In a series of posts on social media, Dan Scavino Jr. is alerting those with eyes to see of the storm that has begun and can be seen approaching from the distance. The red line has been drawn and appears it may have been crossed. All in all there is one thing that bears truth and that is ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ will have our voices heard!

Brace yourself for the lightning is about to strike! We have watched so much theft, lies, protest violence, burnings, looting and battering of innocent people. Followed up by more surreal destruction in a blatant attempt to rid evidence as obvious in the Nashville bombing (DEW tell?)

RV Played Warning Message Prior To Nashville Bomb Explosion, Blast Captured  On Security Camera | Whiskey Riff

And now a fire destroyed Rochester Printing in New York. Where of course, voting ballots were printed.

Large Fire Destroys Rochester Printing Business

There are numerous events along the way that led us to where we now are – the Storm is here and the RED LINE!

Dan Scavino Jr., President Trump’s White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications and Director of Social Media posted the photo of Red Line Diner….. and the storm!

So HERE WE ARE and MANY ARE still surprised? There are those that still don’t know how we got here and actually believe we need to wear a mask, social distance, take a vaccine and have Trump concede the election and all will be fine and go back to normal. THESE ARE BLIND IDIOTS, so be kind for they know not what they say nor do. Then there are those who aren’t blind and are deliberately out to kill, steal and destroy!

Others are more civil and proper about how they destroy the world to usher in a new one. Or so they pretend to be, when they are blood thirsty savages! Give them a coin and enough of them and they will sell their soul to the devil, and many have done just that. Let’s roll back to the G7 Summit in July 2019. All the signs were there for those with eyes to see.

At the G7 Summit July 2019, Macron rolled out the outline of issues on globalization and the gap between the rich and the poor, and the violent protests by the yellow vest movement protesting increased fuel taxes.

The G7 nations which include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States have a mixed track record on dealing with the growing cleft between rich and poor internationally. That can be seen in the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Sustainable Governance Indicators (SGI) project, which ranks countries on their commitment to promoting equal socioeconomic opportunities in developing countries.  In 2018 Germany and the United Kingdom were frontrunners among G7 nations, scoring 8 out of a possible ten points, signaling a government that “actively engages in international efforts to promote equal socioeconomic opportunities”. Italy meanwhile, is among a list of nations scoring just five points, reflecting “limited engagement in international efforts”. And what are these socioeconomic opportunities? Why of course, these are opportunities to promote the UN goals of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FOR THE 21ST CENTURY, AGENDA 21; now called Agenda 30.

OPERATION LOCKSTEP - Rockefeller Plan for Martial Law (2010)

Gender inequality was a main topic and of course hints at GLOBAL RESET. And in Lockstep with the literal Lockstep Agenda, to RESET global economy.  Of course it was a coincidence that the release of COVID-19 began a few months later in Wuhan. And wow…look what Pelosi put in her Cares Act Covid bill….millions for gender studies for other nations. Globalism? SURE LOOKS LIKE IT TO ME.


So pay no attention to the fact that they went out of their way to take a very creative photo at this particular summit. Isn’t it odd that it looks just like the COVID-19 virus?

The European Union and members of the G7 just happened to pose for an abnormal photo that looks like the Covid-19 strain? Not on your best bet was this a coincidence. This was taken by design and put out to the public as they laughed in our face when sleuths called it other things. It was not caught for what it was at the time. It sure stands out now. At least to me.

 Once you understand their true intentions you can never forget or see things blindly again. Remember in 2018 French President Macron raised the issue of polarization at the United Nations General Assembly, sounding a warning about “those left behind by globalization.”

So now we entered into 2020 which started out with Pelosi et al IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH. With undertones of RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA. And then President Trump halting air flights in and out of China due to COVID or some odd thing from bats?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., tears her copy of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address after he delivered it to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

We watched Pelosi shred the State of the Union Address followed up by her support of China in San Francisco China Town, followed by WHO AND CDC WARNING OF DEATHS BY THE MILLIONS which led to a total lockdown of all nations.

