Mike Lindell’s Absolute Truth On Election Fraud

Thank you to patriots like Mike Lindell who pushed past through the miry clay (swamp bogs) and continued on to present evidence. In spite of all the suppression and in our face media lies, and all the treason we witnessed in our faces, truth is exposed once again to be heard.

Will the people hear it? So many are talking of those who refuse to see and many still have faith that many will open their eyes and take a look. Whatever happens one thing is sure. Truth shall prevail even in the days of the blinded!

Rumble — Removed by Vimeo 3 hours after it was posted/released on February 5, 2021. PLEASE SHARE THIS! More resources: https://theamericanreport.org/2021/01/03/proof-positive-coordinated-cyberwarfare-attack-against-us-by-china-russia-iran-iraq-pakistan-to-steal-election-from-trump/

Thank you to tonyb112 for sharing this link. Share everywhere you can!

Dianne Marshall

86 thoughts on “Mike Lindell’s Absolute Truth On Election Fraud

      1. Corner Stone says:

        In a video on Trump Jr.’s social media accounts, headlined “here’s what comes next for our amazing movement,” he told supporters, “Just want to make sure everyone knows, guys, we are not done yet.”

        Trump Jr. then shared a recent video clip that showed his father walking off the golf course while saying, “We haven’t finished yet.”

        “He’s actually accurate,” Trump Jr. said of his father’s remarks.

        “The reality is this movement isn’t over. All of the blood, sweat, and tears that you guys have all put into this thing is very much still alive and well. You see that. I mean, this is really a movement of the people, a movement against the establishment, a movement against the elite.”

        Zero Hedge


    1. Jane says:

      So what are we going to do about it? Everyone knows what happened, and as they are in Power soon they will be gathering us up and locking us up for pointing it out. This is really bad place to be. I dare say that the house and senate must be a scarey place to be right now…… I’ll bet there are even democrats who are appalled to find out what has happened (at least 2). So some GOP have jumped the fence to try to keep safe…. but there really isn’t any point to having any GOP representatives in Washington keeping up this farce. I say they all get out of there, leave the cabal with their coup. Dont legitimatize the coup…. treat it like a coup and run away from WA, go home to your state, see what you can do from your state to oppose the Fed.


    1. Eileen Trent says:

      I watched a vid of the nterview of Gen McInnerny on Steve Bannon’s War Room, 3 days B4 the election…warnin’ abt Hammer and Scorecard…

      Gen McInnerny told Bannon that Scorecard was an application Obama and Brennan added 2 the Hammer that is used 2 switch 3% of the vote from Repub 2 Dims…the report dint tell y’all that…that’s why u saw the 7,000 vote switch from Pres Trump 2 Bidung n Detroit…the dims controlin’ the vote cntn’ jus said it was human error!!

      AS IF!!!

      Gen McInnerny said that’s what the Obama crowd used 4 the win n Fla, 2012…from what I understood, Obama dint win Fla n 2012!!

      Gen McInnerny further st8d that the Obama crowd hav Scorecard up and runnin’ 4 this election…Sydney Powel was also n the nterview and confirmed the xistance of Hammer and Scorecard…

      CEO of YOUTUBE Susan Wujiski has tkn dwn all of the nterviews of Gen McInnerny xplainin’ Hammer and Scorecard…she did it B4 the election, but I saw the nterview on War Room B4 she cud scubb it…..Powel and McInnerney said they were on the watch and wud do everythin’ they cud 2 stop the Obama crowd and Scorecard…

      Here’s the vid of the nterview even though the vid has been tkn dwn, there is a written transcript of the nterview underneath the vid y’all can read…she cudn’t dlete that…hahaha…


      Search the vid archives and find the vid:



      1. Corner Stone says:


        Patrick Byrne

        Marc Elias Is the Democrat Perkins lawyer who spent 2020 getting election bureaucrats to change rules outside of state legislatures.

