Dr. Gina Will Discuss Her Private Talk With Trump On 1-19-2021!

Dr. Gina RAV @RealAmVoice stated on January 18. 2021 at 7:17 PM, “Just hung up the phone with the President. I’ll talk about it a little more on my show tomorrow night. This country will wake up to realize a devastating loss on Wednesday. He is the best thing that ever happened to this country!”

Does anyone have a clue what she may be getting ready to talk about? I do!

Gina Loudon, MA., MA., Ph.D. is the President of Programming and Senior Anchor at Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV). 

Dr. Gina was selected as a Woman of Influence in Media by the Miami Israeli Consulate, and traveled to Israel studying business, economics, social policy, and faith issues.

She was selected by Lara Trump as national co-chair of Women for Trump, serves on the Trump 2020 Media Advisory board, as well as co-chair of Florida Trump Victory. She currently serves on the board of directors at Chula Vista Christian University.; and is a bestselling author and her latest book is Mad Politics: Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy.

Mad Politics: Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy: Loudon, Dr. Gina,  Schnaubelt, Teri, Hannity, Sean: 9781978607743: Amazon.com: Books

You can hear what she has to say about her talk with President Trump on http://Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV).

Pray for America and pray for the innocent.

Dianne Marshall

37 thoughts on “Dr. Gina Will Discuss Her Private Talk With Trump On 1-19-2021!

    1. Shar Marie says:

      What happened to the storm? Where is the Kraken? My heart is broken! We have been Lead down the rabbit hole and we have hoped in vain for an outcome that didn’t end with the President we voted for leaving office on 1/20/2021


      1. I guess I’m thinking the chance for take down is over without causing whoever attempts it being guilty of treason themselves. It almost seems criminal to me to know that the country has been stolen by corrupt and evil men and women. And yet to allow this theft to transpire. The military if they are involved missed their opportunity. It sounds as though the 250,000 Chinese troops may not have ever set foot on our continent. I guess that my most pressing question is why our leaders did not know and let us know that it was over, and tell us so, so that we would not be taken in. Which inaction has in reality given the enemy an even bigger victory. This makes Christians look very gullible, and only works against us. I’m now expecting all of this to only hasten the coming Tribulation and persecution of any one who is willing to give testimony for Jesus.


  1. Hayley says:

    Notice she has a Trump Pence shirt on. The loss will not be Trump. It will be all the politicians people put their faith in and turned out to be treasonous traitors.

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  2. Shar Marie says:

    Where is the storm? When is the Kraken going to be released? It looks like we have been lead down a rabbit hole and have hoped in futile things. My heart is broken for what we and our country will now be facing.

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      1. brenda estes says:

        a recue of what….I believe this whole keep your chin up is someone playing a nasty joke on us..thanks a lot, so who exactly is giving us all this false hope and info?


  3. arcticprodigy says:

    Well I can guess, it might be something to do with a possible military take over now, it will take some time for all the military tribunals and arrests, so what we might see is FEMA take over as a substitution government until they will possibly start new elections and most likely Trump will be re-elected, and or NESARA/GESARA has been enacted. It will take some time for all of this to happen and future with a new election or a complete military takeover? Just my best guessing.

    We might even see Biden as our fake President to see what he will bring in his swamp water, so this may have to play out some scharades for a week or two maybe a month before arrests are done, so my best guessing again is people will see fake Biden for that time period with all supporters of Trump have that sinking realization before the military actually takes over, I am only best guessing, I really don’t know if Biden isn’t arrested tomorrow when he reaches for that power grab, I will definitely be having that sinking feeling knowing what we somewhat had before will completely be gone and knowing that that 1 person that could have saved our constitution didn’t act in his finest hour. 🤞

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    1. arcticprodigy says:

      Oh…another guess….another guess, we may already be in a war and Trump cannot stand down as a warring president, yep, that’s it, I have nothing left to guess.

