Wonder if Joey is having a parking lot meeting today with his supporter? After all this is President’s
Day. Will they have a gathering? Or will it be virtual? Meanwhile in Palm Beach on President’s Day….

Now this is an interesting letter….

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First Impeachment left, second impeachment right. What is the difference? Why didn’t Nancy reside over her proceedings this time? Why was she missing in action after she made her impeachment announcement? Where is that smarty pants Nancy we all have watched for years? Where did that unshakeable shrew go?

Jason Chaffetz: Speaker Pelosi, when will you answer these 13 security questions?

Pelosi’s long-term approach to security has apparently failed to protect herself, the U.S. Capitol, members of Congress and the public. If we’re serious about holding the people at the top accountable, Pelosi should also have to answer questions about her own leadership.

Here are 13 questions we should demand Pelosi answer:

1. What was your role in authorizing or denying National Guard support before and after Jan. 6?

2. Reps. Rodney Davis, R-Ill., Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and James Comer R-Ky., on Feb. 15 asked you five pointed questions about your role in Jan. 6 and your preservation and compliance with document requests. Will you answer them?

3. After the 2011 shooting of now former Rep. Gabby Giffords, D-Ariz., what changed with regard to security?

4. After the shooting of Republican House Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., were any changes made to security?

5. What happens when a member of Congress’ life is threatened? How are they expected to protect themselves?

6. In 2018, $25,000 was allocated to each Member’s Reimbursement Allowance (MRA) for security. Did that work?

7. Do you have enough cameras in the public spaces inside and outside the Capitol?

8. Why can’t law enforcement secure doors in the Capitol and why isn’t there bulletproof glass?

9. Why were known COVID-infected members allowed on the grounds of the Capitol? This is especially relevant given the disparate treatment of Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney’s son. A Naval Academy graduate, he was denied floor access (in the plexiglass COVID box you created so COVID-positive members could vote for you for speaker) to see his mother sworn in when every other member was allowed a guest. 

10. You insisted members should be fined $5,000 if they failed to pass through metal detectors. Should you be fined for not passing through the metal detector?

11. You said the enemy is within. What did you mean and who specifically are you afraid of in Congress?

12. How do you respond to the Feb. 1 letter from former Capitol Police Chief Sund?

13. Your own home was vandalized this year on Jan.y 1. Yet nobody was arrested. The San Francisco Police Department was quoted saying, “Unidentified suspect(s) had painted graffiti on the garage door and left a pig’s head on the sidewalk.” How does this happen to the speaker of the House? Read full article here: Jason Chaffetz: Speaker Pelosi, when will you answer these 13 security questions? | Fox News

It is happening now! Congress is pressing the facts and demanding answers! CALL YOUR CONGRESS PERSON AND SENATORS! DEMAND ANSWERS!

Remember…they were impeaching President Trump for INCITING YOU! WE WERE ALL ON THEIR CHOPPING BLOCK!


Demand true answers! We will not sit down and shut up!



  1. If you think this impeachment was just about Trump…think again. It was about all of those who want truth and law and order. It’s about all who know the evil they do. It is about all who are not going to sit down and shut up about their lawlessness. It is about all who are not going to be RESET. It’s about all who are not going to allow their lives to be taken away and replaced with communism. That is what this is all about!

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    1. anonymous says:

      It was about those people who have voted for Trump.
      Nancy and her gang and Biden and his puppet masters –Obama, Jarrett and Soros and others of their ILK do not believe that there are people who believe WHAT 75 million people believe.

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  2. Ashlei says:

    I saw today where the cheater and that horrible woman where arriving at the pentagon in the beast. I want to throw up now. What does this mean? Does this mean he is the Prez (NEVER IN BOOK) does this mean he has been given the football?


    1. Mark Greenberg says:

      yes, they are the pres and vice pres unfortunately. anyone trying to say trump is in charge is delusional. i cant figure out why else people are trying to fool others and themselves by saying trump is still in charge. its a joke! trump betrayed us. he could have done more in the end. could have had US Marshalls confiscate the dominion machines and shown the fraud. I wonder if trump is part of the typical bullshit in DC. he hired nothing but swamp creatures and he didnt get one arrest of any of the pieces of shit like pelosi, clintons, shumer, shifft, etc etc….i voted for trump twice and never again. he left us to the wolves while he enjoys the good life


      1. Please do a little more research. Or have a better understanding of what is truly happening. Most of all believe in God’s will. If it is then nothing, not me not you,NOBODY will stop it. Have faith not in man but in God my fellow patriot.