        But here, he filed on behalf of a candidate who lost, and he’s claiming precisely the vote tabulation errors that get one kicked off Twitter.



      2. Biden is now flying on Airforce One. His new Pentagon chief is replacing around 200 Pentagon positions and has halted military operations to weed out extremists, racists and white supremacists. In other words, American loving white Patriots and Trump supporters will be targeted.

        We got to pull our heads out of the rabbit hole and instead of listening to stories and speculations
        because they have the outcome we all desire, we must peek out of the rabbit hole and see what is actually happening .

        This is what’s happening, this is reality and its getting harder to explain it away. It’s shocking our military is going to let the election fraud stand and it’s it’s shocking that 20 million citizens aren’t trying to reclaim it.
        It looks like we’ll be drinking from a very bitter cup for years to come.


      3. Eileen Trent says:

        BUDDY!!…We know Bidung is on a set crea8d by CASTLE ROCK STUDIOS…it’s n xact replica of the REAL WH…kinda…

        Do y’all know Pres Trump has the nuclear football with him n Mara Lago?!?!…the military, who r n total control now, will not let Dementia Joe anywhere near that!!

        The Bidung team r now complainin’ they can’t get access 2 Trump’s visitor logs…that’s bcuz Bidung is not a legit

        I also watched a vid showin’ ALL military accnts r followin’ Trump…NONE r followin’ the FAKE PRES BIDING…NONE!!!

        The military do NOT recognise Bidung as the pres bcuz they know he is NOT!!…the military were monitorin’ the fraudulent election…and hav the proof..

        DON’T DOUBT IT!!

        I watched vid of the Nat Guard on the no nauguration nauguration day turn their backs on his motorcade as he drives past them, sum even spit on the grnd!!

        I watched vid of Trump n Mara Lago, comunic8in’ with what appears 2 b military dudes, on the screen…he has a more elaborate set up there than at the WH…

        Pres Trump is n total control and constant contact with our military..and they wiil not listen 2 the FAKE PRES…they luv Trump!!

        I’m reminded as I type this of the wrds of YESHUA, when he said, “My sheep know my voice and anothers they will not follow!”..

        R y’all sure the Air Force1 Bidung is supposedly flyin’ on isn’t more CASTLE ROCK illusion?!?…

        Ck out the vids that r out there of Bidung on a set, cre8d by CASTLE ROCK ENTERTAINMENT…those vids r there…I can’t post a link bcuz google will throw my comment n the dletion bin!!

        Newsmax put out a pic last wk of Bidung gettin’ off AirForce1 n Iraq …prob was it was an old photo of 2016, when he was VP …and many caught that!!

        Why wud Newsmax knowingly put out that photo 2 pass it off as current…2 convince stupid, gullible ppl that Bidung is on AirForce1?!?!…when they knew it was an old photo?!?!…


        Dob’t blieve everythin’ the FAKE NEWS, which is very much a part of the DEEPST8, is puttin’ out there, dude…they’re tryin’ 2 convince y’all what u c is real!!

        IT’S NOT!!

        It’s all illusion and Hollyweird magic!!…kinda like the illusionist, David Copperfield…now y’all c the jumbo jet, now y’all don’t…Poof…hahahaha…

        Q has always said, ur watchin’ a movie!!

        Trust Trump and the military…

        THEY GOT THIS!!


      4. If that is true then why aren’t cases being made and people being charged for sedition or treason? The problem we seem to be in is the inability or unwillingness to apply the rule of law equally. So, I don’t really care what these people are telling us, all they do is whip us in a frenzy and the shirk their Constitutional duties to do anything about it. We can’t even trust them.


      5. winky says:

        Eileen…I like your comments and what you have to say but they are very hard to read.. I am a little older and your posts are written like texts and they are hard to understand for me anyway. I am sorry if I have offended you but I truly like read your posts but I am not that fast on my feet. Please forgive.

