Are you ready to have Trump back out there talking to the people again? He’s getting ready to make some moves….I can sense it!

Trump Team Is Laying Groundwork for Future Campaign Endorsements

If you have what it takes to make things happen in the congress or the senate – Trump is looking for good candidates to endorse and push to the top! More information coming soon.

Close your eyes and listen to Gloria and imagine what it feels like to win!

Have a great day! Trump will be a trumpet!


55 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING!!

    1. What I don’t understand is if there was all this election fraud and especially foreign interference, how are the republicans ever going to win again? The Dems got control of everything and they’re pushing for more mail in ballots in the future lol! My guess is that there wasn’t.


      1. hocuspocus13 says:


        Because ELECTION FRAUD does not exist in every State or every Town or even every City

        We now know where it does exist

        States (eg Gov DeSantis FLA) are legally banning mail in ballots

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      2. irisheyes17 says:

        SPACE FORCE….

        That’s why SPACE FORCE was cre8d, dude!!

        They were monitorin’ the ntire election fraud…they c it all, they hear it all, they know it all….

        THEY HAV IT ALL!!!

        Remember the ? from Fox News Peter Ducey 2 WH Spokesperson, Psaki ( sum spokesperson! ) abt the SPACE FORCE, and she OBVI dint even know what SPACE FORCE was….she stumbled around 4 a while and told Ducey they wud contact sum1 n SPACE FORCE (which she dint even know xisted !)…and get back 2 him l8r….hahahahahahahahaha…..

        I nevah laughed SOOO much as when I watched that WH presser, and jus saw a fool who dint know abt the branch of the military called SPACE FORCE!!!….


        They respond only 2 Pres Trump!!…hahahahahahaha….

        Psaki STILL doesn’t know ANYTHIN’ abt SPACE FORCE…and that’s the way they ntend 2 keep it!!!

        Imagine that, Commander-n-Chief fake pres Bidung doesn’t know A THING abt the branch of the military called SPACE FORCE!!!

        IT’S A ‘THING’,…hahahahahahaha….

        But then Bidung doesn’t know much abt ANYTHING!!!

        He’s LONNNNG GONE!!!

        Even the reporter on SKY NEWS AUSTRALIA said the other day that Bidung is suffering full-blown dementia, and it’s OBVI 2 every1…that’s why FAKE FACE HO HARRIS is now makin’ all the calls 2 heads of st8…

        Wonder if she’s cacklin demonically like she always does when confronted with a ? she can’t answer?!?!

        FAKE NEWS here covahs up and hides his dementia..AND HIM!!…and his real loc8tion…

        CASTLE ROCK STUDIOS!!!…hahahahaha….

        Keep watchin’, dude, it jus gets more interestin’ as we watch this fake presidency…ppl all ovah the wrld know it was stolen from Pres Trump…

        I watched vids of the ppl n Taiwan holdin’ ‘STOP THE STEAL’ rallies…vids of ppl n Japan holdin’ ‘STOP THE STEAL’ rallies… all ovah the wrld, who know this was a stolen election…and y’all gonna say there was NO fraud?!?!

        When the idiots at Dominion filed a lawsuit on Sydney Powell, they jus opened up themselves 2 DISCOVERY!!!…now every1 will c ALL the evidence of vote fraud …AND how they did it!!!

        EVERYTHIN’ the crts refused 2 hear (cuz they were threatened by the Cabal if they took those cases!!!) is NOW gonna b out n the open 4 the wrld 2 c…and Dominion did it!!!

        And it will b a JURY dcidin’ if there was vote fraud…NOT A JUDGE!!!

        And we know prob abt 100 million voters voted 4 Pres Trump…the real #’s will b revealed!!

        She’s eager 2 ? the VP of Dominion, Eric Coomer who bragged on a Zoom call with his bff’s antifa, “There is no way n hell Trump will win!! I made f***in’ sure of that!!”…

        I wanna hear how he’ll respond!!!..,how did Coomer make f***in’ sure Trump wud not win?!!!…mhm…

        As Q has said, never nterfere with an enemy who is n the process of dstroyin’ himself!!!…hahahahahaha…

        Btdubbs, watch the SUPREMES!!!…that shud b realllly interestin’ since Roberts knows all the evidence Lin Wood has on HIM!!!…and Lin Wood tweeted last yr that Roberts wud b goin’2 jail 4 treason…he said he ovahhrd a ph convo btween Chief justice Roberts and justice Breyer, where Roberts said, “I will make sure that mother f***er never gets re-elected!”…

        Interestin’ that Roberts has tkn NO legal action against Wood 4 defamation…mhm…

        WHY NOT?!?!