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      2. Bozene says:

        Trump never conceded. YEE of little faith will be overwhelmed at the truth when everything breaks.Too many irregularities from Jan 6th to January 20th.
        The bogus plane They painted to look like airforce one is a joke. all photo ops totally staged. Excecutive orders on desk totally blank.
        The two windows behind Biden in Oval Office. One window sash on bottom in the right place the other is actually pointed to the outside.
        Hollywood set for West Wing Television series. Once everything is exposed even then the brain washed still will not believe what has been going on.

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    2. Ashlei says: That was MSM fake news yappings. Think of it…??? Joey can turn all the pages of the Trump admin. he wants….it was always the Pentagon and DARPA he was exposing along with all those in league with the black hats. I think this is our cue…or clue to look at the Pentagon. So it’s time to deep dive and see what is behind the veil other than Bush’s CIA and Poppy fields Opium labs, Ultra mind control, and their coming Cyber transhuman programs…..I believe Biden tied this into COVID somehow if I recall? And China and love of the Pentagon DARPA programs…which are NWO and involved Dominion. Are you seeing it?

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      1. They lead the double or doped up Joey around and leave a trail to dig into. Then you dig and you find the treasure of truth they led you to find. People are not seeing because they don’t know how the rules of this game secrecy are played.

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      2. Ashlei says:

        I was just wondering if anyone else saw it and what they thought. There are just to many things that don’t add up and I’m so ready to see them go to jail! I want my President back!

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      3. Yes, I see much more than that. I cannot believe our law enforcement agencies and the Military sit by and watch our country come apart due to a vote that we are not allowed to do over (too many irregularities, abnormal due to mail in ballots, human errors deliberate or not, machine tampering) to prove what is true. Where is COBGRESS? The Deep State is in control or the vote would be thoroughly checked or re-done! I cannot believe the speed the Left harnessed to get into the WH to take over everything (This had to be pre-planned part of truth of fraud) with Biden reading his scripts dressed in his FINE expensive clothes and plastic surgery! (Still looks old and fragile). God help us if China (Biden’s pals) or Iran attacks our GRID,,,,,, next on the docket. The Pandemic worked for China against us with the help of the Left. SOMETHING needs to be done about all this before Civil war breaks out. The Left is holed up in the Capitol with barbed and razor wire protecting them and we are not supposed to have the SW Wall to protect US! Polosi is calling the shots because she/they know they are guilty and fear “We the people who are sick and tired of lies, fake news, hypocrisy, betrayal and real TREASON!!!


  3. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    The #11 question above is very simple to answer….”it’s within her”!
    I pray the Fire stays lit on exposing all the evil that has been in control for too long.

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  4. Joan Downey says:

    Exceptional report concerning January 06, 2021, attack at Capital & apparent complicity in the attack by ANTIFA, BLM & some members of Congress. It is long past time to demand accountability from Speaker Pelosi & her squad, & stop accepting their refusals to answer to the American people.
    News & pictures of President Trump & his supporters in Palm Beach was joyous news.♥️🙏🏻🇺🇸

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  5. Patrick Davis says:

    On Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 4:00 PM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” Wonder if Joey is having a parking lot > meeting today with his supporter? After all this is President’s Day. Will > they have a gathering? Or will it be virtual? Meanwhile in Palm Beach on > President’s Day…. https://t” >

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    1. Trump would bring us much more of this! We need his leadership so badly. Biden has brought us back to terrible economy, distrust. fake news, lies and “brainwashed patriots”! I don’t understand the plan from the Man upstairs. Is it punishment for our behavior or are just that we are expecting Him to do the work? “God helps those who help themselves.” If it is punishment we need to heed, “If my people….


  6. Abraham Sarabia says:

    Okay everyone. I AM a Huge Fan of Truml! However Why are WE Celebrating Him??!
    When He Did NOT Follow thru with EO 13848 and Did not implement the Insurrection Act. He had The Authority to do this!!..Now We are Left basically Helpless against Communism other then having the 2nd amendment. From My info and understanding..Trump Caved and Followed Bad advice..Please anyone Explain Why You are still Supporting Him.?!? We The People and The World are Screwed..because He CAVED..This is Not an Attack against Trump..Just saying as a Legitimate question and Reasons…BTW Trump has No Authority Right do Anything in Government!


    1. Show us where he has done as you said? Are you not aware there is a Supreme Court case scheduled for Feb 19th on the voter fraud? Are you aware he has never conceded? Do you believe truly that Pelosi is having a public break down over Trump just because she don’t like the man? If so. be it.

