some people are talking in anticipation of NESARA and defeating the cabal.

    Food for thought.

    “Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” I John 2:15


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