        That’s lible against the SUPREMES Chief Justice, if it’s not true!!!

        Apparently, it is and Roberts knows Wood has the evidence he claims 2 hav, lockd n a safe, ncase anthin’ happens 2 him or his fam…the Cabal kills ppl, who threaten their sex traffickin’ of children, and their power, don’t y’all know?!?!

        DEEP ST8 rat goin’ dwn!!!


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  1. irisheyes17 says:

    I jus watched a vid from Tru News that reported on an affidavit Attorney Lin Wood jus filed n a fed crt, alledgin’ that Chief Justice Roberts is a pedo and a child murderer..and Pence is a tr8or….from docs obtained by Tru News Lin Wood has evidence vids and they r lockd away n a safe, ncase anythin’ shud happen 2 him…

    I knew Wood said n a tweet that Roberts, McConnell and Pence wud b goin’ 2 jail…but y’all don’t know what’s really goin’ on!!!

    Here’s the vid posted 3 hrs ago:

    Lin Wood accuses John Roberts…

    Roberts is nvolved with Epstein, also it’s abt Roberts adopted kids…and there r vids of him on Lolita Island with Bill Clinton…

    It shud b the 1st vid 2 come up…

    This is all unravellin’ now…hahaha…👱…

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    1. Maryann says:

      General McInerney has a post on his telegram account which says Pence is out of the picture now. Another reads Soon human trafficking will be synonymous with Kamala Harris.

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    2. southern1952 says:

      that video was a crock of s__t. i saw nothing about john roberts etc….just some long winded guy trying to sell you his get rich quick crap…i watched at least 1 video on a guarantee cure for tinnitus…bs, i am 68, so no, i did not finish the video, i just skipped down to the print and the, it’s not but $49. tinnitus can not be cured…anyway, so i thought i was going to see info that was stated when you watch it…maybe i missed something. idk


  2. j g says:

    I currently believe that we are deeply involved in an information war; therefore, all available information must be doubted and questioned for its validity and intended meanings. This is a time where our faith and trust in Divine forces are being tested, so pray to God for navigational guidance and understanding to the world information war playing out before your eyes and ears.

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  3. trnathens says:

    I couldn’t agree more, “j g”…

    Matthew 7:13-15
    13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
    14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
    15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

    I pray forgiveness everyday for lapses in my ability to discern the Truth, as I LEARN how to be better at listening, gauging, comparing, and finding consistency in source-messaging.

    2 Chronicles 23:19
    And he set the porters at the gates of the house of the Lord, that none which was unclean in any thing should enter in.

    It is hard these days with information and misinformation and disinformation. Yes, the Bible to me is the only source of Truth, but I come to places like this to find others on the same journey. And even here, and elsewhere, we must all take the time to not just read but understand what is being said.

    Job 37:14
    Hearken unto this, O Job: stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God.

    Sometimes we get confused. Sometimes we get misled. Sometimes we don’t understand what we think we understand, and so we search further and harder.

    Jeremiah 29:8
    For thus saith the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel; Let not your prophets and your diviners, that be in the midst of you, deceive you, neither hearken to your dreams which ye cause to be dreamed.

    Jeremiah 45:8
    But they hearkened not, nor inclined their ear to turn from their wickedness, to burn no incense unto other gods.

    I pray to know that God, while rightfully demanding, is also patient, and recognizes that it is all about the recovery: the ability to recognize mistakes quickly, the ability to beg forgiveness when mistakes are made, and the desire to get back onto that straight and narrow path fast, and to continue to be dutiful and steadfast in our Love, Trust, and Respect for God – in the way that he rightfully demands.

    I am in awe daily that God loves me. Daily. Minute to minute. And while I know that we are all the Children of God, and that he does Love us each individually….

    I just hope I continue to be worthy.

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    1. debjbalk says:

      Thx TRNathens… Your last sentence… Alone, none of us are worthy. Only through Jesus Christ are we made righteous (& worthy). I know you know this already… just honoring Jesus by stating it here. Blessings to you for sharing His words of faith.

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  4. isolatedinsmalltown says:

    I know this is off the track, but on TrumpIntel, someone had posted a picture of mother theresa being a sex trafficker and gave $$ to the Vatican….does anyone know anything about this? I had a horrible night’s sleep because of it….

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    1. debjbalk says:

      No, Isolated, I don’t know anything about it. But, what I do know is her life’s work…her actions of a lifetime tell me all I need to know. And honestly, I won’t let one potential story discredit a woman of humility, service and grace. You do as you are led, but if it were me, I’d check no farther, and I would put the “story” to bed immediately. Hope your sleep is more restful for you tonight. Sweet dreams.