Pelosi Lunches in SF Chinatown, Lending Support to Businesses Amid  Coronavirus Fears | KQED

It was obvious to those with eyes to see what was going down was a global war on the people that had nothing to do with a virus, except it was the main bioweaponry used by the globalists for a world take down of sovereign nations without having to fire a shot – only give shots in the form of a vaccine to the entire world. Depopulate by permission with world governments funding the entire project via taxation on the same people they declared war on.

How Portland Became a Nightmare for Democrats - POLITICO

The rest of the events rolled out as ANTIFA and BLM protested not only in the USA, but in all the western nations. Lockdowns and the destruction of small businesses that globalists didn’t need began and continue to this day as we are about to enter into 2021.

COVID-vaccine results are on the way — and scientists' concerns are growing

Keep going and we all know about the election, and the Gates, Big Pharma, Birx, Fauci, and all the Dominion and voter fraud, the Supreme Court corruption, and the RINO pack of wolves who are in alliance with the Globalist order and have sold out to China, China, China. 

Dominion Voting Systems AUDIT Reveals they are DESIGNED for FRAUD 68.05%  Error in Michigan County! - YouTube

Which has led to the final Red Line and the STORM THAT IS UPON US!

Remember – President Trump has known all things from the beginning and he will not relent to finish the good work he has begun! Now, the question is….’WHAT WILL YOU DO? WHERE DO YOU STAND?’


Dianne Marshall


  1. Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:
    The Whole System That Has Served Us All of These Years is Now Under Attack! When You Bring it Down to Simple Terms, We Are at War With Unelected Globalists & Deep State Operatives Who Want to Change Everything We Have Known! Freedoms Are Already Being Lost All Over The World! If You Know Your BIBLE, You Already Know What The Future Holds, Evil People in Charge of us!

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    1. Johnny bumpass says:

      Italy meanwhile, is among a list of nations scoring just five points, reflecting “limited engagement in international efforts”. And what are these socioeconomic opportunities?
      I can’t believe you only gave Italy 5 points….the pope is the number one wanting to establish his one world religion…Islamic heads absorbs radical rabbis see this as a way to get to the top by agreeing with him (claiming they agree with him)!
      The globalist are on board for this one world religion to control the masses…those that are left after the great purge, that is. The history of the Dark ages…,another inquisition will be repeated!
      Don’t you know Revelations says the kings of the earth gives that beast of Rome who sits on 7 hills…their power for one hour? Do you not know prophecy?

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  2. Well, today its all crickets, and it appears it will remain all crickets until the day 2021 arrives. on 12/25 Giuliani talked about all kinds of hell breaking loose right after Xmas, and here we are on the 28th, and I can hear a pin drop. Trump is busy playing golf in West Palm Beach- he doesn’t look like a guy with urgency or any fear. Can’t interfere with precious holidays. This all seems scripted. I am 100% MAGA, but we all need to stay keenly aware and keep our BS detectors on high alert, because there is a lot of BS with books to sell on many podcasts and other sources ( Marshall excluded).

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    1. Thank you for excluding Marshall, as you notice I don’t get paid for this, nor do I solicite money to help save America. And the beast is wide and global. It does not sleep. We had AT&T exploding and the publishing house burning to the ground which both are linked to the Dominion Voter Fraud investigation. We have so many hands in the pot getting paid to turn the world over to a total controlled enslaved society and the people shout to wear a mask, social distance, allow your kids to get a vaccine at school without parents permission and suck it all up. It is never going back to the way it was for the way it was is why we are here. The only way forward and out of this is to take down all who devised the evil plan and that is a task. It will take all the people against this giant, and those who know the constitution and may come down to throwing all out the window for what good is the law when lawlessness burns it in your face. It will come down to taking out the evil ones and all of them. That will be the only way and hopefully that is taking place, but I trust no one but God on what will be the outcome. In the end the meek of the earth win…but the mess before the end is anyones call. This is war.