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  4. Beth says:

    I fear that all this information is not true. Please know that I pray all this to be true. Someone out there please give me something that proves that President Trump will remain president. So much information out there!! Dr. Gina’s video for today was taken down. I want to believe but fearful that I am being played.😏


    1. arcticprodigy says:

      Me too, I can only speculate on what’s happening, but it is too much misinformation out there and hopeful patriots that steer hope.

      I do have one more guess, Biden and Kamala has connections to China securities, and has been proven that they interfered in our elections.

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  5. It’s interesting that in waiting to hear and to find out something, how we each tend to imagine (see) based on what we are thinking with the little information we have. In my case, I am waiting to hear victory over many things, but one in particular, therefore my hopes in that are what I see. If I saw this a year ago…I would have just passed it by. Why? Because nothing dire was taking place. To me it is all thought provoking how I am learning more about myself through all of this uncertainty.


  6. Dean says:

    God has been here all along. His miracles happen before our very eyes but we can, a times, blind ourselves to their occurrence. Our faith is deepened and it will grow even further. We’ve put on the full Armor of God! God Bless our President Trump and the United States of America~


  7. Lora says:

    This is the first time you left me completely hanging! When you say about Dr. Gina “Does anyone have a clue what she may be getting ready to talk about? I do!” What will she be talking about… I followed the link and it takes me to the website, but I can’t find any video pertaining to Dr. Gina.


  8. Josh Acid says:

    Sean Hannity did the foreword, so she loses credibility immediately. Hannity was predictably the first one to fold on the mask issue.


    1. brenda estes says:

      well mark, what would you have done? i think he has done all he could since most of his most trusted people did not have his back, he is not God…he is not a coward! what is wrong with you? you will be sorry for saying that. i am sad too, but it’s not Trump’s fault.


  9. Lex says:

    President Trump isn’t finished even though it definitely looks like it, he’s not. God has a plan and of course I thought it would have been implemented already…we just have to wait and see. You really can’t believe anything you read because we are all being flooded with info.God will not turn his back on us. Neither will President Trump. The “wait” for justice is killing me though. Anyhow…God Bless America, God Bless President Trump.


  10. Wow! You guys are a piece of work! You are moaning and complaining that Trump has abandoned you and if you don’t get your way and know everything RIGHT NOW! then you are going to throw a tantrum like a three year old. Do some research. Find out about the corporation of the USA and all the fraud that has taken place. What about all the child trafficing and slaughter of millions of people by the elite. Read about the vaccinations and all of their plans for depopulation. Why has GITMO been rebuilt to house 2 million people? Have you been praying?? No I meanHAVE YOU BEEN PRAYING? We are at war people and the trap has just about all been set and every part of it had to be in place so we can predict the outcome. Our President (Trump) and his team are brilliant. God is totally in charge and this war is against good and evil. I suggest you start to pray as if your life depends on it because it literally does and quit your whining!!!!

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  11. I believe in God and that He is Almighty, that He does perform miracles!! I believe God put President Trump in as our President to help us all see and believe God is still on His Throne and He still has all the overhead power in this universe He made years and years ago!! God has promised us in His Holy Word, the Bible, that He will never leave us nor forsake us, no matter what!! He said He’d go with us through the fire!! He didn’t promise us that everything would go great and smooth all our lives!! Read your Bibles and see how God was always faithful to what His Word declares and see how “we His children” have always failed to trust Him and the work He’s doing for us!! We always, me included, get down in the mouth when things don’t go exactly the way we want it to go!! God never promised us we’d always get what we wanted but for us to stay close to Him and TRUST HIM to do the things that are best for all of us!! Oh yes, we don’t like the way He does things sometimes, but HE KNOWS WHAT’S BEST FOR US EVEN THOUGH, SO OFTEN WE DON’T THINK IT IS FOR OUR BEST!! HE’S ALWAYS RIGHT IN WHATEVER HE LETS HAPPEN ON THIS EARTH, HE KNOWS


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