A few very interesting things…but hey…who knew?

Image may contain: outdoor, text that says 'THE WHITEHOUSE Note American Flag Jan. 13, 2021 NO Flag!!! When NO FLAG flies over the Whitehouse, it indicates authority has been transferred to the military. Either MARTIAL LAW or INSURRECTION ACT!!'

Doug Billings- Right Side asks Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward about President Trump, FEMA Camps, 911, Child Trafficking, Adrenochrome, NESARA and what’s going down in DC! You’ll want to hear this.

Pray for one another and our leaders. Amen.

Dianne Marshall

41 thoughts on “NO FLAG FLYING OVER WHITEHOUSE SINCE 1-13-2021…

  1. It appears they have told on themselves a long time ago.

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  2. Evan James says:

    Is there like a document proving that no flag being flown indicates that? Not doubting just want to make sure I’m believing the right things so I don’t get crushed anymore.


  3. New Day... says:

    TIP: Crosscheck with HighImpactFlix and Mike Adams at Natural Healt Ranger on thiese guys in the vid…
    If the info on the flag is true it is very interesting – must be Trump that gave the order is my guess.


    1. Kim says:

      Yeah, I see the flag at half mass on live cameras. I think we need to be careful to not be overzealous. Dianne, I do believe in much of your reports but please be careful. Most here want the same outcome but we need to be overly cautious to not fall into the traps of sensationalism. This situation is too crucial to not vet all our sources we put out to the public.
      I think most Christians this weekend feel in their spirit the tug of good and evil in our beloved country so please stay in prayer.

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  4. Dianne,

    Mike Adam’s from stated some interesting comments that warned us of this exact dialog. In fact, he even has proof that these people are CIA agents, one of whom he has the badge number….

    I’d be careful posting their content as it could ruin the TRUTH IMAGE aka, image of CHRIST is TRUTH, of your platform…which would destroy my confidence in the Marshall Report

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    1. Kim says:

      If that’s the case with China invading us, wouldn’t our present President know about this? The country would be at war and President Trump would still be lawfully the President. Why scare people? A lot of bs gossip online.


      1. Robert says:

        Fake news is everywhere. Be wary and try to find the details of everything you read yourself. Again, I’d like to point out how low of a resolution these “pictures” are. You can edit something that small on an Atari and make it look real.


  5. Bryant Swenson says:

    When you point out the fact again that it was like that on the 13th…that your initial insurrection act post was also on that date….then I would concur that by us all checking the flag today and saying it is up is now irrelevant as on the 13th it was indeed absent..

    I am from a split house and if Biden gets inaugurated…they may never trust me again but I pray THE TRUTH WILL BE REVEALED!

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    1. Thank you. There are also those reporting that the underground D.U.M.B.S. in DC are being destroyed. There are reports of many things that I haven’t said. There are presently blackouts in New York…why? The opinions are opinions…all are shouting against censorship in one breath of their mouth then censoring on the next breath. There are video right now of the prestaged entry into the Capitol from the 6th showing guy with horns entering talking to actors laying on floor bloody laughing at how real they look, joking with the DC cop as they await the real Trump supporters to get done with the speech that started late and lasted longer than they thought. Footage can be found on Clout hub. Go and see for yourself. I’m not showing many things. For things change minute to minute. And what I show…is what provokes thought…what is about to be revealed will shock the world. Child sacrafice is real and D.C. has been practicing it for a long time. I have also heard a list of arrests that I believe are true…but have not posted as it could be wrong. We are in a war – we all know the Pentagon is infiltrated, and all the alphabet organizations, the congress, senate, all levels of government. The war is between those who uphold the oath and those who don’t. Yet, people see not.


  6. Leon Hays says:

    LX Flores provided a link that says we’ve been had and Trump has little hope of regaining the Presidency. Dianne. Is the CIA propaganda or do you think its real. I heard a video with Trump and his family and top military personnel and their spouse’s. Trump said ” you know what this means.. the calm before the storm”. When asked what did he mean, Trump said “You’ll find out”. Not sure what to believe but, I have faith something good will happen. Can LX Flores post have merit??


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