Eyes are opening wide as we see how the latest coup pushers pre-planned a false flag attack on the Capitol Building in order to blame President Trump and all who supported the president. They bussed in their organized street thugs, coordinated D.C. police with the Mayor, and Pelosi was obviously orchestrating the event which of course was kept secret. Yet, that secret was a big fail for everyone who watched objectively and saw any of the videos can see it was preplanned to the point of a scathing clown show. Yet, many innocent people have now been falsely accused of doing evil things and those doing evil have been rewarded. So the question is, how many of the other attacks on the capitol were allowed to take place, and how many actually happened by not being allowed? So as we wait to see what happens next in the show we are watching, it was interesting to go back and look at past attacks.

Capitol has seen violence over 220 years, but not like this - ABC News

In 1814 the Capitol was burned down by the British, which after we officially entered the war of 1812. The war of 1812 is one of fascinating history. All nations were bribing and offering false promises to the indigenous peoples to have them join in their war efforts over the land of (ironically) the indigenous people. Some joined US troops, some joined French, and some joined the British. Meanwhile Napoleon had conquered much in Europe and all were exhausted in manpower and more. If not for indigenous people, America would have been overthrown. It is true, research it and learn what really took place. There is a reason it’s not much talked about.

The ruins of the U.S. Capitol following British attempts to burn the building; includes fire damage to the Senate and House wings, damaged colonnade in the House of Representatives shored up with firewood to prevent its collapse, and the shell of the rotunda with the facade and roof missing.
VCG Wilson/Corbis/Getty Images

In 1793, when President George Washington laid the first cornerstone. In 1800 the federal government moved from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C.. The design was based on ancient Greek and Roman architecture.

In 1915 a Former Harvard Professor Tried to Blow Up the U.S. Capitol |  Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

In 1915, a former German professor at Harvard, Erich Muenter, planted a package containing three sticks of dynamite in the Capitol near the Senate Reception room. Another attack on the capitol transpired. He also went to J.P. Morgan’s home and shot him. Morgan recovered and Muenter was jailed and committed, you guessed it…suicide.

From left, Puerto Rican nationalists Irvin Flores Rodríguez, Rafael Cancel Miranda, Lolita Lebrón and Andres Figueroa Cordero are seen in a police lineup in this March 1, 1954 photo, following a shooting attack at the U.S. Capitol. Cancel Miranda, the last surviving member of the group, died at his residence in San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 2, 2020. (The Associated Press)

On March 1, 1954, four Puerto Rican Americans attacked the House of Representatives, shooting five congressmen. The attackers said they did it to demand independence for their U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. They wanted the ability to vote for the president who governed them. At the time, they had no voting representatives in Congress and no right to vote.  The five congressmen survived, and the four shooters received prison sentences. Later President Carter commuted one of their sentences in 1977, and granted clemency to the other three in 1979.

US Capitol bomb 1971

In 1971, the Weather Underground bombed the Captitol, causing $300,000 in damage. The claimed they did it in protest of the ongoing U.S. supported bombing of Laos.  Several members of the Weather Underground served prison time for other attacks and activities, no one was ever arrested for the 1971 bombing.

In 1983 Six left-wing extremists bombed the US Capitol. Ringleader, Linda Sue Evans was sentenced to 35 years in prison but was pardoned by President Clinton in 2001.

The question is, aside from the war of 1812, how were these attacks allowed to happen in the guarded Capitol? And why was one suicided and the others pardoned? What secrets did those pardoning know that the public did not? Did these events serve a specified purpose? Just how vulnerable is the capitol?

Pictures: Trump supporters rally near White House
More Than 1 Million Rally at Women's Marches in US and Around World - ABC  News
Records show fervent Trump fans fueled Capitol takeover
Trump Supporters Clash With Capitol Police At Protest, Senate And House  Recess | WLRN

We saw how the Jan.6th, 2021 breech took place and now we all know it was a preplanned event involving many in Congress and collaberated with D.C. Mayor and her Police department and a terrorist organization called ANTIFA, and others bussed in by those who organized it. And why? To blame President Trump for having a rally, and all the millions who attended. Well, it isn’t going to stick. What it does however raise are a mountain of questions on all the other attacks that have taken place. What did those involved have to gain by these?

The corporation is definitely full of secrets.

Dianne Marshall


  1. southern1952 says:

    i believe it was pre planned, cortez said on the news that a week before the incident she got text messages be aware on the 6th…probably pelosi or one of the other devils.