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      1. Yes, just hope we are not being led down a primrose path from most of of the alt-media sites . All of us who are no elites are ready for action. 100% of the MSM/Big Tech and 95% of politicians and federal court system judges take their orders directly from the Deep State, which the Dem and Rep party belong to. They need to be destroyed. Clear neither wants Trump since he represents the Constitutional and its rights for all Americans. Seems Trump plans to stay, and the patriots of MAGA need to go to DC on the 5th/6th. It seems the SWHTF starting Jan 1st.

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      2. Andy says:

        Unless people are willing to die for the cause, nothing will change. People have forgotten and dishonored all the fallen heroes who fought and died for our freedom in the last hundred years. It is our sacred duty and responsibility to do the same for the next hundred years. Freedom IS NOT free!!!!

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      3. trnathens says:

        Ezekiel 3:19 Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul.


      4. trnathens says:

        WE ALL, Patriots, MUST descend on Washington January 6! We’ve been called, and we must show up to give support, to SHOW them that WE CARE!

        It can’t be up to PDJT. It can’t be up to anyone, but GOD, and WE THE PEOPLE!

        If it’s NOT URGENT FOR US, then who the hell will it be urgent for!

        I can’t, it’s far, I’m busy, I have work, my kid has camp…

        OK, but what if Biden is inaugurated? Think that job will exist? Think you’ll be able to afford a car to get to the job you no longer have? Think you’ll be able to afford to send your kid to camp, if they even have camps anymore?

        IF NOT NOW…..WHEN?!


      5. Titus says:

        McConnell talks out of both sides of his mouth. Have to give our soldiers a raise but $2000 to Americans not happening. The national VOTE is rigged so you wont be voting them out. I always wondered why it cost $100 million to run as Senator that pays $200 thousand. It is them paying to win. McConnell sells his votes when he is in the minority, my opinion. Their evil that all of them are doing must be uncovered Including being in Communism and being a Pedophile. Trump knows who has done what. The Tree of Liberty needs watering.


  3. Hal C. Whitley says:

    Thank you Miss Diane for your wonderful up-to-date article. We all are continuing to pray for our corrupt nation and we are headed to Washington DC on the six to show the world our concerns! God bless America

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  4. Jen says:

    For those of you losing your patience remain calm, being raised from an impoverished violent family I was fighting to protect myself from a young age of 5 or 6. I always relied on God since the adults around me were complete idiots at the time. Prepare for a fight, think guns & ammo yet be praying for peace the entire time. Fighting is not fun. I always felt bad after I inflicted another with pain like when I broke someone’s nose who kept picking on me for months in school when I was 12. I worked hard to get out of the ghetto and I strive for peace as an adult. I will go there because I have gone there when I was pushed. I also have used my words to calm some hairy situations thru out my life. Staying calm was key even in those circumstances. Gather in your communities and organize. Start by agreeing we deserve better than this nonsense sold to us. Take off the mask. Open your businesses back up. The Marshall Report is a solid place to get info. I appreciate it immensely.

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  5. Treasa says:

    Hope you can see / hear this Dianne. Powerful.

    God Bless you. Treasa, Australia.


    On Tue, 29 Dec 2020 at 05:10, THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” In a series of posts on social media, Dan > Scavino Jr. is alerting those with eyes to see of the storm that has begun > and can be seen approaching from the distance. The red line has been drawn > and appears it may have been crossed. All in all there is one ” >

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  6. what next? says:

    What exactly do we need to DO??? female Over 65. Looking for direction. You know the worst war is our medical establishments destroyed. People even mention cure for cancer are jailed if it works. There are several cures for cancer. That dont involve kemo You need to try those first. You have to do your own research. If i bring it up then they could get on their broom and go after the people with those answers AGAIN. We most likely have labs here in us with intent to cause germ war fare. They get the money to do anything to hurt us using OUR money to destroy us. Trace the money flows. Get the labs shut down stop. Conflict of interest everywhere we look. Its EVERYWHERE. Allow the many cures for cancer to be out open without fear of jail. Figure out what happened to GE. They must have reinvented themselves somehow. They are one of the portals of the haters of Americans. I believe they still own Fox news NBC ABC and all published important news media under alias names. Used to work for them monsters that other companies emulated. History channel went into the roots of GE recently. They also went inti Testla. The enemy was alive and well then in the same form as now JP Morgan. general hiding Electric. Rockefeller. Whatever else i dont know about. Think we need people who can locate their centers by tracing money flow coming from our gvt.