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    2. hocuspocus13 says:



      California Patriots got Gov Newsom recalled

      New Yorkers got Gov Cuomo’s crimes against humanity out

      Nervous Nancy has toooo many people breathing down her neck for answers

      Tom Donahue CoC resigned

      Patriots in several States are still fighting hard for the truth on the 2020 election to be exposed

      SCOTUS vote case coming up in 4 days

      …who’s helpless?

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      1. trnathens says:

        Whoever thinks PDJT is done had never read any of his books.

        He stated, clearly that the three things he hates (my word) the most:

        (1) thievery
        (2) cooking the books
        (3) lying

        I can’t remember which book.

        Historically, he has said that he never gives up. When things look worst, is when he does best.

        In the RE crisis of the 90s he found out who was loyal, and who wasn’t. And the surprise at who were, and the surprise at who weren’t.

        For him to have “caved” like you say would be such a radical departure from who he IS and HAS BEEN…consistently…for decades, that it would the equivalent to a schizophrenic break.

        He IS NOT a politician.

        He IS NOT a quitter.

        He IS a businessman.

        He IS a builder.

        He IS an American.

        He WILL NOT give up.

        Like the saying goes… Just because you don’t believe in God, doesn’t mean God doesn’t believe in you.

        Believe, or don’t believe.

        Your choice.

        But…choose wisely.

        I Love President Trump because he loves me, as proved by his fighting for me and my family.

        I Trust President Trump because he kept his word.

        Therefore, I Respect President Trump, and will never doubt his willingness to fight.

        Plus, God.

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  7. John Collins says:

    Chess is a very intense game. You can set up traps in the game. What do you think Trump is doing? He set a trap so all can be exposed. Believe me this is not over.

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    1. The buzz now is the liars in the impeachment and what should be done about it. Press on to keep it from fading away. Expose it on the housetops!! Many innocent people have been falsely accused and lost careers, businesses, and these evil Pelosi minions care not and have no remorse only more hatred for all that is good. They are caught in the traps and there is no undoing the evil they have done.


  8. debjbalk says:

    ACTION STEPS: Contacting Our State Reps … Hey Team, I’m needing a little support from you all to “strengthen the ole backbone and to put insecurities behind.” I’m referring to the many contacts I’ve made to my state’s Reps. To begin, it’s out of my comfort zone to write or call them, but I pushed through the discomfort and have sent several emails and made many phone calls in the past few months. The responses I received have been nothing short of a typical RINO reply. One Senator (Kim LaSata, MI) responded right away. Here’s a few quotes from her “frustrating” reply… “Michigan courts have not found any claims of widespread fraud to be legitimate….On Jan. 6, as a member of the Michigan Senate, I do not have any jurisdiction over the tabulation.” Then there were my letters to Fred Upton, MI. I wrote him at the end of Dec, but didn’t get a reply from him until Feb. 5th, which was super frustrating….Oh, and BTW…several phone calls to my State Reps left me just as discouraged to getting any decent outcome. Congressman Upton’s email quotes that told me he’s a RINO and I will get nowhere with him included the following: “On November 3rd, 2020, a record-setting 155 million Americans made their voices heard and voted for their preferred candidate for President of the United States, ultimately resulting in President Joseph Biden’s victory. I understand that many people are disappointed by these results. However, the right to vote forms the fundamental tenet of our democratic republic, and the will of the American people must be respected as such.” AHHHHH!!! Disgusting reply!!!! Oh Geesh!! I’m in Michigan, a state where the election was clearly stolen, the Dominion machines clearly switched votes as proven by forensic analysis, and we have Wicked Whitmer as our Governor, along with a corrupt AG and SOS …all three of these women should go to prison, and I pray that justice is someday served on them. So…my question to you all is this. DO I PRESS THROUGH MY INSECURITIES AND FRUSTRATIONS, AND CONTINUE TO WRITE OR CALL THEM? OR, DO YOU HAVE SOME FRESH OPTIONS THAT YOU CAN RECOMMEND, MAYBE STEPS THAT HAVE WORKED FOR YOU? Thanks, team… #TOGETHER, WE ARE STRONGER!!!

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    1. debjbalk says:

      Thank you, Greybus! This is absolutely a great option that I will dig into. And maybe it will lead to even more alternatives. I forgot to mention that Congressman Fred Upton was one of the few Republicans who voted to move ahead with the impeachment, which shatters my confidence and hope of getting anywhere with him by emailing or phoning. I greatly appreciate that you took the time to share this. Thanks again, Grey bus.

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