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    2. Dave,
      I watched the video for the first time last night, and again this morning on OANN.
      God Bless Robert Herring, and his network for the courage to not surrender to the seemingly ENDLESS efforts to stifle the TRUTH! Perhaps OANN understands that if this cartoon of an “election” is allowed to stand, there really is NO recovery, and that all honest media (and the country) is doomed?


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  1. They are literally mocking us…to our faces….with no shame…and no attempt at hiding…

    THIS IS FROM 2021


    “Time magazine has published a detailed account of what it describes as a “conspiracy” between “left-wing activists and business titans” to create “an extraordinary shadow effort” to “protect” the 2020 presidential election…
    The article by Molly Ball, titled “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election,” presents the effort as a heroic effort to preserve a free and fair election, and to fend off President Donald Trump’s anticipated claims of fraud.”

    THIS IS FROM 1991…


    Rockefeller stated:

    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world government. . . . The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries. (source)”

    The transcript from a 1991 Bilderberg group meeting in Baden, Germany, was released, proving how deluded Rockefeller’s views truly were. Bill Clinton also attended this meeting, I’m sure along with many other members of the elite class

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    1. hocuspocus13 says:


      The problem with Ms Molly Ball’s article is that it now implicates those she writes about with the current inevitable evidence of “election fraud”

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  2. Corner Stone says:

    Oh my.

    I’ll have to listen again but in the first hour there was the phrase went through Que, Cue, Q – ” We’ve got it all!”


    1. I watched this McKay (original) video a month ago. This link has a manipulated date and is McKays video imbedded in another’s video.. Just sharing that bc context and timelines matter. Scott McKay’s original shows can be found at his website.


      1. Amal says:


        We also saw this when it came out originally.

        It’s the passing of info and the content that matters.

        The truth is still the truth.

        I wouldn’t say the date is manipulated, (implying nefarious motives) .

        Rather it’s the date this individual using Scott’s video; posted his content.

        Scott has said he wants everyone to help spread the word.



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  3. Caroline Olson says:

    But where does this go from here to stop Biden and kick him out and announce that Donald Trump won the 2020 election? WHO is going to take on this responsibility? The Supreme Court refused along with other courts to actually LISTEN to and SEE the evidence of massive election fraud. The lying liberal media ignored it. WHERE IS OUR MILITARY IN ALL THIS? We are weary of empty promises and guesses and theories. WE WANT ACTION!

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    1. Eileen Trent says:

      Dr. Steve Pieczenik , 4mer st8 dept said he was nvolved n the sting op with the military 2 mark all the dominion machines B4 the election…NSA and DNI surveilled the ntire election…they hav it all…

      Dr. Pieczenik also says he is the 1 who sent n SPECIAL FORCES 2 steal Pelosi’s laptop on the 6th…hahaha…

      Another vid with Dr Pieczenik just posted 16 hrs ago, tellin’y’all Budung is NOT THE PRES…he’s on with Alex Jones xplainin’ it 2 him..

      BTDUBBS Jones does NOT blieve n the Q Op…soooo keep that n mind…

      Her’s the vid:

      Dr. Steve Piecznik Returns…


      It was jus posted so it’s the 1st vid which will come up…watch b4 YiuTube scrubbs it!!…


    2. Jane says:

      the house and senate need to forcefully come out against the coup.(GOP)…. stop enabling the coup, pretending there’s no coup. Giving legitimatacy to Biden and his ilk. We all know what has happened…. it has to be brought front and center and let the chips fall where they may. Without a dramatic change nothing will happen… either the GOP packs up their things and goes home , or they stop playing nice and start resisting the coup… this is now a one party rule and it’s going to stay that way until it goes to totalitarianism and then a one world order with China


  4. Where do we go from here?

    I’ll share a video of the Castle Rock WH (new footage) that many have not yet seen. It’s surreal. I feel like I’m living in a parallel universe.

    I’m very concerned for our country. Most importantly, where does our military stand??