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    1. Eileen Trent says:

      OFC Pelosi and her besties antifa planned that ‘false flag’ riot 2 blame Trump, but Pres Trump knew it 2!!…hahahahahaha…

      I posted on another site of the vid showin’ DC Metro Police escortin’ n 5 busses of antifa, thru the g8s…vid of the horned dude, Sham the scam n a pic with Pelosi’s son n law…vid of SPECIAL FORCES n the Capitol bldn’ on the 6th, who 4mer st8 dept Dr Steve Pieczenik said he sent n 2 grab the laptop of Pelosi and 14 others…the Trump supporters thought they were antifa and almost took those dudes dwn!!!

      I posted the vid of Gen McInnerny n a WH celebration revealin’ that SPECIAL FORCES were sent n 2 steal her laptop and she’s frantic knowin’ Trump has her laptop, now…McInnerney said he has seen it 2!!!..hahahahaha…


      I heard her laptop shows real-time money transfers from an accnt representin’ the Vatican 2 legisl8ors who wud dwn vote the objections…and a MAJOR deal she was wrkn’ on with the CCP, nvolvin’ GE….

      I jus watched a vid from andweknow (google keeps tkn’ my posts dwn every time I giv the link!)…which shows ALL military accnts follow Pres Trump…No military follow fake pres Biden…NONE!!!…


      andweknow rumble

      The vid:


      If I giv the link google will shut dwn this post…poof!!!…the vid by LT was just posted 2 hrs ago…he is my very fav presenter…

      We hav been w8in’ 4 this movie 2 end…and my popcorn is like stale, already….hahahaha…

      Q brd Feb. 3rd:

      Q brd Feb. 3rd:
      NO ONE!

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      1. debjbalk says:

        So proud of you, fellow Patriot Eileen. That “feather in your cap” (censorship) looks mighty fine! Wear it proudly…You are standing strong and brave. Honored to be alongside of you!!! ;+)

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    2. Eileen Trent says:

      Southern 1952, R y’all referrin’ 2 Occasional-Cortex?!?!…I started callin’ her that last yr and it quickly srarted trendn’…dumbest mbr of Congress…hahaha…

      She claimed she was traumatized by the event on the 6th and Sen Cruz tried 2 get her killed…yeah, she did!!..

      Turns out she wasn’t n even n the room at the time… she’s not only a commie, but a liar…a lyin’ commie…is there any other kind?!?

      And how cud she b traumatized by an event she and the dims orchestr8d with their bff’s antifa and BLM…remembr John Sullivan?!?!!?!…hahahaha…

      I call BS, Occasional-Cortex…


    1. debjbalk says:

      Who would have “thunk” Very strange spellioing indeed…..
      From Merriam-Webster:
      coup (noun)
      \ ˈkü \
      plural coups\ ˈküz \
      Definition of coup (Entry 1 of 2)
      1: COUP D’ÉTAT
      2: a brilliant, sudden, and usually highly successful stroke or act
      She pulled off quite a coup when she snagged the usually reclusive author for an interview.


      1. Eileen Trent says:

        I’ll b the 1st 1 Bidung and dims send 2 the re-education, dprogrammin’ concentration camps 2 ‘re4m’ Trump terrorist supporters…and they prob hav a VERY special place 4 all of us QAnons…hahaha…

        HOLD THE LINE!!!

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  2. fireflamestoves says:

    Although I still have faith that God’s Will is destined to unfold according to His Plan, sadly, I no longer believe that He is going to provide a miracle to save us from ourselves. Dark days lie ahead, and the faith of Christians all over the world is going to be severely tested in the coming years, as Christianity is now quickly coming under direct assault from Satanic forces throughout our institutions! Our own educational systems are actively being used by totalitarian Marxists as indoctrination centers which teach our own children to hate America and us! The PravdaGanda MSM and Hollywood are constantly and unashamedly brainwashing millions of our fellow Americans and filling heads with evil perversions! Our own government is now completely controlled by a NWO Satanic cabal which despises us and wants to either enslave or eliminate normal people like us. I pray for strength to endure the coming storms, but I have little hope left to cling to…

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    1. debjbalk says:

      We need you by our side in this battle, Christian Soldier and brother. Remember, the greatest miracle is Jesus…. His life, death, resurrection, and saving grace. To hell with all of the enemies’ attacks. We are on the winning side of glory, Jesus our King. Here’s a verse that I pray gives you hope, as it also describes the horror all around us…. Nehemiah 9:17
      “They refused to listen and failed to remember the miracles you performed among them. They became stiff-necked and in their rebellion appointed a leader in order to return to their slavery. But you are a forgiving God, gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love. Therefore you did not desert them,”