      1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        I know Deb – husband wouldn’t believe it either but then again, he doesn’t know/listen much to me about what Charlie Ward says. If the Vatican is really devoid of all $, and tunnels were found, and we know the pope is a bad guy, I just wonder if old records were found? I said to husband last night: “finding out about mother teresa is like finding out your mama was a prostitute and your daddy was a pedo”…..I guess time will tell. (She did work with a lot of children ….. and what if she did say: oh your child is sick and died…who knows anymore….If it’s true about roberts then anything is possible…right?)

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      2. debjbalk says:

        Yes. Isolated.. It absolutely could potential be true. I’m glad you have your husband by your side to talk things through… such a blessing…My hubby sounds like yours, too. He doesn’t keep up on things (nor does he want to). What helps me most is to remember that we are in a much bigger battle than the one on the ground. A spiritual battle is raging. When you said sleep escaped you, I thought of how Satan loves to attack us that way, to rob us of peace, pile on worry, & steal our sleep. On the other hand, even with devastating possible true facts as this, our Lord wants to wrap us in peace, give us rest and carry our concerns. Isn’t that absolutely amazing… He knows the darkness we are facing, and He’s fighting for us every step of the way. May He bless your hubby & you, (& mine too). ;+)

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  5. Edward Kasarjian says:

    God’s Golden Trumpet:

    God’s Golden Trumpet is being played for us Across our Land!

    The Children of light are hearing it all and coming together with love hand in hand!

    God’s Golden Trumpet is standing up for us all and Showing us the way!

    There are those who are waking up by his songs being played!

    And there are those who are still asleep,
    The Children of Light & Love will come together to show them the way!

    God’s Golden Trumpet is being played today! Healing our land from sea to shining sea!

    From the lakes of Minnesota to the hills of Tennessee!

    God’s Golden Trumpet is being played for you and me! From Detroit down to Houston, from New York to LA!

    God’s Golden Trumpet will lead us all the way!
    There are those who won’t agree and it’s alright by me.

    Because we live in the land of The Brave and The Free!

    God’s Golden Trumpet we will all hear and Set Us Free!

    He will bring down the evil ones loud and Clear, with one blow of his Mighty Golden Horn!

    Gods Golden Trumpet is being heard throughout Our Land,
    We are all now Awaken and all Reborn!

    God’s Golden Trumpet is showing us all his Light!

    Wake up people , and join the Children of the Light! We can all come together and Shine Bright!

    God’s Golden Trumpet is being played for us All to Unite! Bringing us together from Dark to Light!

    From the people of all colors like our Fall leaves, come together as one like our Majestic Trees, Unite us and all once again to be Free!

    God’s Golden Trumpet is being played for us all Across our Land!

    And with his Mighty Voice, he will sing us his song, he will heal us again Once and for All!

    God’s Golden Trumpet is being played for us all with his songs of Love to Unite us again together hand in hand!

    God’s Golden Trumpet is being played for us all, And Where We Go One, We Go All! – AMEN
    EDDY K #godsgoldentrumpet ….

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  6. j g says:

    You are an active art piece creatively and energetically grown through the imagination of the Divine Creator of All, so be the beautiful art piece (your authentic heartfelt power) of a self that celebrates this Grand Artist instead behaving like an art critic that sees the art piece of self or other as less than in some way which diminishes the Grand Divine Artist’s efforts in the art of creative energy expression.


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  7. erin says:

    Trump is over. He threw Ashli Babbit under the bus.
    What excuses will people offer for that?

    And elections are over. You think there are states that are uncorrupted? Ha.

    Patriots need to look at other options.


    1. irisheyes17 says:

      Y’all dint watch the vid that I posted abt the Babbit ‘killin” at the Capitol?!?!

      That was staged by crisis actors…and video’d by JaydenX, aka BLM activist John Sullivan, who was pd by CBS and CNN $30 thou 4 each news outlet…that’s $70 thou ncase y’all can’t add!!

      The vid shows she supposedly ‘died’ n the Capitol…pronounced ‘dead’ by a crisis actor ‘medic’…only 2 b shown she was still alive as the crisis actor EMT’s r wheelin’ her 2 the ambulance!

      Pres Trump knows the whole Capitol Hill riot was pre-planned, and staged 2 blame him and his supporters by Pelosi 4 her sham mpeachment 2.0…

      If y’all dint c the vid I’ll giv the link again….y’all need 2 pay attention…y’all r bein’ scammed!!!…hahahhaha….