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    1. Eileen Trent says:

      Q told y’all ur watchin’ a movie!!…the wall ppr n the Fake WH Oval Office doesn’t even match the ppr n the REAL WH…and the person n charge of the set 4got 2 put the red button box on the Resolute Desk…sum1 was…. FIRED!!!…hahahaha…

      When that was revealed, the Bidung team said that was 4 Trump 2 order his diet soda, and Bidung doesn’t drink soda so he doesn’t need that box…hahahahaha….

      I actually blieve they hav Dementia Joe convinced he really is n the WH…he wudn’t know the dif…

      Meanwhile back at the REAL WH…the lights r goin’ off the same time every night 4 abt 10 days now…the military r havin’ fun with the Bidung team…when Bidung heard of the lights bein’ turned off 4 hrs at night, they said they turned them off…hahaha…




  5. Gary Nemeth says:

    This video hits the beach
    HARD and wide, but it will take Patriots
    like us, with Fixed bayonets to storm the
    strong holds and veil nests of these traitors.

    WE must demand immediate action to bring
    down this evil criminal theft of our election.
    We must no longer defend our actions.

    WE MUST force this enemy to defend their
    actions. We must stay on the OFFENSIVE!
    These are traitors from within and enemies
    from without
    These foreign nations : China, England, EU,
    and Israel and all guilty of defiling our elections,
    through corruption,lies, intimidation, gun-
    grabbing laws, hate speech laws, etc and etc.

    Thank you Mike Lindell!

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      1. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

        Yes! And also AT THE BORDERS!!! We cannot allow anymore people in. If anyone who reads this and lives near our borders be on “STAND BY” Keeping people from coming in will help the rest of the war against the evil already here!!!

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    1. Eileen Trent says:

      Did y’all catch the part of Lindell mentionin’ ITALY??

      I watched a vid of a woman who uncovered the story of the Italian Military satellite, Leonardo bein’ used 2 switch votes from Trump 2 Bidung…her name is MARIA ZACK—NATIONS IN ACTION—they monitor elections all ovah the wrld…

      Her team learned of a man who wrkd at Leonardo Defense Contractors, that had confessed 2 bein’ the person who uploaded the software 2 the military satellite Leonardo, which nstructed the satellite 2 switch the votes from Trump 2 Bidung, dwn 2 the Dominion servers n Frankfurt, Ger. (remember the raid on CIA server frm n Ger.?), dwn 2 the Dominion machines n US…..this story was blowin’ up n Italy n Dec…

      He was jailed and Zack was able2 get n2 an nterview with him…he gav her a signed confession, affidavits, data, photos of the 2 CIA dudes nvolved…she has everythin’…

      Zack was able 2 get this evidence 2 Pres Trump on Christmas Eve n Mara Lago, with the help of Marla Maples and Tiffany…

      This was a plan by Obama and 4mer Italian Prime Minister Renzi 2 steal the US elect, usin’ Italian military satellite, Leonardo, CIA, EU, MI6 and St8 dept…pd 4 by Obama’s 14 pallets of cash 4 Iran…dint go 2 Iran…was diverted 2 dif accnts…$5 million has been traced 2 a bnk n Cali4nia…

      All evidence is on file n Rome crt…10 ppl from Leonardo hav been arrested…the Italian gov has collapsed and Conte has resigned…Conte was nvolved 2…

      The Italian gov is after Barack…hahaaha…

      Vid 3wks ago circul8in’ on Twitter shows Mike Pomoeo n Italy walkin’ ahead of sum1 n handcuffs…every1 says it’s the US ENVOY…shots were heard at the Vatican, and the Vatican went drk 4 hrs at that time…now the pope isn’t gonna b makin’ any appearances 4 a while…mhm…

      Dr. Steve Pieczenik 4mer st8 dept also talks abt the Italian military satellite, Leonardo n his last vid with Alex Jones…

      Here’s the vids:




      #italydidit #contecomeclean

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    2. I 100% agree with your spirit!!! I mean when is enough…enough. I think our military would have be on the side of citizens or slaughter them by the millions if they revolted. Trouble is, at this point I don’t think they’d get orders not to mow down defenders of freedom. I know the rank and file are mostly Patriots but they will be taking orders from globalists.
      Btw, I have heard nothing of Israel being involved in election interference. I know most of them supported Trump and the Democrats are already talking about moving the Capitol from Jerusalem. However globalists have infiltrated the globe and nothing surprises me.