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      1. Keep the faith. God always has a way of separating the tares out from among his wheat. Look to Jeremiah when the Israelites were sent to Babylon, he and those who believed the words of Jeremiah and repented were allowed by the King of Babylon to leave and he took with him the daughters (princess of the King of Israel lineage of David) of king Jehoiakim. They went to the isle of Scotland and took with them Jacob’s pillow among other things. (So real historian research has said.) The oldest daughter married the prince who became king of Scotland.

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      2. fireflamestoves says:

        Thank you for your kind words, and I fervently pray the verse you listed comes to fruition in these coming days, but my hopes have perilously dimmed to the point of despair, and I spent the better part of an hour in tears earlier today, which I must admit was somewhat of a cathartic relief.

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      3. Fireflamestoves…

        The hard part about Faith is not knowing…

        All you can KNOW is what you are doing right this instant. And that God LOVES you, unceasingly…

        James 4:14
        Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.

        Ephesians 6 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness


        Isaiah 54:17 No weapon..formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.

        2 Peter 1:16 For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty.

        And remember…

        There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

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    2. HEIRFORCE says:

      Jesus The Christ Mission, Message and Purpose for Mankind Was and Is The Gospel of The Kingdom..SADLY The So called Church/ Christianity has Perverted The TRUTH of God’s Word..Ex. Christianity Focus is Going to Heaven The Kingdom is Taking Over Earth .
      The NWO Etc. Is NOT more Powerful then We Know this..Religion has always been God’s greatest enemy and has kept HIS People in The Dark..this Is EXACTLY Why We see Chaos today Not because Darkness is greater then light but because We as God’s People have been lied too b/thru Religion. Christians has many components of the Kingdom but its NOT The Kingdom..Jesus The Christ told Us the Antichrist would decieve MANY MULTITUDES..of People. THE GOSPEL Of The Kingdom IS and Should be The Message of God’s People til WE Wake up too These Truths GOD Will Not violate His Word and Return here. I challenge All to look into this..One good way is listen to messages by Myles Monroe on You Tube; The Kingdom and The Church.

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      1. txvet33 says:

        It’s only perverted if U let it BE. PrayitForward. The Chosen. God, I Am is speaking to us now, using the 1-eyed monster. Listen, believe. It’s free, believe no the blood. Where did Jesus’ blood come from? Think, believe. What the serpent meant for evil (1-eyed), God, I Am is using to speak to US. Listen, spread the word. God is good.


  3. Caroline Olson says:

    I watched the live coverage of President Trump’s speech in front of the White House on January 6th. Also Fox News’ live coverage soon after at the Capitol. Just as the MAGA crowd began to arrive, I saw two men in dark clothes, not red MAGA hats, etc, one on the stairs near the top and another nearby in the crowd holding up white signs that read JOE BIDEN in dark letters. Now, we all know President Trump did not send them there. I alerted Don Trump Jr. of this several days ago and he thanked me. The Washington Post published an article Jan. 11th or 12th that the F.B.I. were aware to expect trouble from Antifa and BLM. There were also reports that the radical protesters began attacks at the Capitol 30 minutes BEFORE Trump finished his speech! Clearly, he was set up to look guilty. I pray day and night that his impeachment trail proves him NOT GUILTY!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

      Caroline, I followed your comment until the part where you stated, “Clearly, he was set up to look guilty.” President Trump was 100% NOT guilty, nor was he set up to look that way. This is just another “narrative” from these liars in wait. The truth will set him free, as will the Truth bring light to the darkness of this world! May God protect His and may His vengeance be upon the generation of vipers!

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  4. Philip Rusch says:

    The White House also got burnt to a crisp by the Brits in the War of 1812 to the point where it was just an empty shell. It appears a “surprise” tornado kicked the Red Coats out of town after the attack.

    The January 6 raid was arranged in advance, no doubt about it. Early reports had special ops infiltrating Antifa to seize congressional laptops or whatever else they could get their hands on.

    I’m sure there’s a file about all these other incidents, some of which, at least, was probably orchestrated by insiders, when the U.S. Capitol was attacked in the past.

