President Trump Speaks Out

President Trump issued a Statement from the Office of the Former President today. In it he tells us that he will continue to carry on the agenda of the Trump Administration through advocacy, organizing and public activism. Before everyone gets all in an uproar or woe is me doom and gloom, remember when Trump came down the escalator and he said, “I know their agenda and it is not mine.” It was at that moment he had my vote, for I knew he spoke of the world agenda 21. The key word(s) in this statement below, are “responsible for managing”; “official activities to advance the interests of the United States”; “carry on the AGENDA OF THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION”; “advocacy”; “ORGANIZING“; and “public activism”.

Remember the military is in charge and they are completing a smooth transition. All things will be taken care of in a constitutional process.

He let those with eyes to see, see that the corporation is now dissolved, he is fine, and now there is an office of Donald J. Trump as all presidents are allowed six months to get up and running. He is announcing that his is up and running now. So as this plays itself out. Fear not and keep your eyes on the future. God is working this entire show.

Remember, draining the swamp is a world wide process. It was not just the corporation in D.C.. The swamp leeches out across the world where some strange things are taking place.

Remember to look around and see the chess moves on the entire world board. There have been quite a few. Nothing is as it appears. Keep the faith and pray always. Remember all things to work together for good to them who love the Lord. God bless President Trump and our military. They have made strategic moves, based on intelligent planning and shown great courage. They did not shut down the CIA in Frankfurt for nothing. They did not secure all the voter fraud information for naught. Nor did they devise and implement a step by step operation that reached around the world to end human and child trafficking, end corruption and layout a succession of executive orders that gave the military power to seize assets of any foreign or domestic interference with US elections for the heck of it. Everything is playing out the way it was designed. We shall reap if we faint not. Be encouraged for THE BEST IS YET TO COME! God will do all things on his timeline.

Dianne Marshall

43 thoughts on “President Trump Speaks Out

    1. Joyce Wood says:

      Amen and Amen!! What happens if the gov shuts down ALL truthful news online? I read yesterday they shut down oann where I will check on it in a few mins. How will we be able to know what is going on if the gov does that?


    1. I believe the military is in command. They are letting Biden do his thing. I also believe that is not the real Biden. That’s my opinion. It’s all a show. There is serious stuff going down. Very serious. When I say all a show…I mean nothing is like they are telling us.

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    1. Jean says:

      Daniel, this lady is doing us a favor trying to get the information to us as fast as she can, without asking for a dime. Please, let’s not nitpick at a time like this! We all make mistakes!! Let is all pray for one another!

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  1. Donald J. Trump is our modern Braveheart . . . Scotland the Brave!
    The first legal Queen of Scotland was Scota; She was one of the two surviving daughters of the last King of Judah. That was Zedekiah. The bloodlines run true. A Lion of Judah!

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  2. wildflower says:

    Thank you! I stand with President Trump!

    Dolores Frank

    On Mon, Jan 25, 2021 at 8:09 PM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” President Trump issued a Statement from the > Ofice of the Former President today. In it he tells us that he will > continue to carry on the agenda of the Trump Administration through > advocacy, organizing and public activism. Before everyone gets all in” >


  3. Brian Johnston says:

    Remember the military is in charge and they are completing a smooth transition. All things will be taken care of in a constitutional process.

    Is this Trump talking or Dianne Marshall.
    If it is you Dianne, where is your evidence?


    1. The evidence is in the executive orders for election fraud, just because the courts refused to see the evidence, doesn’t mean it won’t be dealt with, once they completed their fraud it became military duty, and we were under the emergency managment act, which gave FEMA charge over emergency situations. It’s common sense. Especially watching the fence, the guard. Sorry if you can’t think critically. Wait for the news to tell you in about a month or so.

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  4. Mo B says:

    Ok. Now with all of that being said, what if he’s impeached? He can’t run for office again. I’m not sure how this works. I’m trying to trust the plan, but you’re right, everything feels like a movie.