      1. Jane says:

        Our GOP must throw the coup in their faces… stop pretending g it didn’t happen dont legit it!!! They must throw it right at them out in I. The open … and all the evidence forget the scotus… this is scarey time the SCOTUS won’t act…. WE ALL KNOW WHAT THEY DID——SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOF TOPS SO ALL THEIR CONSTITUENTS FIND OUT – they are being censored


  6. Craig Kinnowr says:

    Thank you so much — I have not waivered that President Trump will continue his legacy in rooting out all of this evil and will continue as the 19th President of this great Republic


  7. truthseeker569 says:

    Try this link: Absolute proof of election fraud by Mike Lindell

    | | | | | |


    | | | | Absolute proof of election fraud by Mike Lindell

    Watch now! Mike Lindell’s Absolute Proof. Mike Lindell spent millions of dollars of his own money to bring forth… |




  8. , says:

    These are the scary beings that seem to prevail in destroying God and country to bring us to a communist New World Order. Thank you Mike Lindell. I hope your efforts are not in vain. I’m sure the elite will dismiss it as they try to tell us how many masks to wear. Dr. Fauchi is it 4? 5? 6?


  9. Mike Travis says:

    The proof is undeniable. But if no judge will hear the evidence it won’t change anything. America is in serious trouble all because the people turned their backs on God.

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  10. When I saw Bob Sellers? on Newsmax scold and try to shut up Mike Lindell last night about this video coming out, I thought that it was because of the threat of Newsmax being sued for millions of dollars if this truth came out. Now, I’m wondering if that was just a “show” by Sellers to avoid a lawsuit? Maybe Newsmax will eventually break this story on the MSM news? Any thoughts about this? When and how will this extremely important information break through into the current media of mass deception news?


  11. Henry Acres says:

    And now some news from the home front…
    In my opinion, good for Lou, and if I were Judge Jeanine Pirro, I would be happy as well, and so the same for Maria Bartiromo…they will find a better source to work from…and lastly, good riddance FOX news, and NewsMax…you have been uncovered and exposed to the masses. Don’t let the door slap your filthy arse..!!



  12. southern1952 says:

    I live in miss, our gov is Tate Reeves..he was asked 3 times if he thought the election was stolen and he said 3 times, Biden is the president, that’s what we have to work with…he’s scared i guess, but everyone has told him he won’t get re-elected, wish i could send him this video. Thank you Mike Lindell

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    1. Eileen Trent says:

      They’re all bein’ threatened, blackmailed or takin’ bribes…judges, legisl8ors…Lin Wood tweeted last yr sumtime that he listend n on a ph convo btween SUPREME CRT Chief Justice Robert and Justice Breyer discussin’ ways 2 get Trump out…he said he hrd Chief Justice Roberts say, “I’ll make sure that mother f***er never gets re-eiected!”

      Wood is a Defamation Law xpert…he wudn’t say what he can’t back up…

      Cudn’t hav sumthin’ 2 do with Roberts adopted children and Roberts seen on Lolita Island with Bill Clinton?!?!…mhm…

      Wood also tweeted that Ga Gov Kemp and Sec of St8 Rattensperger will b goin’ 2 jail…

      Gov Ducy of Ariz, Gov Kemp of Ga, Sec of St8 Rattensperger, Pelosi, Obama, Dianne Frankenstein, Bidens, SOOOO MANY hav ties 2 Dominion…ncludin’ George Soros…

      Trump EO 13848…any1 associ8d with votin’ systems, vote tabul8ors…all property, or transference of property n the country will b BLOCKED…ncludes thise who dissimin8 and distribute PROPAGANDA…all property will b BLOCKED…






      Trump caught them all!!