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    1. fireflamestoves says:

      Which government entity do you envision doing that? The Deep State is now in complete control of our government, and there is a glaringly obvious two-tiered ‘justice’ system in this country. BLM, Antifa and all NWO Leftists are given a complete pass, but law abiding, tax paying, middle class MAGA Deplorables and higher level Trump supporters are prosecuted to the fullest extents of the law!

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  5. marjogo75 says:

    Many of you are probably following give him 15, please keep praying that God’s will be done. I host a prayer call on Wednesday mornings and I sense that the praying church needs to repent and pray for God’s will to be done. We used Prophet Mark Taylor’s prayer of repentance today. Continue to pray God’s blessing over this country and over this country. We prayed for President Trump and talked about the illegitimate administration. We did bless them–it’s hard. Thank you for the blog and all the great comments.

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  6. txvet33 says:

    Yo chancy & plugs, are you sure about this act coming up on the 8th. It’s like the election cheat/fraud, you are going to have to go really big in the lie. Our astronauts in the lab will be able to see it from space. You always fall for PQTUS’ traps. We know. We have it all. Video, audio and live witnesses. You can’t murder all of them can you?

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  7. Roark Dority says:

    Thank you for the history Dianne, I had no idea! One request would be, can you fix the misspelled word at the end of your wonderful post, namely definately should be spelled definitely. Thank you!

    I don’t mean to be a jerk. If I share this with my parents, they will discount the entire thing, based on that one word. You know the kind. It’s like if there’s one flaw in my pointing out the oddities of Sept 11th, 2001, that somehow ‘proves’ that everything else I’ve said is wrong and the official story is correct. Sheesh. 😉

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    1. Eileen Trent says:

      Dude!!…what r y’all gonna do with my spellin’…I use text-speak…shortened wrds whenevah possibl…oops jus did it again…hahaha…

      I also use #’s n place of letters…I text, like a lot and it makes it sooo much easier…

      Btdubbs, I always xcelled n English n school, bein’ n HONORS and ADVANCED ENGLISH!!!…hahahaha…

      Tell y’all parents 2 get ovah ur bad self!!


  8. sc6342 says:

    Two of the police officers that were at the Capital on the 6th, have committed suicide. That is more than a coincidence. I can’t help but think they had a conscience, and couldn’t bear what they had to remain silent about. I know in the depth of my soul, that God is in control here, and no one can stand against our God. His plan will prevail. God bless the poor innocent God fearing souls that get caught up in the messes of the evil plans. We just need to continue staying in prayer for strength for President Trump, our military, and everyone fighting for our countries freedoms and sovereignty. God has this. I have no doubt, all the truth will come out and President Trump will be our leader for 4 more years.


    1. fireflamestoves says:

      God is definitely in control; none can stand against Him. God’s plan will indeed prevail, but it will be in His good time; not ours. Although we pray that Almighty God will very soon send a miracle to save us from Satan’s evil doers, only God knows when and how His plan will come to fruition.


    2. southern1952 says:

      do you know how long after the incident the 2 policemen took their own lives? i was just wondering if they were counting them in with the others that died, maybe it wasn’t suicide at all.

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      1. sc6342 says:

        One officer was 3 days after the Capital incident, so it would have been on the 9th and one officer was just last week. Then there was one officer who died the day after from his injuries at the incident.


  9. marsha sweeney says:

    can not thank you enough for all the truth you dig up we have to make the real ones that did the bad things pay for the the damage done to all of us that they say we did. GO GET THEM ALL


  10. RTN says:

    News tip for The Marshall Report: Mr. “Q Shaman”, featured in so many Capitol photos, is the son of Erik Prince of Blackwater / Academi. If you’ll recall, Erik is the brother of Betsy DeVos.


    1. I never trusted DeVos, her family invested a hundred million dollars in Theranos – the Elizabeth Holmes scam….watch for that to get to court. It was postponed to sometime in 2021. I have my hunch what they were really making in the blood bank….but we shall see. With Kissinger on the Board of Directors, and Hillary, Bill, Joe Biden et al promoting them? And all those that did were not nice people….we shall see.


  11. Andrew Soborski says:

    Nice article but can you present the evidence that this attack on the Capitol Building was a pre-planned, false flag action by these “coup pushers” in order to blame President Trump and his supporters? What we saw certainly suggests this, but where is the actual evidence of organized street thugs being bussed in and any coordinated D.C. police stand down with participation of the DC Mayor and Rep. Pelosi?