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    2. S Reebs says:

      Ashley Babbitt was not killed in the Capitol.
      You were watching a play, a performance, a staged event. She may be dead now for her part in that paerformance.


  8. Read between the lines here ppl. Right vs Wrong Trump’s right vs left. Wake up Americans. They’re all a part of the plan dont be fooled, the head in the midst of the eagle from esdras dream is about to wake up pretty soon, and we don’t have that much time. Stop following trump and MAGA. PPPP the Patriotic People Political Party the 4P’s that stands 4 peace.


  9. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    Did you see today where king Nebuchadnezzar turned the rule of President Trump’s war against sex offenders over?
    I can see now that we were given a grace period while President Trump was in office to bring back our country to a county who respected the unborn, the citizen of America, and the safety of our nation….but even still we didn’t give it to God, but kept fighting against each other. Now, today we are seeing the wrath of man destroying man, all in the name of man!…..May God have mercy on us.


  10. southern1952 says:

    how can things be moving in the right direction, who supposedly has been executed? who has been jailed? pence had a double? where in the halo is this coming from? biden is constantly signing executive orders, they are being carried out, if he doesn’t really have powers, ya’ll tell me, cause i am seeing this on the news, i don’t see all this other stuff that some of you say is happening…


  11. Greg Vrieling says:

    Continuing to fight the fraud election is the only right action for President Trump. There are 20 months left to take back the ballots so that we the people can see them. We must deal with this crime and these criminals. How can we call ourselves followers of God if we don’t.

    On Sun, Feb 21, 2021 at 12:42 AM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” Are you ready to have Trump back out there > talking to the people again? He’s getting ready to make some moves….I can > sense it! Trump Team Is Laying Groundwork for Future Campaign Endorsements > – If you have what it takes to make things h” >


  12. Jellybeans says:

    The first thing I read, to start my day since January, is The Marshall Report. Dianne, thank you for the amazing articles and links to keep us grounded and focused on God as we patiently wait for this to play out. In Gods time everything will be revealed, but Patriots need to Trust the Plan and keep praying. Our nation has a long road to recovery and everyone must do their part to Keep America Great once all is revealed. The future of this country rests on all of us not just the greatest US President Donald J. Trump.


  13. Jellybeans says:

    Dianne, thank you for the amazing articles and links to keep us grounded and focused on God as we patiently wait for this to play out. In Gods time everything will be revealed, but Patriots need to Trust the Plan and keep praying. Our nation has a long road to recovery and everyone must do their part to Keep America Great once all is revealed. The future of this country rests on all of us not just the greatest US President Donald J. Trump.


    1. Nike says:

      O just trust the plan? What plan lol? Trump is not the president get it out of our heads this is a cult to keep you distracted from the truth of what biden is really doing! Biden is the president what good is going to cpac when we cant even win a election anymore and the people in this country are lazy and scared of death to stand up against tyranny its all over..the deep state cabal and the satanic pedos stay in charge. Hell trump even let out rappers that have a criminal record as long as the sunday newspaper! that was my wake up call that trump is another puppet with strings attached. Theres no plan to save humanity they are all free masons from trump all the way down to the my pillow guy. Who is always offering 66% off and if you get onto his text alerts they are all coded in freemasonry numbers. Your being fouled wake up the plan never existed


  14. Jellybeans says:

    Thank you for the amazing articles and links to keep us grounded and focused on God as we patiently wait for this to play out. In Gods time, everything will be revealed, but Patriots need to Trust the Plan and keep praying. Our nation has a long road to recovery and everyone must do their part to Keep America Great once all is revealed. The future of this country rests on all of us not just the greatest US President Donald J. Trump.

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  15. S Reebs says:

    I never did Bible studies. I never followed Q. I am at a total loss here to follow many comments referring to biblical revelations. What I am is a Christian who loves a benevolent God and know in all things he is by my side. I am absolutely distraught, not for myself but for my children and grandchildren. Once you have stepped into the rabbithole, one cannot unsee the depravity and horrors that go on. My husband always says, “In the foxhole there are no atheists”. I talk to God every night, I ask him to take the scales from mine eyes and help me find the truth and the path to protect my loved ones. I would walk into the fire if it will make this world a better place, especially for her. God is loving and wants to take away our pain. I’m searching for a sign, a moment of epiphany to guide me into the direction to help find what is pure evil and what he wants me to do in this battle. I pray for President Trump, and hear the naysayers, but his words and deeds even before his election are me lean to the notion that he is good. I may be 50 some odd years behind, when it comes to reconnecting with the Lord. God does not hold grudges. I place my life and trust in the Lord and believe that, on his timetable he is my guide and path forward.

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