      Trump’s lawyers r gettin’ death threats..

      Btdubbs, Epstein is alive, accordin’ 2 Lin Wood (but I knew that anyway)…and Gslaine Maxwel is spillin’ it all on every1…OFC 2 save herself…hahahahaha…

      Maxwell and Epstein hav it all…

      Pelosi’s losin’ her mind, rantin’ she needs more security…she’s terrified Trump’s gonna hav them all arrested…she’s bang on!!!…hahahaha….


      The judiciary is corrupt, the legislative branch is corrupt, ..they’re all corrupt…that leaves only 1 that isn’t…


      Q told y’all, there’s only 1 way…

      They r n full control, now!!

      BUCKLE UP!!!

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      1. Corner Stone says:

        Eileen have to seen the shows – Bards of War perhaps – where the host explains that Trump is doing to DEM just what they did to him?

        He in inflicting the Pain back onto them.

        One example, remember how Obama was following President Trump around on Trump’s world tours as though the illegal Kenyan was president?


  13. People know what happened. I’m sick and tired of the “shitshow”. Our election was stolen. This was an act of war. People are being underestimated. We deserve some answers. Just listening to Gen.Flynn. Evidently there is no plan? Insurrection act not signed? This is not a very comforting feeling. People are united together, their old tricks to divide us are no longer working. “Politician” is the dirtiest word in the world. We don’t need a civil war, we just need to go after them, thee only thing holding people back right now is respect for President Trump. Not sure how long people are going to hold out under the bullshit were seeing everyday. Evidently we’ve been fed a load of disinformation . Buckle up!

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      1. What’s to do be done? No Plan?? Tell us what to do and we’ll do it peacefully. Maybe we can all get arrested and overload the jails. We need to stand together and turn this country upside down. They need to hear us loud and clear and soon. Where are our leaders?? Mike Lindell did his part. Now let’s do ours!


    1. Abraham Sarabia says:

      I Agree. President Trump caved..There is No Insurrection Act..Etc. The Military is Not in Control..they Do NOT have any Authority per say..When Trump was Still in Office..He Had legal AUTHORITY That’s the Time where He should of Used it. Unless there is something We don’t know about..Its OVER!!


  14. I also feel, people need to stop paying taxes, permits and licenses, feeding the beast. Until we the people decide how much, and have a secure place to send what it is we decide. The “right to travel” is free. They have brainwashed everyone into tax and license. The only one needing a permit is commercial haulers.

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  15. Tina says:

    Also, with video and technology there is almost nothing they can’t do. They need to give people absolute proof. Such as any arrests, the penalty for treason is death, as it should be.


  16. Thank God for Mike Lindell. This is exactly what we’ve been waiting for. So much time, energy and money has gone out to prove election fraud and this does it! We have to get the word out to everyone. One of my friends tried to post it to Facebook and it was censored/deleted with a “Sexual content” warning. Send this to everyone on your email list – it’s not just for Conservatives. This is an American issue.


  17. Harriett L. Randall says:

    BOOM! Did anybody catch this? They really think we’re stupid. In 2017, Trump ordered a brand new plane from Booing. But only the next president can use it…it’s the custom. It’s like when the president raises the president’s salary, but only the next president gets it. Well…why isn’t Biden using the new plane? Because there is no next president…no 46th… Biden is a fake!

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  18. Abraham Sarabia says:

    I Agree. President Trump caved..There is No Insurrection Act..Etc. The Military is Not in Control..they Do NOT have any Authority per say..When Trump was Still in Office..He Had legal AUTHORITY That’s the Time where He should of Used it. Unless there is something We don’t know about..Its OVER!!


    1. Amal says:

      Abraham Sarabia you aren’t paying attention.