    1. Eileen Trent says:

      I posted a vid showin’ the DC Metro police , standin’ n full riot gear doin’ nothin’ as the antifa thugs were brakin’ windows n the Capitol…a very distraught Trump supporter ran up 2 them and yelled at them 2 do sumthin’ 2 stop them…he told them 2 call backup, do sumthin’ they r dstroyin’ the Capitol, OUR Capitol…the police jus stared at him…he pleaded with them 4 a few mins, then gave up, sum1 was videoin’ the whole thing…they were ordered 2 ‘stand dwn’…by Pelosi…

      I posted vid of sum1 nside the Capitol thru an open window, that he had opened from the nside near the grnd (not brkn!), handin’ out long bats 2 ppl on the ground…who looked like antifa…readily takin’ those bats!!…

      Who was the dude nside handin’ out those bats?!?!…btdubbs, dressed n a suit!!

      i posted vid of the crowd next 2 the Capitol, watchin’ a dude dressed n black usin’ 1 of those handed-out bats violently brakin’ the window of the Capitol…as he’s repeatedly smashin’ the glass tryin’ 2 brake it (safety glass!), 2 gain access, y’all hear a woman n the crowd yellin’ “Antifa, antifa, antifa!”…sum tough Trump supporter dude goes ovah and throws him 2 the grnd, tkn him out!!!…

      They all clearly show Trump supporters tryin’ 2 stop antifa/BLM from damagin’ the Capitol…and police doin’ NOTHIN’!!!…they had their orders from Pelosi!!

      All these vids I posted were tkn dwn by YouTube!!!…


      Y’all think those vids r gonna make a reappearance at the sham mpeachment 2.0?!?!…hahahaha…

      Especially the dude nside the Capitol handin’ out the bats!!!….and where did all those bats come from?!?!…they jus happened 2 b layin’ around the Capitol, next 2 the window!!!


      This is gonna b like the best movie evah!!…hahahaha…



    2. Eileen Trent says:

      Btdubbs, I also posted vid of the DC Metro Police escortin’ n 5 buses of antifa thru the g8s…the Trump supporter doin’ the cell ph vid tells y’all those buses r filled with antifa…hahaha…

      That vid was tkn dwn by YouTube, 2!!

      What don’ they want y’all 2 c?!?!



  12. Gary Nemeth says:

    Great article Dianne
    IN CHRIST, WE are the Army of the Lord.
    It is WE who are to STAND FIRM against
    all that promotes the filth, depraved and
    every unclean lying thing under the sun.
    Only when WE recognize who we really
    are – The RIGHTEOUSNESS on the whole
    Earth. Then, WE can be as BOLD AS LIONS!
    WE are greater then those who labored under
    the Law for self righteousness. NO, We do not
    labor for acceptance. It is WE who are the
    New Creation IN CHRIST JESUS, fully accepted,
    never to be condemned. No arch, made by
    human hands, goes before us – No it is CHRIST
    JESUS who goes before us in battle.


    Liked by 2 people

  13. R for Republic says:

    Your assessment on the War of 1812 & the indigenous people leading the path to victory on the War of 1812 I dispute. Although it is certainly one of the most important War to Study, it must be done in concert with the 1st & 2cnd Barbary War & the 3rd Napoleonic War. I will try and provide a brief synopses of my fact based conclusion from the contemporaneous analysis of the wars.

    The 3rd Napoleonic War (1803 – 1815) is the catalyst to several critical events in US History:
    – The Louisiana Purchase (1803) – The French were losing Haiti battles to British Military & needed money to fund the war.
    – 1805: The 1st Barbary War: US ratified the Constitution in 1789. It no longer was protected by the British Navy & the Barbary Pirates attacked US Merchant ships and impress the US Citizens into the slave markets. The UsA had its 1st foreign war to combat the impressment of its people and the sale into the slave markets in Tripoli (Libya).
    – 1812: The 1st Barbary War was suspended because the British Navy was taking high casualties against the French Navy. To re-supply its Navy it was impressing US Sailors in the Atlantic Ocean and requiring forced labor into the British Admiralty (Navy) [IE: Taking US Citizens into Slavery].
    The US Government & James Madison knew it could not defeat the British Navy on the high seas so they instead attacked Canada.
    The Native Americans viewed the Louisiana Purchase as a Violations of the West Allegheny Treaty by the US Government and waged War. The Ohio Valley Indians, led by Tecumseh as a result of the Battle of Tippecanoe (1811) joined with the British forces in the War of 1812.
    The British were winning but that changed, the Battle of Lake Erie victory (1813) by the US cut off the supply lines of the British so they retreated to Canada and agreed to the Treaty of Ghent (Christmas Eve 1814). The Indians would not agree to a Treaty and continued to fight.
    – It was William Henry Harrison (Later President Harrison) who defeated the Indians subsequently with Andrew Jackson in the Creek Indian Wars (1813 to 1814).
    – Noteworthy: Andrew Jackson, with French Pirates, devastated the British Navy in the Battle of Orleans. It was probably the worst defeat in British military history.

