20 thoughts on “ITALY GATE CONFESSION!

  1. Jason Robinson says:

    Hey Dianne! I’ve been following you for awhile now, but just recently created a subscription to comment… let me first say, you’re the first and last article I read of the day… I absolutely love your writing and your content. Thanks for posting this video! this is huge!!! Thanks again for what you’re doing.. America is grateful for you.. be blessed, stay safe! GodSpeed! – Jason (Austin,TX)


  2. Stepper Gadgets says:

    Please be aware there is one post about this Italy connection. The guy talks about having a picture of the president of Italy being arrested. I can not confirm, unless I can confirm with 3 sources I usually pass on it. I could not see any news in Italy about it, not saying it could possibly be true, but I highly doubt it. Take it for what its worth. Stay safe and GOD speed, with the one and only GOD and his son Jesus.

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    1. Murray in Nashville says:

      Of course it is NOT real – you read it on the Marshal Report right above the notice for the President’s 9 pm speech that did not happen. Maybe Dianne should start writing novels and stop wasting our time by spreading disinformation as fact. And this from a self proclaimed “Christian”. Notice I say “Self Proclaimed” because I was taught “you shall know them by their actions”


  3. Don Wayne Berry says:

    Executive Order 13848 from September, 2018 by President Trump should be activated: Foreign Power interfered in US National Presidential Election on 3 November 2020. This will activate 12 th Amendment saying Congress shall follow Constitutional Law to vote to decide the next President of the USA.


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