In listening to Patrick Byrne and his account of what went down in the private meeting with the President on Friday the 20th, 2020 with Sidney Powell, General Flynn,  White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, chief of staff Mark Meadows, and others at the White House, with Cipollone relaying to the New York Times his version of the meeting with emphasis on stating that Powell had “no constitutional authority for what was being discussed,” and Byrne screaming the truth to Cipollone’s lies publicly…  it all lends the atmosphere of a final episode of the Apprentice.

Patrick Byrne’s account of the White House Meeting Friday Dec. 20, 2020.
Push them as far as you can…not over the edge, but as far as you can.

Generally what is said in private meetings is to remain private. Cipollone leaked his information quickly leaving a big fat question of ‘why did he do that?’ Especially when this election is the most outrageous lawless event in the history of the nation involving voter fraud that involves illegal activity of both foreign and domestic election tampering. Quite frankly it is the most blatant, sloppy, messy – in your face voter fraud ever to present itself in history complete with the media calling the elections in favor of Dominion’s candidate since their algorithms got fried in the process.

So in looking at the end game in the White House office meeting, we see President Trump listening to the ‘apprentice attendees’ hearing all sides, the same as he does in his reality show – the one with the highest ratings ever.  He allows the attendees to rat on each other, and rant at each other, confront the truth to each other and watches the liars weasel around trying to defend their botched up works and underhandedness.

Watch and learn. President Trump knows how to be a leader, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of his people and he knows everything and he knows how to call them all out at the right time.

He makes a call that he will put a new leader in charge of the A team as the old leader has proven to be inadequate. This outrages the old leader (Cipollone) and he attempts to discredit the newly elected A team leader (Sidney Powell) publicly. Powell doesn’t flinch; she holds her ground and schools the bad leaders on how the constitution works and the full arm of the law.

Byrne is holding back, temper flaring, trying not to,  quote,  “bitch slap” Cipollone as he’s had enough of the lies and bad advice. President Trump is cool and collected the same as he always was in his own board room. He has a poker face that those not skilled at watching Trump and his 5-D chess moves confuse for “being tired”, perhaps “worn out”.  When those who know Trump know he thrives on challenges and this one is the biggest and one that has his engine revving!

The truth is, President Trump can stay calm, he doesn’t have to shout and flail his arms around in hopeless despair for he has all the cows. Meaning, he owns it all and he calls the shots. The others are merely in place to advise… and he knows who is giving bad advice and who is giving good advice. The man has years of studying body language and can spot a liar a mile away. Cipollone hasn’t pulled any wool over Trump’s eagle eyes, nor will he ever be able to. President Trump is a smart man and he sizes up his own situation always. He takes responsibility for his own actions and when something as grave as the nation is at stake, he will make HIS OWN DECISION on WHAT MUST AND WILL BE DONE.

Clay Aiken says Trump didn't make the decisions to fire people on 'Celebrity  Apprentice' - The Washington Post
“Don’t let anyone take that top spot from you.” Donald Trump

So, watch and learn as the final episode of the Apprentice plays out. Sidney Powell just may be the winner of the coveted prize – “The Apprentice”.  Remember, behind closed doors it is always best to have a witness that will talk about what really happened when you shouldn’t. Perhaps the meeting that drove Byrnes (a man who didn’t even vote for Trump) into a rage of truth bearing against Cipollone publicly, was all part of the plan. Now when a few more get fired, no one will question as to why they were….just a thought?

Do you recall how in the board room after the apprentice wanna – be’s leave the room, how Trump surrounds himself with his REAL closest advisors and gets their input. If you’ve ever watched his programs, you will see he takes in their advice, then he alone calls the shot. It isn’t always as those who advised him have suggested, but it is always the best call.

When you find a disloyal person, get rid of them immediately. There are times when the only choice is confrontation.

Remember this, sometimes he leaves people in the show for the ratings and nothing more. When they do enough damage….he says his famous words, “You’re Fired”.  He always says it calmly, and with conviction. He doesn’t have to scream, yell, or throw a fit. He has total authority and he uses it wisely. Yet, there are times when you do have to raise the tone of your voice over the clamor of the hyenas.

Dianne Marshall


  1. Great article Dianne. You nailed it. Trump gets to the truth of the matter in his own way, and it works for him. He thrives on getting his enemies or the “losers” to reveal themselves in front of others, so that there is transparency to what he does next. The game is afoot. “Surprises lie ahead”. Keep your eye on the prize! WINNING!

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  2. Aki Niemi says:

    I believe you assertion is spot on. He loves Gen Flynn, He Loves Sidney. Ezra, Chris M. Pompeo…there are of course more of them and perhaps his closes advisor is on the background right now. One he always trusts and has an ear for her.
    This is a masterful play of the Art of War and Chess in the umpth dimensions…so many things going on on so many levels….And I think people are misjudging also Pence. Chris M. would not publicly call him his mentor in the time of the MOST COMPLICATED MILITARY OPRERATION in the history of USA. Military Ops are not physical troops on the standy in positions …. today it is bites on the internet……and the right trusted people in the key postions…which seems to have been done…
    and those he does not trust close so he is able to stay in touch with the plans of the enemy..the time will come for Meadows, Wray, McConnell, McCarthy ….and many others….from GOP.. In fact the party membership does not separate traitors as they are all the same. And, my golly, if someone knows it, Trump does.

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  3. Ri-chard says:

    I pray Trump know how old, big and deep the enemy’s swamp is as it beginnings formed when the King was allowed to write his own Treaty in 1783. Since that date they have been encroaching on our liberties and freedoms step by step. Cornwallis told Washington this would happen in 1781..

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  4. trnathens says:

    Jesus said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”‬

    Because He knew it was THEY who were pushing the people to kill him.

    ‪Today, WE know it is THEY who want PDJT “crucified”

    So if this “steal” is allowed to proceed, WE will NOT BE protected by “they know not what they do”…


    …and that THEY are repeating it‬


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