      You strike when the enemy is unaware.

      There is disinformation for a reason.

      The World is in a War.

      IF you seek out the truth, it’s RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

      Are you aware of the mass arrests that have taken place and continue to do so?

      President Trump didn’t become a billionaire by giving up.

      President Trump will be serving the USA for FOUR MORE YEARS!


  19. Jane says:

    I think the house and senate GOP need to forcefully come out against the coup….. stop enabling the coup, pretending there’s no coup!!!!!. Giving legitimatacy to Biden and his ilk. We all know what has happened…. it has to be brought front and center and let the chips fall where they may. Without a dramatic change nothing will happen… either the GOP packs up their things and goes home , or they stop playing nice and start resisting the coup… this is now a one party rule and it’s going to stay that way until it goes to totalitarianism and then a one world order with China


    1. Amal says:

      It’s OVER?!


      Nope, sorry Robert.

      If you’ve been following the people who are ON Pointe daily, you’d know WE ARE WINNING!

      Just because Flynn said it’s over means nothing; other than misdirection.

      Information warfare.

      You really think Patriots are going to give out their exact date of movement?

      I’m amused at all the doom and gloomers here.

      I’ve never felt so inspired in my entire life (granted I’m young), however so much has happened, if you’re paying attention, your post would be very different.



      1. Robert says:

        Enjoy the show? Gas has already risen almost 20% where I live, border wall construction has been halted, Biden is about to increase the amount of “refugees” to 125,000, and Harris is already breaking ties. I have no expectations from Trump, the man who fasttracked a rna/dna modifying “vaccine” past the fda… This isn’t a @#$%^!& movie, it’s called reality. I suggest you start getting used to it.


  20. eze33 says:

    Many seem to want a Gideon to rise up. (Judges 6-8) He was the fifth Judge before Israel demanded a King. (Gideon the 5th or 5G?) The Apostle Paul tells us in 2 Thessalonians 8 that the wicked (anomos – lawless, not subject to law – lawless, unlawful, without law, transgressor) will be revealed (apokalupto – to take off the cover – disclose) prior to the King’s coming. There is a strategy in Ezekiel 38 & 39. Read Genesis 48:8-20 and pay close attention to verses 16 & 19. This promise was released in 1798. (Missing Links, pages 91-93) Our forefathers set up our Constitution to be a self-governing Republic without a King, but credited it all to Divine Providence. (John 1:1 Divine Expression – Logos and Supreme Divinity – Theos) One Nation Under God! A Nation of Law. Are we keeping God’s Law? (John 14:15) Has anyone considered the Tenth Amendment to our Constitution? Has anyone considered the Ten Commandments? Maybe we should try both and have faith and patience. (Psalm 37)

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  21. Corinna Bianchi says:


    Libre de virus. http://www.avast.com

    El vie, 5 feb 2021 a las 20:36, THE MARSHALL REPORT () escribió:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” Thank you to patriots like Mike Lindell who > perserved through the miry clay (swamp bogs) and continued on to present > evidence. In spite of all the suppression and in our face media lies, and > all the treason we witnessed in our faces, truth is exposed onc” >

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  22. MICHAEL WALKER says:

    Well I appreciate those that care about what is right and what is wrong. It is your heart they want! Some folk think they can cheat at cards and make you like it. Besides are we smart enough to figure out the environment we are in? Do we feel like we have rights and honorable courts? I do not. I wonder how the Israelites felt under the ruler of Egypt? Millions of votes stolen. I thought they were sacred.

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  23. https://donorbox.org/3-04-am-society

    The 3:04 AM Society is raising money to start a billboard campaign that simply asks the following question;



    We are raising money to put up 5,000 billboards nationally that ask this question. We have hired NEA Charitable Fundraising Services to run our fundraising campaign and monitor our spending. NEA has been in business for 27 years and the NEA foundation maintains a 5 star rating for their charities management.

    Please donate today!


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