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    1. 1. stop watching MSM and using FB, Twitter, Google. 2. Stop supporting any business enforcing mask wearing 3. Do not support any politician who does not commit and fight for Trump/MAGA 4. Send emails/call your elected officials and vigorously call them out and hold them accountable if they don’t act against the fraud 5. If you can, relocate out of tyrannical blue states to red states like FLA or Texas. 6. Communicate the real facts about Covid to friends and family- masks and lockdowns cause higher infection and death rates, and why should anyone take a vaccine that is experimental for an ailment with a 0.26% death rate? 7. Buy weapons and ammo to defend yourself.


  7. naomi116 says:

    Honestly, It is hard for me to believe that Trump is not part of the coup. Just about everyone that surrounds him, whom he had chosen are either Jesuit, Jesuit trained, Roman Catholic educated, and Trump himself was Jesuit educated as well as family members. Not only this his supreme court picks are Jesuit/Roman Catholic trained and now we have all but 2 Supremes of the Catholic order. What? Do we not have any Protestants even in name only to be in the Supreme Court? Trump chose apostate evangelical’s and Paula White whom is the craziest of them all. It seems almost mocking to me. Last but not least Norman Vincent Peale, Trumps 33 degree free mason pastor. Just sayin~ …”And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.” Matthew 24:4. Born again Christians, this world is not our home!


    1. Are you suggesting Jesuit education is evil? Really? Are you insane? I was Jesuit educated and attended the same Jesuit college as Clarence Thomas, the most moral and Christian judge on SCOTUS. Take a look to John Roberts on SCOTUS for evil and depravity. No, he is not Jesuit trained. Don’t be a fool.


      1. KT says:

        Just Truth – I just read the comment above by Naomi that you are attacking – you ask a question, “Are you suggesting Jesuit education is evil?” No where does the commenter above call Jesuit education evil, to me they are clearly showing a “pattern”. You admit to your own Jesuit education and not only Jesuit education but the EXACT SAME COLLEGE as Clarence Thomas – showing your bias and your pride, I mean Clarence Thomas is the most moral and Christian judge on Scotus, soooooooo since you went to the same college that he did, you are suggesting what? That your opinion is beyond question. Does everyone who goes to a Jesuit college somehow shine with morals and Christianity? Just wondering. I won’t resort to your ad hominen attack that you delivered to the commenter above that they are “Insane” or a “fool” I will just tell you to do a simple search – I will even supply the link – John Roberts may not be Jesuit educatedbut he hangs with a lot of Jesuits, in fact, his wife is Jesuit educated. Now is this evil? You will have to search it out a bit and decide for yourself.

        Search link:

        Read this commentary the appendix contains the Jesuit Oath, then you decide whether it is evil or not…..

        Click to access Do%20You%20Worship%20the%20Roman%20Catholic%20Jesus%20or%20the%20True%20Jesus%20of%20the%20Bible.pdf

        Blessings: Recovering Catholic, Catholic parochial school educated……..


    1. This will a MAGA rally for Trump, not Purdue or Loeffler, who are both spineless RINOS. Am all for the MAGA rally to support trump!! The GA runoff on Jan 5th will be a fraudulent election. It can’t stand, no matter who “wins”. I live in GA, and its not who votes that count here, its who counts the vote. 100% fraudulent. If you vote REP in GA, there is an 85% chance you will be given a incorrectly bar coded ballot that will be “adjudicated” by a person via an internet connection to the Dominion machines, and many will be changed to DEM votes before they are posted and registered.


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