  5. Terry Taylor says:

    President Trump you’re a Godsend! Just knowing how much you love the Lords Will, We The People appreciate all that you will continue to do. Make sure sure they can’t bug you..
    Be Safe and We know you won’t lead us astray. We will Stand and fight for Freedom with You! This is better! Stay protected we remain Loyal! God Speed and all our Love 💘 🙏 ❤


  6. Susan B. says:

    We hear a lot of things. Biden isn’t really in control? The military is in control? Today 1/26/21 DonJr states Biden sent in troops to the ME. Sadly, there is nowhere to turn for actual current events. I’m worried Patriots are just as delusional as Biden-loving liberals. I believe God will make a move. In the meantime, however, we are physically sitting here powerless to the rapid advancement of evil.

    Someone posted video “evidence” that a soldier “refused” to shake Jill Biden’s hand. Soldiers aren’t allowed to break protocol to shake hands. I hope you understand my concern that both “sides” of the point of view is trickery by evil.


  7. arcticprodigy says:

    As we speak and read these stories, I have lost it, I don’t have faith that Trump has done anything to help drain the swamp, I was hoping by now that I would have seen players / actors…bad actors get what’s coming to them such as arrests and military tribunal. Well as I slowly see all the troops leave D.C. I am having a good feeling it was a bluff. Only so much we are gonna wait until their is that certain moment of clarity when you know it’s not going to happen, and I am not seeing anything budge, fraud is continuing to go forward, how much supposedly fraudulent E.O.s are we going to have to see go through to know for certain?

    I took this from another comment that I though befitting.

    Most people think that the USA cannot go the way of the USSR. They are mistaken. The USA will disintegrate. Once you steal an election in the middle of the night and corrupt the judiciary to the point that justice and truth cannot be allowed or heard, you lose the people. And once you lose the people you lose the nation. As the Soviets found. The USA will collapse economically under the weight of the Democrat ideologically-driven agenda, just as the USSR did. Then the end will come.


    1. arcticprodigy says:

      I love you very much Trump, but you didn’t act, how am I supposed to trust you in the future, only way you can redeem my trust and others is if something is done, many people are losing hope and it is quicker by the minute, your supporters may not trust you later, that means if we don’t see the results of arrests tribunals and executions for treason…..honestly I won’t vote again, I feel like I have been truly betrayed, you were supposed to be our person to help do this, we cannot do this by ourselves and we cannot be the main person to do the biggest part. You had the power to do so. And now we have and are feeling the worst, yes how can we know what we’ve lost until we’ve lost it, well many already feel it, I am one, my friends already have way before me, so if your timing is off, it’s better sooner now.

      We hope you can but if you can’t we understand but we have to know a reason why not. My hopes and prayers go out to you and family, but something must be quick and decisive, if not I feel support will not follow.


  8. I love you President Trump. You and your family are in my prayers every day. Praying Ps 31:18 Let the lying lips be put to silence which speak grievous things proudly and contemptously against the righteous. In other words, I am praying GOD’s Judgement to come down on every crooked politition both elephant & donkey. Loco joe will never be my president.

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  9. Lois Schwamman says:

    Dear Dianne,

    So our question is if Biden’s term is not reality and he is signing blank Executive Orders – and we are seeing posts by pipeline workers that say the pipeline has already stopped- will all Biden’s EO be carried out until the public wakes up and our dear Trump is back for the patriots?

    Thank you

    Lois n Jerry Schwamman

    Sent from my iPhone



  10. I don’t know what to say, I still have faith that God will help President Trump defeat the evil using all the tools at his disposal, including the military (which I really hope is in charge). It’s taking longer than we like but the waiting still hurts. This is now God’s time and we have no choice but to wait.


  11. Brian Johnston says:

    Lets get a few things straight.
    God is not running the show. To say he is, is not Biblical.
    There is a restraint on this world and God is going to remove the restraint and all Hell will break loose, that is Biblical. 2 Thessalonians 2:6
    The believers go through the Tribulation. That is Biblical
    Jared Kushner allegedly sacked William Happer who is on our side of Climate Change, what was Trump thinking.
    The Big One. Many including Dianne do not understand their Bible. Israel/Judea now called Palestine belongs to the Palestinian people. Trump moved the Embassy, what was he thinking.
    If the ‘Israelis’ have returned home after a long Diaspora why do they call themselves Israelis and not Israelites. I believe there is a big misunderstanding regarding the true history of the Middle East and the ‘Israelis’ are a part of the misunderstanding and may have there history wrong. Refer to books by Ilan Pappe and Shlomo Sand.
    The world is in a mess. Is it really that hard to sort it out.


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