    1815: After the War of 1812 the United States started the 2cnd Barbary War. Wherein they defeated the Barbary Pirates. Upon Victory the United States did 3 things:
    1. Closed the Slave Ports
    2. Created Liberia and gave a land of freedom to those who where slaves;
    3. Became recognized as a Naval Powerhouse that the Imperialists’ Nations (Britain, France, & Portugal) had to respect.

    It is important to consider, the slave port closed in the Libya had been in full operation since the Egyptians.
    Egypt did not close the slave ports,
    The Roman Empire did not close the slave ports;
    The Ottoman Empire did not close the slave ports;
    The British Empire did not close the slave ports.

    For several thousands of years these empires fully utilized those ports and treated people as chattel.

    It was only THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that closed those slave ports and created Liberia for them to live freely.

    That is the true history of America; why you should be proud to be American and never bend to tyranny. Tyranny fears free people and give their life for it.


    1. Whereas the Barbary War came after, the post was referring to the act of the British burning the Capitol. The Indian wars were indeed riddled into it and America tried to stay out of declaring war on Britain, however technically Congress declared it in 1811, there are congressional documents showing this. But, it was not until the burning of the Capitol that they officially went all out war on Great Britain. They used the Indians to fight for them in many of the skirmishes and all sides, as I stated offered tribes promises of land if they won against America. Although it was all a complicated matter, In and out amidst the Indian Wars, and other disputes. The vastness of the land it swept over, made it so, as much of it was fought in territories in the north until the forts were breeched in the Niagra region. And as you want to be so proud of closing slave ports…it was Jackson that stole the land of the Cherokee and years later when he became President, sent them off in the winter on the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma to be put on a reservation. Now these were a very civilized people they enslaved and stole their plantations and mansion type homes. So spare the praises for all the righteous deeds our then General Jackson and future President along with others in the day who were in league with the entire land grab did for any type of unenslavement for some, while for others he devastated. For it is historic that he and others did not rest until they drove a good people off their lands and herded them to Oklahoma reservations.


      1. R is for Republican says:

        I used to share that same belief about Jackson and the US expansion.

        Remember this is written in the context of the War of 1812. Many see this as an attempt to recolonize the US.

        The Cherokee fought with the British during the revolutionary war. They did not side with the colonist.

        They were an enemy of the US.

        I believe it was the Act of 1830 that start the removal of Indians out of their territories.

        But it was the aggression of the Indians from 1811 to 1830 that lead to the act. In the Creek Wars the Indians would accept no peace; the recruited neighboring tribes to raise larger armies against the settlers.

        The Indians were fierce warriors; they killed woman, children, and what the did not kill they raped.

        They often attached settlements while the men were out hunting and killed the women and children.

        This was they of war for them. They did this to not white settlers but also to other tribes.

        Nation building is an ugly business; ask Israel. The Palestinians want no peace.

        The Jews have killed so many Palestinians that will never seek peace.

        Andrew Jackson was not the founder of the settlements; that decision to colonize was made by others. but he certainly lived in the Kentucky & Tennessee territories at a time when one had to know it was kill or be killed. There was no offer of peace by the Indians.

        I am not sure how we define the good or the bad when looking at history. But I am certain that the Indians had early opportunities to accept peace and chose war.

        If over that next generation those who won the war remove any hope for a future one that makes some sense to me. Right or Wrong always depends on the lens from your looking glass.

        In fact I would be for removing the hope of a future war with Britain by warring with now while are strong. I very much believe they are still attempting to keep America as a colony through multi-national corporations and central banking.


  14. William Barrett says:

    The question is how are these elite wack jobs going to get prosecuted and who is going to do it.Cause obviously the whole dam system is corrupt.


  15. maynard says:

    isn’t it illegal to overthrow our government(by antifa,BLT ,marxist ,socialist,demorats,etc) or is illegal to protect our rights &prosperity (like Trump & others are doing)?


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